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Featuring: Toxxin (TNA, Christina Von Eerie in indies), Shannon Moore (TNA,
ex-WWE and WCW), Jesse Neal (TNA).

Toxxin Gets Some Ink
A TNA erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

October, 16, 2011. An hour away from the start of the "pre-show" broadcast
before Total Nonstop Action Wrestling's seventh annual Bound For Glory Pay
Per View. Backstage at the Liacouras Center on the campus of Temple
University in Philadelphia the group known collectively as Ink Inc are
meeting in their locker room, discussing and prepairing for their TNA World
Tag Team Championship match against reigning champions Mexican America.

"We know we've got their number, we've had them on the run for months."
Shannon Moore, the veteran member of the team states, clad in torn jeans and
the Ink Inc merchandise T-shirt, his hair spiked in the punk Mohawk and the
spike-covered "Book of D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F." hanging on the chain around his
neck. "Tonight is the night we kick their asses and take those championships
back where they belong!"

"Damn right Shannon!" Jesse Neal states, similarly also in nicely fitting
jeans along with the merch shirt, smiling with a nod of his Mohawk-haired
head. "Back home to the good old U.S.A. and around our waists for the first
time, and it's about time if you ask me!"

"Good to hear you're both ready to kick some fucking ass out there!" The
gorgeous valet of the group Toxxin says, her arms folded over her nicely
sized chest that's covered by a black bra-like top with a leather jacket
covered in punk-rock band badges, and tight black bottom that hug to her
thick and juicy ass. "You brought be in to get a piece of those bitches
Sarita and Rosita, and I'll kick their asses if they try to screw you guys
over like they've done in the past."

"Hey, it's not like we only got you here to cover our backs..." Shannon
states with a smirk. "To be honest, we've been needing something extra to Ink
Inc for a while. Not that Jesse here ain't great company, but you're damn
well a better sight to look at!"

"Geez, thanks Shannon..." Neal says with a laugh. "Way to make a guy feel
needed around here!"

"Hold up there, what kind of woman do you take me for exactly?" She asks with
a smirk, slightly tilting her Mohawk-haired head as she looks him over.
"A fucking hot one who can handle TNA's best tag team, for one!" Moore states
with a grin.

"Hmmm... Yeah, you've got me on that one." Toxxin answers with a lick of her
pierced lips as she makes a move that makes both men smile broadly as she
lowers herself down to her knees in front of them. "I guess I better warm you
two the fuck up! What are you waiting for? Let me see those fucking dicks

It only takes a few moments later for both men to remove their T-shirts,
revealing their muscular upper bodies much to her smiling approval, before
they push their jeans down and give her a sight that really makes her grin
and her mouth water as well. Sliding her hands up their already impressively
long and thick to match shafts, the stunning punk rock Knockout grips both
men's hardening cocks in order to stroke them firmly, not playing around as
she leans her head close to them both in order to swat her nicely wet tongue
against the heads of both men, before swirling around the bell end of Moore
and then quickly doing the same to Neal. She slyly smirks up at them, moving
her palms up and down their lengths for a moment before turning to spit on
the dick of first Jesse and then of Shannon before rubbing her saliva into
their cocks in order to really warm them both up, further teasing them with
taps of her tongue onto the underside of the tips of their shafts as she
strokes away.

Parting her pierced lips, she takes the dick of Shannon inside her mouth,
making him moan already just from the feeling of her warm and wet oral hole
as she pushes down to take in half of his size before starting to bob her
Mohawk-haired head along him with a groan, while at the same time jerking off
both his and the other man's cock at the same time so they both moan from her
touch. She keeps her pouty lips pressed tightly against the thick shaft of
the former WWE and WCW Superstar as she sucks him, her tongue lapping up
occasionally at his underside as she eases herself smoothly up and down along
him while her hand takes care of the lower portion, her other palm moving all
the way up and down the other rod she's gripping at a pace that's just as
quick and controlled, an indication that this isn't her first time handling a
couple of dicks, even ones of this vast size.

The native of Cameron, North Carolina watches with a smirk as the stunning
valet to the tag team he's in moves her face back and forth with ease along
his thick cock, feeling her groans bounce off his man meat as she sucks him
deeply and keeps her hand moving along the bottom half of him, that
combination pleasurable enough but there's more thanks to her metal lip
piercings that grind against his pole each time she moves forward and back
along him. Neither man is thinking about just receiving at the moment though,
reaching down and easily pulling up her bra to release her nicely rounded and
perky tits in order for them both to squeeze her breasts, making her moan
with a smirk cast up at them as she bobs along Moore's dick for a few moments

Lifting her head away and taking a moment to draw in breath, she spits onto
Shannon's cock again to let her hand rub the saliva into his shaft, now
turning her attention to the other half of Ink Inc as she takes Jesse's shaft
deeply into her mouth, wasting no time in wrapping her soft, pierced lips
around his manhood and starting to blow him. Both men are moaning from her
actions but clearly Neal's are a little louder as he experiences her hungry
oral hole, watching her head rock back and forth along his impressive size
and giving him plenty of motivation to keep on fondling her breasts which in
turn encourages her to keep blowing and stroking the cocks in front of her.

Groans are muffled by the dick she's taking over half the inches of into her
mouth, saliva starting to cover the length thanks to her quick motions back
and forth as she travels up to the head and then straight back down to meet
her jerking hand as it handles the lower portion of him, all the while her
smoking eyes locked right up at him to see the look of pleasure on his face.
Her other palm continues to slide up and down the other wrestler's manhood to
keep him moaning, allowing her to continue moving her head up and down along
the just as fat and lengthy shaft that's deep in her oral hole, her tongue
slapping the bottom of it for added pleasure while she gets her boobs felt up
at the same time by them both.

"Mmmm... Hey Toxxin, you gonna let me fuck your mouth?" Shannon boldly asks
as he smirks down at her.

Hearing this, she lifts her head up from the other man's cock to grin up at
him. "Fuck yeah! I'd love that!" Toxxin says as she squeezes both of their
dicks to make both Ink Inc members groan before she lets go of them.

"Hey, don't I get in on this?" Jesse asks with a laugh, watching as she
stands up in order to undo her studded belt and slowly push her pants down
her smooth, tanned legs.

"Well take a fucking seat and I'll ride that big cock of yours so you don't
feel left out!" She answers with a sly wink, stepping out of her bottoms as
her neatly shaves pussy is exposed to them both, making them grin back at

Taking charge, she grabs Neal by the arm and pushes him back onto the couch
of the locker room, not giving him a chance to speak as she mounts his lap
and eases herself down onto his cock that's covered with a layer of her own
saliva, and both proudly Punk wrestlers moan out as his dick starts to fill
up her snatch. Resting her hands on his broad shoulders, she starts to bounce
on his member, working it in and out of her tight love tunnel as he grips her
waist and watches her perfectly curved and tattoo covered body work on his
member while she also takes in the sight of his desirable, muscular and
body-art adorned frame that alone makes her moan even though she has his
thick shaft impressively deep already inside her.

Moving forward and taking a hold of her dark with blue streaks at the end
hair at the back of her head, Moore turns her head to face him as he pushes
his dick into her mouth, locking eyes with the stunning Knockout before he
starts to pump his cock in and out of her nicely wet oral hole, feeding her
his just as long and fat man meat as she moans around it. The former co-WCW
Hardcore Champion is already working his pole much further into her mouth
than she'd taken before, causing her to groan as she feels her mouth having
to stretch as more inches pass into her and she keeps her pouty, pierced lips
pressed down against his sides, showing she's not intimidated by his size and
seems to want him to be true to his word and give it to her.

Underneath the other tattooed and Mohawk-haired stud in this threesome is
pumping his dick up into her tight and dampening snatch, not just satisfied
with the already great feeling he's getting from her swift bouncing motion on
his rock hard shaft and wanting more from her, which she has no problems with
not that with the way both men are holding her she could even move out of
this even if she wanted to. The former Petty Officer in the United States
Navy moans as he times his motion just right so that he works his dick up
into her pussy as she brings her body sharply down, allowing his cock to
venture in deeper than before into her and make them both groan out from the
pleasure, his hands running up and down her sides as she rocks back and forth
and he firmly thrusts up into the valet of his tag team.

The other half of Ink Inc continues to moan himself as he fucks the mouth of
the gorgeous punk-rock female who's bouncing away on the other man, her eyes
closed as Moore pumps his dick quickly in between her lips as he groans from
the grinding feeling of her cool lip piercings against his member as saliva
starts to drip from his shaft and trickle out of her mouth. He groans and
lustfully watches on as her cheeks flex when he slides his tool in and out of
her oral hole, feeling her tongue still flicking against his underside and
hearing her gagging erotically when the head of his cock touches the back of
her mouth, but the way she's still glaring up at him shows she doesn't want
him to stop as she blocks out that discomfort in order to make this as hot as
possible for the both of them.

Coughing and slobbering all over the dick being rammed in and out of her
mouth as she may be, she's not letting this face fucking put her off of the
other task she has as she bounces away on the other hung wrestler's dick,
taking him balls deep into her wet and snug snatch as her ass cheeks smack
down against his thighs when she pushes down onto his member. The hands of
the Sacramento, California born beauty still grip the shoulders of the man
she's riding for extra support as she keeps on lifting herself up until the
half-way mark on his dick before quickly dropping down with a groan to the
base as she meets his dick thrusting upward into her to stuff her full and
then soon repeating the process and moaning, although muffled by the other
dick, each time she does so.

"Damn Toxxin, you're really fucking into this aren't you?" Neal says with a
grin and a groan as he pumps up into her snatch as she eases off on her
bouncing motion on him.

Able to speak when the other TNA stud pulls his now covered in her saliva
dick out of her mouth, she takes in air with a moan before smirking down at
him. "Of course I fucking am! I've got two big dicked and tattooed studs to
fuck my brains out!" Toxxin states as she gets off of him to stand.

"Shit, we haven't even gotten started on you yet!" Moore states with a smile
as he removes the "Book of D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F." and sets it aside. "Hop on my
dick again and we'll really get some more punk into you!"

"Sounds fucking hot to me!" She eagerly states as she approaches the veteran
wrestler as the other half of the tag team also stands to approach them both.

Lifted up by the waist, the stunning valet of Ink Inc is lowered onto Moore's
long and rock hard cock, causing them both to moan again as her snatch is
filled up so she almost takes his whole length inside with the first motion,
and the feeling forces her to grind against his rod as she wraps her legs
around his muscular waist and grips his shoulders with her hands. Meeting her
gaze with the same look of lust, he starts to thrust up into her already wet
but still tight pussy with quick and strong thrusts that cause her to jolt
upward when he slides in and pulls smoothly back out again, the rhythm easily
established and soon has them both groaning from the pleasure.

Coming up behind them, Neal spreads her ass apart and gives little warning
before he lines his dick up with her asshole and pushes inside, making him
groan and the receiver gasp from the invasion as his thickness forces its way
into her back passage that's just as, if not even tighter, than her snatch,
and that friction forces him to go into her at a slower but still forceful
pace. She groans as she looks back at the other man, feeling his shaft moving
back and forth into her sexily rounded backside as she jolts up and down,
causing her butt to raise and lower in time with the pumps into it she's now
taking but she doesn't seem to be feeling any pain from this, perhaps thanks
to the fact her own pussy juices are covering the dick now ploughing into her

Held up between two fellow punks, not to mention two who are hung and
handsome studs, the woman also known as Christina Von Eerie can only moan out
and keep her pussy grinding against the dick thrusting into it as both her
tight lower holes take a fucking and get stuffed full with thick cock which
is clearly to her delight as she groans in pleasure and glances between both
men as they keep her held right off the floor. Sweat is starting to form over
her tanned and tattooed body as she bounces between their poles, taking
Shannon's deep in her snatch while from behind she takes Jesse's in her ass,
the sound of skin smacking against skin ringing out when either man sends
themselves into the groaning and gorgeous female wrestler.

Moore smirks as he looks down to see her nicely rounded breasts pressing
against his chest, her hard nipples rubbing against his muscles as she jolts
each time he rams his dick balls deep into her wet snatch, his grip firm on
her waist to keep her in place and impaled on his shaft that's smoothly
moving back and forth into her ensuring that they both moan out from the
intense feeling. He's not going ease on her, using the kind of pace that
would send a normal woman over the edge long before reaching this point,
however since she's clearly able and very willing to take as much as he's got
for her, he's dishing it out with hard thrust after thrust as his nut sack
slaps off of her body and he feels her juices coating his member for an extra

There's no shortage of motivation for the other Mohawk-haired and tattooed
male involved in this threesome as his hands squeeze and grope her juicy butt
cheeks as he ploughs his dick into her asshole with increasing speed and
force as inch after fat inch of his manhood starts to fit into her back
passage, his motion also causing her to rock forward and up as they all groan
out. A grin is on his face as he watches his rod pump in and out of her
booty, the cheeks shaking erotically as he waist starts to collide with them
to really fill her up with his meat, and from the way she's moaning from not
just taking two men at once but taking it up the ass as well, it's clear this
isn't her first time indulging in some anal sex.

"You hanging in there?" Shannon asks with a smile as he gives her snatch a
couple of long, stiff thrusts that make them both moan.

"Hanging in? Please!" Toxxin responds with a laugh. "I've had vibrators that
have gotten me off better!" She claims before she has to groan when she feels
the dick being pulled out of her ass.

"I think we'd better switch things up then..." Jesse states with a smirk,
giving her backside a sharp spank to make her groan before she's lifted up
and then lowered down to stand on the floor.

"Oh, you're going to fucking get it!" She says with another, but clearly
feisty grin as she bends over forward.

Wasting no time, she opens her mouth and wraps her pouty, pierced lips
around the dick of Neal, making him moan out as she start to briskly blow him
with quick motions up and down on his length, causing even her Mohawk hair to
sway slightly from how her head is bobbing along him as she stares up with a
look that many a Pornstar would struggle to recreate. The Sacramento,
California beauty doesn't seem to be bothered by the fact she's doing
ass-to-mouth now, sucking on the cock that's just been fucking her up her
ass, even though she can clearly taste herself off of him thanks to how she's
using her tongue all around his rod as she blows him deeply and with a
hunger. At the same time, she's got a hand placed right between her legs, two
fingers working their way in and out of her soaking wet pussy to make her
further moan as she gets herself off while dishing out a blowjob to the TNA
hunk groaning with delight at her oral skills.

Not intending to be left out, the other half of the Ink Inc tag team now
takes his turn to spread her ass cheeks apart as he pushes his cock into her
perfectly rounded backside and starts to pump her from behind, grunting as
he feels the tightness of that hole even after she's been previously fucked
there moments ago. The Cameron, North Carolina native moans as he slides his
cock back and forth into her, watching his manhood appear and then quickly go
straight back into her in order to bang her booty the way they both clearly
want it, especially as she's starting to push her hips backward towards him
in response to the feeling.

Keeping herself bent over in this standing position, it's obvious from the
way her hand is rapidly finger-fucking her own pussy that she's turned on by
taking these two long and thick cocks at the same time, as she deeply
swallows one while taking the other in her tight ass from behind, her breasts
hanging down and swaying in time with her body's motion as she rocks between
them both. Her moans are muffled by the cock she's almost deep throating each
time she pushes her face down towards him, keeping her lips firmly pressed
down against his manhood in order to suck him hard and keep him coated with
her soothing saliva, while at the same time working her backside against the
repeated, pistoning thrusts from the other desirable and handsome
professional wrestler nailing her in her stunning ass.

The sharp, smacking sound of skin hitting off of tanned and sweat-covered
skin rings out when Moore thrusts his long dick deep into the nicely rounded
and full ass of his tag team's valet, keeping a firm grip of the hips as he
watches his cock plunge into her tightest of holes, his muscular waist
colliding with her booty when he pushes into her to make them both groan in
pleasure. He grunts, breath quickening as his chest heaves as he puts the
extra effort into nailing her, especially as she's giving as good as she's
getting by rocking backward, meeting each pump by pushing her ass back
towards him so he plunges in deeper, another sure sign that she's gone anal
before and can clearly take it.

Back in front of her, the nose of the punk rock Knockout presses into the
other male wrestler's crotch as his balls smack into her chin each time she
bobs her head right forward onto Neal's manhood to deep throat him with a
slight gag but more moaning than anything else as her saliva drips from his
fat length and her cool metal lip piercings continue to grind back and forth
along him as she sucks away. He groans at all the sensations enveloping his
member as her mouth smoothly and quickly glides along him, the brief flick of
the tongue across the underside as she blows him with a technique even a
veteran porn starlet would be jealous of, even more so considering how she's
still pumping her own digits back and forth into her wet snatch to keep
herself moaning in an almost whorish fashion, and loving every moment of it.

All three of the TNA stars' gorgeous and tattoo covered bodies are coated in
sweat now as they continue to fuck with the beautiful female of the group in
the middle as she's fucked hard and fast up the ass while her oral hole
handles every inch of a just as long, thick, and beginning to throb dick, her
pouty lips remaining tightly wrapped around his member as she rocks her head
down to the base and quickly back to the half-way mark. Her eyes are closed,
her muffled cries beginning to get louder and with a higher pitch, and within
a few moments Toxxin is cumming over her own fingers and hand, forcing
herself into an intense orgasm while being banged up the ass by Shannon Moore
and sucking off Jesse Neal at the same time. She groans out as her juices
flow down her digits, keeping them sliding in and out of her pussy so she can
ride out the rest of her waves of pleasure, her motion between the two studs
slowing down slightly as she moans around the dick deep in her mouth with a
clear grin on her beautiful face.

When she came, her back passage clamped tightly around the dick of the man
fucking her in that already tight enough hole with a swift and hard pace, so
this extra friction proved too much for even him to take, forcing him after a
couple more balls-deep thrusts to pull out of her juicy ass and grip his dick
in order to furiously stroke himself off. A few seconds later and with a
deep, lustful groan Shannon Moore sprayed his load across Toxxin's thick ass
cheeks, moaning as he jerked out the thick streams of spunk onto both sides
of her booty, one stream even landing in between her cheeks and onto her
asshole to make her groan from the sensation as she kept herself bent over,
still pleasuring herself and only now starting to come down from her own
sexual high.

There's barely time for her to register that her backside now has a covering
of spunk all over it before she moans as her mouth is soon filling up with
hot, creamy jizz as with a deep moan of his own, Jesse Neal begins to cum
inside Toxxin's warm, damp, and soothing mouth, his cock throbbing as load
after thick load is fired into her. No complaints from her are heard as she
looks up with a saucy, narrow eyed and lusty look at him, using her tongue to
collect and taste some of his seed before she starts to swallow it down with
hungry and shameless gulps, continuing to use that experienced tongue to lick
around his softening rod and swirl around the head to make sure he's cleaned
up and the job is finished off properly.

"Mmmmm... Mmmm fuck..." Toxxin groans as she lifts her head away from the now
spent cock she'd been sucking off. "Fucking damn it! That's what I call a
fucking!" She remarks with a smirk, standing up and reaching back with the
hand that had been in her snatch, and using it to scoop up some of Moore's
spunk from off of her ass.

"Damn right it was!" Shannon states with a smirk, wiping sweat from his
forehead. "That's just the warm-up we need before we take those tag-team
titles from those Mexican American morons!"

"Mmmmm..." Toxxin moans as she lifts the fingers up to suck them clean,
tasting not only the cum but her own pussy juices as well, only further
making her grin. "You boys better... I'll take care of those little sluts
Rosita and Sarita, and you handle bringing the gold to Ink Inc!"

"You do that, and we'll easily handle things in the ring and win those tag
team titles." Neal states confidently. "Can't wait to see you smack some
respect into those chicks for all the times they've stuck their noses into
our business."

"You and me both Jesse... Although I kind of wish they would try something
funny with us out there tonight..." She says with a smirk. "They fuck with
us? I think maybe we should show them what a couple of real men are like, and
fuck them..."

* * *

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