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Traci Teaches Christy
by The Man

At the TNA training facility Christy Hemme just finished up a rather
disappointing and unsuccessful training session. Christy walks back to the
locker room in tight jean shorts and a tank top mumbling to herself.

"I'll never get where I want go at this place. I wish I wouldn't have gotten
let-go by the WWE where they had a women's division, better trainers and I
wasn't stuck as a stupid announcer. I'm better than this."

Turning off the shower head Traci Brooks overheard Christy's rant, and is
disgusted. Christy Hemme gets into her shower stall while Traci gets out of
her own, and Traci goes to get dressed. She puts on a pair of tight, leather
pants, and a bra top and decides to wait outside the locker room for Christy
to finish up.

10 minutes later Christy is met by Traci outside of the locker room.

"Hey, Christy, I observed you having problems today with your training and
was wondering if you would be interested in some private training from me."
Traci said.

"Traci, I appreciate the offer, but I'll have to decline." Christy said

"Come on. I really want to get your wrestling ability up to par so we can
convince management to finally make a Women's Division. I see a lot of
potential in you and if you can live up to that potential we'd have enough
female wrestlers for to start a credible women's division. I don't think
you want to spend the rest of your time here as a announcer for Explosion
backstage segments, right? I mean you are better than that!" said Traci
with a fake smile.

"Now that you put it that way, I am interested in taking up your offer.
You're right, I do deserve better than this. So, uhhh how much for this
training?" asked Christy.

"For free." answered Traci.

"FOR FREE?!?!" asked a shocked Christy.

"Yeah, for free," Traci reassured Christy.

"Are you sure? I'll pay you for it." said Christy.

"No need, the pleasure will be all mine." laughed Traci.

"So where should I meet you? The gym is closing for the weekend in about 10
minutes so." Christy asked.

"Yeah, that's a bit of a problem. Hmmmmm, oh wait I have a mat set-up in my
house so we can practice there." Traci interrupted

"You do? I never knew that! When should I get there?" asked Christy.

"Make sure to meet me at around 9:00 tonight and wear tight, and light-weight
clothing." Traci replied.

"Well, I'll see you later, I got to go home and take a nap." said Christy

"Ok, don't sleep too long." Traci said

"I won't, bye," said Christy Hemme

Christy got into her car and drove home.

Traci put on an evil grin as Christy drove away.

"I got you, bitch." Traci thought to herself.

* * *

Later that night Christy Hemme arrives at Traci Brook's house. Christy
approaches the door and rings the doorbell.

"Christy, is that you?" inquires Traci.

"Yeah, it's me, Christy," said Christy.

"Hold on, I'll be right there, ok?" said an anxious Traci.

"Ok," Christy replied.

Traci opens the front door, then runs into another room waiting for Christy.

"It's open, come on in!" yelled Traci.

Christy opens the door and enters the house, looks around for Traci, but she
is no where to be found. She looks around the house and enters the room Traci
is hiding in.

"Traci, are you in he--" Traci gags Christy with a chloroform cloth knocking
Christy unconscious.

"Nighty night, bitch!"

* * *

A half hour later Christy begins to wake up from her sleep befuddled and

"Where am I?" Christy asks out loud.

Slowly a dark figure appears out of the doorway. As the figure comes closer
Christy realizes it's Traci decked in black leather with some toys in her

"Your own personal hell!" Traci replied

Christy tried to move away but she realized she was cuffed to the bed.

"What?!?! Traci, what are you talking about? Why are you dressed like that???
Why the fuck am I naked and tied up?!?!" Christy said worried.

Traci walked up to Christy and put a finger on her lips teasingly. "Shhhhh!
It is time you learned a lesson."

"What do you mean? What did I do?!?!" Christy said franticly.

"I am going to make you regret the day you came to TNA! You think you are
better than everybody else here, and it's time for you to learn your place."
Traci said.

Christy tried to talk, but Traci gagged her with her panties.

"Now as a gesture of humility, if you lick my pussy I'll let you go, if you
don't I'll fuck you up. What's it going to be, the easy way or the hard way?"
Traci continued.

Traci takes the panties out of Christy's mouth so she can respond, instead
Christy spits in her face.

"Fuck no, I ain't no dyke!" Christy said bitterly.

Traci slaps Christy across the face.

"Ok, well I guess you choose the hard way." Traci says manically.

At that instant Traci starts rubbing Christy's voluptuous boobs, and leans
down to lick her left nipple.

"You have such a nice rack, too bad I am going to have to ruin it. Ummmmm
yeah how does that feel, bitch?"

"STOP IT, I'M SORRY" yelled Christy who was trying to hold back the signs
of pleasure from her attacker's onslaught. Suddenly, Traci bites down on
Christy's nipple causing Christy to scream out in pain. When Traci bites
down again Christy starts sobbing heavily and thrashing around trying to

"PLEASE STOP!!!" Christy cried out.

"Not until I feel you learn your lesson." Replied Traci with a demeaning
tone. Traci straddles Christy's stomach and starts clawing at her globes.
Christy continues to weep in pain.

"Awwww, does that hurt?" Traci said mockingly.

"YES, PLEASE, STOP, YOU BITCH!" Christy screamed.

"Oh, not yet." Traci replied. She sits on Christy's rack bouncing up and down
causing Ms. Hemme's tits to flatten like a pancake. While doing this, Traci
own 5-star tits were bouncing up and down.


Traci stopped then smiled evilly, turned her foe over, positioning her on all
fours, then strapped Christy's legs back to the bed again. "Tell me Christy,
have you ever been fucked up the ass before?" Traci asked. Christy looks
worried and scared at this question.

"No...Please don't." Christy begged.

"Oh, well I guess I will just get some lube, so it will be easier for me, and
hurt less for you." Traci snickered. Traci walks over to her dresser, opens
up a drawer, pulls out a 10 inch strapon that is 2 inches wide and a bottle
of lube. Traci then walks to the trash can and drops the bottle of lube into
the trash can.

"Whoops, I guess we can't use lube now. I am going to enjoy seeing suffer
though!" Traci said. Traci walked up behind a hysterical Christy Hemme and
aimed her massive strapon at her victim's asshole.

"My god, Christy, you have such a tight and hot ass, I don't even know if
this will fit you, but I'll do my best! Too bad I am going to have to loosen
things up her a little bit." Christy winced when she felt the head of the
strapon met her asshole. Traci slowly inserts it inside of Christy butt, and
as the first inch breeches her hole, she let out a blood curtailing scream,
with streams of tears rolling down her eye.

THIS!!!!!" Christy screamed.

Traci just smiled and thrusted as hard as she could, getting in another inch
of the strap-on. Christy's anal walls slowly begin to contract around the
large intruding dildo.

"AHHHHHHHHH, AHHHHHHH, AHHHHH!" Christy screams in the midst of panting and

Traci pulls Christy closer to her and gets another inch and a half in
Christy's tight hole. Christy is crying harder than ever, then starts to
hyperventilate after Traci manages to get 2 more inches in Christy's perfect
ass. Her butt is in great pain, and she is almost to the point of passing out
because of it. Her mascara is starting to run heavily because of the enormous
amount of tears she had shed during Traci's violation of her.

"How does that feel bitch? I wouldn't know because unlike you because I am
not a filthy whore! I can barely get anymore of this in here." Traci said.

STOP!!!!" Christy screeched.

"You hate it??? Well you wet pussy begs to differ you cunt, but don't worry
we are almost done!" Traci says as she takes the strapon out of Christy's ass
long enough to unstrap her from the bed, Christy is too exhausted to move and
too worried of the consequences she would face if she did move. Traci slides
the strapon back into Christy's ass much easier, but still eliciting a
mixture of painful cries and pleasure induced moans from Ms. Hemme. She is
relieved slightly once again as her tormentor removes the fake cock from what
is left of her asshole.

"I think I know how to get the rest of this in here," Traci said. As she sat
up straight with the strap-on positioned upwards, Christy cried "No". Traci
forced Christy to sit on the strapon with all of her weight, causing the
massive dildo to penetrate her hole all the way and soon Christy was
screaming louder then ever.

TAKE IT OUT!!!!!" Christy cried. Traci tells Christy to get up off of the
strap-on and let suddenly forces Christy back down, causing the strapon to
completely fill Christy's cum-soaked and shaved pussy. Despite her greatest
efforts to resist, Christy climaxed hard, nearly to the point of passing

Sensing this Traci said, "I think you have learned your lesson, but in order
for me to let you go you have to eat me out!" Despite not being a lesbian
Christy realized for her own sake she had to do it.

"Ok, ok I'll do it, just please stop." Christy said defeated.

Traci turns Christy over onto her back and then straddles her face, position
her cleanly shaved pussy right in front of Christy's mouth. Traci pulled
Christy's head right into her pussy. Traci positioned Christy so that she was
licking the right spot.

"Eat up bitch! Well, on second-thought maybe you shouldn't eat a whole lot
for a while since your butt hole is so loose." Traci said.

Christy was licking Traci's pussy like her own life depended on it, which in
her own mind it did. She was surprised when she actually got turned on by the
taste of Traci's magnificent mound. Christy's effort caused Traci to moan,
fueling Christy's desire to hurry up and make her cum. Christy felt Traci's
juicy thighs squeeze against her face and Traci's hands grabed her red hair,
making sure Christy kept on licking her clit.

YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!" Traci said, cumming all over Christy's beautiful yet
humiliated face. Traci held Christy's head tight on her pussy, making sure
she didn't stop. Christy did not stop licking until Traci's grip loosened and
she finished her climax.

"You know, you eat pussy better than anyone I've ever been with, not
surprising with a slut like you though." Traci snickered cruelly.

"Now Lick It Up, Bitch!" Traci screamed to a petrified, and violated Christy
Hemme. She licked up all of Traci's juices as quick as she could, when she
finished she was relieved. Traci dried the tears from Christy's eyes with
surprising tenderness.

"Because you've been such a good little cunt loving slut and got me off, I
think you deserve a reward. Spread you legs." Traci said. Christy did as she
was told spread her legs and revealing her pussy. Traci smirks and lowers
her head down between Christy, and begins licking Christy's cunt teasingly.
Christy's lightly moans. Traci gave her slit another slow lick gradually
picking up the pace, building up the redhead's anticipation.

"Ohhhhh," Christy moaned. Traci started to lick at a faster pace, causing
Christy to become louder and she started to writhe.

"Mmmmhhh, that's it, baby," Christy moaned.

"Uhhhhhh yeah, lick my pussy" Christy panted. The taste of Christy's
sweet nectar caused Traci to lick faster. Christy responded with pleasure
filled-screams. "Ummmm, Christy you taste so good." Traci said.

"Oooohhhhhhh God, FASTER! FASTER!" Christy Cried. Traci started to speed up
to meet Christy's needs.

"Ohh god! Ohhh yess! Ohhhhhhohhhhh!" Christy moaned. Traci kept on licking
Christy's pussy as if it were a lollypop.

panted. Traci started licking harder then ever, wanting to taste the fruits
of her labor.

she reached her massive climax. Traci gleefully licked up all of her cum, and
then raised her head up.

"For a girl like you, you sure do taste great! If you want you can sleep
her tonight, because it is going to be really hard for you to even focus
on driving home while thinking about your sore ass." Traci said calmly, as
Christy was coming back to her senses after her massive orgasm.

"Yes, mistress." Christy said humiliated but relived.


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