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Tracy's True Story
by Josh (

The date was October 7th, 2002 and the place as a Smackdown house show. Tracy
Dali, a model and actress, decided to see if she could get in backstage for
two reasons. She wanted to try and get an on-screen role with WWE and more
importantly, she wanted to see an old friend. Tracy put on a sexy outfit and
made her way to the arena. Tracy attempted to get in the backstage entrance
but was stopped by security.

"I'm sorry miss, but you're not on the list," the guard said.

"Would you please check with Mark ... I mean, The Undertaker? We're old
friends," Tracy asked.

The guard got someone to watch the door while he went and checked with the

"Undertaker, there's some woman here saying she knows you, her name is
Tracy," the guard said.

"Tracy? I don't know, what does she look like?" Undertaker asked.

"She's real good looking, she's Latin and I think she's an actress, must be
a model too, do you know her?" the guard asked.

"Ahhh that Tracy, sure let her in," Undertaker said.

The guard returned to the door where he apologized to Tracy for not believing
her and let her into the building. Tracy saw the Undertaker in the distance
and ran up to him, stopping him.

"It's been a long time," Tracy said.

"Yes it has but I'm really busy. It was nice seeing you and enjoy the show,"
Undertaker said before walking away.

Tracy forgot about trying to get a job and just focused on the Undertaker.
She watched the matches while she formulated a plan. During the Undertaker's
match, she found his dressing room. She let herself into the dressing room.
Tracy began to disrobe, thinking there would be no way that the Undertaker
would be able to resist her once she reminded him of what he was missing.
Tracy went into the shower and shut the curtain. She ran the hot water,
getting it all nice and steamy in the shower.

Meanwhile, the Undertaker was just coming back after a rough match up. He
returned to his dressing room and took off his gear. He opened up the shower
curtain to find Tracy standing naked inside.

"Tracy?! What's the meaning of this?" He asked.

"Mark, don't think I haven't been paying attention. Your wife has been
pregnant for so many months now and I can just see how its affecting you.
I'm just here to help out an old friend," Tracy explained.

"Help? How are you helping me by standing in my shower naked?" Mark asked.

"I can see it in your eyes and in your actions. You've got all this bent up
sexual frustration. You're not thinking clearly. There's no way you can win
your match at No Mercy unless you let it out. And I'm here to help you,"
Tracy said.

"I ... I don't know," Mark said unconvincingly.

Tracy began rubbing his chest and brushed her big beautiful breasts up
against his stomach. One of her hands wandered down his body and Tracy began
playing with his balls.

"Nobody will ever know, just consider this business," Tracy said, looking up
at him with her gorgeous brown eyes.

"You know I could never resist you, Tracy," Mark replied, giving in and
running his hands through her highlighted brown hair.

Tracy smiled and dropped to her knees. She still played with his balls with
one hand but began sucking on his rod at the same time. She rubbed the head
of his cock around her hard nipples, teasing him. Tracy slapped his hard rod
against her big luscious breasts then took it deep into her mouth, sucking
hard on it.

"Mmmmmmhhh oohhhh ohhhhh mmmmmmmmhhhhh," Tracy moaned with a mouthful of

"fffffffffffFUCK Tracy! You always could suck a mean cock, damn!" Mark

"I remember how you like it," Tracy said, removing the dick from her mouth
for a moment.

Tracy pressed Mark's shaft between her two big beautiful breasts then pushed
them tight together. Tracy tucked her chin and sucked on the head of his cock
while rubbing her tits up and down against the sides of it.

"Yeeeahh you like big tits rubbing against that hard cock?" Tracy asked,
looking up with her brown eyes.

"Oh my god, those titties feel so good, ohhh fuck," Mark moaned.

"Is that big cock ready? Is it ready to fuck my HOOOT Latina pussy? It sure
feels ready," Tracy said softly.

"You're fucking right it is, get up here," Mark demanded.

Tracy stood up and leaned against the wall of the shower. Mark moved in and
worked his cock deep into her tight pussy. He then lifted her up, while still
inside of her. Tracy wrapped her legs around his body and held onto his
shoulders. He was so tall that Tracy had no trouble bouncing up and down on
his cock. Mark supported her with two big handfulls of tracy's thick firm

"Ohhhh god! Ohhhh yess! Oh fuck it's so big! Unnhhuhhh! Ohhhh yeeeeah it's
so deep in there! OHHHH FUUUUCK YES!" Tracy moaned as she rode his cock.

"Ahhh that's it Tracy, yeeah ride that fucking cock, ohhh you're so fucking
hot, yeeeah ride it!" Mark moaned.

"OHHHH YEEEAH IT'S SO DEEP! SO FUCKING DEEP! Ohhh fuuuck yeeah ohh my pussy,
ohhh fuck! Fuck! UNNNHHHHH FUUUUCK I MISSED THIS COCK!" Tracy screamed in

Soon, Mark let Tracy down to her feet and pulled out of her pussy. Tracy
knelt down and sucked her sweet pussy juice off of Mark's cock, smacking her
lips with each suck. Tracy stood up and turned around, leaning against the
wall. She stuck out her sexy firm latina ass and led Mark's cock towards her
pussy. He pushed it deep into Tracy's slick, hot, love tunnel then grabbed
onto her slender hips. Mark began with slow, deep thrusts into Tracy.

"Unhhhhhhh oooooohhhh yeeeah Mark! Ohhh soo nice and deep, ohhh shove that
cock in there, yeeeah fuck my pussy baby," Tracy purred.

"Ahhh fuck you feel so good, ohhh Tracy, ohhh god yes!" Mark moaned.

"Go harder Mark, slam my pussy real hard," Tracy requested.

Mark grabbed a firmer grip on Tracy's hips and began increasing the tempo,
really slamming hard into her pussy. Tracy played with her nice big tits,
trying to contain her multiple orgasms from her pussy being ripped into so
hard. Mark began rubbing Tracy's thick but firm ass, admiring it while he
pounded her pussy.


"Fuck Tracy, you've got a nice ass," Mark moaned.

"Oohhhh fuck baby you spank that ass if you want," Tracy said.


"Yeeah I'll spank your sexy ass," Mark moaned.


"Ohhh god Mark! Ohhh you pound my pussy so hard! Ohhh fuck just how I like
it! Ahhh but I want you to do it to my ass," Tracy moaned.

"You want me to fuck your ass?" Mark asked.

"Ahhh yeeah I want you to stick that big cock in my ass, ohhh yeah that's
what I want, yeeah stick that cock in my ass," Tracy moaned.


Mark gave Tracy's sexy ass another good spank before pulling out of her
dripping wet pussy. He didn't even need lubrication, his rod was covered in
a thick layer of juice. Mark grabbed both of Tracy's buns and spread her ass
apart as he worked his cock into her asshole.

"Fuuuck Tracy your ass is so tight," Mark moaned.

"Force it in there, ohhh fuck yeah, like that, keep pushing it in," Tracy

"Ahhh fuck take it deeper and deeper, fuck that's so tight!" Mark groaned.

"Unhhhuhhh just shove it in there baby! Shove that cock so far up my ass,
ohhh god it feels so good! Ohhh yeeah I love your big cock in my ass, ohhh
just fuck my ass, ohhhh god!" Tracy moaned.

Mark dug his fingers into the soft flesh of Tracy's ass and started pumping
in and out of her asshole a little faster. He made sure to give it to her
real deep, feeling all of her tight anal cavity.

"Ohhhh fuck take it hard, Tracy, yeeeah take it hard in your sexy fucking
ass!" Mark moaned.

sooo big! Ahhhhh fuuck I need it hard! YES! YES! OH GOD YES POUND MY ASS!"
Tracy moaned very loudly.

"Ohh god it's so tight, it's too tight, your ass is too good Tracy!" Mark

"I can't wait to feel your hot cum again but just keep fucking my ass!
Unnhuhhh unhhuhhhhnice and hard baby!" Tracy moaned.



"Yeeah fucking take it all in your ass! FUCK YES!" Mark moaned.

"Keep givin' it to me! Unhhuhhh I can take all of that big cock hard in my
ass! Ohhh fuck I love it! UNHHHHH I LOVE YOU FUCKING MY ASSHOLE!" Tracy

"Oh oh ohhhh shiit I'm gonna cum! Let me cum all over those big tits!" Mark

He pulled out of Tracy's ass then Tracy turned around and got down on her
knees in front of him. She held out her big breasts as a target as Mark
painted them white with a huge load of cum. Tracy rubbed the cum all over
her big tits, making them glisten with jizz. She pushed her left breast up
and licked some of the cum off her nipple.

"Mmmmmhhhh I missed the taste of your cum," Tracy said. she grabbed a hold
of Mark's rod and sucked the last few drops of cum from it.

"Ahh fuck you're even better then I remember," Mark said.

Tracy spent another couple minutes playing with herself and licking cum off
her tits. Mark turned on the shower and showered off. Tracy rinsed off her
body and gave Mark a kiss.

"Feel better?" She asked.

"Oh I'm feeling a whole lot better now, but you really should get going,"
Mark replied.

"Oh, ok then, bye!" Tracy said, a little disappointed. Tracy towelled off,
got dressed and headed off. The longer she walked, the more she became upset.
She hadn't won over the Undertaker at all, and she felt more then a little


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