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Trade Off
by Roseli

October 2002.

Stephanie McMahon had just made an appearance on a radio show to promote No
Mercy. It was an easy going interview and she discussed things such as how
she had never had anal sex, but would give it to HHH if she was "hot" enough.
She said how she didn't like being tied up the one time she tried it but
thought if it went right better the next time she'd enjoy it. Stephanie said
she had considered HLA, but she didn't like the idea of HHH with her and
another girl.

That evening Stephanie, Hunter, Test and Stacy went to see a movie. During
the film Hunter had been rubbing her legs and thighs, but Steph told him to
wait until they got home. After the movie Stephanie and Stacy went to freshen
up, leaving Test and HHH alone to talk about their girlfriends.

"That little bimbo of yours has one hell of an ass."

Test knew he'd better just agree. "Yeah, she's hot. But so's Steph."

Hunter mentioned that Stephanie had a completely hairless body, and that she
and him had sex very often. When the four went back to Stephanie's house for
drinks Test was sitting next to Stephanie at their table and felt her hand in
his lap. Test was shocked to see it moved over his leg and into his crotch,
lightly stoking his member. He couldn't help but get hard.

"Steph, why don't you take Andrew up to your room and show him what you
showed me yesterday?" Hunter said.

Steph took Test's arm and led him in surprise into her large bedroom.

"You're a big guy aren't you Andrew?" She said in an impressed tone.

Test couldn't believe it, but Stephanie was looking right at the bulge in his

"You know what though, I bet I can make it even bigger."

She moved up to him and guided him to the bed, laying him down. The babe bent
over and started unbuckling his belt. He breathed heavily as she tugged down
his pants. She stripped him naked and stood back, flipping her long hair. She
took off her jacket. Her enormous breasts were bulging under her top. She
slowly pulled it up over her head and tossed it aside. Steph watched Test's
cock stiffen and rise in front of her at the sight of her huge mammaries held
together in a black bra. She put her feet together and slid down her skirt,
now standing in front of him in her bra and thong. Stephanie slid down her
straps, unhooked her bra and let it fall off, her big tits jiggling out
exposed, making Test's dick jerk upwards. Steph's breasts were massive, round
and full, and Test saw her pink areoles contracting in arousal as she looked
at his dick. She moved up to him, looked at him, and teased his exposed
erection with one hand.

"It's so hard..." she said.

Wearing nothing but a tight thong, Miss McMahon ran her hands over her naked
jugs, down her stomach and down the front of her underwear. Sliding her
fingers under the fabric over her shapely hips, she held the sides and
seductively rolled them down her hot thighs. When Stephanie had pulled it
down to her ankles she stood up straight, her admirable bust and completely
bald pussy revealed. Test ran his eyes down Stephanie's naked body, her
beautiful face, large breasts and shaven slit making him rock hard. She knelt
down to wrap her soft hand around his throbbing boner.

"Nice." she said, and started moving her fist up and down on his swollen
manhood like a pro, her naked titties jiggling as she jerked him off faster.
"Mmmmmm. You like that?" she asked.

"Oh yeah, keep going..." Test moaned.

Using her other hand to play with his balls, Stephanie rubbed his whole
package, his cock pulsing in her hand. Test yelled out and started cumming.

"Ahhh oooh... Oh god Steph, you're so good at this." he breathed as she
caught his semen in her hands and he watched her rubbing it all over her bare

Downstairs, Hunter told Stacy "I've got a present for you upstairs."

Stacy looked at him and and let Hunter lead her to Stephanie's bedroom. Stacy
was shocked to see Stephanie manipulating her boyfriend's penis. She was
about to say somthing when Hunter stroked her blonde hair and kissed her
lips, putting his tounge in her mouth. He withdrew to see apprehension in her
eyes. He admired her pretty young face and reached under her skirt to pull
her pink panties down.

"Hunter... what are you doing..."

HHH just grabbed and squezed her jutting butt and hooked his fingers into her
skirt. Her flat, tanned stomach was exposed, and Hunter pulled at Stacy's
skirt to expose her abdomen and tugged it down her tight thighs. Hunter had
completely undressed Stacy from the waist down. Kneeling, her stared between
her legs in lust. Stacy's tanned, bald pussy was the tightest he'd ever seen.
He reached around and held her perfect naked ass, her fit butt firm in his
hands. Hunter rubbed the young buttocks in pleasure. He lay back on a second
bed and pulled her on top of him.

"Why don't you see what I've got for you." said Hunter.

The curious Stacy unzipped his fly and pulled off his pants, his dick
fighting to get free under his boxers. She pinched the elastic with her
small hands and pulled the boxers off with one tug. Stacy actually yelped
in surprise at the size of his cock. Stacy examined the hard dick. She was
physically intimated by the thick erection, but she had to touch it. She
reached out and gingerly stroked the throbbing dick with curled fingers. It
twitched, and she withdrew her hand. HHH smirked, took her hand and put it
back on his dick. Stacy was on her knees on the bed, her hot butt stuck up
in the air as she felt Hunter's member. Hunter watched Stacy play with his
penis, her touch making it harden rapidly. Hunter agressively grabbed Stacy
and pulled her T shirt off, and with scarcely a pause ripped her bra apart,
freeing Stacy's perky young natural breasts. He took one in each hand and
squeezed them, making Stacy whimper. Playing with her tits, Hunter moved his
face up to one of the stiffening pink nipples and kissed it. He took it in
his mouth and began sucking on it, harder and harder. He alternated between
her breasts, Stacy moaning involuntarily with pleasure. She opened his shirt
and rubbed his chest. She looked down at his throbbing cock, swung her leg
over him and held his cock against her little slit. Stacy held herself up
with Hunter's dick in her hand and with one motion took it inside her, his
erection penetrating her tight lips and sliding frictionlessly into her
dripping wet box.

"NNNGH." Stacy grunted softly with the sensation. She slowly began to ride
the big cock, moving up and down, back and forth.

"Oh fuck yeah" HHH moaned as the 22 year old bounced up and down on his hard

She was wailing in sexual intensity. Her pink nipples were jiggling and
wobbling freely, Hunter running his eyes over her tanned petite naked body
while moving his hands all over her ass. "MMMM! MM! MMMMM!" Stacy was
squealing. She rubbed his cock with her hand and bit her lip and closed her
eyes as he came, squirting a stream of cum inside the tight pussy.

"OH GOD, YES!" Stacy screamed, a mixure of HHH's and her cum flowing from her
bald pussy.

Hunter sat up to watch Stephanie playing with her large breasts, leaving the
petite Stacy laying on the bed naked. Steph got up to come closer and admire
this sight. Hunter said to his girlfriend "Why don't you give her a lick.
Just gently... Lick her pussy."

Steph looked at him. '...Alright. I'll try it.' She kneeled to put her hands
on Stacy's soft thighs. Stacy knew she should say something but something
wicked inside her told her to see what it would be like. Stephanie looked
between the long legs to check out her tight lips. Pouting, she kissed her

"Mmph..." Said Stacy softly.

Steph decided it was time to use her tounge. Sticking it out, she slowly
began sliding her tounge all over Stacy's hot pussy. Stacy squealed as
Stephanie pressed her face to her little slit and opened her mouth to seal
it around her box. As she teased her labia with her tounge, Steph turned
Stacy over to put her on hands and knees. Pressing her glossy painted lips
to the back of Stacy's pussy, Steph with a moan slid her tounge in. Stacy
was breathing extremely heavily as Stephanie worked her way to her clit.
Replacing her tounge with her hand, Steph moved her face up to Stacy's
bulging firm young butt cheeks and began licking her shapely ass as she
rubbed Stacy's clit with her finger. Hunter and Test watched in arousal as
Stephanie moved her tounge against Stacy's cheeks and up and down her crack.

"OH FUCK YEAH!!!" Stacy cried out as an orgasm shook her body and Steph
finished by giving a little slap to her gleaming butt. Stacy turned to face
Stephanie's massive bare breasts.

Stacy embraced Steph and licked between her tits, clutching the big mammaries
while rubbing her nipples. Steph tilted her head back and closed her eyes as
Stacy licked her full breasts and licked her nipples, which though they were
still dripping with Test's semen. Taking one tit in her mouth, Stacy hollowed
her cheeks and sucked Test's cum off Stephanie's big naked jugs.

"Looks like Stephie likes my mouth too Baby." Stacy said to Test.

Steph whispered "Test... I want you to tie me up."

Noticing some shackles attached to the floor, Test smiled and held the nude
Stephanie in place, closing them around her ankles. He did the same to her
wrists with the ceiling, her arms held over her head. Stephanie was now
completely vulnerable. Placing his hands on her hips, he took his standing
member and angled it under the cleanly shaved pussy.

"I want your cock so bad!" Steph bit her lip as she watched Test slide every
inch up inside her, the vieny penis twitching against the soft walls of her
pussy. "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH." she cried out as Test fucked her exposed slit,
groping her ass and licking her face as her thrusted hard into the princess.
"Oh Gooooood, it feels so fucking good!" she moaned.

"Yeah, take it you little bitch!" He increased his pace, spanking Stephanie's
naked butt. Steph screamed as he gave hard slaps to her bouncing giblets.

"YES! You're so big and hard!! Fuck me harder! Fuck me with that huge cock!"
HHH was rubbing Stephanie's bare ass. "Hunter... If you want to... You can
put it in." HHH smiled and parted her cute cheeks. He slid up into the
moaning Stephanie's curvy tight ass. "OH FUCK YEAH!!! GIVE ME MORE COCK!!"

Test and Hunter thrusted deeper. Stacy fondled the two sets of balls and
rubbed their asses, HHH playing with and squeezing Stephanie's tits while
Test stroked her clitoris with his finger. Stacy got underneath and began
poking at Stephanie's G spot with her tounge making Stephanie whimper and
cum hard. Stacy caught Steph's cum in her mouth, swallowing every drop.
Test and Stacy got up to put on their clothes and Hunter untied Steph. As
they were leaving Stacy gave Hunter and Stephanie each a good bye kiss.

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