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Training Is Tough Enough
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At the TRAX training facility, the final four members of the third edition
of the hit reality series Tough Enough, John Hennigan, Matt Cappotelli, Jonah
and Jamie are by the wrestling ring as John "Big" Gaburick, Al Snow, Bill
DeMott and Ivory discuss the breakdown of who is going to do what. After the
meeting with the trainers is over they all head over to where the final four
Tough Enough participants are. Big folds his arms, "All right, you four have
done a great job making it this far, but you all need to improve in certain
areas... Jamie and Jonah, you both need to improve in your cardio... and Matt
and John you both need to improve on your ring work..."

Al Snow folds his arms, "So we've decided that you two..." he points at Jonah
and Jamie, "Are going to come with Big, Bill and myself, we're going to run
some laps."

"So grab your stuff and head outside," Bill snaps.

Jonah and Jamie both groan but go to where their gym bags are. Big looks at
Ivory, "We'll be running those two all day to get some progress.. are you
sure you don't want either Al or Bill to stick around to help with these
two?" He points at John and Matt who are preparing to enter the ring, both
of whom are dressed in t-shirts and work out shirts.

Ivory is already standing in the ring with hand on her hips. Ivory nods her
head with a slight "Yeah Big, I think I can handle these two boys by myself."
Ivory replies as she dressed in black workout pants and a white sports bra.
Ivory pauses at looks at John and Matt, she motions them to get into the ring
"Well, what are you two waiting for, we don't have all day.." Ivory shrugs "I
could keep you over your lunch break..."

"We're going..." Matt says as he slides into the ring, under the bottom rope,
and then starts doing a few warm up stretches.

"Yeah, we don't want to skip lunch again," John adds with a smile before he
climbs onto the ring apron and steps through the middle rope.

Bill, Al, Jonah and Jamie are all walking towards the exit of the facility,
as Big looks at Matt and John, "You two better not give Ivory any trouble, or
you'll be running laps till three in the morning..."

Matt and John both nod their heads, "We'll be good," Matt says with a smile.

Big gives him a look before he looks back at Ivory, "We'll be going now, if
they give you any trouble, let me know..." Big says in his gruff voice.

Ivory laughs as she folds her arms over her sports bra covered chest
"Ohhh... if they give me any trouble, I'll take care of them myself Big."
Ivory replies before Big leaves the TRAX Training Facility along with Al
Snow, Bill DeMott, Jamie and Jonah. Ivory turns to face Matt and John as
they do a few warm-up stretches. Ivory claps her hands together "Ok boys,
ready!?" Ivory asks in her usual excited and upbeat tone of voice.

John nods his head, "Yeah we're ready Ivory..." He then claps his hands
together once as he looks at Matt, "Get ready Matt, I'm gonna kick your ass
royally today..."

Matt laughs as he bends down a bit, "Don't count on it... I've learned from
the last scrimmage..."

"Bring it on!" John replies as the two young man start to trash talk to each

Ivory raises her eyebrow a bit "Boys...knock it off..." Ivory sighs as she
scratches the back of her head "I want see a lock up from you two.." Ivory
says as she exchanges glances from Matt and John.

"All right..." Matt says as he turns his head to look at Ivory for a moment.

"That'll be easy," John adds before he and Matt lock up in the classic collar
and elbow tie up. Matt and John start to push against each other a bit as if
trying to gain an upper hand.

Ivory nods her head as she watch on in approval "Good...great! Excellent
Matt...John lock the hold tighter.." Ivory instructs the two Tough Enough

"All right..." Matt grunts as he tightens his hold on John as he does the
same to him. John grits his teeth together as he bends his knees slightly and
pushes upward against Matt,

"Come on... move..." John grunts as he tries to move Matt back a step, but
Matt has a firm position and doesn't budge.

Ivory laughs a bit "Great positioning Matt..." Ivory claps and then takes a
step forward and places a hand on each of their shoulders "Ok boys...break!"

The two young man break the hold and step back away from each other, John has
a bit of sweat on his forehead from the extra force he was trying to use,
"Damn it... I didn't have a good hold..." John says, finding an excuse for
not being able to move Matt.

"Sure you didn't..." Matt laughs a little, "You got me with that yesterday,
I wasn't gonna fall for it again."

Ivory places her hands on her hips "Ok look...Matt and John...I'm seeing a
lot of effort out of both you...but just not enough effort. You really need
to step it up...especially now since both of you are in the final four."
Ivory says with a sigh "I probably shouldn't be telling you this, but you
know I've been working with both you closely as of late because I happen to
know who Bill and Al are favoring in this competition, however...I see a
great deal of potential in both you.." Ivory nods her head "You really need
to step up your game and impress Al and Bill..."

Matt nods his head and places a hand behind his neck, "We'll impress them..."

John smiles, "Yeah, there's no doubt we're better than Jonah and Jamie..."
John then pauses for a moment, "But... do you have any suggestions of how we
can really show off what we got to impress Al and Bill?"

Matt smiles a bit, "Yeah, we really want to make sure they can see everything
we got to offer."

Ivory nods her head a bit as she looks at the eager-to-be-Superstars, Matt
and John. "Well...I could talk with them, they tend to get my insight on who
I think should win.." Ivory replies " two would really have to prove
to me that you want the contracts."

Matt and John exchange looks for a brief moment before they both look back at
Ivory. Matt shrugs a bit and raises his left eyebrow, "Ummm... how would we
go about doing that?"

John nods a bit, "Yeah... I mean... is there anything you want us to try that
we didn't do before?"

Ivory shrugs as she starts to turn away from Matt and John "That's up to you're the ones who have to impress me."

John's mind starts to race a bit and he blurts out, "What if we... showed you
some tag team action?"

Matt looks at John with a shocked expression on his face, "John... if she
doesn't drop kick for saying that I'll be surprised..."

John smiles a bit, "Well... if we can work together you know, that doubles
our chances of impressing her..."

Ivory turns back to John and raises her eyebrow "What do you mean by tag team
action?" Ivory asks as she places her hands on her hips, now fully facing
John and Matt.

John smiles and shrugs, "Well... I mean... every type of tag team action...
maybe something wild..."

Matt shakes his head in disbelief, "John, she's gonna kill us..."

"Aw c'mon," John holds his hands out, "What harm could it do, we're both two
young studs... and Ivory wants to be impressed..."

"Yeah, but I don't think she'd want to be impressed like that, you know what
I mean?" Matt replies as he folds his arms.

"Why don't we let her decide," John answers as he looks back at Ivory, "What
do you say Ivory?"

Ivory laughs a bit and nods her head "Ok ok...John let me get this straight
you want me to take on both you and Matt is something more physical than a
wrestling match?" Ivory asks with a raised eyebrow.

Matt's eyes go wide as he heard Ivory's question to John, who licks his lips
slightly and nods his head, "Yeah... something that's defiantly a lot more
physical... and probably a lot more fun," John replies with a smile.

Ivory nods her head as she looks at John "Ok...ok..." Ivory folds her arms as
she then looks at Matt "I'm cool with that.." Ivory pauses and motions her
left hand to both of their workout shorts "Why don't you take those down and
we get started..."

"Yes ma'am..." John grins as he takes off his t-shirt and tosses it out of
the ring before he starts to take off his workout shorts.

Matt looks at Ivory with wide eyes but he starts to take off his workout
shorts, "Oh man... this is... fucking crazy..." He says as he lowers his
shorts completely to take them off, followed by his boxer briefs, freeing
his eight-inch cock.

John gets his own shorts and boxers off, and his ten-inch cock is already
rising to attention as he looks at Ivory, "We're ready," he says with a bit
of a smirk.

Ivory smiles and nods her head in approval at how quickly Matt and John
undressed. Ivory then lowers herself down onto her knees in the middle of
the wrestling ring and motions with both of her hands for the two young
studs to approach her "Come on boys...lets go!"

Matt starts to get a wide smile on his face as he sees Ivory down on her
knees calling him and John over, "Damn... I'm gonna remember this..." He
licks his lips as he approaches Ivory from the right side.

John comes towards Ivory from the left and he looks down at the beautiful
diva with a smile on his face, "I hope you can keep up with two young
stallions like us..." He says with a confident tone.

Ivory looks up at John with a raised eyebrow "Don't get too full of
yourself..." Ivory says as she wraps her left hand around John's cock and
her right hand around Matt's cock, she then begins to gently move her two
hands up and down Matt and John's shafts as she strokes them.

"Ok..." John replies with a moan as he feels Ivory hand move along the
length of his cock as it becomes harder in her grasp.

Matt licks his lips and closes his eyes a bit, "Ohhh damn..." He moans as
his cock also becomes harder, and as it does, Ivory can feel in her hands
that Matt's cock is noticeably thicker than John's.

Ivory licks her lips a bit and looks up at John and Matt "I beat you never
thought this would happen, huh?" Ivory asks before she turns her head towards
Matt's cock and opens her warm, sensual mouth and takes the front half of
Matt's cock into her warm mouth. Ivory wraps her lips around his cock gently
and begins to bob her head loosely on his cock as she sucks at not too quick
and not too slow speed. Ivory starts to move her left hand down to John's
ballsack, once she has a hold of his ballsack, Ivory begins to fondle and
massage his ballsack.

"Mmmmm shit..." Matt moans as he feels Ivory's mouth move back and forth
along his cock. "If this is a dream.... don't fucking wake me..." He says as
tilts his head back, thoroughly enjoying the sensations Ivory is creating for
him as the warmth of her mouth flows over his cock.

John licks his lips and slides a hand though Ivory's soft brown hair,
"Damn... this... is gonna be in my mind for a long time..."

Ivory bobs her head a few more times on Matt's cock, before lifting her head
up. Matt's cock is slightly coated in Ivory's saliva as she turns on her
knees a bit to face John's cock. Ivory looks up at John with a smirk "You
ready, boy?" Ivory asks, but before John has a chance to answer, Ivory opens
her mouth and inserts John's cock into her warm mouth.

"Ahhhh shit... yea..." John moans as he feels a good amount of his cock past
between Ivory's sensual lips. He places a hand firmly on her head and spreads
his legs apart to get a good firm base to keep himself steady.

Matt looks down at Ivory in pure amazement, "Wow... man I'm so glad I'm not
doing laps today..." Ivory starts to bob her head freely on John's cock as
she begins to lap her tongue around the shaft of his cock. Ivory presses her
lips tighter against his shaft as she places her right hand back on Matt's
slightly saliva coated cock and begins to stroke his already hard cock once

"Fuck... ohhh damn Ivory... you're a real pro..." John moans in appreciation
as pushes his hips forward to get a bit more of his cock past Ivory's lips.

Matt looks down at Ivory's large firm chest, which is still covered by her
white sports bra. He lets out a moan when she presses her palm up against
the tip of his cock, "Uhhhh yeah... Ivory... you're really tough..." Matt
says as he reaches down a bit to feel Ivory's chest through her sports bra.
Ivory gradually picks her head up from John's cock, she keeps her head near
the tip of his cock before pulling Matt's cock over and next to John's cock.
Ivory releases her hold on both as she begins to work her tongue against the
head of both stiff cocks. As she gently flicks and pats her tongue against
the head up Matt and John's cocks, she uses both of her hands to removes her
white sports bra from her large, nice chest.

John looks down at Ivory's exposed gorgeous chest and licks his lips
hungrily, "Now... those... are perfect tits... I could stare... at them for
days..." He says in between moans as Ivory's tongue dances across the tips
of his and Matt's stiff dicks.

"Yeah... me too... but... let's... do some... double team... action..." Matt
replies as he happens to lock eyes with Ivory when she looks up at both of

Ivory pats her tongue gently against the head of Matt's cock before she
slowly pulls her head away from Matt and John's cocks. Ivory looks up at her
two training students and smirks playfully "What do you got in mind, boys?"

John grins, "Well first... we'll have to get those pants off..."

Matt nods his head and licks his lips, "Yeah... then we can really show you
some double team action." Both young studs playfully push Ivory onto her back
and they each grab a leg. They proceed to pull off her black workout pants
off her perfect legs.

Ivory gently kicks her workout pants off of her smooth legs, before she pulls
off a white thong that she had been wearing, revealing her smooth, shaven
pussy. Ivory looks up at Matt and John with a smirk "Alright me
watcha got!"

"All right... me first..." John says with an eager smile as he gets down
and spreads Ivory's legs apart. He grips his throbbing shaft and guides it
towards Ivory's pussy, then he pushes it past her soft pussy lips. "Mmmm
fuck...." John moans as he begins to thrust in and out of her pussy at a
slow pace while Matt kneels down next to Ivory, leans forward and starts
swirling his tongue around her left nipple while squeezing her right tit
with his hand. Ivory bites down on her bottom lip as she wraps her legs
around John's waist and begins to grind her pussy up against his cock each
time he thrusts his cock into her warm, soothing pussy. As Matt licks
Ivory's perky nipples, Ivory wraps her left hand around his shaft and begins
to stroke his cock as her body moves due to John's quickening thrusts.

"Ahhh ohhh fuck Ivory... you got a tight pussy..." John moans as he squeezes
Ivory's firm thighs as plows his shaft in and out of Ivory's pussy. Matt
moans around Ivory's perky nipples as he thrusts his hips to push his cock
against Ivory's hand as she strokes his shaft. He lifts his head from her
tits and kisses the front of Ivory's neck. Ivory turns her head to face
Matt's cock and begins to twirl her tongue against the head of Matt's cock
as she softly moans. Ivory pushes her body back against John's cock with a
good amount of strength as he plows his cock steadily into his trainer's

"Uhhh fuck... I love that tongue..." Matt moans as he shifts his body so that
Ivory can slap her tongue against his dick easier.

John gives Ivory a few sharp thrusts in a row before he slows down and eases
his cock out of her dripping wet pussy, "Matt... you gotta try her pussy...."
John says as he wipes some sweat from his forehead with the back of his left

As John unwraps Ivory's firm legs from around his waist, Matt gets a playful
grin on his face, "I'd love to fuck her pussy..." He says as he then moves a
bit back from Ivory and lays down mat.

Ivory smirks a bit "'re laying down for me, huh?" Ivory asks with a
laugh as she rolls up from the mat and onto her knees.

Matt laughs a bit as he lifts his head off the mat, "Well isn't sometimes
laying down good strategy?" He asks as his cock points straight up at the

Ivory nods her head "That it is...That it is, Matt" Ivory replies with
another laugh as she mounts herself onto of Matt's cock and gently lowers
herself down "Ohhhhh... .mmmm...Matt..." Ivory moans as she feels his cock
protruding into her warm pussy once she lowers herself down completely.
Ivory places her hands down on Matt's somewhat muscular chest and begins
bounce on his cock as she bucks her hips, rock back and forth on his cock.

Matt licks his lips as he feel's all of Ivory's weight as she grinds back and
forth on his cock, "Uhhhh fuck you're... good.... you're great..." Matt moans
as he places his hands on Ivory's thighs while beginning to push his dick up
into her pussy.

Meanwhile, John kneels behind Ivory and places his left hand on her shoulder
as he spits onto two fingers on his right hand. "Mmmm Ivory... anyone ever
tell you... you have a great looking ass?" He asks as he slides his two
saliva-coated fingers in between Ivory's ass cheeks. John slides his fingers
up and down between them before he starts to wedge them into Ivory's asshole,
using the saliva on them as a lubricant.

Ivory tilts her head back and groans as she rocks back on Matt's cock
"Ohhhh...John...I love it in my ass.." Ivory replies as she slams herself
somewhat gently down on Matt's cock, while grinding herself against Matt's
cock every time he pushes his cock up into pussy. Ivory's hands leave Matt's
chest and brings to thread her fingers through Matt's long curly, blond locks
of hair.

"It that true?" John smirks a bit as he finger fucks Ivory's ass steadily
while moving his hand off of her shoulder. He grips his long shaft and gets
into a better spot behind her. John withdraws the fingers from Ivory's ass
hold and replaces them with his long cock, which he shoves into her backside
with a single thrust, catching the former women's champion by surprise.

"Ohhhhh yes..." Ivory moans almost instantly once she feels John's cock
inside of her wet pussy. Ivory licks her lips as sweat starts to form on her
forehead. Not messing a beat, Ivory begins to bounce quicker on the cock of
Matt Cappotelli, while she pushes her herself back on the cock of John
Hennigan, who is inside of her tight asshole.

"Uhhhh god.... fuck...." Matt groans as he moves his hands up to Ivory's
large perfect breasts and starts to cup them with his hands. He thrusts up
as hard as he can into Ivory's warm pussy, matching her pace almost exactly.
Behind her, John wraps his arms around Ivory's waist and pulls her back
towards him, so that his thrusts are more crisp when he slams his cock all
the way into her asshole.

Ivory grits her teeth as she hangs her head down, causing her hair to gently
brush against Matt's face, while John quickly thrust his spear-like cock into
her asshole. Ivory looks down into Matt's eyes as she starts to slam down
harder on Matt's cock all due to John's quick and powerful thrusts to her
asshole "Ohhhh...ahhhh...yess...damn..." Ivory moans as sweat begins to drip
down her well toned body.

"Fuck.... hey.... hey... John... let's... roll over..." Matt groans as he
slows down his thrusts.

"Good... idea..." John grunts as he pauses thrusting into Ivory's juicy ass
so that he and Matt can roll over, so that now, John is underneath Ivory with
his cock still buried up in Ivory's ass. Matt, who's on top of Ivory, grabs
his trainer's legs and angles them so that her ankles are resting on his
shoulders as he begins resumes fucking her cunt.

Ivory closes her eyes and tilts her head back, resting her head on John's
chest as Matt quick torpedoes his cock in and out of her wet pussy "Ohhhh...
ahhh... yesss... ohhh... Matt.... fuck yes!" Ivory moans as she slightly
grits her teeth.

John reaches around Ivory and run his hands over Ivory's firm stomach as he
pushes up into Ivory's ass. "Ohhh fuck.... uhhhh shit..." John grunts as he
tries to match how hard Matt is fucking Ivory's pussy.

Matt keeps his hands on Ivory's legs and pulls her towards him as he
repeatedly rams his cock dick balls deep into Ivory's pussy, "Uhhh shit...
ohhh mother fucker..." He moans as he sweat drips down off his body and onto

Ivory closes her eyes as sweat flies off of her body and down onto John who's
below her inside of her ass "Mmmmm ohhhh fuck..." Ivory groans as she begins
to cum on Matt's hard cock.

"Uhhhh uhhh fuck... ohhh fuck... ohhh shit..." Matt's eyes roll back a bit
into his head as he starts to cum deep inside of Ivory's warm pussy, mixing
his hot load of spunk with her own juices.

John continues to thrust up into Ivory's ass with hard thrusts, "Shit... fuck
Ivory... I'm gonna... fill your ass..." He yells as he starts to cum inside
of Ivory's asshole, giving the sexy Tough Enough trainer a huge load that
warms her up a bit.

Ivory grits her teeth and tilts her head back as she feels the sudden rush
of John's cum into her tight asshole "Ohhh...that" Ivory
groans as she slowly opens her eyes with a slightly exhausted look on her

Matt slowly pulls his cock out of Ivory's pussy and sits back on his knees,
slowly catching his breath. "How... was... that?" he asks with a smile as
John holds Ivory on his cock and gently rocks her back and forth. "Did we...
impress you?" Matt adds to his question.

Ivory nods her head "Yeah...yeah you did...I'll certainly be talking with
Bill and Al" Ivory says with a wink "Now...lets get those clothes back on.."
Ivory says taking a breath "We got some training to do!"


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