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Featuring: Lacey Von Erich (TNA/Wrestlicious), Chris Sabin (TNA),
Alex Shelley (TNA)

Training Lacey... To Handle a Couple of Guns
A TNA erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

In early February of 2010, the tag team known as the Motor City Machine Guns
are relaxing in the catering area backstage at the Impact Zone in Orlando,
Florida, seemingly just killing time as Alex Shelley is entertaining himself
by reading a magazine with his feet up on a table, while Sabin is tossing
plastic cutlery into a plastic cup in the middle of the same table. Both men
are in regular jeans and wearing TNA merchandise T-shirts as they kick back,
but when Sabin hears the sound of high heeled shoes coming his way he looks
up, doing a double take as he nudges his friend to look where he is and when
he spies the sight he quickly puts the magazine down and sits up straight.

Approaching them are the collective known as The Beautiful People, namely
Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne, and Lacey Von Erich, which each Knockout clad in
matching, tight fitting pink outfits that deliberately show off their large
tits and thick, juicy asses. As they approach, Sky is slyly smirking as she
looks over both men. "Settle down boys, we're here on business and if you are
smart, then you'll listen to us." Velvet snaps with a clear attitude in her

"Business? Well that depends on what kind you're talking about..." Sabin says
with a smirk as he and his friend check the three women out. "Then we might
say if we're interested or not."

Rolling her eyes, Velvet glares at Chris. "Oh you will be! Look, it's no
secret our girl Lacey here isn't the most... Gifted, in matches. You two on
the other hand, happen to know a lot about wrestling. So, the three of us
want you two to teach Lacey how to wrestle, and especially how to wrestle

Glancing at his tag team partner, Alex starts to chuckle. "Sounds like
someone's afraid of Angelina Love kicking their asses again..." He says which
makes the bitchy Velvet glare now at him.

"We're not afraid of her!" Madison yells, pointing a finger at him while Von
Erich stands behind her two fellow Knockouts with a frown.

"Do I have to do this? I think I'm pretty good at that stuff we do in the
ring..." Lacey says with a nod of her head.

"No, Lacey honey, you're just pretty. So, so pretty..." Velvet says, using a
hand to somewhat patronisingly pat her on the top of her blond haired head,
making the tallest of the group smile.

"You are! Really pretty!" Rayne adds as she joins in the patting motion,
while the Motor City Machine Guns look on bemused.

"Well, say we go along with this? What exactly do we get from you guys?"
Sabin asks with a slight smirk.

"Yeah, and if it's handbags, makeup, or whatever else you are into, we're not
interested." Shelley adds.

"What do you think you're going to get?" Velvet snaps at both men. "You train
Lacey up well, and you get Madison for a whole night to do whatever you

"Wait, what??" Rayne demands, looking at her friend with shock. "You said we
would both do them!"

"I did not!" Sky says, about to argue when Sabin stands up and moves around
the table towards them.

"Enough, enough! OK, listen... Since me and Alex are the best tag team in the
world, and we can do anything, then we'll agree to take Lacey for the day and
teach her a thing or two. But when we do, we don't just want one of you
girls. We want all three of you for the whole day to do what we want, since
you just suggested that Velvet..."

"Urgh! Fine!" Sky says as she throws her hands up. "If you teach Lacey
something, at least anything then we'll be your damn whores for the day since
that's the only thing perverts like you want!"

"Deal!" Alex says as he stands up. "We'll see you tomorrow Lacey, and we'll
be seeing all of you at the next tapings..."

* * *

The next day, Chris Sabin is leaning back in the corner of the ring inside an
empty Impact Zone as he watches with growing annoyance as the stunningly
beautiful but far from perfect in the ring TNA Knockout Lacey Von Erich as
she attempts for what must be the fiftieth time today to deliver a basic
elbow drop onto Alex Shelley who's laying on the canvas, clearly not
expecting to be hit as he has his arms behind his head to rest back on his
hands. The tanned and curved blond is clad in tight fitting black booty
shorts that huge her nicely juicy ass, and a tight, short pink top that
strains against her large breasts, while both members of the Motor City
Machine Guns are clad only in black workout shorts. Taking a stumbling step
forward, Lacey lifts her arm up and drops down, grunting as she hits the
canvas back first with her elbow similarly hitting mat, clearly missing
Shelley by a long shot. Tiring of this Chris steps forward and raises a hand.

"OK, enough of this. We're wasting our time here Alex." He says, shaking his
head as he looks down at the Knockout who's picking herself off the canvas.

"We wasted our time the moment we agreed to this..." Shelley says with a hint
of bitterness as he gets up from the mat.

"You guys are mean!" Lacey whines, rubbing her sore elbow. "You're giving me
the hard stuff to do! It's not fair."

"Hard? It's an elbow drop, not a Shooting Star Press! The only thing easier
is entering the ring!" Sabin exclaims with a shake of the head.

"You boys are no fun. This training is too boring..." Von Erich says. "I
wanna have some fun! Hey, come on, watch this!" She says, taking a step
forward before performs a back flip, landing back on her feet with a smile.
"See? I don't need any arm droppings! I can win on my own already!"

"It's an elbow drop you stupid..." Alex starts to say before the stunning
blond does another back flip, giggling when she sees the look on his face.
"Hey, stop that!" He says but defiantly she starts to skip around, flipping
back her long hair as she messes around. "That's it, come here!" The X-
Division star says as he rushes forward and grabs the Knockout around the
waist to lift her up slightly, causing her giggle again as she kicks her legs

"Hey! Watch out!" Sabin says, coming forward and Shelley manages to ground
the blond with an amateur-style waistlock takedown, resulting in her ending
up on her hands and knees on the mat while he's right behind her, pressing
against her ass. Chris drops down in front of the two, going to say something
to have his friend ease up on her when all three realize the positions they
are in which is as if the Motor City Machine Guns were spit roasting her.

Lacey giggles again as she looks back at Alex with a smile. "Oh, I think you
boys want to have some fun now, don't you?" She says, sways her ass in front
of him before she looks at the man in front of her, taking a look at his
crotch before up at him. "Come on, we'll do those lame move stuff later. I
promise not to tell Velvet if you won't..." She says, moving a hand up to
squeeze his pack through his shorts.

The two tag team members and best friends look to each other and exchange
Shelley looks down and pushes down his shorts, freeing his already starting
harden cock as he rests it against her shorts-covered butt and slides his
impressively long looking and thick shaft against her cheeks, her swaying
making the feeling even better as she slides his meat against her. Back in
Sabin lets her feel up his hardening dick through the material of his
looking down at her beautiful, smiling face as she seems extremely eager to
what kind of weapon that he's packing and from the way he's already moaning
from the touch she's soon going to find that out.

After a few more moments of feeling him up, she has to frown when he reaches
to swat her hand away but it's only so he can now push down the shorts so his
manhood pops up, already almost fully hard now. The eyes of the daughter of
Von Erich widen with excitement as Chris' long and nicely thick dick is
revealed to
her and not even asking permission to do so she reaches a hand forward to
grip his
meat, giving it a couple of quick pumps as she smiles up at him. Getting a
smile back in return she lowers her blond haired head down to his cock, a
flick of
her tongue across the tip all that's needed to make him moan and that makes
giggle cutely before she slides her tongue again across the head, keeping eye
contact as she licks her way slowly clockwise around his bell end, giving his
a couple of pumps with her hand as she does so.

Behind her, Shelley has wasted no time in pulling down her booty shorts to
knees in order to reveal her nicely rounded ass and shaved snatch, smirking
at the
sight as he moves in close again, holding his tool so he can run the bell end
her entrance, the feeling making her moan lowly and look back at him with a
smile as she strokes off the other half of the Motor City Machine Guns.
the look, he lines his rock hard shaft up with her and with a firm, smooth
forward he sends a good five inches of his dick into her snatch, making
moan at her tightness but it doesn't stop him as he begins to pull his hips
and then send them forward towards her, starting to nail the Knockout from
doggy style.

She moans out with a big smile as she feels the cock of Alex working in and
out of
her pussy in a smooth, steady motion, forgetting about the dick she's
stroking off
even though the man she's jerking is moaning clearly in front of her, as she
back to see his muscular waist moving towards and then away from her thick
Soon though Chris gets her attention by turning her head around to face him,
causing her to playfully raise an eyebrow as she lowers her head down again
this time to open her mouth and take his meaty rod inside as she starts to
him, pushing down to take in an impressive amount of his dick with just the
motion before she lifts up to below the bell end, all the while keeping eye
with him as she rocks her stunning face up and down the top half of his cock.

The tanned and curvaceous Beautiful People member is rocking her body back
the two X-Division studs, allowing her to move her mouth smoothly along the
rod of the man in front of her while taking the dick thrusting into her pussy
deeper as she manages to meet his pumps, filling her tight hole up near
with his man meat. She's still sweetly smiling around Sabin's long tool as
keeps her lips firmly pressed around him, swiftly moving her head up and then
down onto him as she passes the half way mark with ease and still looks to go
deeper onto him, perhaps a sign of experience in this sort of sexual activity
she has both men moaning from her actions.

Gripping her hips the founder of Paparazzi Productions pumps his cock quickly
solidly into the dampening snatch of the third generation wrestler, watching
ass cheeks shake slightly as his waist starts to collide with her juicy
allowing him to go balls deep into her tight pussy when she rocks back
towards him,
showing far better timing and coordination that she's ever done in a
match. He moans, looking over her curvy body as she takes his thrusts and
blows his
best friend at the same time, her own groans being muffled by said cock that
taking deep within her oral hole to get it nice and wet with her saliva, much
how the TNA star pounding into her box has his pole nicely covered with her

Pushing her face right down onto the shaft of the multi-time former X-
Champion, the sexy blond shows her oral talent by deep throating all of
impressive dick, not gagging for even a second as she keeps her lips pressed
against the base, even flicking her tongue against his underside as she
every inch of his tool inside her warm and wet mouth. Looking up at him and
able to smile around his size she slowly raises her head up, letting him feel
soft lips as they grind against his cock before she pulls herself completely
from him, giving the head one last lick with a swirling motion all the way
and finishing it off with a kiss before she moans, glancing back at the other
who's firmly banging her snatch.

"Mmmm... This is much more fun than that boring ring stuff you guys were
doing before!" Lacey happily moans as she pushes back against Shelley while
he sends a couple more thrusts deep into her snatch.

"Hey, it's not our fault you're not a quick learner..." Sabin says as he
stands off from the mat, allowing him to properly remove his shorts.

"Maybe not when it comes to wrestling..." Shelley states with a smirk as he
pulls his dick out from her pussy. "But since we're having "fun" now rather
than work, how about you give my buddy a ride while I get a taste of what you
were giving him a sec ago?"

"Ummm... Sure, I guess, but can't I just have some more sex with you guys
instead?" Von Erich asks, confused it seems as she tries to understand what
seemed to be a simple request with a few innuendos, which all seemed to go
over the head of the blond.

Before his tag team partner can say something to her, Chris takes the lead
with a grin as he takes a hold of the hot female who's already a MILF despite
her young age, laying back so she can position her over his rock hard dick
that's covered in a light layer of her spit. Understanding this she smiles
down at him, lowering her pussy down to take his dick inside her wet and
still tight hole, grinding her snatch down against him as she sinks all the
way down until her butt cheeks rest against his thighs before she pauses to
reach down, pulling off her tight pink top to release her large and perfectly
rounded breasts to make both men grin at the sight.

Just as she starts to bounce on the cock of the man laying on the canvas
beneath her, she finds her head being turned towards the other handsome stud
as his shaft is pointing right at her pretty face, and with a playful laugh
she opens her mouth and takes his dick inside, groaning as he feeds her his
man meat by pushing it in and out past her pouty lips. Placing her hands on
his toned waist she starts to bob her head along his shaft as he thrusts back
and forth into her nicely wet mouth, tasting her own pussy off of his tool as
she eagerly sucks on him, multi-tasking as she's able to keep rocking up and
down on the thick pole of the other half of the Motor City Machine Guns.

No one would blame the master of the Cradle Shock for just laying back and
letting the busty blond bounce away on his shaft, but he wants to savor every
moment of this training session turned erotic so he's now thrusting his long
dick up into her pussy, driving himself balls deep into her wetness each time
she drops down onto them which makes them both loudly although hers a muffled
by a mouthful of Detroit cock. He watches her tanned body raise and lower
onto his pumping tool, particularly focusing on her big tits that are
bouncing thanks to the force she's putting behind her movements as she
swiftly moves her pussy along his rock hard shaft that's filling her up with
its entire length.

Gazing up at the man she's blowing, the often air-headed but gorgeous female
wrestler is slobbering over his cock, working over every inch of his nicely
thick dick as she keeps her lips tightly pressed against his manhood, quickly
moving her mouth up to under half way before venturing back down so her chin
touches his ball sack. Shelley can't take his eyes off her facial features as
she moves away from his crotch only to come right back in the press her nose
against his skin, feeling the vibrations of her moans around him which in
turn makes him moan out as well as his cock is coated with her soothing
saliva thanks to her obviously experienced mouth.

Letting go of Alex's waist, Von Erich pulls her head up to just hold his bell
end inside her oral hole, at the same time stopping her bouncing motion on
his tag team partner and curious to see what she's up to, both men stop
thrusting their dicks into her. She grins around the dick in her mouth before
she starts to twist her head from side to side on him, rubbing her pouty,
soft lips against his meat to make him groan out in pleasure while she also
rocks her hips back and forth to grind her wet snatch down against Sabin's
cock, in turn making him moan out. Impressively handling both men's long
dicks like this, she moans with closed eyes, putting her hands on her large
boobs to squeeze them as she toys with their meat, getting off on having a
couple of such thick ten inch shafts to pleasure and be pleasured with.

Lacey pulls her mouth away from Shelley, a trail of saliva hanging from the
tip of his dick to her lips which makes her giggle as she licks her lips to
break it. "You guys are really hot!" She says with a nod of her blond haired
head. "And you're really good at this!"

"Nice to be appreciated..." Alex says with a smirk, giving her a hand up to
get off of his friend's cock. "But we're just getting started, right Chris?"
"Damn right!" Sabin says with a smirk as he stands up. "Time to really give
you a Motor City double team now."

"Double team?" Von Erich bites her lip as she glances between them. "But I
don't wanna wrestle anymore! I wanna keep doing this! This is fun!"

Shaking his head at the misunderstanding, Alex just lays down on the mat of
the wrestling ring with his still rock hard cock pointing upwards, and seeing
this the ditzy but stunning Knockout almost leaps onto him, quickly mounting
his shaft to once again take her inside her tight and very wet pussy as she
leans forward to place her hands on his muscular chest. She smiles broadly
down at him as she starts to move her hips, easing her snatch up and down his
length to start riding him and no sooner has she done this than he begins to
pump his dick up into her, making them both moan as he meets her downward
movements to go balls deep into her.

Moving up behind them, Sabin smirks as he places his hands on her butt,
spreading the more than ample cheeks apart so he can line up his dick with
her asshole, even with her moving her body on the other TNA wrestler's dick.
Not giving her a warning about what he's doing, he pushes his manhood forward
into her with one forceful thrust which makes her gasp with wide eyes as she
feels a cock invading her back passage, her mouth open but letting out a moan
much like he is as he feels that as snug a fit as it was to pump her pussy,
her other lower hole is even tighter. It doesn't put him off through as he
starts to work himself in and out of her ass, four inches going in when he
pushes forward but he's looking to get a whole lot more in as he takes her
with a steady, slow to start off with pace.

Licking her lips she looks back over her shoulder to watch the man fucking
her up the ass now, not protesting for a moment about the surprise invasion
to her back passage, even enjoying it as she leans forward a little more,
deliberately sticking her butt out towards him as she slides his covered with
her pussy juices cock in and out of her tight asshole. At the same time,
she's not forgotten about the other man involved with this threesome as she
still bounces herself up and down on Alex's equally long and thick dick
that's thrusting straight up into her soaking wet hole. The star of the
unique Wrestlicious show is starting to sweat now, closing her eyes and
moaning out as both of her holes are getting filled up with the shafts
belonging to the high flying TNA tag team, her breasts once again bouncing
from how forcefully she's rocking her tanned body between both men much to
their enjoyment.

Grunting as he thrusts his manhood into her backside with a rhythm that's
gradually picking up speed and pace, the former TNA X-Division Champion is
moaning from the tight feeling all around his cock, her back passage still
resisting somewhat but allowing him to get nearly all of his length into the
sexy blond. He moves his hands up around her so he can take a hold of her
swaying tits, squeezing them and making her moan with a smile as he bangs her
firmly and swiftly up the ass while doing so, having no problem making sure
she gets as much out of this as he does especially when she's pushing her
booty back against him, making it easier for him to drive his rod in and out
between her juicy cheeks.

Back down underneath her, the sometimes cocky but very handsome Alex Shelley
is thrusting his shaft in and out of her snatch with force and quickness, his
balls slapping up against her tanned skin as he does so and he doesn't feel
any sting of pain from the collision, too caught up with the pleasant
tightness he feels all around his manhood. He gazes over her one of a kind
body that looks even hotter now with the layer of sweat over it, the result
of both him and his best friend slamming their dicks in and out of her tight
holes and that sight alone would be enough to make any man moan, let alone
actually banging her as they are in this steamy sexual encounter that's
supposed to be training of a grappling nature rather than this erotic one it
now is.

Opening her eyes, she looks back to Sabin with a still sweet as can be smile
despite the fact that her ass and pussy are getting fucked with a combined
twenty inches of cock, and yet she still has the energy to keep moving her
body against the thrusts into her from both fellow TNA stars as if this
fucking had only began a few short minutes ago. She moans, loving the feeling
of her tight holes being stuffed full of their thick dicks as the move in and
out of her wet snatch and her butt which seems to show this isn't her first
time being double penetrated like this as she flips her long blond hair back
to let out another deep, lusty groan.

"Oh yeah guys... Velvet is gonna be so jelious of me..." Lacey says with a
giggle, grinding her body against both men again as they start to ease off on
their thrusting motions.

"Next time she can join us, I've always thought she's smoking hot..." Chris
says with a grin as he pulls his dick out of her ass which makes them both
groan. "Hell, the Beautiful People are hotter than they've ever been without
that skeleton waist Angelina..." He adds with a chuckle, as he gets up and
goes to stand in the corner of the ring, leaning against the turnbuckle pads.

"Ummm... Who?" Von Erich asks with a confused look on her face as she lifts
herself off of Shelley.

"You know, the blond with big tits and ass that you replaced?" Alex says as
he now gets up, stopping himself from laughing at her not knowing about the
former Beautiful People member.

Shaking her head with a smile, the sexy blond almost skips her way over
towards Sabin. "Nope, I don't know who you're talking about! Come on, let's
have some more fun!"

Climbing up onto the corner, the stunning but sometimes empty headed woman
mounts the handsome X-Division star to take his dick into her snatch, not
seeming to care that it had just been stuffed up into her ass moments ago.
Resting her hands on his shoulders, she hooks her legs back under the middle
ropes, pinning Sabin against the corner with a grin as she starts to again
bounce on him, making him keep up with her as he has to thrust deeply up into
her already well fucked hole. Her booty is pushed out towards the approaching
TNA star who comes in close, watching for a moment as the Knockout works her
tanned, sweat covered body up and sharply down on his thick meat to make them
both moan out.

Taking a hold of her ass cheeks in order to spread them apart, now Shelley
takes his turn to push his member deep up into her back passage, the previous
pumping it had taken from the other half of the Motor City Machine Guns
allowing him to easily go in deeply into her backside. He moans at the tight
feeling, thankful for the pussy juices of the blond that coat his dick to
reduce the friction as he thrusts his shaft up into the bouncing booty of the
Knockout. Going steadily into her back passage he's able to go balls deep
into her within a few moments, his nuts smacking off her thick and sexy
cheeks as all three of their athletic, desirable bodies slide against each
other as they intensely fuck once again.

Running her hands over Chris' shoulders, the large breasts of the daughter of
Kerry Von Erich rub across his muscular, sweat covered chest as she bounces
away on this thrusting cock to keep them both moaning loudly without shame as
she works her dripping wet and tight hole against his huge shaft that's
slamming back and forth into her snatch. She keeps pushing her booty back
against the other TNA hunk to take his manhood deeply into her other lower
hole, making herself groan out as she pants for breath, feeling the effects
of putting so much force and sexual energy behind fucking both men as sweat
drips off her sexy, tanned and curved body.

Likewise, both members of the talented and fast paced Motor City Machine Guns
tag team are ramming their long cocks hard and fast into the stunning
Knockout, filling both her soaking wet pussy and her tight asshole with
twenty inches of thick man meat, grunting and groaning as they thrust balls
deep into her holes. Sabin runs his hands up her waist, leaning back against
the turnbuckle as she bounces away on his member, riding his dick as he slams
it up deeply into her love tunnel, moaning as he gets a good look at her
pretty, moaning face just inches away from him. At the same time Shelley is
rocking his hips back and forth towards her thick booty, his waist smacking
off her smooth cheeks as he takes her up the ass again and again at a near
reckless pace that would render any normal woman unable to sit down for
at least over a whole week.

Keeping herself pressed against both men and unable to move herself off from
them thanks to the unique way she's hooked her legs underneath the ring ropes
to help her ride the stud in front of her, the sexy blond smiles as she
moans, glancing between both TNA stars as they bang her hard and fast.
Tossing her blond hair back she moans out, closing her eyes now as she grinds
herself against their pumping dicks, feeling them start to throb inside her
ass and pussy as she feels pressure starting to build inside herself but
refusing to lose a moment of pleasure she continues to push herself back and
forth between the two handsome X-Division Superstars. While she's not likely
to improve in terms of wrestling ability anytime soon, she's putting her
stunning body to a far better use as she takes this intense, rapid fucking as
she's sandwiched between the two best friends that are hammering their thick
manhoods in and out of both her tight pussy and her juicy ass.

Gripping the shoulders of the man she's leaning against, the gorgeous
Beautiful People member tilts starts to moan deeply with a big smile on her
face as Lacey Von Erich hits her orgasm, her pussy tightening around the ten
inch cock of Chris Sabin as her juices flood out across his shaft, while her
back passage clamps around the thrusting dick of Alex Shelley to make them
both moan out as she rocks back against them. She groans as they make her
ride out all the waves of pleasure, her large chest still bouncing as her
body jolts in response to their hard pumps into her snatch and ass, her
juices now coating the tool inside her love tunnel, sighing softly as the two
men ease up with the force and speed of their pounding motions as she opens
her eyes to smile at both men.

"Mmmm... That was so much fun!" Lacey says as she draws in deep breaths,
groaning when Shelley steps back to pull his shaft out of her backside. "Just
like when Madison and Velvet do this to me!"

"Wait, what?" Chris says with a grin, his cock throbbing just from hearing
that as he helps her climb off the ropes to stand on the mat. "Your friends
do this to you?"

"Duh! All the time, but they always have these... "Strapping ons" on to do
it..." Von Erich says as she looks between the two and drops down to her
knees in front of them. "But I think I like your real dicks better, because
they've got that nice treat inside them, don't they?"

Taking a brief moment to smirk at each other, they answer her by stepping
forward and starting to stroke themselves, aiming their dicks down at her
gorgeous face as she looks up at them, licking her lips as she watches them
beat their meat just inches above her as she brushes her long blond hair
back. Seeing their shafts throb as they move their hands over the whole
lengths and hearing their moans as they get themselves off turns the already
well fucked Knockout on so she starts to put on a show for them without
realizing it. Placing her hands on her breasts she squeezes them firmly,
pressing them against each other to make herself lightly moan as she toys
with her large boobs, still smiling up at both the Motor City Machine
Guns with a sexy look on her face, eager to take a creamy reward from them
after such a hot fucking she'd gotten from them.

The busty blond soon gets exactly that, her playing with her own big breasts
more than enough to send both tag team specialists over the edge as both Alex
Shelley and Chris Sabin start to blow their loads across the beautiful face
of Lacey Von Erich. Gasping with a smile as she feels the first stream of
white cum splashing on her face, the third generation star from the legendary
Von Erich family closes her eyes, not flinching for a moment as both TNA
Superstars stroke their dicks dry of their thick loads, covering her facial
features with warm jizz so her cheeks, lips, chin, nose, and forehead get
plastered with spunk. The stunning Knockout just stays in position to take
this huge facial from the best friends, unable to resist sliding her tongue
across her pouty lips to collect some cum so she can taste and then swallow
it down with a light moan.

Standing back, both men grin down at the cum-covered face of the woman they
were supposed to be training to wrestle but instead ended up fucking in a
steamy threesome inside a wrestling ring. "Well, I think this was all very
productive." Alex speaks first with a smirk as he looks down at her.

"Mmmm... That was really fun!" Lacey says, nodding her head as she opens her
eyes to look up at them. "I wanna do it again!"

"Easy there Lacey! As hot as this was, we're gonna be in the shits with
Velvet if we don't teach you something." Chris says, glancing between his
fellow TNA Superstar and the Knockout.

"So? That's way too boring and hard to do..." Von Erich says as she stands
up, frowning slightly before she starts to smile. "Oh! I know! We'll just
cheat! I'll just do those cool backflips that I can do, but I'll do that uh,
elbows dropping you guys showed me at the end of it! That will really impress
Velvet, I know it!"

Stunned into silence by the unexpected flash of genius, both the Motor City
Machine Guns look to each other and then back to her. "Lacey... You're a
fucking genius!" Shelley says with a smirk as Sabin just shakes his head.

"Well, duh!" Lacey states with a laugh. "And to think, everyone still calls
me the stupid one around here..."

* * *

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