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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Training The Alliance
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At the WWF TRAX training complex during the summer of 2001, members of the
Alliance Sean O'Haire, Chuck Palumbo, Shawn Stasiak, Billy Kidman and Gregory
Helms are exiting the locker room and are heading to the training ring. All
five men are dressed in black shorts and black WCW t-shirts. "Man why do we
need extra training? We've all held gold before..." Kidman says as they all
climb into the ring.

"Don't you remember what Austin said? He wants us to dominate the WWF..."
Helms says.

"Yeah, I really want to improve so I can kick the shit out of the APA..."
Palumbo says as he tosses his long hair back.

"Well I've been here before..." Stasiak starts to say.

"And you got fired cause you sucked" O'Haire says as he cuts Stasiak off and
the rest of the Alliance Superstars start to laugh as Stasiak's expense.

As the five Alliance Superstars converse inside of the WWF training ride at
the TRAX center, the door to the women's locker room swings up and the
feisty, highly energetic Alliance Diva, Ivory, steps out of the locker room
and starts to approach the training ring. Ivory firmly locks her eyes on the
five Alliance Superstars in the ring as she climbs into the ring, while
dressed in a pair of tight black leather pants and black sports bra. Ivory
places her hands on her hips as she stands in the ring in front of the five
Alliance members "Gentlemen...I see you all followed the orders given to you
by Shane and Stephanie..."

The five Alliance Superstars slightly stare at Ivory before Gregory Helms
composes himself, "Yeah we showed up early too..." Helms says as he speaks
for the rest of the group.

Ivory raises an eyebrow and snaps at Gregory Helms "Did I ask you to talk?"
Ivory says as she grits her teeth a bit "Let's get one thing of
now, right at this time...this is my god damn ring!" Ivory says firmly as she
takes to time to look at all five of the Alliance members "You see my job
today is to see who has what it takes and who out of you five are the
greatest asset to the Alliance!"

The five Alliance Superstars all exchange looks, "Is she kidding?" Stasiak

"You got me..." Kidman shrugs his shoulders as they turn their attention back
to Ivory.

Ivory snaps her fingers towards Kidman and Stasiak "Hey! Shut up! Both you!"
Ivory commands. Ivory smirks as she glances at both Kidman and Stasiak
"Gentlemen, you talk when I tell you to talk...." Ivory pauses and licks her
lips slightly "You see I'm going to weed each of you out one by one, until I
determine who is truly the best asset to the Alliance out of you five men."
Ivory says before tosses her dark brown hair and smirks "Now gentlemen, I
suggest you five undress and get ready for your training session!"

"Wait... wait... get undress? This some kind of a joke?" Chuck Palumbo asks
as he steps forward.

Ivory raises an eyebrow as she looks at Chuck Palumbo. "Joke!?" Ivory laughs
and smacks her hands against Palumbo's muscular shirt covered chest "The only
joke will be is if you get sent to the showers first!" Ivory grits her teeth
and glances over at O'Haire and Stasiak before snapping her fingers "Come on,
hurry up! Get undressed!" Ivory snaps before glancing over at Kidman and
Helms "You two as well!"

"All right..." O'Haire says as he shakes his head a bit before he takes off
his t-shirt to reveal his powerful upper body. Palumbo, Kidman, Stasiak and
Helms all take off their t-shirts as well, showing Ivory their very
impressive upper bodies.

Ivory smirks and nods her head, while she rubs her hands together, as she
glances at each of the men's muscular chests "Nice...very nice gentlemen."
Ivory says before she sinks down to her knees onto the wrestling mat inside
of the training ring "Who's going to take the first shot?" Ivory asks with a
smirk before reaches over her shoulder and unclips her black sports bra, to
remove the bra from her nicely toned body as she reveals her nicely sized and
firm tits.

"I think I will..." Billy Kidman says after looking at Ivory's firm, round
tits. Kidman lowers his shorts to bring out his nicely thick ten inch cock.
O'Haire pushes down his shorts to bring out his huge thirteen inch cock,
while Palumbo has a decent eleven inch shaft. Both Stasiak and Palumbo have
fat twelve inch long cocks.

Ivory raises an eyebrow as she glances up at Billy Kidman with a smirk "Good,
taking initiative, that will pay off good for you..." Ivory says as she wraps
her left hand around Kidman's shaft and begins stroking his ten inch cock,
making him harder with each hand stroke. Ivory presses her lips together as
she glances over at Shawn Stasiak and reaches over with right hand, to take
his shaft as well. The highly energetic and often-times bitchy Alliance Diva
starts to smoothly stroke both of her hands against their hardening shafts.

"Mmmmm shit..." Stasiak moans as Ivory moves her right hand up and down on
his hardening twelve inch cock. Kidman licks his lips as Ivory squeezes his
thick cock as it becomes fully hard.

"Do you believe this?" Helms asks Palumbo who just shakes his head. Ivory
leans her head forward and smirks up at Billy Kidman before she slaps her wet
tongue against the head of his cock. Ivory lightly circles her tongue around
the head of Kidman's cock, before she opens her warm and saliva dripping
mouth to take his shaft into her mouth. While Ivory continues to move her
right hand against the shaft of Shaw Stasiak, she begins to bob her head at a
smooth pace on Kidman's cock.

"Awwww.... ohhhh shit..." Billy Kidman moans as Ivory bobs her head smoothly
on his ten inch cock. The former multi-time WCW Cruiserweight Champion puts
his hands on his waist as he watches Ivory take his cock fairly deep into her

Sean O'Haire smirks a bit as he steps over to Ivory, "Speaking of some
initiative... you got a free hand..." O'Haire says.

"Mmmm...hmmm..." Ivory encouragingly moans around Kidman's cock as she places
her left hand around Sean O'Haire's thirteen inch cock and begins to stroke
his shaft, along with Stasiak's cock by using her left. Ivory twists her head
roughly on Kidman's cock as she bobs her head at a quick pace, while stroking
the cocks of Shawn Stasiak and Sean O'Haire at a quick and firm pace.

"Ahhhh yeah... mmmm shit..." Stasiak moans as Ivory strokes his cock with her
left hand. O'Haire smirks as he stands perfectly still as Ivory jerks him
off, while Palumbo and Helms quietly chat to come up with something to do.
The two Alliance Superstars get behind Ivory and work together to lower
Ivory's black leather pants from her waist without disrupting her from
blowing Kidman and jerking off Stasiak and O'Haire.

Ivory lifts her head off of Kidman's cock and glances over her shoulder to
look back at Chuck Palumbo and Gregory Helms "Glad to see you two just don't
stand around..." Ivory says before she turns her head back towards the three
Alliance members in front of her Stasiak, O'Haire and Kidman, however this
time her leans her head to O'Haire's incredibly large thirteen inch cock and
roughly takes him into her mouth. Ivory wraps her lips tightly around
O'Haire's shaft and starts to quickly bob her head on his cock, while she
places her left hand back on Kidman's cock and continues to stroke Stasiak's
cock with ease.

"We know when to take advantage of something..." Helms says after he and
Palumbo pull off Ivory's leather pants revealing her hot juicy ass and smooth
sexy legs. Palumbo then reaches under Ivory and pushes his hand against her
smoothly shaved pussy.

"Ohhhh mmmm..." Sean O'Haire moans and licks his lips as Ivory stretches her
mouth a bit to take his cock half-way into her mouth. Shawn Stasiak grits his
teeth as Ivory strokes his cock a bit faster.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Ivory moans around O'Haire's large cock as she quickly bobs
her head on his thirteen inch shaft, while lapping her wet tongue around his
cock. Ivory lightly rocks back on her knees against Palumbo's hand as she
feels him rubbing her smoothly shaved and wet pussy. Ivory twists her hands
on the cocks of Billy Kidman and Shawn Stasiak as she quickly moves her hands
up and down their rock hard shafts.

"Uhhhh damn... mmmm!" Kidman moans as Ivory pumps her hands up and down on
his and Stasiak's rock hard cocks. Palumbo smirks as he moves his hand back
and forth against Ivory's smooth, wet and warm pussy while Helms has spread
Ivory's ass cheeks apart to push two fingers into her asshole.

"Awww... uhhh..." O'Haire smirks as Ivory smacks her tongue against his meaty
thirteen inch cock.

Ivory lifts her head off of Sean O'Haire's thirteen inch cock as her wet
saliva drips off of his cock. "Mmmm...ohhh...ohhh fuck..." Ivory groans as
she tilts her head back to rock back on her knees to push against Gregory's
fingers in her ass and Palumbo's hand against her pussy. Ivory licks her lips
as she glances over at Shawn Stasiak's cock "Mmmm...Ready?"

"Ohhh yeah..." Shawn Stasiak nods his head quickly as Ivory pulls his cock
closer to her mouth. Helms smoothly pumps his fingers in and out of Ivory's
asshole as Palumbo moves his hand quicker against Ivory's cunt.

Ivory removes her hands from Stasiak and Kidman's cocks as she smirks up at
Stasiak "Good...then fuck my mouth!" Ivory commands as she continues to
lightly push back against Palumbo's hand on her pussy and Helms's fingers
that are thrusting into her tight ass.

Stasiak grins as he grabs Ivory's head with both hands and slams his foot
long cock into Ivory's mouth. "Ahhh..." Stasiak moans as he starts to thrust
his cock in and out of Ivory's wet warm mouth by moving his hips.

"Hey guys, let me get back there..." Kidman says to Palumbo and Helms.

"Sure... fuck her good..." Palumbo says as he and Helms get out of the way so
that Kidman can kneel behind the former Women's Champion. Kidman grabs
Ivory's hips and lifts her slightly before he slams his cock into her tight
wet pussy.

"Mmmmm! Fuck! Mmmmmm!" Ivory moans as she wraps her lips tightly around
Stasiak's cock as he quickly and deeply thrusts his cock into her wet and
warm mouth. "Mmmm...ohhh..." Ivory moans as her tongue slaps freely against
Stasiak's thrusting cock inside of her mouth. Ivory closes her eyes as firmly
and eagerly rocks back on her knees while Billy Kidman thrusts his cock into
her tight, warm pussy from behind.

"Ahhhh.... uhhh yeah..." Kidman grunts as he firmly thrusts his cock in and
out Ivory's pussy from behind while pulling her against him so that her ass
hits against his waist. Shawn Stasiak grinds his teeth together as she pulls
Ivory's head forward as he rams every inch of his cock deep into her mouth
and his balls smack against her chin.

"Mmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmm!" Ivory moans roughly around Shawn Stasiak's cock as his
shaft thrusts in and out of her skilled mouth "Mmmm! Ahhhh yeah! Mmmm!" Ivory
moans as her saliva splashes against his shaft while her nicely toned body
jerks back against Kidman's shaft.

"Ohhh fuck.... ahhhh fuck... mmmm!" Shawn Stasiak grunts as he starts to cum
inside of Ivory's mouth as he thrusts his cock in and out of it.

"Damn.... Shawn's cumming..." Helms says.

"Sucks to be him..." Palumbo says while Kidman continues to ram his cock
deeply in and out of Ivory's pussy from behind.

Ivory lifts her head off of Shawn Stasiak's cock and glares up at him. Ivory
slowly rocks back and forth on her knees from Kidman's quick thrusts her to
pussy. Ivory spits the cum out of her mouth and onto the wrestling mat. Ivory
grits her teeth "You're done already!?" Ivory snaps as Kidman removes his
cock from her pussy and Ivory sits up on her knees, glaring up at Stasiak.

Shawn Stasiak shrugs, "I wasn't ready..." Stasiak starts to say.

"You weren't ready!? I don't give a fuck! In this business you have to be
prepared!" Ivory yells as she stands up and disgustedly shakes her head "Just
go to the showers!"

"See ya Shawn..." Kidman chuckles a bit as Shawn Stasiak grabs his t-shirt
and shorts and leaves the ring. Meanwhile, Palumbo and O'Haire have just
lifted Ivory up from the mat so Palumbo can impale her pussy with his eleven
inch cock. O'Haire takes a step back so that now, allowing Palumbo to get a
good hold on Ivory before he starts to lift her up and down on his cock.

Ivory grits her teeth and wraps her legs around Palumbo's muscular waist as
she starts to bounce quickly on his eleven inch shaft while he stands
thrusting his cock up into her pussy inside of the training ring. "Ohhhh!
Ohhhh yeah! the Alliance what you're worth!" Ivory moans as she
slams down firmly on his shaft.

"Uhhh yeah.... mmmm fuck!" The long haired Chuck Palumbo grunts as he lifts
Ivory up and down on his eleven inch cock as Ivory wraps her legs around his
waist. Meanwhile, O'Haire, Helms and Kidman are quietly planning what they
each are going to do with Ivory when they get their shots.

Ivory grits her teeth as she places her hands down onto her Chuck Palumbo's
strong, tanned arms as he holds onto the feisty Alliance Diva. "Ohhhh! Ohhhh
fuck yeah! Ohhhh shit!" Ivory moans as she roughly slams down on his eleven
inch cock while she rocks back on his cock.

"Ohhh shit... uhhh yeah!" Palumbo grunts as he begins to sweat as he slams
his cock into Ivory's pussy while bouncing her up and down on his shaft.
Gregory Helms then steps behind Ivory and without saying a word, thrusts his
cock into Ivory's asshole.

"Mmmmm! Ohhhh yeah! Show me that motivation!" Ivory moans as she feels the
cock of Gregory Helms entering her tight asshole while she bounces on
Palumbo's shaft. Ivory tilts her head back and closes her eyes as she rocks
back and forth between the two Alliance Superstars.

"Uhhh yeah... mmmm fuck yea..." Gregory Helms moans as he quickly thrusts his
cock in and out of Ivory's hot tight asshole.

Palumbo grits his teeth together as his cock begins to throb within Ivory's
hot tight pussy just moments before he starts to cum inside of her cunt,
"Ohhhh shit!" Palumbo moans.

Ivory raises an eyebrow and grits her teeth as she slows down on Gregory
Helms's cock and looks at Chuck Palumbo "I guess you weren't first...but
unfortunately...the showers! NOW!"

Palumbo and Helms both pull their cocks out of Ivory, "Fuck... at least I
lasted longer than Stasiak..." Palumbo smirks as he grabs his shirt and
shorts before he leaves the ring as Helms stands Ivory on her feet.

Ivory raises an eyebrow as she turns around to face Helms "Alright...three
left?" Ivory smirks "And who has the most value to the Alliance out of you

Kidman and O'Haire both step towards Ivory as she's looking at Helms, "We'll
show you who does..." Kidman says as he gets on his back while O'Haire lifts
Ivory up to drop her down onto Kidman's ten inch cock.

Ivory grits her teeth and places her hands on Kidman's chest as feels his
cock inside of her pussy. "Ohhhh fuck! Mmmm yeah! Show me what ya got!" Ivory
moans as Kidman starts to thrust up into her.

"Mmmmm shit.... ahhh..." Kidman moans as he thrusts his cock upward into
Ivory's tight pussy as she rocks on his cock. As Gregory Helms steps in front
of Ivory, Sean O'Haire smirks as he positions himself behind Ivory, where he
grabs her hips in order to slam his huge thirteen inch cock into Ivory's
tight asshole.

"Mmmmm! Ohhhh fuck!" Ivory moans as she rocks forward roughly on Kidman's
cock as Sean O'Haire begins to pump his thirteen inch shaft deeply into
Ivory's tight asshole. "Mmmm...ohhh yeah!" Ivory moans as she lightly grabs
at Kidman's toned chest with her hands while she leans forward and takes
Helms's cock into her hot, wet mouth. Ivory wraps her lips around his shaft
and begins to eagerly bob her head back and forth against his shaft as the
feisty Alliance Diva is triple-teamed by the three members of the Alliance.

"Ohhhh yeah.... mmmmm fuck..." Helms licks his lips as Ivory bobs her head up
and down on his cock as she rocks between O'Haire and Kidman.

"Mmmmm... awww..." Sean O'Haire wickedly licks his teeth as he firmly drives
his entire cock into Ivory's asshole while Kidman pistons his own cock upward
into her pussy.

"Mmmmm! Mmmm!" Ivory moans as she twists her head on Helms's cock while she
bobs her head quickly on his shaft, gradually taking his cock deeper into
hot, wet mouth. Ivory pushes her nicely toned and tanned ass back against
Sean O'Haire's muscular waist as he deeply rams his cock into her asshole,
causing her to quickly rock on Kidman's shaft.

"Ahhhhh.... ohhhhh fuck.... ahhh yeah!" Billy Kidman moans as he begins to
cum inside of Ivory's pussy as she bounces on his cock to push back against
O'Haire while also sucking on Helms' thick cock.

Ivory smacks her tongue against Helms's cock before she lifts her head off of
his cock and glances down at Kidman as she grinds her pussy against his
throbbing, cum spraying shaft "Shower're out!" Ivory says as she
firmly pushes back against the cock of Sean O'Haire.

"Damn it!" Billy Kidman groans in frustration as Sean O'Haire stands up and
pulls Ivory with him as he continues to fuck her ass. Kidman rolls away form
Ivory, Helms and O'Haire, gets his shirt and shorts and leaves the ring.

Ivory bends forward and quickly rocks on her feet as Sean O'Haire powerfully
slams his cock into her tight asshole, smacking his muscular waist against
her toned ass. "Mmmm Fuck! Yeah show me what you have!" Ivory moans as Sean
O'Haire roughly slams his cock into her ass.

"Ahhhh.... ohhh yeah... mmmm!" O'Haire grunts and moans as he jerks Ivory's
body back against him as he pumps his massive thirteen inch cock into Ivory's
asshole with increasing force.

"Ahhhh ohhhh! Ohhhh yeah!" Ivory moans loudly as sweat starts dripping down
her tanned and nicely toned body.

"Uhhhh.... awww... mmmmm!" Sean O'Haire licks his teeth as he starts to cum
inside of Ivory's hot tight ass as he continues to fuck her. Gregory Helms
leans against the ring ropes with a smirk on his face

Ivory glances over her shoulder and raises an eyebrow with a smirk "Hmmm...I
think it's time for the showers!" Ivory snaps.

O'Haire smirks as he pulls his cock out of Ivory's cum filled asshole, "At
least I got a good work out..." O'Haire says as he picks up his t-shirt and
shorts before he leaves.

"Well... looks like I'm the last Superstar standing..." Helms smirks.

Ivory stands up straight and folds her arms against her chest with a smirk
"Yeah you are...but are you really worth something to the Alliance?!" Ivory
asks as she takes a step towards Helms "You still have to prove to me that
you are..."

Gregory Helms smirks, "I'm going to rock you like a hurricane..." Helms says
before he pauses for a moment, "Hmmm that'll be a cool name..." Helms says
before he grabs Ivory and takes her down to the mat. Helms then lifts Ivory's
legs up and puts them on his shoulders before he slams his twelve inch cock
into Ivory's soaking wet pussy.

"Mmmmm! Ohhhh fuck yeah!" Ivory grits her teeth as she feels Helms slamming
his cock deep inside of her warm, wet and tight pussy. Ivory leans her head
back against the wrestling mat as she feels Helms's cock pumping deeply into
her cunt.

"Ohhhh yeah... mmmm fuck yeah..." Helms grunts as he puts his hands on
Ivory's shoulders to pin them down to the mat as he rapidly thrusts his cock
in and out of her pussy.

Ivory closes her and bites down on her bottom lip as she feels Helms's ball
sack smacking against her thighs while he deeply rams his cock into her warm,
wet pussy "Ohhhh! Ohhhhh fuck!"

"Uhhh yeah.... you like that?!" Helms moans as he manages to speed up his
thrusts as he fucks the feisty Alliance Diva in the middle of the training
ring. Helms' ball sack smacks loudly against Ivory's thighs each time his
cock goes all the way into her.

"Ohhhh yeah! You're showing your value to the Alliance!" Ivory moans as her
pussy tightens around Helms's cock and she begins to cum.

"Ohhhh ahhh yeah... mmmm fuck yeah!" Helms moans as he feels Ivory's pussy
juices on his cock as he continues to pound her pussy.

Ivory licks her lips and slowly opens her eyes to look up at Helms as he
slams his cock into her wet pussy. "Mmmm...ohhh yeah...ohhh you're definitely
worth keeping in the Alliance.

"Ahhhh mmmm fuck I'm gonna do the Alliance proud..." Helms grunts as he pulls
his throbbing cock out of Ivory's pussy just as he starts to cum. Helms' warm
cum sprays all over Ivory's stomach as he keeps her pinned down to the mat.
Ivory raises an eyebrow and smirks as she watches the warm cum shooting out
of Helms's cock and landing perfectly on her toned stomach. Helms licks his
lips as strokes his cock slightly to make sure all of his cum escapes his
cock and ends up on Ivory's smoothly toned stomach.

Ivory nods her head as she remains pinned onto the wrestling mat "I'll have
to let Shane and Stephanie know..."

Gregory Helms smirks as he looks down at Ivory. "Great... cause I'm going to
be around for a long time...."


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