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Training With The Divas
by Arcanine878

It was a busy day at the local Gold's Gyms, and everyone was getting their workouts in to get the beach body for the summer.

"Ugh...why does my fucking boss put me to work with the WORST schedule." I tell myself. "I should start getting extra pay for all the work I put in here.". I walk behind the counter to count the money the gym has made today, just as my co-worker Ryan comes up to me.

"Hey man, Im going on my lunch break so good luck working for the next hour!" he said, as he grabbed his keys for his cars and left for lunch. I gave a sigh, and continued counting the money.

"Ding, ding!" I hear. I look up, and see Layla, Natalya, and AJ Lee looking incredibly sexy and ready to get their workout in.

"Woah...what are you guys doing here?!" I say, shocked. "Excuse me, where are my manors. Welcome to Gold's Gym! How may I help you ladies?"

"Oh don't worry about a special introduction. Us three ladies are here to work out today. If you don't know, our next PPV, "No Way Out" will be in town this week, and this is the best workout spot in town." Nattie says.

"Well you've come to the best man to show you around. I'll take you into the back workout room, that way you guys will have more weights to work with."

"Hehe, thanks sir." Layla says with a giggle. I lead them to the back room, as AJ follows with her trademark skip, while Nattie and Layla take their time. I turn on the lights and all the fans in the room and let them in. "Alright ladies, lets stretch first before we work out. We don't wan't any injuries before an important PPV!". The ladies set their bags down and begin to stretch.

"I need some assistance with my stretching." AJ says. Shes bending over, and her ass looks even more bigger in those yoga pants. I get behind her to help her lean more into her pose, and her ass barely touches my dick. I slowly start getting harder, and the harder my dick gets, the more its poking her. I control myself and step back, because I don't want my boss catching me. AJ giggles when I step back, and that's when I know she didn't mind my cock touching her. I go over to Nattie, and she's on her back with her legs up in the air as Layla is pushing it against her very close. It almost looked like they were about to scissor through their cloths.

"Okay, lets get into our lifting. We will begin with our squats." I commanded. Each diva got a bar of their choosing. "Do you mind spotting us from the back?" Layla asked flirtatiously. I followed her wish, and went behind all the divas. They each began squatting. Nattie seemed to squat faster, with more weight, while AJ and Layla went at a comfortable pace. Each divas ass was a sight to see, and it was even better seeing it in person rather than a TV screen. The longer I stared, the harder I got. I wanted to stroke bad, but again I had to keep my cool at work.

We moved on from squatting and went onto the bench press. Nattie, determined to get her workout in went first. I spotted her from the front to make sure everything went smooth. I looked down and her boobs were huge. They looked like they wanted to be set free from her sports bra. Natalya looked me in the eyes as she was bench pressing. All the sweat on her made her look 3x more hotter. She finished her rep, just as AJ was finishing her leg press and as Layla was finishing her crunches. Each diva switched off on stations.

After a nice, long workout. We sat down on the floor and stretched. "This was a really good workout. I'm glad we came to you for today's routine." AJ said with a smile.

"Well it's not everyday I get to see sexy WWE Divas like you ladies walk into my job." I say. They all started blushing, and Layla let out a little laugh.

"Honestly, you ladies are my favorite divas, and I've always had a thing or two for each of you. I've always hoped to meet you guys, but I never knew it would be here."

"Aw, that's sweet." Natalya says.

"Well, you've helped us a lot today. I honestly feel a lot better." AJ say.

"Yea, and you were really good with us. You've been the best trainer we've had in a long time." Layla says.

"You know what...I think we should reward him ladies." AJ says.

"Mmm AJ. You stole the words right out of my mouth." Layla replies.

"Thats a good idea AJ." Nattie says. "Tell you what. Follow us."

The three divas grab their bags and walk out the room. I follow them right behind, checking each one another time. We eventually walk in front of the door to the ladies dressing room. Layla walks in, to make sure no other women are in their. She comes out and says the cost is clear.

"Um...I cant go in there. I'm on work duty...and I'm a man.." I say nervously.

"Well if you were REALLY a man, you wouldn't let this opportunity slip." Natalya points out, as she grabs me and pulls me into the locker room with them. They lock the doors behind them, and start heating up the biggest shower in the locker room. Layla grabs a chair and sits it in front of the wall across the shower, and AJ commands me to sit in it. I listen without any complaints, and watch them take off their clothes. Each diva had the nicest tits and the hardest nipples. You can tell they were horny and wanted to get some sexual frustrations out from this long WWE tour.

They began showering. They would massage each other, look back at me, and begin to massage and play with each other again. I saw as the water dripped from their shoulders, down to their round tits and drip to the floor. The locker room was slowly getting steamier and steamier. Layla grabbed the shower head and started showering her pussy. She spread the lips and got the water rushing in, and began to do the same with AJ and Nattie. Their pussies all looked so wet and tight. Layla put the shower head back at the top and AJ got some soap from her bag. She dripped it on her body, and Nattie and Layla started rubbing it. Nattie rubbed her boobs, making her nipples swell up even more. Layla rubbed soap on her ass, and even gave it a slap that echoed through out the Locker room. Everyone started giggling. I didn't mind how hard I was now, and it definitely showed through my shorts. AJ points a finger at me, and gives me a finger wave to come in. I take off my shirt, as AJ quickly let down my shorts. "You don't need to hide that your horny." AJ happily states. She begins going to town on my cock, bobbing her head on my dick back and forth. She spits on my dick and starts going faster and faster. I moan, as it's the best blowjob I've ever gotten. AJ Lee, one of the hottest divas, and she is sucking MY dick. Just the thought got me even harder. Nattie and Layla are on the other side of the shower, rubbing each others clits. The moans started getting louder and louder, and I'm positive people outside the locker room can hear. AJ stops blowing me and started jerking me off with her tits. She squeezes my cock in between her big tits. "Oh god AJ you're a pro at this." I say. She gives me a smirk as she continues to rub my cock.

AJ gets up, and so does Nattie and Layla from fingering and rubbing each other on the wall. They put the chair closer to them and push me down to sit down on it. Nattie gets on my lap and starts to ride my cock. Her back is against my stomach, and she's bouncing up and down. Her ass slams on my thighs, and she's working my dick like no ones ever worked it. She holds onto the chair arms to keep control of herself.

"Hey, leave some room for me!" Layla pleads. Nattie switches with Layla, and Layla forces her ass around my dick. She holds onto me and works her ass like no diva has ever done. I squeeze her ass, guiding her motions. She goes all the way down to the base and back up to the tip. I moan more and more, as it feels like im in sex heaven right now. Then AJ begs to feel me inside her. Layla hops off and AJ goes on. Her ass felt the best out of all three, but they all equally went to work on my cock. She goes in slow, and picks it up slowly. She bounces up, and I see her tits go up and down in front of my face.

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