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Trance Star: Lita
by Tranceman

Usual crap about how you shouldn't read this if you're not supposed to. THE
most gorgeous woman in the WWF as many have said. Had a different idea but
saw this on a WWF show and had to use it. Check it out.

Before joining the WWF, Lita had pretty much assumed wrestling was a North
American phenoma, America, Canada, Mexico. But after hitting the big time in
the WWF, she'd discovered that wrestling fans were everywhere, Australia,
Europe, Japan, even the apparently stuff London.

She was here for a WWF international card and shooting things for an
upcoming video for WWF shows. She was enjoying herself, liking how London
seemed open to wrestlers, her fame big even here. She'd started out a simple
valet but her energetic fighting style helped boost her to a huge star,
becoming one of the federation's "divas."

Of course, her appearance definitely helped matters. Although small in
stature, she more than made up for it in beauty, long red flaming hair
framing her face of Hispanic beauty. Her ring attire consisted of a shirt cut
to show off her flat stomach and loose pants cut to show the strings of her
panties. And of course, there was the huge dragon tattoo that covered the
better part of her right arm and shoulder.

At the moment, she was dressed somewhat conservatively, only a pair of
dark pants and a shirt with a Union Jack on it. She had spent the day walking
through London, meeting fans and seeing the sights. She was enjoying the city
a lot.

At least when it wasn't raining.

The storm had come down hard and fast, so fast Lita hadn't been expecting
it, forced to move from a simple walk to ducking for cover. She rushed over
to a nearby awning near one of those nice London homes, ducking underneath it
as the rain slammed down onto the awning above her.

"Shit," she hissed, rubbing at her wet hair, shaking it out as she looked
out into the wet street. At least America gave you just a tad of warning
before it started to downpour. She shrugged at her long-sleeved shirt,
waiting for the rain to slacken a bit so she could get into the street and
hail a cab back to the hotel.

"Hello," a voice came from behind her and Lita involuntarily yelped,
spinning around to see a nice elderly man smiling at her. He had silver hair
and was dressed in a loose sweater and slacks, curious as he looked at her.
"I'm sorry, I usually remember when I invite women over."

"Sorry," Lita said. "Rain hit suddenly, needed someplace to duck until it

"Hmmm, that could be quite a while," the man replied. "I'm Terrance, by
the way."

"Lita," she smiled, shaking hands. "Nice accent."

"You're in England, my dear," Terrance said patiently. "As far as we're
concerned, you're the one with the accent."

"Sorry," Lita repeated. She sighed and looked out at the rain. "Is it
always like this?"

"Not too bad," Terrance replied. "I find it relaxing to look at, really.
Just look at it, my dear Lita. Look at it and you can see what I mean. Just
look at the rain, Lita. Look at it fall, Lita, look at the rain fall and
listen to it as well, listen to the rain fall as you look at it. Look and
listen to the rain, Lita, look and listen to the rain, Lita, look and listen
to the rain. It's very relaxing, Lita, just look and listen to the rain and
you can feel yourself getting relaxing, Lita, you can feel yourself relaxing
as you look and listen to the rain, Lita, look and listen to the rain and
feel yourself growing more relaxed, Lita, feel yourself growing more relaxed
as you look and listen, Lita, look and listen to the rain, Lita, look and
listen to the rain and feel yourself growing more and more relaxed."

Lita's eyes were fading a bit, blinking as she looked out at the falling
rain, the repetive sound of it falling on the awning above making her feel
tired, just as Terrance wanted. "Yes, it's so relaxing, Lita, so very
relaxing to look and listen to the rain, Lita, look and listen to the rain,
Lita, just look and listen to the rain and you feel so relaxed, Lita, you
feel so very, very relaxed as you look and listen to the rain, look and
listen to the rain, Lita, just look and listen to the rain and it relaxes
you, Lita, you feel very relaxed, Lita, you feel very, very relaxed, don't
you feel relaxed, Lita?"

"Yes...." Lita said, her eyes half-open and staring. "Yes....relaxed....."

"Yes, Lita, the rain relaxes you. As you look at the rain, you feel
relaxed, the rain is relaxing you, Lita. You want to feel the relaxing rain,
Lita, you want to feel the relaxing rain. Step into it, Lita, step into the
relaxing rain. As you step into it, Lita, you will feel the rain relaxing
your further and further, Lita, further and further, further and further.
When you are completely soaked, you will be completely relaxed. Step into the
rain, Lita."

Slowly Lita stepped into the rain and let it pelt her. She closed her
eyes, moaning as she felt the rain pelt her. She felt her mind relaxing
deeply as it did, no longer noticing how soaked she was as the rain hit her,
just feeling the incredible relaxation washing over her, washing away all
her thoughts and all her feelings except total peace.

"Come here, Lita," she heard Terrance call out and she felt her eyes open,
barely registering anything. Her feet moved towards him but all she felt was
total relaxation as she stepped to the front of the house and the smiling
Terrance. "Follow me, Lita," he said as he brought her indoors.

He led Lita upstairs, her eyes open but unseeing, wet footprints on the
stairs, her eyes missing the degrees of psychiatry on the walls leading
upstairs. He brought Lita up to his impressive bedroom, turning to her with a
smile. "Undress, Lita," he intoned. "Your clothes are wet and you have to get
them off and as you do, you'll find yourself becoming very horny, Lita,
you'll find yourself becoming very horny as you undress."

He watched as Lita peeled off her shirt, showing her wet skin around the
purple bra. She slid her pants off to show off her panties, then undid the
bra, letting her large and round breasts free. Her panties soon joined the
soaked pile on the floor and she stood naked before him, excitement on her

"Come on over here, Lita," the now naked Terrance said. Lita crawled over
onto the bed and onto him, pulling in and kissing him full on the lips with
passion. Terrance brought her in close and kissing her back as she moved up
and onto him, her breasts pushing on him as she slid herself around his erect
cock. "Ooooh, yes......" Terrance hissed as he felt her slide onto his cock.
"Yes, do that, my dear, do just that."

"Yeah....." Lita moaned as she sat up on him, working herself back and
forward on his rod, her breasts bouncing with every move forward on his cock.
Terrance moved his hands up and onto her amazing breasts, squeezing them hard
as Lita worked on him. "Yah, yah, like that!" Terrance got out as she rode
him. "Come here."

Lita bent down so Terrance could bring her breasts to his face, licking
the soft nipples, squeezing the breasts together around his mouth, tongue
sliding over the curves. "Ahhhh....." Lita moaned as she worked herself up
and down on Terrance's cock, loving how he would slide within her as she
worked away at him. "Harder," she moaned. "Lick harder......" Terrance was
too happy to oblige, licking and kneading away at Lita's amazing chest as
she ground herself on his rod. She threw her head back, red hair flapping
away as she cried out "AAAAAH!" "YEAHHH!" Terrance yelled as he shot his wad
into her, the flame-haired beauty shaking on him as they orgasmed.

Terrance pushed her off and sat up. He brought Lita up, turning her back
to him as he lifted her up and onto his cock, sliding into her ass. He
reached over and held onto her breasts tight, kneading them as Lita leaned
against him. "Oh, yeah....." she groaned as he went at her chest as she
rocked back and forth on his lap.

Terrance kept massaging Lita's tits as his cock went at her. His face
moved to her dragon tattoo licking at her shoulder as he drove himself into
her. He knew Lita wouldn't remember more than running the rain. For him, he
was going to make sure that London was more than hospitable for at least one
stranger from abroad.

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