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Trapped In A Cage
Starring: Torrie Wilson, Asya, Dean Malenko, Shane Douglas, and Saturn.
by The David

At WCWs Halloween Havoc Pay Per View on October 24, 1999, Torrie Wilson was
kidnaped by Shane Douglas, Dean Malenko, Saturn, and Asya. She was placed in
a Shark Cage, and helped captive until the November 1, 1999 edition of Nitro.
This story describes an event during her capture...

[Wednesday, October 27, 1999]

The terrified blonde diva lets her head snap back and forth, her hair flying.
It's been a few days since she was taken captive, and it's been hell. She
hasn't been able to properly eat, she's had to eat out of a bowel, like a
common dog. And bathing? Not by herself. The muscle bound blonde diva, Asya,
has been the one bathing her. The smaller diva feels completely debased.
She's been naked for days, and treated like property.

Currently, she's shackled to the cage, which is more like a cell. Her
breasts are pushed up against the metal, which seems to have been custom
made, because her large breasts are able to hang out them, the metal
squares pressing up against her flesh, her breasts at the mercy of anyone
who would decide they wanted to use them. Her legs are also chained to the
cage, apart, and with the way her hands are chained above her head, it is
forcing her to bend over her round ass thrusting out deliciously. Not only
this, but it also pushes her face against the bars, her mouth is placed
between the bars.

She hasn't been touched sexually, but she fears she will be. Especially since
she doesn't know what's going on around her, only what she can see in front
of her, her neck is also attached to the cage via a large collar, holding her
face in place. She's very uncomfortable, but more than that, she's afraid.
Despite what people may think, Torrie's not that in to sex just for fun. She
views sex as something loving, for when you're in love, and has only had sex
once or twice, with only one person. She hears a door open behind her, but
can't see nothing. She hears footsteps. Small ones. A woman's footsteps, but
a woman with a mission.

"How is my little bitch?" The words echo in Torrie's head like a gun shot.
My little bitch. Asya says that with such control. Like she doesn't fear
anything. Sometimes Torrie wishes she could have that control. But she's
snapped out of her dreams of self control by the feeling of a soft hand
rubbing up her backside through the metal. It's just the side of her ass,
but it makes her body tense. She doesn't like being touched there by other
women. Torrie is actually quite homophobic, and has been since her early

"P...Please don't touch me there." Torrie says, her words soft, shaky, and
scared. The bound diva is terrified of what might happen. That she'll be
beaten... or worse, raped, raped by another woman. She feels Asya's arms
reaching further through the metal bars to rub a finger down her ass crack,
the finger stopping at her puckered anal ring.

"No, don't do it. Please no, Asya. I've never had anything in my ass. Please.
I've been good. I've behaved." Torrie pleads, like she does every time Asya
silently threatens her with anal penetration. She hears Asya chuckle, and
the hand is pulled away. The muscular diva soon enters Torrie's vision, and,
Torrie's mouth drops open. The diva is completely nude. Her breasts sit
proudly on her muscular chest. Torrie's eyes move down the body. Her pussy
isn't hairless, not like her own. Torrie inwardly smiles. At least she keeps
herself clean shaven, unlike this muscle bound freak. But soon her inward
smile turned to an inward scream. Asya has fastened a fake dick between her
legs. The phallus is long, or at least, Torrie thinks so, but in all
actuality it is only seven inches, just average.

"Wha... What are you go... going to do to me?" The terrified captive
stammers, her eyes dancing with fear.

"Oh, I'm just going to have some fun." Asya sneers as she walks out of
Torrie's vision. But Torrie hears the door to her cell open. And she feels
rubber against her pussy. She hates it, but for some reason, reasons she can
only think are natural bodily reaction to genital stimulation, her pussy
begins to moisten. Asya chuckles, as she pushes the phallus into Torrie's
tight womanhood.

"No. Please. God no. I don't like girls. Why are you doing this to me? Please
stop. I never did anything to you." Torrie cries, tears streaming down her
cheeks. The muscular goddess behind her says nothing as she thrusts deeper
into the smaller diva, the rubber dick sliding all the way into the tight
pussy. Asya's hands move to grab Torrie's hips, just so she has something to
grab on to. The muscular diva groans as she pushes in and out, the strap own
stimulating her own pussy as she drives in and out. Torrie is sobbing as the
muscle woman wants to bring herself to orgasm using Torrie's tight pussy.

"Augh. Egh. Oh yeah. You little slut. You like my fake dick fucking you,
don't you. You're just a little dyke, aren't you. Is that why you don't date
any of the boys? You like girls? Yeah, that's it. Oh fuck. This pussy feels
so damn good. Oh God. Fuck." The words pour out of Asya, and the captive diva
sobs louder. She's repulsed at the thought, but she can't help that childish,
immature feeling of questioning her own sexuality, a sexuality she thought
she was riveted in.

"You're getting so wet you little whore. I can't believe you. You fucking
dyke. Wait until Shane, Dean, and Saturn hear about this. Torrie Wilson,
one of the most beautiful women on the planet is just a little fucking dyke
bitch." Torrie's fears intensify when she feels her body clamp unwillingly.
Her vaginal walls squeeze the invading rubber shaft tightly as Asya herself
lets out a loud groan.

"Oh yeah whore, I'm cumming. Fuck am I cumming. So God damn hard. Oh yeah
bitch. This fucking pussy is heavenly. Only a little dyke can have a pussy
this good. God fucking damn. Ugh." The orgasm rips through Asya's body as
Torrie also experiences her own humilating orgasm. About this time, she
feels something pushing against her lips. She opens them instinctively, and
her mouth is filled with a cock. Her eyes snap open, but all she can see is
dark brown pubic hair as the shaft begins to thrust into her mouth. Her
first instinct is to bite down, but she stops herself, fearing what the
consequences of her biting might be. So she just allows her throat to be
violated by the member in her mouth. She feels pubic hair brushing against
her nose, and all she can smell is the musky aroma of the male crotch. She
hears the familiar voice of Dean Malenko.

"Mm, this mouth is so warm and wet. Just a pleasure for fucking." He says as
he thrusts his average in length, but above-average in thickness, cock in and
out of the divas throat. She sobs, more, her tears falling onto his shaft.

"Oh yeah Dean, fuck the whore's mouth while I use my fake dick to stuff her
tight little snatch. You can't believe how good this pussy is. So fucking
good." Asya says as she brings a hand down to slap off Torrie's round ass.
The tight flesh jiggles from the impact of the hand as Torrie grunts around
Malenko's cock.

"Oh shit, do that again. Her grunts feel so damn good on my dick." Dean moans
out as Asya brings her hand down again, and Torrie grunts again. Dean groans
again as he notices Torrie's massive breasts which are hanging out. He smiles
as he moves a hand down to grab one. Torrie's body tenses again. Her breasts
are extra sensitive. Malenko feels her body tense, and smiles. He brings his
other hand down to slap off one of her breasts. She lets out a large groan,
almost a scream. Dean grins as he paws one breast, while continuing to slap
the other. The breast bounces from his hand off the metal, back to his hand.
Torrie is practically screaming around the cock thrusting in and out of her
throat, while Asya finally pulls out of Torrie's trembling pussy. Well, she
actually didn't pull out. More like she was pulled out.

"Go ahead Saturn. Take over. I'm tired now." Asya pants, having driven
herself to three quick orgasms. Saturn, who's cock is built like Malenko's,
just about an inch longer, putting his at about eight to Malenko's seven.
Saturn wastes no time as he quickly thrusts in. His thrusts are quick and
fast. Shallow. Animalistic. Torrie's stopped sobbing. Now she has no
reaction. She's realized there is nothing she can do. So she just hallows
her cheeks for Malenko, and clinches her pussy down on Saturn's dick, trying
to make them both cum as quickly as possible. Malenko thrusts in faster as
Saturn drives in and out.

"Damn Dean. This is good pussy."

"Fuck, I just need this mouth. It's like heaven."

Dean lets out a groan, as blows a loud deep into Torrie's mouth. He doesn't
pull out though, and forces Torrie to swallow it all. Dean finally pulls out
and plops down. Saturn keeps thrusting, though he hears a clearing of a
throat behind him.

"Hold on Shane. I'll just be a second." Saturn grunts as he speeds up his
thrusts. Suddenly Torrie realizes where he is going to cum.

"Please no. Not in me. Please. Pull out. I'll swallow. Please." She whimpers,
but it's no avail. Saturn quickly pushes all the way into her and groans as
he begins to shoot stream after stream into her throbbing womanhood, as
Torrie herself has cum several times, though quietly. She's miserable. She's
being forced to cum while she's being raped. She feels Saturn pull out and
sighs softly.

"My turn. And man, I'm horny." Shane says as he steps up. Torrie braces
herself to feel another cock in her sloppy pussy, but instead, she feels the
swollen head of a massive cock pushing against her virgin anal passage.

"OHHH! GOD NO!" She screams as Shane begins to push is foot long dick, which
is thicker than Torrie's wrist, into her virgin asshole with no lubrication
other than the juice from her pussy that's coating the area. Shane can't be
stopped though, as he clutches her shapely hips, and thrusts deeper. His dick
splits her ass painfully, and Torrie begins to sob loudly. Shane looks back
at Asya, who's taken the strap on off, and is rubbing a hand through her
furry pussy.

"Bitch, get under here and lick my nuts and suck her pussy while I fuck this
whore." Asya quickly jumps to command and slides in between The Franchise's
legs. Her tongue snakes out to lick over his hairless balls filled with cum.
She groans as her hands slide up to his ass, helping him thrust into Torrie's
ass. Her mouth opens fully to take one of Shane's nuts into it. She suckles
on it like a baby on a breast as Shane's cock drives in and out of Torrie's

"Oh God yeah, this is the life. Two fuckin' sluts on my cock at one time. I'm
the fucking man." He groans as Asya slides her tongue up his balls to lap at
Torrie's sloppy pussy. By now, the pain has rendered Torrie speechless. Asya
laps at the pussy, then the nuts dangling in her face like a dog as she helps
thrust Shane into Torrie's incredibly tight ass. He grunts as he drives in,
knowing he can't last much longer. He gives Torrie's ass a slap as he grabs
her hips and thrusts deeper, driving himself in.

"I'm... about... to... cum..." He grunts as he begins to explode in Torrie's
virginal ass. He pulls out and groans.

"Shit, we'll have to do this again..."

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