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Triangle Part 1
by Charlie (

Raw was half way through the show I'd just seen Trish and Victoria have
their match which ended in count out cause they kept fighting all over the
arena so with my VIP backstage I decided to go back stage to see if I could
meet both Trish and Victoria. So I'm walking around looking for Trish's
locker room, as I found it I see Victoria going in, so I walk their to see
what's going on, I hear them briefly talking but couldn't hear much, but I
did hear Chris Jericho's voice he'd been asking both Victoria and Trish if
they wanted a shot of Vitamin C. But all I heard was them both laughing at
him like a stupid joke. Then I hear him yell at them...

JERICHO: Don't laugh at me I'm a huge Rock star, I'm the King of the World!

So I walk in thinking to myself what a Fucking Dick Head, Chris turns around.

JERICHO: Who the HELL are you junior?

CHARLIE: Who am I, I'm the guy who thinks your the Biggest Wanker in the WWE.

Jericho's face goes red.

JERICHO: Do you know who your talking to, Jackass?

CHARLIE: Um Yeah, so beat it before I whoop your ass all over this arena

Jericho leaves then Trish runs up to me hugging me and kissing me.

TRISH: Hey Charlie, how you doing?

CHARLIE: I'm fine, but after telling that ass clown to beat it, I feel so
energetic but don't know what to do?

TRISH: Well I know something you can do, but first let me introduce you to

VICTORIA: Hey Trish is this the guy you were telling me about the one with

As Victoria held her hands up knowing the size of my equipment, so Trish runs
to the door locking it as she then turns and squeezes my ass and says...

TRISH: Well you two let's have some fun.

So I get closer to Victoria as we hold each other locking are tongues
together I turn her around I move her hair to the side exposing her neck I
slowly lick it then suck on her neck. As I held her tight she grabs my hair
feeling the intensity if my mouth sucking her neck.


TRISH: I told you Charlie is a man of many talents.

With a huge smile on her face.


I move my right down her hot body from her hard breasts down to her pussy,
once I reached it I fingered her, her grip got tighter as I fingered her
little pussy, from their Trish started to strip in front of us taking off
her clothes inch by inch. Once Trish was naked she ran her hands from her
firm breasts slowly down to her bald pussy playing with herself for a little
bit the she gets on her knees, kneeling down in front of Victoria as Trish
runs her hands up her smooth, silky legs. Trish then pulls Victoria's tights
off exposing my hand inside her pussy, so I move my hand out of the way but
Trish then turns her attention to the big bulge in my pants.

TRISH: I see your ready for us.

Trish then pulls my pants down, then springs out my huge hard cock as
Victoria looks down with a shocking smile on her face, as if she's never
seen a cock as big as mine.

VICTORIA: Fuck that cock is huge!

So I kept sucking on Victoria's neck, as she then grabs hold of my long hard
rod, and strokes it as Trish starts in on Victoria's pussy, shortly Victoria
joins Trish on her knees as they both lick my cock together, licking it all
over together from the head all the way to my balls. Fuck it's the best blow
job I've ever had, nothing is better then having two sexy ladies going down
on your long, hard cock licking it like a lollipop. Then I suggest...

CHARLIE: Have you two tried the triangle?

TRISH: What's a triangle?

I get both Victoria and Trish to lie on their right side as Victoria swallows
my cock, Trish licks out Victoria's pussy, as for me I eat Trish out and
their we are lying on the ground in a shape of a triangle giving each other
head. As we're all moaning on the floor going south on each other, boy this
felt as good as them both blowing me but it's great later on.

CHARLIE: Ok swap places.

So we all swap places Trish sucking my hard cock, while Victoria eats out
Trish while I taste Victoria's pussy, a short while later Victoria pulls my
head back.

VICTORIA: Now I wanna feel you big cock inside me.

Victoria then gets on all fours as Trish on her knees next to Victoria leans
over and pulls Victoria's sweet cheeks sideways as I stick my hard rod in her
hole, holding her hips as I ram my cock inside her as deep as I can, while
doing so. Trish lays on her back underneath Victoria kissing each other and
also fingering each other, then Trish holds her breasts squeezing them
licking them as Victoria starts to orgasm.


As I kept going sticking my cock up her ass, a short while later they both
swap positions Victoria playing with Trish's pinks while I drive my hard cock
up her ass as she too orgasm as I drive it hard.


Then Trish rolls over to the side, so I slide my cock inside Victoria in the
Missionary Position, as her smooth silky legs wrapped around me, with her
right hand spanking my ass, while her left rubbing Trish's pussy, so I place
my right hand along with Victoria's rubbing Trish's bald pussy. Minutes later
while still being inside of her Victoria rolls me over on to my back, as she
then starts to ride my hard cock, as Trish crawls over holding my arms down
while Victoria keeps riding me, Trish then leans in kissing me while Victoria
fucks me as her orgasms got louder.


Then I came Victoria then gets off and sticks my cock right into her mouth
swallowing as much as she could as for the rest she stroked while I was
shooting inside her mouth, Trish was still kissing me as Victoria licked up
every drop of my load. Trish then looks at Victoria reaching out with one
hand she licks the little bit of cum off her face then kissed her.

VICTORIA: Trish you were right, his juices are sweet.

Trish then moves into position grabs hold of my cock and slowly inserts it
inside of herself and let's it slide right in, as for Victoria took the same
position Trish previously did pinning my arms down and sticking her tongue in
my mouth. While Trish rides me hard like Victoria did with her hands holding
my hard pecs and slowly she moves her hair back as she keeps riding like a
bike, Victoria then releases my arms and tells me.

VICTORIA: I want your tongue inside me again.

So Victoria sticks my head between her legs as I ate out her tasty pussy
again her left hand grabbing hold of my head, as her right squeezes her tit
and Trish still rides me like their's no tomorrow as she still orgasms.


As both of my hands hold Trish's hips then moves to her fine ass as I squeeze
it, then spank her ass as she keeps riding me, while Victoria still moans as
I eat her out.


I briefly stop eating Victoria so I could tell Trish.

CHARLIE: I'm coming!

Victoria turns around and again sticks her tongue in my mouth with both her
hands on my cheeks, as Trish gets off and yanks at my cock with authority and
her tongue at the tip of it waiting for load of cum to shoot on her beautiful
face. Then...


My cream burst out onto Trish's face some of it on her tongue, her cheeks,
some dripping off her mouth and slowly runs down her face, once my load had
finished she licked it all up and tasted every little bit of my cream once
she was done, she still holding my cock rubs the tip of it around her mouth.
And she licks it from my balls all the way too the head, then Victoria stops
to tell me...

VICTORIA: Thank You Charlie. No guy has made me orgasm like you.

CHARLIE: Well hey I aim to please.

VICTORIA: You sure do, hey can we see you next week.

CHARLIE: Sure, That's no problem, well I need a shower.

So I stand up as both Trish and Victoria follow me into the showers.

Well I'm sure you know the rest.


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