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Trinity's Desire
by Revolution

Trinity, the most explosive female in NWATNA was very troubled over the
abuse from Kid Kash. She had taken her aggression out on him in the ring
but she was still very emotional about the whole deal. Trinity needed
someone to talk to so she turned to an old rival, Desire. Trinity waited
until Desire was alone in a dressing room and went in.

"I'm not here to fight, I just need someone I can talk to," Trinity said.
"I was hoping you'd come talk to me, I've seen what he's done to you and I
don't like it at all. Remember Trinity, nobody knows a woman quite like a
woman," Desire responded.

Desire began rubbing Trinity's shoulder and rubbing her own thighs. Trinity
didn't back off at all. She liked the tender touch of another woman and how
comfortable she felt with Desire. Trinity was wearing skin tight silver
pants and a little black bra top. Desire had on a pair of white booty shorts
and a black top. Desire took Trinity's hands and moved them onto her butt.
"How's that feel?" Desire whispered.

"Nice and soft," Trinity sighed. Trinity took Desire's hands now and put
them onto her butt. "How does THAT feel?" Trinity asked.

"Mmmm nice and firm," Desire replied. Desire told Trinity how much she liked
her lean tight physique and Trinity told Desire how her curvy figure made
Trinity very turned on.

The next move by Desire was removing her own top and letting Trinity feel
her big round breasts. Desire could see Trinity was still a little uneasy
so she motioned her in the right direction. Trinity wrapped her lips around
Desire's left nipple and sucked on it. Desire moaned as Trinity got more
relaxed and massaged her voluptous breasts. Soon Trinity took off her own
top, letting Desire return the favor. Trinity's tits were smaller but still
very nice. Desire licked them all over then kissed down Trinity's tight

Desire slowly pulled off Trinity's tight silver pants until she stood in just
a little black thong. Desire closed her eyes and rubbed her hands all over
Trinity's legs and butt, moaning softly. She loved how her body felt, so
tight. Next, Trinity removed Desire's white booty shorts revealing a little
white G-string which disappeared between Desire's plentiful buns. Trinity ran
her tongue up between the crack of Desire's ass, getting more and more into
this. Trinity turned around and the two hotties rubbed their hands all over
each other's bodies.

The two locked eyes and embraced in a sensual kiss. They were startled when
the door opened and in walked, Brian, a crew member. "Ow shit!" Brian
exclaimed, catching Desire and Trinity in the moment.

"He's gonna tell everyone, oh no," Trinity whispered to Desire, worried about
her reputation.

"Not if we give him a reason not to," Desire said smiling. Desire walked
over and shut the door behind Brian. Desire began kissing his neck and then
removed his shirt. Trinity got down on her knees and pulled off the man's
jeans until he stood naked in front of them.

"Here's the deal," Desire said, "We rock your world, you tell no one.
Remember it's against company policy to have sexual relations with the
workers so you can't tell anyone."

"If you put it that way, ROCK MY WORLD!" Brian exclaimed.

Trinity jerked Brian's dick until it was rock hard. Desire got down on her
knees too and rubbed his dick between her breasts. Trinity and Desire licked
each side of Brian's cock then took turns sucking on it. Brian couldn't
believe what he was doing but he was going to make sure this was the time of
his life. Desire took over on the blowjob as Trinity moved underneath
Desire. Trinity pulled Desire's g-string aside and used her tongue on her.

"Ohhh Trinity you've got me so wet. Brian, I'm ready, fuck me baby," Desire
sighed. Brian laid Desire down on her back and spread her legs apart. He
entered Desire's damp pussy and slowly began penetrating her. "Trinity,
honey, come here," Desire moaned.

Trinity straddled Desire's face while facing Brian. Desire tongued Trinity's
cunt making her moan and took herself all over. Brian pounded Desire's sweet
pussy while watching Trinity feel herself up. "Ohh fuck! Oh god! Oh yes!"
Desire moaned. Trinity opened her eyes and asked Desire if she could have
some dick now.

Brian pulled out of Desire, waiting for Trinity to get in position. Trinity
got down on her knees, doggy style, burying her face between Desire's thighs.
Brian entered Trinity's tight pussy and grabbed onto her firm hips. He
started fucking Trinity doggy style. Trinity's moans could be heard every
few seconds when she lifted her head up from Desire's crotch. Desire's
breaths were very short as Trinity got her off. Brian grabbed Trinity's hair
and pulled her head up from Desire's twat. "You like this, baby? Huh? Oh
fuck you're so hot," Brian moaned.

"Uh huh! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy! Mmmm hmmmm!" Trinity responded.

Brian started to slow down, approaching orgasm. He pushed Trinity's face
down in Desire's pussy as he gave her pussy a few last thrusts! He pulled
out and moved over Trinity and unloaded his cum on Desire's big tits!
Desire pushed her tits up to her mouth and licked some of the cum off.
Brian lifted up Trinity's head and moved her up to Desire's chest. "Lick
it off, ohhh that's amazing," he groaned, watching Trinity lick all the
sticky cum off of Desire's rack. Trinity kept some of the cum in her mouth
and kissed Desire, passing it to her.

"BRIAN! What the fuck is going on here?" was heard and all three were
startled and looked over to the door.

"Matt, what're you doing here? Close the fucking door!" Brian yelled.

Matt shut the door and Desire told him to put something in front of it so no
one else could get in. Brian tried to explain but Desire and Trinity took
care of it. They decided to include Matt in the fun in exchange for his
silence. Desire and Trinity undressed Matt and began sucking on his shaft.
Brian watched on and he wanted back in on the action.

Brian picked up Trinity and flipped her over in a standing 69 position. His
face was buried in her ass while Trinity wrapped her lips around his cock.
Brian spread Trinity's tight buns apart with one hand and began rimming her
anus. Trinity shivered as Brian worked his tongue into her asshole. "Ohhh
your tongue feels so good. Mmm I love having my ass played with," Trinity

Meanwhile, Desire climbed on top of Matt and was riding him like a cowgirl.
Matt slapped her sweet ass as she rode him up and down. "Oh fuck Desire!
Oh I've dreamed about this! Oh shit!" Matt moaned.

"OH YEAH! I love feeling that big dick all up inside of me!" Desire

"I want you to fuck my ass, Brian, yeah fuck my ass," Trinity said.

Brian put down Trinity on all fours again. He got down behind her and spread
her firm ass cheeks apart and worked his cock deep into her asshole.

"OHHHH YEAH!" Trinity exclaimed.

"Oh god! Oh god!" Brian repeated as he slid his dick in and out of Trinity's
tight asshole. He gave it a few pumps then pulled out. He tongued her anus
a little more, and then SLAPPED Trinity on the ass! "You want it hard?" He

"Please! Pound my ass!" Trinity requested.

Brian thrust his hard cock deep into Trinity's gaping asshole! He gave her
tight butt a few more smacks as he jackhammered into that ass.

"Gimme some of that," Desire asked of Matt. Matt grabbed Desire and laid her
down on her side. He grabbed her juicy buns and spread them apart as he
worked his dick into her asshole. He held Desire close with his other hand,
rubbing her tits. He bucked his hips, thrusting into her asshole nice and
slow. "Uhhh huhhhh fuck me! Fuck my ass, Matt! Oh god I like it in there!"
Desire moaned.

"Sooo goood!" Matt moaned. He hips smacked against Desire's round ass.
Desire was getting it nice and slow but Trinity wanted it harder. Brian laid
her down on her stomach and spread her legs apart. He got on top of her and
pumped into her asshole as hard as he could.

Desire had gotten back on top of Matt, riding him with her ass. She saw
Trinity moaning very loudly as Brian drilled her ass hard. "Brian, baby,
give Trinity a rest. Come here, I want to feel both of you inside me!"
Desire said.

Brian kissed Trinity on the cheek and went over to Desire. Desire pulled
Matt's dick out of her ass and put it in her pussy, leaving her asshole open
for Brian. Brian got down behind her and went inside her asshole. Trinity
watched on fingering herself as Desire took on both men. "OH FUCK YES! FUCK


"Oh god smack that ass! Yeeeeah!" She moaned as Brian smacked her juicy
backside and pumped into her asshole. Matt pumped up into her pussy at the
same time. Desire's body shook as she orgasmed many times in a row to this
double penetration. Desire stopped moaning and both men pulled out, leaving
Desire exhausted on the couch.

"You think that was something, watch this Desire!" Trinity said. She got
Brian to sit down on the couch. She sat on his lap, laying back and
spreading her legs apart as far as possible. "Stick your dick up in my ass,
work it in there deep," Trinity directed. Brian did as she said, jamming
his cock deep up into Trinity's asshole. "Matt, now you stick yours in my
ass too! It'll be tight, just jam it in there!" Trinity demanded. Matt
forced his cock inside of Trinity's asshole, double stuffing it. "Ooh ooooh
god! My god yes! Holy shit!" Trinity exclaimed feeling two dicks in her
tight asshole. Matt held her ankles as he struggled to pump in and out of
her double stuffed asshole.

"Oh shit it's so fucking tight Trinity! Oh god!" Matt moaned.

"Oh yes! Two fucking dicks in my ass! Ohhh fuck don't stop! Unhhhhh!"
Trinity moaned.

"You're so fucking dirty!" Brian groaned.

"I bet you wanna look at my butt," Trinity said.

They switched positions with Matt on the bottom. Trinity climbed on top of
him with her ass in the air. Matt worked his cock up into Trinity's ass,
holding it deep inside. Brian squatted down and stuffed his cock inside of
Trinity's asshole!

COME ON! COME ON!" Trinity screamed.

"Look at that tight fucking ass! Two cocks in it! Fuck Trinity you're
amazing!" Brian moaned as he slammed into her ass.

"Make her taste it," Matt said.

Brian pulled out of Trinity's ass and moved around her face, making her suck
the taste of her asshole off his cock. Brian went back in for a few more
thrusts then went over to Desire and gave her a taste.

"Get that cock back in my ass!" Trinity demanded.


"Oh fuck that butt is so fucking tight! Yeah I'll fuck it hard so more!"
Brian said. Brian forced his dick back into her filled up asshole. He
grabbed her arms and just pounded Trinity's asshole.

"You love two dicks in your ass don't you? You're so dirty for us!" Matt

"UNHUH! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! Ohhhhh my god yes I love those two dicks
fucking my hot ass!" Trinity screamed!

"Oh shit I'm gonna fucking blow!" Brian exclaimed. He pulled out of
Trinity's double stuffed asshole and so did Matt. "Stick that ass out for
me, yeah stick that firm ass out, let me shoot my load all over it!" Brian
demanded. Trinity got up and bent forward, giving Brian his target. "FUCK
YES! I LOVE YOUR FIRM BUTT!" Brian yelled as he unloaded all over Trinity's

"Oh that cum is so fucking hot!" Trinity moaned.

Brian shoved his dick back into Trinity's asshole a few more times as his
hard on went down. He slapped his dick all over her ass, loving that tight

Desire crawled over and started licking Brian's cum off of Trinity's firm
backside! Slowly she slid her tongue up Trinity's butt, licking all of the
cum off.

"Fuck that's so hot, I'm gonna blow too!" Matt said. He pulled Desire's chin
towards him and jerked off all over her beautiful face! He sprayed his load
onto her cheeks and chin, some of it catching Desire in the eyes. Desire
wiped it off with her fingers and sucked them dry.

"Mmmmm mmmmm mmmm" Desire said, loving the taste of semen.

"Remember, this never happened!" Desire said.

"Could it "never happen" again?" Brian smirked.

"You never know..." Desire replied.

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