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Triple H Finally Meets His Match
by Julio Cantu (

Triple H had held the World Heavyweight title for almost six years. He held
it so long that both brands tried to take it away both always failed in doing
so. He beat Chris Jericho, Tazz, Rhyno, Kevin Nash, Kurt Angle, Brock Lesner,
Scott Steiner, The Rock, Stone Cold, Chris Benoit, Goldberg, Shawn Michaels,
Big Show, A-Train, Bill Demott, Nathan Jones, Undertaker, Kane, and many
others to retain it. His title reign was long and nobody could stop him. Then
SmackDown GM Stephanie McMahon brought in a new guy, a young guy. His name
was Nick Blade, a former CZW wrestler. He came in and went straight for
Triple H.

"Who the fuck are you?" asked Triple H.

"I'm your worst nightmare, motherfucker," said Nick.

Triple H started laughing and making fun of him.

"Oh, really. And how old are you?" asked Triple H.

"I'm 20 years old. Why?"said Nick.

"20 years old. Your a little bitch!!!!" said Triple H.

"What? Are you scared, motherfucker?" asked Nick.

"Me scared of you, don't make me laugh!!!" said Triple H.

"Okay then, give me my title shot." said Nick.

"You want a shot, ...your on." said Triple H.

"Tonight." said Nick.

"No, not tonight, No Way Out in a Hell In the Cell/Elimination Chamber.
What do you say?" asked Triple H.

"Your on." said Nick.

It was a long way to No Way Out, but the feud got better and better. They
wrestled every week and to everyone's shock Nick Blade beat Triple H every
time. Then when the big night came Nick had six wins over Triple H, can he
make it seven and win the title, tonight. It was a Hell In The Cell,
Elimination Chamber, CZW Rules Deathmatch, Streetfight. It was a very long,
and entertaining show. Brock Lesner beat Nathen Jones for the WWE title in
the semi-main event. Then the match came. Nick Blade with Stephanie McMahon
vs. Triple H with Randy Orton.

It was a long, bloody and painful match. Triple H threw Nick face first into
the cages making him bleed more. Then he hit The Pedigree, but Nick kicked
out. Triple H hit Nick with seven Pedeigrees, but Nick kept kicking out. Nick
Blade hit Triple H with a weedwhacker then with a chainsaw. The Game was down
and bleeding like crazy. Then Nick Blade hit The Assault Driver and won the
match and the title.

The entire arena went crazy and started cheering. Finally after six years
we have a new champion. Nick Blade had shocked the world by beating The
Game. Stephanie was excited. She ran to Nick and hugged him. Randy Orton
was too scared to enter the ring, he ran to the back to get some help. Nick
and Stephanie left the ring together hand in hand. Triple H was taken to a
hospital as Nick was being attended by the medics backstage. Then when he
was cleaned up he went to his locker room to change. When he had changed
Stephanie walked in and told him, "Yo, Nick. I have a limo waiting. You want
a ride?" asked Stephanie.

"Sure, thank you." said Nick.

"Hey, you did the impossible. You beat Hunter for the World Heavyweight
title after six years." said Stephanie.

"Thanks, Steph." said Nick.

"No problem." said Stephanie.

They walked to the limo, got in and it drove off.

"How long have you been wrestling?" asked Stephanie.

"I have been wrestling since I was 17. For three years." said Nick.

"Wow, most wrestlers don't become champion until 7 to 8 years in the
buisness!!!" said Stephanie.

"I worked for CZW, and for IWA." said Nick.

"Wow, but didn't it hurt. All the blood and pain." said Stephanie.

"Yeah, but it's worth it now. I'm the champion." said Nick.

"That you are." said Stephanie.

They got to the motel and went to their reserved rooms.

"Wow, fisrt a limo, now a fancy motel." said Nick.

"You never had any of this?" said Stephanie.

"No, all I had was a camper." said Nick.

Stephanie giggled and entered her room. Nick went in, sat on the sofa and
turned the TV on. He put on CZW. He saw his former rival Jimmy Rave win the
title that was once his, the CZW World Title. Then there was knock at his
door. It was Stephanie.

"Hi, Steph. Can I help you?" asked Nick.

"No, I just wanted some company." said Stephanie.

"Okay, come in." said Nick.

They went to the sofa and saw CZW superstar Messiah vs. Jimmy Rave.

"Shit. Look at all that blood. How could you do this kind of shit?" asked

"Well, it was the only prmotion, that would hire me." said Nick.

They saw the rest and decided to go to bed.

"Can I sleep here?" asked Stephanie.

"Sure, if you want." said Nick.

"Thank you." said Stephanie.

"I'll sleep on the sofa." said Nick.

"What? ...Why?" asked Stephanie.

"But, we can't sleep together." said Nick.

"Why not?" asked Stephanie.

"Your my Boss." said Nick.

"So?" asked Stephanie.

"Okay, if you want." said Nick.

They went to bed and Stephanie started flirting with Nick, touching his
groin and kissing him.

"Steph, what are you doing?" asked Nick

"Playing with you." said Stephanie.

Then she got on top of him and started kissing him. Then she turned and got
in the 69 position. She sucked his dick and jerked him off as he licked her
pussy and fingured her clit. She sucked on him harder and harder. Then she
stopped, moved forward and they got in the doggy style position. Nick was
pumping Stephanie harder and harder.

grunted Stephanie.

"Yeah, you like that, don't you, bitch." said Nick.

Nick squeezed and messaged her butt cheeks as he pushed his dick deep into
her ass. He was smacking her ass real hard.

"UUGGHH..UUGGHH..UUGGHH..UUGGHH!!!" grunted Stephanie.

Then Nick got on his back and Stephanie rode him. Nick reached up and
squeezed her breasts as she jumped up and down on top of his dick.

grunted Stephanie.

Then they both came and shot their cum all over the bed sheets. They
collapsed and fell asleep.

The next day they took a shower, got dressed and left. They were together
for a long, long time. Nick Blade held the title for a long time, but he
wasn't bad like Triple H. And Triple H was never heard from again.


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