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Trish & Dawn Have Some Fun Part 1
by Anonymous

It was a Wednesday morning, most of the WWE wrestlers had the day off. Trish
is in her hotel room, masturbating, and Dawn marie walks in. Trish suddenly
stops, and covers herself up.

Dawn: Umm hi, I just came in to ask what you were planning on doing today?

Trish: Well I was planning on buying a few sets of clothes, want to come?

Dawn: Sure, I was planning to go shopping soon anyway.

Trish: Let me get ready and I'll meet you in the lobby in 5 minutes, ok?

Dawn: Great.

Dawn walks out of the room and makes her way to the lobby. On the way she
thinks about Trish masturbating. She starts to get a little wet, without
realising it. Trish gets dressed and meets Dawn in the lobby, and they go
to a mall.

Trish: What do you think of this shirt?

Dawn: Are you nuts? Its see-through.

Trish: I know that, but I want to try it on.

Dawn: Ok, I'm gonna go try this on.

Both Divas go into changing rooms that are next to each other, there is a
tiny gap where you can see into the next cubicle. Trish strips down to her
bre and panties and accidently drops her shoe, Dawn notices the gap and peeks
through. She see's Trish bend over to pick the shoe up, and her breast pops
out off her bra.

Dawn looks in amazment at the size of Trish's perfect breast and starts to
rub her hot pussy. Trish notices that Dawn is watching, but doesn't say
anything. Amazingly she lets her other breast fall out, making Dawn yank her
trousers to her ankles and masturbate. Trish starts to rub her own breast,
which makes dawn insert two fingers into her pussy. Stratus then drops her
pantys and turns her back to Dawn, showing her ass to Dawn.

Dawn moans and is about to cum, she closers her eyes and explodes all over
her hand and breathes heavily, after a while she sighs and opens her eyes,
to see trish standing in HER changing room...

Dawn: W-w-what are you doing in here?

Trish: Don't pretend that you dont want me, I saw you looking.

Dawn: I'm sorry, I couldnt help it, please dont tell any-one.

Trish: Ok, it will be our little secret, and if you want more, I can guarntee
100% stratisfaction.

Dawn: Oh yes!

Trish: Meet me back at the hotel...

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