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Trish & Dawn Have Some Fun Part 2
by Anonymous

It was Wednesday afternoon, Trish and Dawn had got back from the shops about
an hour ago. Trish was sitting on the sofa of the hotel room, Dawn was taking
a shower. She was embarresed about what happened at the shops and was upset
about being humiliated. But she still wanted Trish so bad. She started to
rub her breasts, making a plan in her head a the same time. She rubbed her
nipples as they went rock hard like bullets. Suddenly she gasped, she just
thought of the perfect plan, she turned the water off and reached for her
mobile phone, she pressed some buttons and put the phone to her ear.

Dawn: Hello, its me, I need a favour...

[scene fade]

The scene re-opens in dawn's bedroom, she is wearing a black lacy bra and
matching thong. She takes a look in the mirror and heads for the door. She
goes into the kitchen where trish is, eating food. Trish looks at dawn in

Dawn: Hey Trish, I was thinking, maybe you and I can get to know each other
a little better.

Trish: What do you mean?

Dawn: Ever since I saw you in that changing room, I can't stop thinking about
you. I want you Trish.

Trish: That was just a bit of fun, I dont actually want to do anything with

Dawn: But dont you want me, im so hot.

She slips down one of the bra revealing half a breast.

Trish: Umm, no im straight. I can't.

Dawn slips the other side down and unbuckles it at the back, revealing her
beautiful breasts to Trish.

Trish: Ok, im attracted to you, but I've never made love to a woman.

Dawn: Its easy. Come here and I'll show you how.

Trish slowly walks toward Dawn, but backs off shaking her head. Dawn turns
around, and takes of her thong, revealing her tight ass.

Trish: Oh my god, I can't help my self.

She locks lips with dawn, and plays with dawns breast making her nipples
solid. They walk to the bedroom as trish tears off her clothing until she
is down to just a thong, she goes to take it off, but Dawn stops her.

Dawn: Let me do it.

She gets on her knees and slowly rubs Trish's crotch and then puls it off
with her teeth. She licks around Trish's pussy, locks lips and inserts her

Trish: Oh thats it, more, oh yes, you are great, ohhhh.

Dawn stops and lets Trish lay down on the bed and gets into the 69 position.

Dawn: Eat me.

Trish licks dawns wet pussy, slaps dawns ass and begins to rub it.

Dawn: You like my ass dont you. Finger it.

Trish has no objections and works a finger into dawn ass, she works it in and
out and then puts two in as dawn moans with plesure. She uses her over hand
to work her pussy ans dawn eats trish out. Trish starts to cum and gets her
juice all over dawn face, dawn licks some of it of, and is ready to cum over
trish's face.

Dawn: Oooh, oh, yesss, yesssssss

She squirts her juices all over Trish as they lie there, panting. Dawn
reaches under the bed and pulls out a 12" strap-on.

Dawn: Fuck me in the ass bitch.

Trish: With plesure.

Dawn Marie get down on all fours as Trish straps it on.

Dawn: Come on slut, i want it now.

Trish slowly pushes it in a few inches and then back out. She puts it in
further and back out again. She speeds up, in, out, in, out as dawn purrs
with plesure.


Trish: You want it harder eh?

She speeds up the rythym, and pushes the whole 12" in. Faster and faster and
dawn begs for more.

Dawn: Oh....yes.....more....more....more....oww....yes!

She pulls it out and takes it off. And they share a long kiss.

Dawn: I want to fuck you in the ass.

Trish: I've had enough, I'm tired.


Trish: NO. OR WHAT?

Dawn: You'll see.

Trish: What

Dawn: Steph, you can come out.

The closet opens and out comes Stephanie McMahon, with a video camera in her

Steph: We have you on camera, and if you dont do what we say, we'll show

The scene closes as Stephanie and Dawn share a long kiss and laugh as Trish
begins to cry...

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