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Trish & Jenna
by Revolution (

After her match at SpikeTV's Video Game Awards, Trish Stratus got changed
and headed to the After Party at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas. Trish
wasn't planning on staying that late as she had to catch a flight the next
morning back home for her few days off before going back to work with WWE.
Trish thought she would just have a drink, meet some famous people and go
back to her room. She mingled with the crowd and met all sorts of different
celebrities. Trish went up to the bar to get another drink when someone
tapped her on the shoulder. Trish turned around and it was Jenna Jameson,
the pornstar.

"Trish Stratus! I've been looking all over for you! Oh god, I'm such a huge
fan of yours," Jenna said.

"Wow, thank you. I'm a fan of your ... uhm, work, too," Trish giggled.

The two blond bombshells hit it off right away and talked and talked and
talked for the longest time. The drinks were flowing and neither seemed
to be keeping track of them. Jenna was fascinated with Trish's story of
turning from a fitness model to a valet to a full time wrestler. As the
night progressed and the two women became more inebriated, the conversation
became a lot more sexual. Trish started explaining how hard it was for her
to meet guys because of her star status. She's always worried about people's
true motives. Jenna said she had the same problems at times with people just
wanting to sleep with the famous porn queen but Jenna found a solution -

"No one knows a woman like another woman. Of course there's no substitute
for a man but it can help you through those times when you can't find a good
man," Jenna explained.

Trish said that she had experimented a few times but the opportunities were
few and far between. That's when Jenna made her move on Trish. She reached
down and started rubbing Trish's inner thigh. Jenna leaned in and whispered
into Trish's ear, asking her to go back up to her room and let Jenna take
care of her. Trish gulped down the rest of her drink and smiled.

"Lead the way," Trish whispered back.

The two blonds made their way into the elevator. Trish was looking Jenna over
from head to toe and starting to get real hot. Jenna warned Trish about the
cameras sensing that Trish was ready to jump all over her. They got to the
15th floor and quickly went into Jenna's suite. She had a nice big bed,
perfect for the two of them. Trish started rubbing her hands through Jenna's
blond locks. Jenna kissed her, sucking on Trish's lower lip. Jenna kissed her
some more then felt Trish's tongue poking against her mouth. Jenna opened her
mouth let Trish's tongue in. She felt Trish's hands go up her shirt. Jenna
stepped back leaving Trish with her tongue hanging out. Trish smiled as Jenna
pulled her shirt over her head. Jenna had huge DD breasts. Trish started to
kiss Jenna's areolas and suck on her nipples.

"I love your big tits," Trish sighed.

They kissed some more then Jenna turned Trish around, grinding her pelvis
into Trish's rear. Jenna pulled Trish's top over head then unsnapped her bra.
Jenna rubbed Trish's tits and sucked on her ear.

"Your tits aren't too bad either," Jenna said softly, "But I love your lips,
Trish, I could kiss them forever."

Jenna turned Trish around and kept kissing her deeply. Jenna leaned Trish
down onto the bed, crawling on top of her, continuing to kiss those succulent
lips. Their big tits squished and rubbed together as they kissed. Jenna
kissed down Trish's body, stopping to lick her nipples, then continuing down
Trish's tight stomach. Jenna undid Trish's pants with her teeth and pulled
them off. Jenna sucked on Trish's toes.

"Ohhh Jenna, ohh that feels good," Trish cooed. Jenna kissed up Trish's legs
then pulled down her panties. Trish had a small groomed landing strip above
her cooch.

"What a pretty little pussy," Jenna commented. Trish reached down and brushed
Jenna's hair from her face and held her chin up.

"Show me what the famous Jenna Jameson can do," she said. Jenna rubbed
Trish's toned thighs, feeling their warmth as she teased Trish. Jenna placed
her mouth over Trish's pussy and went to work on her clit. Trish squirmed
around, feeling the sensations running through her body.

"Ohh ohhh god, ohhh Jenna," Trish sighed. Jenna looked up and smiled, knowing
she had only just begun. Trish grabbed at the bed with one hand and Jenna's
head with the other.

"Mmmmm mmmm mmmhhhmmm," Jenna moaned as she licked Trish's box. Trish sat up
a little, loving the site of Jenna Jameson eating her out.

"Ooohhh baby suck that pussy, ohhh god yes," Trish moaned. Trish rubbed her
hands all over her body now not knowing what to do with herself, Jenna's warm
tongue felt so good.

"AHHH FUCK! Ohhh shit! Ohhh Jenna yesss! YESSS!" Trish moaned.

"Mmmmhh yeeeah mmmmm Trish you taste so good," Jenna said. Jenna climbed up
Trish's body and kissed her.

"Mmmm I do taste good," Trish sighed. Jenna moved back down between Trish's
legs. She rubbed her fingers across Trish's pussy, getting them sopping wet
with pussy juice then rubbed that onto the inside's of Trish's thighs.

"You have such delicious thighs," Jenna praised. Jenna then licked the pussy
juice off of Trish's warm juicy thighs. Jenna moved back to Trish's cunt,
working two fingers into her pussy while licking her clit.


"Yeeah Trish, yeah you like that? Oh that pussy looks so good!" Jenna said.
Jenna stopped fingering and gave Trish a few soft licks then went back to
fingering that pussy hard. Trish squirmed all over the bed, rubbing herself,
as Jenna got her off. "AHHHH MY GOD JENNA! OH FUCK YES!" Trish screamed.

"That's it baby! Cum on my fingers! Yeah Trish, you're so beautiful! Cum on
my fingers!" Jenna encouraged. Jenna pulled out her soaking wet fingers and
sucked them dry. She buried her head back down between Trish's legs and
licked up the rest of her pussy. Trish just laid back, eyes closed, breathing
heavily. Jenna finished up and climbed back on top of Trish, kissing the
Canadian beauty.

"How was that?" Jenna asked.

"Nobody has ever gotten me off like that," Trish admitted.

Jenna leaned over and grabbed a big dildo off the nightstand. Jenna started
sucking on the end of it until Trish grabbed it away from her.

"Now it's my turn to make you squirm," Trish said.

"I'm almost cumming right now just looking at your hot body," Jenna replied.
Trish pulled off Jenna's skirt and she wasn't wearing any panties, of course.
Trish tasted Jenna's pussy with a few long, slow licks then went to work on
her clit. Trish bit it softly and blew on it a few times.

"Ohhh I like that Trish, yeeah," Jenna moaned. Trish worked over Jenna with
her tongue, now making Jenna squirm. Trish then moved up and rubbed her right
breast against Jenna's pussy, making her hard nipple rub against Jenna's

"You want the dildo now? You want me to fuck that pussy, Jenna?" Trish asked.

"Oh yeah Trish, gimme that big fucking dildo!" Jenna demanded. Trish deep
throated the dildo, getting it all wet then pushed it into Jenna's waiting
pussy. In and out, in and out, Trish fucked Jenna with that dildo.

"Oh you look so good taking this dildo," Trish said.

"Unnhhh fuck Trish! Ohh that's good! Fuck my pussy!" Jenna moaned. Trish kept
fucking Jenna then pulled out the dildo and licked Jenna's juices from it.
Trish lodged the dildo in her mouth, holding it with her teeth. She buried
her head between Jenna's legs and pushed the other end of the dildo back into
Jenna's pussy. Trish grabbed Jenna's waist and using her mouth, fucked Jenna
with the dildo.

rubbed her clit with one hand and Trish's head with the other. She was going
crazy, it felt so good having Trish work her over with the dildo. Trish kept
going, holding that dildo tight with her teeth and bobbing her head back and
forth to fuck Jenna Jameson with it.

screamed as she orgasmed over and over again. Her pussy dripped all over the
dildo. Trish let go of it with her mouth and went back with her hands so she
could really finish Jenna off.

"Cum for me! Keep cumming!" Trish encouraged.

"OHHHHH MY GOD!" Jenna exclaimed as her eyes rolled back into her head for
the final time. Trish pulled out the dildo and sucked it clean.

Trish crawled up and laid down next to Jenna, rubbing her tits a bit.

"So how was I?" Trish asked.

"You weren't bad for an amateur," Jenna joked.

"An amateur?" Trish asked.

"Well I am a professional, you know," Jenna smiled.

"And you're good, very, very good but I think I could do what you do before
you could ever do what I do," Trish said.

"Oh really? I think I'd make a good wrestler," Jenna rebutted.

"I don't know about that."

"How about we make a deal, Trish? If you make a good porn, that's never
released of course, and you can teach me how to wrestle, see if I can take
it," Jenna offered.

"So pretty much what you're saying ... If I can TAKE IT, we'll see if you
can take it?" Trish asked.

"That's exactly what I'm saying,"

"You've got a deal," Trish said. They kissed to seal the deal. Trish looked
over at the clock and noticed that her flight was leaving in a couple of
hours; she had to go! Trish struggled to get Jenna to stop kissing her
because she really did have to leave. They exchanged phone numbers and
promised to keep in touch, to make good on their deal. Jenna just laid there
naked, rubbing herself as she watched Trish get dressed and leave.

To Be Continued...

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