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Trish And Lita Fuck!! Part 1
by Angel

This story is written by Angel, and may not be reproduced in any form by
anybody else. You may not post this file on your website, on a newsgroup,
forum, or publish it in any way, without express permission from Angel. All
of the work in this story is original, and any similarities to other stories
are coincidental. This is a 100% original story, unlike many other stories
which are taken off porn sites and the names changed.

All of the actions depicted in this story, have not (to my knowledge)
actually happened. If they have then "May God have mercy on us all!"

For permission to reproduce, comments (good or bad) and general chat about
anything send an email to:


The back-ground to this story is: Trish and Lita are involved in a series
of training matches, in order for Lita to teach Trish new moves. This story
takes place after one of these sessions.


Trish walked into her dressing room and sat on her couch. She was sore
after the training match she had just had with Lita. But she was pumped
full of energy. Energy that had to be spent. She grabbed her kitbag from
under the couch.

She looked inside and was pleasantly surprised to find she had brought
them all with her. Trish started to rub her nipples through her top. They
popped out and could be seen through the material. She started to slide
her hand down her stomach and under the waistband of her hot pants. With
her hand outside her panties resting on her crotch she could feel the heat
of her pussy. She began to rub her hand around, and could soon feel a wet
patch forming on her panties. After a minute of this, Trish pulled off her
top, her hot pants and her boots, leaving herself in her bra and panties.
She stood and looked at herself in the mirror and felt proud. She had
spent years toning that body. From her muscular legs to her tight ass, her
flat stomach, and large tits. Well, maybe she had a little help with her

She unclipped her bra, and pulled down her panties. Now, naked, she
admired herself again. As a woman who didn't believe in sunbathing clothed,
Trish had no tan lines. Her tits were perfectly shaped and bronzed. Her big
round nipples looked amazing as the nubs stuck out. Her pussy was beautiful.
With just a triangle of bush above her clit, the rest was bare and tanned.

Trish picked up her bag and walked over to a table and sat on it. She
reached into her bag and took out one of the many dildos contained in it.
This one was a 14" strap on. Lying on her back she took the head of it and
started to rub up it up and down her slit, barely parting her pussy lips.
Then, in a quick thrust she pushed an inch of it in, then out, then 2 inches
in, then out, and worked it this way all they way up to seven inches. The
dildo was marked, and Trish could see that there was seven inches left. Her
lips were sucked around it. She pulled it all the way out and then rammed
it in as hard as she could until it stopped. A load moan escaped her lips.
She looked at the dildo. She had gotten eleven inches in. This surprised
her. Usually ten was as far as she could go on one thrust but she must be
getting used to it. Then came the hard part. She began to push the dildo
further in, but it was being blocked from entering any further. She kept
pushing and finally the resistance broke and it went in another two inches.
Then with all her strength, Trish pushed it in the final inch, at first the
pain was too much and Trish had to bite her lip, but then came the pleasure.
Then she took the straps and proceeded to strap the dildo into this position.
Trish had never gotten all fourteen inches in before. She felt great.

She stood up, and felt strange with a fourteen-inch fake cock up her
pussy. She couldn't stand straight. She pulled out another dildo from her
bag. This was a 10" solid one on a wooden stand. She set it down on the
table. Then she took out a 4" dildo and a tub of oil. She poured some oil
on her hands and lay on her back, arching it and using her legs to lift her
ass off the ground. She rubbed her hand all around her ass, between her
cheeks and all along the crack. She dipped her finger in the tub and then
poked it up her ass-hole. Just to her first knuckle. Then slowly she poked
in the rest. She repeated the process of lubing her finger and then poking
her ass three times.

Then she took the small four-inch dildo and covered it in oil. In one
swift motion she rammed this dildo, which was one and a half inches thick
into her ass. The pleasure was indescribable and Trish moaned. Her ass was
well used to the thickness, and the feeling of something slippery sliding
up her pipe. She left in the dildo and began to lube the 10" up. This dildo
was two inches thick. Trish had bought it three days ago, and as she lubed
it realised she had never had more than 7 inches up her ass.

Then she pulled out the small dildo and left the ten inch one on the
table. All that time the fourteen-inch strap on was stuck in her pussy and
was wiggling around in there. Then she sat on the table in front of the 10"
monster. It was thicker then anything her ass had ever felt, no cock could
ever match it. Using her arms to lift herself up she rested her ass on the
dildo. She moved around until she felt the top of it touching her ass-hole.
She let herself down a little bit so it would penetrate her ass a little
bit. Then she dropped. She pulled her arms away and impaled herself on the
monster. It sunk all the way in and expanded her hole. The pain was too
much and she started to scream. She remembered it was this sore when she
was first fucked up the ass. But she still screamed.


Next-door Lita was in the middle of showering. This shower had a
showerhead that was an inch thick and shot its water out the top. Usually
it was attached to the wall and the water came up through a pipe but at the
moment it was buried nine inches into Litas pussy. She had cum once all over
the floor and her juices were trickling towards the drain. As she fucked
the showerhead in and out she neared her second climax, and turned on the
water. It began to spurt into her pussy, simulating a man cumming into her.
Lita could feel the energy running through her body and was about to explode,
when suddenly she heard a scream coming from next door.

It sounded like someone getting attacked. Lita pulled the showerhead out
of her pussy, grabbed her robe and ran next door. She never expected to see
what she saw.


In front of her Lita could see Trish Stratus going up and down on a huge
dildo. Lita could see Trish from the side and could see Trish's mammoth tits
bouncing. Lita had never felt so turned on in all her life. Lita snuck up
behind Trish.

Trish felt a pair of hands grabbing her tits from behind. She was nearing
her climax and at that time didn't care whose hands they were; they just
felt so soft on her breasts. Finally Trish came. She screamed in pleasure,
and her body started to spasm. With the strap on rammed deep in her pussy
her juices were building up until they found a small gap and exploded out.
After a minute of shaking, Trish could still feel two hands massaging her
tits. She twisted her head to see who it was, and as she did so, a tongue
entered her mouth. It unrolled over hers and started to massage it. Trish
thought that this tongue was softer then any tongue she had had in her mouth
before. She opened her eyes and saw red hair. It slowly dawned on her that
it was Lita's tongue in her mouth, and Lita's hands rolling her nipples
between their fingers. Trish had never kissed a woman before, and didn't
know what to do. During their training Lita did seem to get very close to
her, and often "accidentally" brushed her hand off Trish's tits or her ass.
She also felt strange because, she had never felt aroused by another woman
before. She felt slight embarrassment because she had a combined twenty-four
inches of dildo in her pipes. But Lita seemed totally at ease with the

Lita was in heaven. Ever since she had seen that video of Trish in the
wet tee shirt that was floating around the net, Lita had felt attracted to
Trish. This wasn't the first time Lita had walked in on Trish when she had
something up her ass. The last time it had been a truncheon, like the one
the big bossman used to use. Trish didn't notice that time either. Lita
slowly took her tongue out of Trish's mouth and walked around the table.
She helped Trish off the ten-inch monster.

She looked down and saw the back of the strap on over Trish's pussy.
"What's this?"

The answer from Trish came after a couple of seconds. "Unstrap it and

Lita smiled realising Trish did want to go further. Lita undid the
straps and started to pull out the dildo. After she had pulled it out a
little bit, she felt wetter than she ever had before. Trish's juices were
still pouring out from her orgasm. Her lips were sucked around the dildo.
Her pussy was tanned all over. The triangle of bush was perfect, trimmed
and none of the hairs rising higher than the others. It was the pussy Lita
had always dreamed of. She kept pulling out the dildo, and after she got
to the ten-inch mark she was shocked to see there was more. The most meat
she had ever had was nine inches. She got to twelve and looked into Trish's
brown eyes, shocked at how far in it was. Trish just smiled. She continued
pulling, thirteen, and finally with a slight "pop" it came out. "What a
neat trick. Fourteen inches in your pussy!" The dildo was covered in Trish's
cum and Lita said, "I have a neat trick too". She took the dildo and
proceeded to push it into her mouth. After having to suck a few dicks to get
where she is today, Lita had learned a few secrets of deep throating; how to
breathe, how to relax her throat etc. Inch after inch she kept pushing it
in, until she got to twelve inches. She stared into Trish's eyes, and with
one push, took the final two inches in. Trish couldn't believe it. She
didn't think it was possible. She had also never felt this aroused. Lita
slowly pulled the fake cock out halfway and plunged it back in. Then she
pulled it out all the way. There was none of Trish's cum left on it.

Lita walked over to Trish and kissed her again. She slid her hand down
Trish's back and began to gently squeeze her ass. She took her other hand
and began to caress Trish's boob. Her tongue explored all of Trish's mouth.
Trish felt slightly awkward and didn't know where to put her hands. She
just wrapped them around Lita, and started to roll her tongue over Lita's.
Suddenly, Lita pulled her tongue out. Trish had her eyes closed and felt
something wet circle her left nipple. Then the unmistakable feeling of
teeth on her nipple. They pulled her nipple outwards and then released it.
Trish moaned. She loved when her lovers played with her nipple. It was rock
hard, and sticking out. Lita bit down on it and sucked some of Trish's milk.
This hurt Trish a little bit, but she let Lita continue.

Trish decided to finally make a move, and dropped Litas robe off her
shoulders. She stood back to admire Lita. Her tits were perfect. Round with
perfectly sized nipples. Her stomach was flat. Her pussy was bald, and there
was a visible tan line of a thong. No other tan lines though. Her pussy lips
were slightly parted, and she could see juices running from it, down Lita's
beautiful leg. Her eyes moved back up to her tits. They were simply
beautiful. And they looked real. But there was only one way to know. She
reached out and touched it. Then when Lita showed no signs of awkwardness,
she grabbed it. It was real. There was that unmistakable feeling of softness
around the tit, and slightly more firm around the nipple. She was surprised
that breasts as big as Litas could be real. She decided that now she had
gone this far, she might as well go further. She wrapped her lips around
the nipple, and started to give her a hicky around the nipple. Then she bit
down on the nipple, and took some of Lita's milk.

At this, Lita couldn't take any more, and slid her hand down from Trish's
breast, down her stomach, over her little triangle of bush and slipped a
finger into Trish's pussy. At this, Trish squirmed slightly, but didn't try
to move. Lita rubbed her finger up and down the slit of Trish's pussy. Then
she parted the lips and went north, to get to Trish's clitoris. She took the
little nub in-between her fingers and began to do what drives a woman crazy,
or at least her when she masturbates. She got her other hand and slipped a
finger into Trish's pussy. Then another, and another, and began to pump them
in and out. Trish remover her lip lock on Litas tit and straightened up.
Lita crouched slightly to get a good sucking position on Trish's mammary.
Trish's moans began to fill the room as Lita kept working her clit while
pumping her hand in and out.

"MMmmmmmmm, oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, o god, o god, o god o YEAAAAAH, OH
FUCK! O FUCK ME!!!" Trish's juices exploded out, but all Lita did was insert
another finger, which led Trish to an immediate second orgasm, which widened
Trish's pussy enough for Lita's whole hand She pumped it in to her wrist,
out to her third knuckles and then in again. She kept doing that as Trish
reached her third in a line of multiple orgasms, finally Lita locked her
lips around Trish's pussy as Trish hit her fourth and her juices went
straight into Lita's mouth and hit the back of her throat, which she
swallowed eagerly. There was so much juice spurting out, that Lita was
drinking it for two minutes, while holding Trish by the waist as she reached
the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced.

Trish slumped onto Lita, barely able to stand, and Lita helped her onto
the couch where they sat, while Lita still tickled Trish's pussy. She knew
it was a matter of time before Trish had her strength back, and the night was


There is a second part to this story already under way. This is my first
attempt, and is original. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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