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Trish And Me
by Wise Guy

One night after Raw I went to a nearby bar in a hotel for a drink. To my
surprise there at the bar was Trish Stratus, the number one wet dream making
wrestling chick! So I got my courage up and went over to offer to buy her a
drink. She said sure she would love one, she ordered sex on the beach. After
a few drinks we started to get quite drunk and I started to get very horny,
I put my hand onto her bare leg slowly stroked it all the way up to her
crotch. I poked two of my fingers inside her hotpants and started to rub
them gently agiainst the material of her thong, she let out a little groan
and then reached over and undid my fly, reaching inside my boxer shorts she
started to slowly rub her fingers up an down my rock hard shaft, I decided
now was the time and was about to put my fingers inside her thong when she
said "No, not here. Come with me."

She led me by the hand into the womens' toilets and into the disabled
cubicle at the end, "More room in here" she said. She got down onto her
knees and pulled my trousers down, then my boxer shorts, right in front of
her face was my shaft throbing. She put it in her mouth and started to suck,
first just the top while she flicked my tip with her tongue, then she started
to take it in deeper, while at the same time stroking my balls with her
fingers. While she was doing this I slid my fingers down the back of her
hotpants and started to finger fuck her up the ass, this drove her crazy, as
she started to suck harder and harder until I shot my load in her mouth. She
then stood up and started to slowly undress in front of me, my cock started
to harden again very quickly.

I pushed her up against the side of the cubicle and shee rapped her legs
around my waste, I slowly slid my cock into her now dripping pussy and
started to push it in and out, slowly at first then building up to a quick
tempo, while doing this I again frigged her ass with my fingers, double
penetrating her, she went wild "Oh Yessss, Harder frigg my ass, Oh Yess Fuck
Meeee." She then stuck her fingers up my ass which made us both come quicker!
After a torid sweaty fucking session we collapsed on the floor, to give me
time to recover she made me lay down on the floor and then positioned her
pussy right in front of her mouth, I started to lapp away at the juices
inside, flicking her clit with my tongue. As I licked quicker she pushed her
hips into my face harder and harder until she climaxed, sending a torent of
her pussy juices gushing into my mouth.

She was now completely tired but I was recovered, so I bent her over the
toilet and proceeded to insert my cock into her ass, she sucked on it first
so it would be lubricated, then I slipped it right into her ass, girating my
hips back and forth probing deeper inside her ass. She started to squeel with
delight, the sensation of being physically knackerd and at the smae time
being fucked up the ass was to much for as she climaxed in an explosition of
her pussy juices mixed with my cum!

I got dressed and picked her up, I carried her upstairs from the bar to
her hotel room and put her to bed, as I opend the door to leave their was
Terri stood looking at me with a devilish smile on her face! She said "Well
it looks like you have fucked Trish's brains out, how about sharing some of
yourself with me, I have the room next door." I thought what a lucky guy I
am and said "Sure always ready to oblige"

The End

If you liked this I will right the Terri story, if not I won't let me know!

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