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None of the following events, to my knowledge, have happened. It is pure
fantasy. If you can't understand that, you shouldn't be reading this.

Trish & Stacy
by Crazy (

Trish Stratus and Stacy Keibler had just finished a match on Raw. Trish had
managed to win the match by getting a handful of Stacy's shorts so she wasn't
able to kick out. It was a cheap victory but the male fan's loved it because
it made Stacy's black thong slightly visible for a few seconds. The blonde
bombshells were backstage, alone in the women's locker room, and
congratulated eachother.

"Good match, Stace" Trish complimented

Stacy smiled her gorgeous smile and said "You too. The fans seemed to be
into, which makes it even better."

"Well who wouldn't be when the two hottest divas are in the ring?" boasted

"I guess you're right." agreed Stacy.

"Well I'm gonna go shower, I'll see you later." said Trish

"Actually," Stacy replied, "I'm going too.. So I guess I'll see you right

"I guess so."

They walked together towards the shower. Each grabbed some clothes out of
their bag and a towel from the rack. They went into separate stalls
respectively, but they were located next to eachother, and locked the doors
behind them.

Trish was in her stall shampooing her hair and could hear Stacy singing a
song quietly in herself. Trish washed the shampoo out of her hair and went
for the soap, but couldn't find any. She looked around and saw none. She
didn't want to get out and look for any and she didn't want to finish her
shower without washing herself.

"Stacy?" shouted Trish, over the water.

"Yeah?" replied Stacy.

"I know this sounds kind of stupid, but do you think I could use the soap
from your stall? Mine doesn't have any" said Trish, rather embarrassed.

"Oh sure, I'm almost done. I'll pass it through the opening at the bottom
when i'm finished." There was an opening of about ten inches between the
floor and the stall, much like a bathroom stall, in case of any kind of

"Thanks" said Trish.

Stacy was just finishing up with the soap but she had a naughty feeling.
She was about to give the soap that was all over her body to Trish, who
would then rub it all over her amazing body. This excited Stacy for some
reason. She took the soap and gently rubbed it on her nipples until they
begin to get hard. She then lowed the soap to her pussy. She rubbed the
soap all over it and even went out of her way to stick the corner inside
the lips. Finally she reached her arm around her and rubbed the soap on
her sweet ass -- first the cheeks and then the hole.

"Here" Stacy said as she held the soap under the opening.

"Thanks a lot" Trish said thankfully.

"Any time" replied Stacy, and she meant it.

Stacy washed the remaining soap off of her and turned the shower off. She
reahed for her towel and dried herself off. She wrapped it around her,
opened the stall, and went to put on her clothes. She got dressed in a red
top, black shorts, and a white bra and thong. As she did, she heard Trish
turn the water off. She thought about what she had done with the soap
moments ago. It made her feel dirty and she liked that. She had always
liked dirty talk and this just proved that she really was a naughy girl.

Stacy was completely dressed and attempted to stall by rummaging through her
bag. While doing so, Trish finally came out. She smiled at Stacy while she
walked over to get her clothes. She removed her towel and Stacy stared at
the great ass that was just a few feet away from her. Sure, Stacy loved her
own ass too, but Trish's was nice and meaty. Stacy wanted to reach out and
grab it, but restrained herself.

Stacy was by no means a lesbian -- she had never even kissed another girl --
but the feeling she got when she gave Trish the soap amazed her and got her
very horny.

Trish put on a black thong, followed by a matching lacey bra. Stacy watched
in awe. Trish continued with a white shirt and pants. She turned around
and saw Stacy staring at her.

"Is something wrong?" Trish questioned.

"Oh, um, no. Eveything's fine." Stacy tried to cover up.

"Oh, alright. You were looking at me like you were in some sort of trance
or something." said Trish.

"No.. I was just wondering, where did you get that thong? It looks great,
especially on your awesome ass." lied Stacy.

"Ha, thanks. It's a new Victoria's Secret model." replied Trish.

There was a moment of silence and finally Stacy got the courage to ask what
was on her mind. "Do you mind if I get a closer look?"

Trish was a little shocked but just figured that Stacy liked the thong.
"Well, I don't see why not."

Stacy walked over and sat on the bench next to where Trish was standing.
Trish hesitated a little and then pulled the white pants she had just put on
down to her ankles and faced Stacy, her crotch level with her face.

"Hmm that looks nice." Stacy said as she caressed Trish's upper thighs where
the sides of the thong were with her hands. "Can I see the back? I suppose
that's the most improtant part of a thong."

"Sure" said Trish innocently. She turned around so her ass was right in
Stacy's face. Stacy looked at the wonderful sight in front of her. She
then placed each palm on Trish's great ass cheeks.

Startled, Trish quickly turned around. "What are you doing?!"

"I'm sorry, I couldn't resist." Stacy replied, ashamed of herself.

"It's alright.. I just wasn't expected it. I didn't mean to get upset"
Trish said.

"It's okay, I don't blame you. I.. I don't know what got into me. I've
never done anything like that before. Sorry, I should probably getting
going." Stacy said sincerely.

"No," Trish insisted, "Nobody said you had to stop."

"What?" said Stacy, shocked.

"You heard me." Trish said as she turned back around. Stacy didn't do
anything this time. "Oh come on! You just did it, you can do it again"
Stacy gulped and placed her hands back on the ass checks of Trish and left
them there. Trish wasn't herself a lesbian, considering she was dating
fellow wrestler Christian, but she found Stacy to be irresistable and was a
bit curious.

"Well let me get this out of the way." said Trish, non-chalantly. She then
took the straps of the thong and pulled it down. She removed her pants and
thong from her ankles and tossed them aside.

Stacy was shocked, but also excited. She had never had urges like these
before but she wanted to continue. She put her hands back on the wonderful
ass of Trish. Trish leaned over, exposing her ripe pussy through her legs
to Stacy. Stacy did the only logical thing: she got on her kness and licked
Trish's pussy. Trish let out a soft moan. Stacy repeated this and Trish
moaned again.

"Are you sure you want me to do this?" Stacy asked nicely.

"I'm positive. I'm not so sure about those clothes though." replied Trish.

She turned around and peeled Stacy's shirt off of her. Her already hard
nipples could be seen through her bra. Trish reached around Stacy and
unhooked her bra. Stacy removed it, allowing her modest breasts to be

Trish seized this opportunity. She began to suck on Stacy's left nipple
while fondling the right with her hand. Stacy let out a gasp of pleasure
during this. Trish then sucked on the right nipple and rolled the left
between her thumb and index finger. Stacy was enjoying this but Trish

"Aw, don't stop" pleaded Stacy.

"Well, we've got to get rid of those shorts." Trish responded as she put her
hands on the wasteband of the shorts. She pulled them over Stacy's long,
beautiful legs along with her thong and Stacy stepped out of them, revealing
her completely bald cunt. Trish could already smell her because she was so

Stacy stood there in all her glory as Trish pulled her own top over her
head. Stacy was amazed at the size of Trish's massive breasts. She reached
around her and unhooked Trish's bra. Her massive mellons jiggled as they
fell free. Trish sat on the bench as Stacy kneeled in front of her and
sucked on her tits. Trish wanted more pleasure so she moved her hand down
to her own pussy but Stacy stopped her.

"Let me finish what I started before." said Stacy with an evil smile.

With that, she pulled Trish's legs apart and found herself face-to-pussy
with Trish's neatly-shaved vagina. She inhaled and could smell Trish's
wonderful pussy. She moved her face forward and licked at her pussy as
Trish groaned pleasurefully. She licked faster and faster until Trish was
moaning uncontrollably.

Stacy then used her left hand to hold Trish's pussy lips open at the top,
revealing her clit. Stacy gently kissed the clit, causing Trish to moan.
Stacy inserted her pointer finger, soon to be followed by her middle finger,
into Trish's pussy as she continued to lick her clit. The pleasure was
driving Trish crazy. Stacy increased the speed of both until Trish could no
longer stand it.

"YYYEEEEEEEESSSSS!!!!" Trish yelled.

She had an intense orgasm all over Stacy's face, much to both of their
enjoyment. Stacy licked up all juices she could.

She stood up and looked Trish in her eyes. She then leaned to her face and
gave her an intiment french kiss. Trish could taste herself in Stacy's
mouth. She loved how she tasted and wanted to see how Stacy tasted. While
they made out, they played with eachother's tits.

"It's your turn now." said Trish seductively.

Upon saying that, she turned Stacy around so her back was facing her. Stacy
leaned over the the bench so her wonderful ass was sticking in the air and
her pussy could be seen through her legs. Trish couldn't resist that ass.
She got on her knees behind her and begin to give Stacy the rim job of her
life. She licked all around Stacy's ass hole, occationally letter her
tounge slip in.

As if that wasn't enough, she then inserted two fingers into Stacy's bald
pussy while still licking her ass. To add to her enjoyment, Stacy played
with her little tits. She was moaning so loud, Trish would have been afriad
someone would hear her if she wasn't enjoying herself so much. Stacy
couldn't stand it anymore.

"Aw yeah" Stacy moaned "That's it. Oh yeah. Lick my tight ass hole. Finger
my pussy. YEAH!!!" Her body tensed and tightened and then she let out a
powerful orgasm as she screamed.

By this time, Raw had come to a close and all of the superstars were leaving.
Christian, Trish's on-screen and real-life boyfriend, was looking for her.

"Trish?" he said, knocking on the door. Then he heard Stacy's orgasmic
scream. Thinking someone may be in trouble, he quickly opened the door.
His jaw dropped when he saw what was going on.

His girlfriend Trish was on her knees in front of Stacy's beautiful ass with
her juices all over her face. Both of the divas were completely shocked.

"Christian! Wait! It's not what you think!" Trish pleaded.

"Oh really?" Christian question "Then what is it? Because it looks like
you're having sex with Stacy."

"Wait, it's not her fault" Stacy said as she tried to cover herself up. "I
came onto her. She loves you."

"I do" Trish concurred "In fact, I'd like to make love to you.. right now.
Stacy can join too, if you'd like."

"Are you serious?" Christian asked, not believing it yet. He and Trish had
made love once in their young relationship and he had never been in a

"I'm completely serious" Trish replied "Are you up for it Stace?"

"Of course" replied Stacy "I'm always up for a good fuck. Let's see what
he's got."

With that, she walked over to Christian and pulled down the pants he was
wearing, soon followed by his plaid boxers. His almost fully erect cock
popped out, much to Stacy's satisfaction.

Trish finally got the courage to walk over. She removed his shoes from his
feet so that she could take his pants and boxers off of his ankles. She
stood up and gave him a long, intimate kiss. As Christian swirled his
tounge around Trish's mouth, he could taste Stacy's sweet pussy and he loved

While this was happening, Stacy sucked on his dick, getting it to a full
seven inches long. She couldn't quite deep throat it, but was doing a good
job sucking it while her hands played with his balls. He was in heaven.

Trish broke the kiss after a few seconds. Upon watching Stacy suck on
Christian's dick, she knew she wanted him to fuck her.

"I want that cock in me" Trish stated, as she layed on the bench and spread
her legs apart.

That was no problem for Christian. He got between her legs and put his dick
at her entrance. Trish was already very wet from her action with Stacy. He
slowly pushed the tip in and then finally the whole head. Trish moaned and
he left it there for a second. He then continued, inch by inch, until his
entire seven inches was in Trish's pussy. She moaned more. Christian then
pumped his dick in and out, getting faster as he went. The only sounds that
could be heard was her moaning and the sound of Christian's balls slap
against her ass.

Stacy was very turned on by the site, so she started to finger herself as
she watched. Her moans could soon be heard as well. This went on for a
while, before Christian brought it to an end.

"Stop" Christian requested.

"Is something wrong?" Trish worried.

"No, but I loved the taste of Stacy when I kissed you, so I'd like to taste
her again" Christian replied.

Stacy gleamed her smile as Christian pulled out of Trish. He layed on cool
locker room floor, but he did not notice the temperature due to all of the
body heat. Stacy stood over him as Christian looked up and enjoyed his
view. She then squatted down on his face. He immediately stuck his tounge
in her hot box.

Trish still hadn't gotten enough of Trish's cock. She got up from the bench
and stood over it. She squatted down and held it up straight, directly
under her pussy. She lowered herself onto it and it slid right into her wet
pussy. She bounced up and down on it as she watched her boyfriend eat out

Both girls were moaning a lot at this point, Trish moreso than Stacy.
Christian also let out a few moans of pleasure between his licks. Stacy got
off of Christian's face and moved so she was facing Trish. She played with
Trish's tits as they flopped around from the bouncing, rolling her nipples
between her fingers.

She continued to do this with her left hand while her right hand traveled
south. She played with Trish's clit while she felt Christian's dick slide
in and out. Trish was going wild and moaning very loudly. Her body tensed
and she had a power orgasm, more powerful than the one Stacy had given her

Trish slowly slid off of Christian's dick and lay next to him. Stacy seized
this opportunity. She grabbed Christian's cock in her hand she began to
suck on it. She loved the tastey combination of Trish's juices on Christian's
cock. He was nearing his climax and Stacy sensed this so she stopped. She
wanted it in her too.

"Christian, would you do me a favor?" Stacy asked politely.

"Anything" replied Christian.

"I want you to fuck my ass" said Stacy. With an ass like hers, it got a lot
of attention and she had anal sex rather often and loved it. To her, it was
just as good, if not better, than actual sex.

"I would LOVE to" Christian said, very surprised but even more excited.

Stacy was very pleased that he accepted. Some guys that she had been with
weren't into anal sex, but who could say no to Stacy? Apparently not

Stacy bent over the bench like she had done earlier for Trish. Christian
got down on his nice and stared at Stacy's wonderful ass. He palmed each
cheek and spread them apart. He stuck his toung in her hole as she let out
a moan. After some licking, he had Trish, who was still recovering from her
orgasm, suck on his fingers to lube them up. He then inserted his pointer
finger into her ass. After loosening it up, it was followed by his middle
finger. A little more of this, and it was loose enough for his dick.

He stood up and put his mushroom head at the entrance of her ass. He slowly
pushed it into her puckering hole. Once the full tip was in, he proceeded
with his shaft. After some struggling, he was in. He pulled in and out to
loose the hole a bit. Then he really started fucking her. He gained some
speed as he went on.

"Oh yeah, that's it. Fuck my ass. Yeeeeaaaaah!" Stacy loved the feeling of
a dick up her ass and was yelling out and moaning.

Christian got a good rythem going. By this time, Trish had fully recovered
from her orgasm. She took a moment to enjoy the site in front of her. Then
she got up and walked over to Stacy. She reached her arm under Stacy and
started playing with her pussy while she got her ass fucked. This drove her
wild with pleasure.

Trish inserted two fingers into Stacy's pussy and she was moaning like
crazy. She couldn't take much more of this. After a few minutes, Christian
could feel her sphincter tighten. She had a massive climax all over Trish's
hand and then collapsed from the intensity.

Christian pulled his dick out of her as she went down. Trish took her hand
and licked the wonderful juices off. She then went over to Christian and
got on her knees in front of her. She used her wet hand to jack him of a
little. She didn't want him to cum without Stacy, so she went at a very
slow, sensual pace.

After this, she opened her lips and let his cock slide into her mouth.
Trish gave great head and knew exactly what to do. She swirled her tounge
around his member. Christian was ready to blow so she stopped. She gave
him a few seconds to calm down and then resumed.

She slowly slid her hand up and down his cock while she took one of his
testicles into her mouth. By now, Stacy had recovered from her orgasm. She
sucked on Christian's dick while Trish continued on his balls. They soon
switched positions.

Trish then went back to using her hand so she could speak. "Does that feel
good?" Christian nodded. "Do you like my hand on your big cock? Yeah?
What about my mouth?"

With that, she leaned her head down and deep throated his whole seven
inches. Christian couldn't respond but just let out a big moan. She could
only take this for so long, so she stopped for a moment. Stacy then used
her sucking skills while Trish went back to his balls. After a few minutes
of this, Christian knew he couldn't take much more.

"Ugh, that feels so good. I'm gonna cum soon." he announced.

With the warning, both of the divas leaned back a short distance from the
dick. Trish then used her hand to jack it off. Within a few seconds,
Christian blew his load all over the divas. The first shot went on Stacy's
face, then Trish put her chest in the way so the rest went all over her big

Trish kissed Stacy and licked the cum off over her face. This gave her the
idea to do the same to Trish's chest. She did so and enjoyed the warm jizz,
especially when served on Trish's tits.

"We should probably get cleaned up. You know what that means?" Trish asked.

"Another shower!" Stacy said.

The three of them went back to the showering area where the whole thing had
began, but this time, they all shared a stall.

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