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Trish & Stacy At The Movies
by Grahf

Trish Stratus had just come backstage after her little run-in with Jazz on
Raw. She saw Stacy Kiebler standing backstage.

"Hey Stacy what's up, where's Andrew?"

"Oh Hi Trish, he went out with a few of the guys. Bastard left me alone, I
guess I'm gonna head home now."

"Hey don't do that, I got nothing to do either, I thought I'd go see a movie,
wanna come?'

"Sure Trish, why not, we never hang out, and I got nothing to do anyway,
let's go.

Stacy follows Trish out to the parking lot and into her car.

"Sweet ride Trish, I like."

"Thanks Stacy, the women's champ has to ride in style"

"You're so lucky Trish, I haven't driven in a while, Andrew always does it."

"Ok then why don't you drive?" Trish tosses her car keys to a stunned Stacy."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah go ahead, I could use a break"

Soon the women are out of the arena and on the road. Stacy is a much more
wild driver than Trish expected.

"Wooh Stace, slow down, I wanna get to the movies in one piece"

"Sorry Trish I just.........MOTHERFUCKER! Did you see that, that bitch
totally cut me off!

"Stace, calm down, it's alright." Trish places her warm hand on Stacy's bare
leg and smiles at her.

Stacy smiles back and suddenly feels strangely pleasant.

As the women enter the Theatre, the men can't but help stare at them.

"Look at all these bozo's staring at you Trish, it must get annoying"

"What are you talking about Stace? They're all looking at your ass, and can
you blame them?

Trish's smile and her comment make Stacy melt, and brings that same feeling
she had in the car.

After they buy some snacks, they sit in the back row and wait through the

"START THE MOVIE!" Stacy yells. Her and Trish laugh over her little comment.
Just then a big guy in a brown jacket sits next to Stacy.

"I know what ya mean, too many damn previews, so what's your name." The man
grins idiotically.

"Uh.. uhmm" Before Stacy says anything Trish interrupts. "Uhm excuse me, me
and my girl would like to be alone.

"Yeah right very funny." The guy snorts.

Trish then puts her hand on Stacy's face and guides it towards her own
resulting in a searing open-mouthed kiss.

"Well excuuuuuuse me", they guy says dissappointed and moves down the theatre
looking for other chicks to harrass."

Stacy and Trish break thier kiss. Stacy is breathing hard shocked and

"I'm so sorry Stace, I just didn't know what to do, I know you didn't want
him around."

"No no Trish its ok, I just didn't expect it. Your're a great kisser by the
way. I've never been kissed like that before."

Trish blushes, "Thanks Stacy, you were awesome too, I've never kissed a woman
before, but it seemed so easy with you.

The Movie begins, but neither women can focus. They share a bucket of
popcorn, taking turns taking handfuls. Stacy has it between her legs. She
finishes the last of it, and puts it on the ground.

Trish doesn't realize and puts her hand right on Stacy's crotch.

Stacy lets out a small yelp. "Oh shit, I'm so sorry Stacy!"

"No Trish, it's alright, really. Stacy looks at Trish and puts her hand on

The two women lock eyes as Stacy guides Trish's hand back to her crotch.

Trish unzips Stacy Tight jean shorts, and slips her hand beneath the
waistband of Stacy's panties.

The backrow is empty, and the women feel comfortable enough to begin kissing

As they french kiss, Trish slides her manicured middle finger in and out of
Stacy's hot cunt. She notices immediatley that Stacy's pussy is shaven bald.

Stacy breaks the kiss and wiggles out of her jean shorts, dropping them on
the floor. Trish then pulls her cotton panties down to her knees for better
access. She now has three fingers up Stacy's pussy and is silently quickly
ramming them in and out.

Stacy's struggles to remain quiet. She then puts on hand on Trish's head and
pushes downward. Trish get the idea and gets down on her knees in between
Stacy's legs. She pulls the panties the rest of the way off and they join the
jean shorts on the floor.

The thearter is too dark for Trish to see, but the musky aroma of Stacy's
sopping sex is enough of a guide. Trish buries her head in between Stacy's
legs and quickly rams her hot pink tongue right into Stacy's wet folds.

Stacy is biting her lip trying to keep quiet. But Trish is hitting all the
right spots, and she can feel her orgasm building.

Even in the dark, Trish manages to find Stacy's clit and immediatley begins
to suck on the engorged bud. she nibbles and sucks on it, sending tremors
throughout her fellow diva.

Stacy has two handfuls of Trish's hair and shoves her head deeper and deeper
into her pussy. Trish is relentless and sucks Stacy's clit harder and faster.

Stacy can't hold back as her orgasm rips through her.

Luckily at the same time, There is similair explosion in the movie. It is
loud enough to cover up Stacy's moans but is nowhere near as intense as
Stacy's explosion.

Trish swallows every last drop Stacy offers, and cleans her up with a few
more laps. She then helps Stacy put back on her panties and shorts and
returns to her seat.

The two women start kissing eachother again and Stacy grabs one of Trish's
breasts. She pulls down Trish's shirt and bra at the same time and takes
turns sucking on Trish's mammoth tits, biting and sucking on the nipples
until they become rock hard.

As her mouth focuse on Trish's tits, her hand slides into Trish pants. It
instantly becomes wet with Trish's juices, She finds that Trish is lightly
shaven and her clit is large and easy to find. She squeezes and tweeks it
expertly as she continues to suck Trish's sensitve nipples. Trish is moaning
quitely while her orgasm builds.

Stacy then rubs Trish's clit with her thumb while fingering her pussy.

The triple stimulation is too much for Stratus, and she cums all over Stacy's
hands and inside her pants.

The women clean and french some more as the movie comes to an end.

In the lobby, They look at each other. "Wow that was a great movie!, what was
it about?" Stacy says.

"I don't know, but I give it 5 stars." The two divas laugh at each other.

"Hey Stace, I've got some good movies at home, if wanna see em."

"Sure thing Trish, but I drive!"



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