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Trish & Steph
by HBK

Steph and Trish are going to Trish's appartment after Monday Night Raw.

"Come on in, Steph, I'll give you the grand tour."

"Lead the way." As Trish did so, Steph couldn't help but notice how
Trish's leather trousers clung so tightly to her arse, and the low-cuttiness
of her top as Trish bent over to clear up something off of the floor.

"Well," Trish said, snapping Dteph out of her daze, "there's the TV, the
Kitchen/Bathroom, and over here," she said, pushing the Steph backwords,
"is the bed." and with that she leapt onto her friend. Steph found herself
pinned on her back for the second time that night, only this time was more

"Trish," she said, slightly bemused, "what are you doing?"

"Come on Steph you know you want it," she said in between kissing and
licking the other wrestler's neck, "I've seen the way you look at my tits.
That's why I wear such slutty tops, so you can admire them. I also know
you've not had an orgasm for a year and a half, and I'm gonna give you a
good, low down tickle." She moved her way down Steph's body, tearing off her
blouse and running her hand over the pert cups, enframed in lace and silk.

"Well... well... well, looky what we got here" Trish commented as she
saw the red peaks inside the semi-transparent bra. "Someone's enjoying this
a lot."

"No, Trish, it's not like that. It's - oh, fuck it. It is like that. I've
fancied you since the day I laid eyes on you. I just haven't been able to
pluck up the courage to ask you."

"Told you." Trish continued her exploration of stephs body, and removed
the diva's trousers.

"Ooh, what have we here," she asked as she carressed stephs moist panties.
"Someone's up for it. I'm gonna fuck you, girlfriend, and you'll enjoy it."

"Okay then." steph lay back on the bed and prepared herself for the coming
excitement, but looked up quizically when she heard the unfamilier clink of
handcuffs on wood. As she gazed at the ceiling, pondering what the sound
could be, she felt her hands being roughly cuffed to the bed posts, soon
followed by her feet. Trish disappeared into the bathroom, and when she
returned Steph gazed adoringly at her fellow wrestlers body. Trish's pouty,
full lips, her muscular torso, her pert breasts, her 9-inch black cock, her
pert arse, her - "Hang on," Steph thought, "Something's not quite right."

Trish interrupted this train of thought by kneeling on the bed between
Steph's splayed legs and slowly fondling her cunt. "Trish what are you
doing?" she said for the second time that evening.

"I'm using your pussy juices to lube up my dildo," she said

"Oh. But why, if my pussy's already wet enough?"

"'Cause this ain't going in your pussy. It's going up your arse."

"Oh no, Trish, don't, please-"

She started to wriggle about, but Trish had a vice-like grip on Steph's
hips, and soon the head of the Black Behemoth entered stephs back passage.
Steph continued to struggle, but soon found herself enjoying the sensations,
and started to thrust as much as she could within the bonds. Steph heard an
unfamiliar buzzing sound, and had a second to realise the offending article
was a vibrator before it was jammed into her cunt.

"Oh, gooooooOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed as an amazing orgasm
passed through her body.

"No, Trish will do just fine for now," the sluttier diva smirked as she
withdrew herself.

"D'ya think we should do this again?"

"Whatever pleases you."

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