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Trish & Torrie: Playtime & Snacktime
by TheTrishAndTorrieLover

Trish was waiting in her hotel room when she heard knocking. She opened the
door and there was Torrie, wearing the tiniest thong and a bra that barely
covered her huge tits. She was holding 3 grocery bags full of food.

Trish: Are these the snacks?

Torrie: Yes, do you have the toys?

Trish: Yep!

Torrie set down the food and sorted it all out. There was syrup, whip cream,
cherries, choclate sauce and much more.

Trish moved over to Torrie and gave her a slap on her big round ass. That
made Torrie turn around and push tris onto the bed. she then took of her bra
and her big tits with her hard nipples perked up made Trish start to get wet.
She then took of all of her clothes while Torrie sorted hte toys.

Torrie: You are so fucking hot.

Trish: Why dont we have a snack first?

While Torrie was taking off her thong, Trish had the syrup and chocolate
sauce in her hands. She then told Torrie to lie down. Then Trish jumped on
top of her and poured syrup and chocolate sauce all over Torrie's chest.
She shivered when it hit her body. Trish then licked it slowy making sure
to get some on the hard nipples. Torrie let out a slow moan. Trish then
continued to go lower until she reaches Torrie's sweet pussy, but Torrie
stopped her.

Torrie: It's my turn.

So Trish lied on the bed and Torrie pulled a carton of vanlla pudding.

Torrie: You like pudding?

Trish: I love it espeacialy on my ass!

So Torrie moved down to Trish's bubbly ass and gave it a slap and it jiggled,
while Trish gave a yelp in surprise. She then smeared pudding all around her
ass and in her ass crack. After she licked her ass clean she whent to the
crack and slowy licked it up.

Trish: OOOOOOOHHHHHH! That feels so damn good.

Torrie: I think its time to bring out the toys.

Torrie than reached for a strap on dildo, 12" long.

Torrie: Bend over so I can penatrate you sweet fucking ass.

She then drove the dildo into the hole and startesd to pump it in and out.

Trish: OOOOOO MMMYYY GGOOOODDD... Torrie your amazing!

After about a half hour of this she pulled it out.

Trish: I've got the perfect finish to this night close your eyes.

Trish then picked up a vibrator and rammed into Torries ass.


Torrie was shaking but she reached over and grabbed another one and jammed
it into Trish's ass.


The two bombshells were now having orgasims constantly, but then Trish
reached and grabbed a two-sided vibrator and she put one end into Torries
wet pussy and the others into hers.


She hit one last orgasm and fell on the bed and Trish shortly follwed. They
layed for a while after the took the vibrators out and began to feel and
kiss each other in thier own cum all over the bed.

They got up, had a shower together, got dressed and got ready for the next
night of thier lesbian relationship.

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