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Trish And Torrie Wilson Spend A Night Together Part 2
by I'd Fuck Torrie's Legs

The sun rose in the morning. Trish woke up first and pulled the covers off
of her.

She saw her panties next to her feet and her pussy exposed. Her sexy
legs fully shown and trish smiled as she looked over and saw Torrie's huge

They were so tan and huge and so firm. She could rub them all night.

Trish got up and rubbed her huge ass. She walked over to her closet and
put on her robe. No bra, no panties and went to the kitchen.

Torrie soon woke up and looked at her exposed boobs. She got up and put
her bra back on stuffing her huge breasts back in place. She still had those
white shorts.

She went to the kitchen. Trish was sitting on the stool reading a
newspaper and drinking a sports drink.

Torrie walked in and said "Were my boobs out last night?" Trish smiled and
said "Was my pussy showing?"

Torrie got on a stool and talked to Trish about last night. Trish said she
had fun and wanted to do it again. Torrie said lets go try it.

She grabbed Trish's hand and led her back to the bed. She kissed Trish and
Trish responded with adding tongue. They kissed and then Trish slid down
Torrie's bra and yanked it off.

Torrie's huge tan breasts exposed again flopping out and becoming very
hard. Torrie hugged Trish and slowly slid off her robe.

Trish was butt-naked and Torrie picked her up and layed her on the bed.

Trish began to suck on Torrie's hard nipples. She licked and sucked them
till Torrie let out an "ahhhh" in excitement.

Trish pulled off Torrie's shorts and panties and smelled Torrie's sexy tan

Torrie jumped on Trish. Pussy on pussy and breast on breast. They kissed
again and played with each others breasts.

Torrie sqeezed her breasts together as Trish sucked them off. Torrie
moaned about how good it felt.

They got under the covers and Trish ate Torrie's pussy out. She licked up
and down all over Torrie's strawberry pussy. She licked the tan skin and
pubic hair that was so soft. She slid her tongue in and out letting spit
dangle on her pussy. Torrie gasped for air as they were under the covers.

Torrie began sqeezing her own boobs and feeling the juicy ness of them.
How tan they were was so amazing.

Trish sucked more making Torrie yell out some "ahhs!" and "ohhs!".
Torrie's sexy blonde hair moving to the speed of Trish's soft tongue.

Trish licked up Torrie's legs and down her knee and back up feeling how
smooth and tan her legs were.

Trish then layed down and and Torrie began to eat Trish's pussy out. It
was a fat, tan, wet, hairy pussy. It was so warm. Torrie began sucking and
licking and even blowig air on it making Trish sqirm like a girl.

Torrie licked her pussy and went in and out and back out and in.

Trish licked her fingers taking the last lick of Torries sweet pussy.
Torrie was licking fast and gasping as she had to lick fast. She had the
taste of...of Trish.

Torrie yanked her tongue in and made trish yell "ohhhhhh immmmmm
ssooooooo" and cum blasted everywhere. Torrie licked some but it tasted like
rotten stuff. She stopped.

Trish got off the bed as cum dripped down her sexy legs.

She got a fake dick and jammed it up Torrie's ass. Torrie yelled and shook
her huge ass making it jiggle. She moaned as the 8" dick fucked her ass.
Trish chose the speed.

Torrie yelled in pain as all 8" went in and out making her tight HUGE ass

She sqirmed everytime she felt the urge to cum. Finally she cummed all
over the dick.

She yelled as Trish went faster and deeper into that tight ass. Trish
sqeezed torries ass and moaned ass it was so firm and HUGE.

She fucked Torrie fast and Torrie yelled each time she gasped for air.

Trish stuck it out and jammed it up her pussy. She used her hand to move
it in and out. Torrie rubbed her sore ass and fingered herself again hoping
for an orgasm.

Torrie was so hot. She had the ass, breasts, legs, pussy, face, hair.
Everything was so hot on her.

Trish had an ass, boobs, pussy and legs. She was so hot and people in the
WWF have been feeling on her during matches.

Torrie helped by adding speed to the dick. Trish moaned loud as pussy
juice sqirted out all over the bed. Torrie jammed it up Trish's pussy and
pulled her down.

They rubbed each others breasts together. They each felt they body warm
up and they got under the covers and both fingered each others ass.

Trish stuck out the dick and Torrie licked all the wet/white stuff off.
Trish giggled as Torrie jammed her middle finger up Trish's huge ass.

They kissed and suck each breast, boob, tits, gunns anything you want to
call them. Torrie wrapped her sexy legs on Trish's body and sqeezed together

The heat rose as the 2 blondes fingered their asses.

Juice all over their body. Torrie was a pro as Tajiri showed her the
Japanese way.

Torrie was more into Trish. She liked eating her pussy. Both of their
pussies were smashed together and sweat rose.

Torrie said the first one to get out of the covers will get spanked. It
was getting warm.

The phone rang and Trish rolled out of the bed. She lost.

Trish fixed her hair and tried to cover her nipples.

Trish: Hello?

Vince: Trish? Listen can i give you something?

Trish: I guess Mr. Macmahon

Vince: Great I'll be there soon.

Torrie was laying on the bed looking so sexy nude with sweat and cum all

Trish said, "Vince is coming. Common we have to get ready."

Torrie grabbed trish "You lost the bet, bend over your happy little ass
over Trish." Trish smiled and leaned on the bed. Her sexy ass was so huge and

Torrie got her hand and spanked her huge ass watching it jiggle. She
spanked again and Trish yelled in pain.

Then Torrie hit her once more and stuck a finger up her ass. Trish jumped
in shock.

She grabbed her clothes and went to the shower.

Torrie dried the cum off and put those sexy white shorts back on and the
white shirt.

Trish turned the water on rubbing her spanked ass and let it splash on her
sucked tits and closed her eyes.

She washed the cum off and washed her hair.

She was always nice to vince because the more nicer, the more nicer gifts
like this mansion.

She put a bar of soap on her pussy and washed her pussy hair.

She put on some panties, bra and skirt and a shirt. She added a little

She walked out to find Torrie watching a movie on t.v.

Torries sexy legs still exposed. Vince knocked and walked in. He saw
Torrie and said "Great job last night"

Torrie said "Thanks MR.MCMAHON"

Vince said "trish lets talk alone privately.

Vince dragged her to the laundry room. He said "Trish.." as he circled
her. "Do you want trip to Hawaii?

Trish acted stunned "I'd love it." Vince grabbed her ass and hiked her
skirt up.he smiled as pink panties were exposed.

He slid them down. Trish closed her eyes. The thought of Vince's dick was
gross but for a trip to Hawaii?

Vince fingered Trish's pussy and smelled her hair. He leaned her over and
jammed his dick up her tight pussy.

He fucked her hard making each thrust fast, Trish moaned as Vince fucked
her. He grabbed a breast and sucked on her neck. The smell of Trish's private
part filled the air.

Vince fucked her for 10 minutes and pulled down her skirt. He kissed her
and gave her the tickets.

He left leaving Trish with her panties down. Torrie saw Vince walk off
with a limp. She giggled as the billon dollar man had his zipper down.

Trish walked in and said "want to go to Hawaii sometime?

Torrie grabbed Trish and pushed her back on the bed. She yanked off her
tanktop and suck her free breasts again.

They both stripped down and got under the covers.

They both fingered each others pussy and let cum drip all over. Torrie
licked Trish's boobs and trish licked Torries sexy legs.

They grabbed each others ass and kissed.

They started to rub pussy again and nipple to nipple. Torrie spread
Trish's leg wide open and gasped at the sweet smell of pussy. She ate her out
and Trish ate Torrie out.

They had another nap with Torrie's hand on Trish's ass and Trish's head on
Torrie's pussy. They left their clothes on the floor and slept in the smell
of their pussy.

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