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Trish And Torrie Spend A Night Together Part 3
by I'd Fuck Torrie's Legs

Torrie Wilson and Trish soon woke up from their little nap. Trish was
feeling so good... she asked Torrie to stay one more night. Torrie couldn't
say no, as she loved to sleep with trish.

Trish put on her robe, no panties or bra. She gave torrie one. Torrie
wrapped it around her sexy body and followed Trish to the living room. They
sat next to each other on the couch. So close, their bodies were rubbing.

Trish paused and said, "Torrie, this thing we are doesnt mean
we are lesbians..does it?" Trish added "I like guys, its just..."

"Trish, I like guys, what we are doing girls having fun."

They both smiled.

Torrie joked, "I mean, its not like a guy would want that pussy?"

Trish gasped and said, "Look whos talking?"

Trish jumped on Torrie. She stuck her hand up the robe. Torrie yelled as
Trish yanked her breast. Torrie and trish got up and went upstairs.

Trish said, "Torrie follow me."

Trish went to a wall. She pushed a couch over and revealed a secret door.
She led Torrie in and closed the door. Torrie was amazed.

The room had a bath tub fit for 2. It had tools for some "GOOD SEX." Stuff
like dildoes, belts, cuffs, soap, and a fucking machine!!

Torrie said, "You Bitch! I knew you had one."

Trish smiled she started the water to the tub. She added bubbles. Trish
removed her robe, revealing her sexy body again. She dipped her sexy leg in
and then the other and she laid in the tub. She moaned as the warm water hit
her hot body. She begged Torrie to enter. Torrie jumped in sitting next to
Trish. They both relaxed and talked.

Trish said, "Wanna play truth or dare?"

Torrie said, "I guess."

Torrie said, "I choose truth!"

Trish said, "Ok, umm.... who do you have a crush on in the wwf? A male AND

Torrie paused to embarrassed to say.

Trish said, "If you don't, I get to punish you!"

Torrie whispered, "The Tock and Stephanie."

Trish laughed, "This is boring, come over here!"

Torrie pushed her sexy ass through the water and went to Trish. They
started to kiss. They rolled around in the water. Trish grabbed Torrie's huge
tits and picked her up. They fell out of the tub wet and on the floor. They
rolled round feeling up on each other.

Soon Trish said, "Torrie, you dreamed of having sex with Stephanie don't

Torrie was shy but wanted just one taste of the billion dollar pussy.

Trish said, "Well, I do too. Come on,lets call her over!!"

Torrie smiled, "Really?"

Trish said, "Yeah, I want the billion dollar princess's body!!"

They called her up and she was happy to visit Trish. Trish put on some
sleeping clothes which was some pink shorts and white t-shirt. Torrie put on
some gym shorts and white shirt. They fixed up their hair and was ready for a
taste of well Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie McMahon arrived at Trish's house soon. She walked in and had
some tight pants and shirt on. She smiled and said, "Well, Hey Trish, what's

Torrie tried to hide her feelings, she was really mad trying to hide her
temptation for a few more minutes.

Trish said, "Come in Steph. I have to show you something."

They led her to Trish's room. They locked the door.

Steph said, "Umm... what's going on? I miss something??"

Trish said, "Steph can you keep a secret?"

Steph looked puzzled.

Torrie said, "We have been... playing around lately."

Steph was shocked but said,"And you want new pussy in it don't y'all?"

They were amazed at how Steph nailed it perfect.

She said, "Well, I have been praticing, so I guess I'll start."

She grabbed some hand cuffs and cuffed Torrie's hands and Trish's hands to
the bed. They sat up on the bed and watched!

Stephanie took a deep breath and said, "Lets call this... the Steph job!!"

She said, "You 2 are going to be the first people to see my..well my boob

Torrie was so shocked as Trish was just amazed at the sight.

Steph began to move her hips. She undid her belt and unzipped her pants.
She slowly slowly pulled them to her knees showing white panties. Her pants
were so tight, they pushed her panties close to her skin. Trish stared at
Steph's fully exposed tan legs and wanted them badly. Torrie nearly fainted
at the sight of Steph's panties.

Steph slowly pulled off her shirt revealing her HUGE breasts in a white
bra. Steph smirked and undid her bra slowly removing it. Her brand new
breasts popped out and Trish and Torrie's eyes popped out in shock. Steph
sqeezed them together and pushed them on her face. Steph turned around and
bent over. Her huge round ass flew up. Steph's sexy legs shown. She grabbed
the waistband of her panties and pulled them down showing her beautiful ass
crack. Torrie moaned as her pussy went all wet. Trish's pussy flowing full of
cum ready to burst on that ass.

Steph pulled her panties down. She stood up. Paused a second then turned
around revealing a tan mid bush wet pussy. Steph gave Torrie and Trish a key.
She then laid on the bed.

Torrie and Trish broke free and jummped on the girl. They rubbed her tits
and pussy. They licked her out and gave Steph the biggest ass beating ever.
They spanked her ass hard letting it jiggle. Steph yelled as she got the
treatment she diserved.

Steph yelled as Torrie for the first time ever, layed her tongue on Steph.
She licked fast and faster making sure she got the whole taste.

Trish played with her breasts and they all played till they once again
fell alsleep.

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