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Trish And Torrie Spend A Night Together Part 4
by I'd Fuck Torrie's Legs

It was 9:00 pm when Torrie woke up. She was so sore in her pussy and her
tongue had the taste of Steph. One of trish's finger was up torries ass.
Torrie rose up off the bed and stretched.

Poor Stephanie got the hard one earlier. Steph would get it more later

Torrie put on a bra and thong and went the kitchen.

She made something to eat for 3.

Stephanie soon woke up and noticed the smell. It smelled good, sweet,
fresh.....good and the food smelled good to! She woke up Trish and the 2
babes walked in the kitchen nude.

Torrie in her bra and thong smiled and said, "Hungry?"

They all sat in the kitchen and ate some spagehetti and salad.

Steph said, "Did you enjoy my body girls?"

Trish said, "I loved it, Steph."

Torrie was to amazed to say anything.

They finished their dinner and put on just thong and panties. Even Steph.
They all cuddled up under the covers of Trish's bed and felt the warm ness.
They started to talk.

Trish said, "Ohh, my ass hurts."

Steph said, "My ass been hurting forever!"

Torrie said, "Mine doesn't hurt?"

Trish and Steph grabbed Torrie. Steph held her down. Trish grabbed a belt.
She pulled down the thong of Torrie and began slapping that huge ass. It
jiggled fast as trish spanked. Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

Torrie screamed and jolted. Torrie cried as the pain got to her. Torrie
gave up and cried. Trish then stopped, rubbed her red ass and began licking
Torrie's ass cheeks. She sqeezed the cheeks and licked between them. Torrie's
ass hole so wet with Trish's tongue. Trish then pulled her panties down and
let her pussy hair rub Torrie's ass.

It felt so good. Trish then began to thrust pretending she had a dick.
Her pussy hair hitting Torrie's soft red butt. Steph got off Torrie and lay
directly in front of Torrie's head. Torrie licked Steph's sexy legs all the
way up to her thong. Torrie slapped it off and ate Steph's pussy out. Torrie
licked in and out and back around making Torrie gag as Steph's soft pubic
hair tickled Torrie's sexy face.

Trish wanted more of an action. She went down and bit Torrie's ass hard.
Torrie screamed so loud that Steph opened her eyes and glanced over at Trish.
Steph said, "You're getting punishment Trish!"

Trish, "Sorry, Torrie..I'm so..oh I'm sorry I mean I..."

Steph tackled Trish and yanked off Trish's bra. Trish's breasts flew out
smacking Steph.Ssteph slapped Trish and pinched Trish's body all over. Torrie
rubbed the bite mark and began to softly kick Trish's ass. Torrie jumped in
and the three girls fought out.

Steph's nipple popped out and Trish sqeezed it. Steph and Trish began to
kiss and Torrie began to feel up on Steph's booty. They all licked each other
and Steph moaned as she sucked Trish's titties fast. Steph's hands on Trish's
hair as Torrie gave 15 kisses to Steph's bouncing ass. It was so hot.

They licked and sucked and kissed. Torrie began to suck on Steph's feet
licking all over. Trish and Steph kissed and Trish kissed Steph's pussy. They
rubbed bodies to body. Soon they put Torrie in the middle and felt all up on
her body. Trish hand up her ass as Steph wrapped her legs on Torrie and
kissed Torrie's soft sexy lips. Pussy juice out of all 3 pussies flew all up.
Wet spots on the bed.

They all rubbed and ate out each other. Each diva had the tits, face,
legs, ass and pussy. They fingered each other and licked any cum. They pulled
the covers over them and laid there nude and wet. Trish and the others
weren't sleepy.

Steph said, "How about we give each other a shave?"

Trish grabbed the razor blade. They made Torrie go first. Steph relaxed
Torrie on the bed by removing her top. Trish poured shaving cream all over
Torries pussy. It gave her a weird feeling. Trish smilled and laid the razor
blade in the thick bush for the first swipe. Then again, again, again till
Torrie's pussy was shaven off all the way.

Trish dabbed a towel and Torrie looked down in amazement at how fresh she
felt down there. Steph moaned as her pussy got snipped off and cummed in

Trish had the biggest bush and took longer but Steph got the hair off and
the girls were shaven. It didnt matter as all 3 knew they would all grow back
in a week. They celebrated by each tasting each others fresh vagina.

Torrie later sqirted cool whip on Steph's breasts and licked it all off.
Then Trish's huge tits.

The girls decided to go to the bathroom and take a shower, fix up, etc.
They all walked in nude, shaved and cool whipish with a towel. Torrie stepped
into the shower. She turned on the water. Steph went to the sink and fixed
her hair. Trish went to the toilet and pee a little. Steph smiled as Trish
grabbed her from behind and pinched her ass.

They whispered and went to the shower and double spanked Torrie's hurt
ass. Torrie turned around and splashed water on them. Trish and Steph went to
the bed and laid there naked. Rubbing thier shaven pussies. Steph kissed
Trishs ear and gave her a hicky on her boob. Trish fondled with Steph's huge

They soon grew tired as Torrie returned from the shower. She came in and
removed her wet shirt. Her tits came out as Torrie stepped into the bed. They
all admired each other because of their body. They once again played with
each other and went down and licked pussy all night.

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