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Title: Trish & Victoria: Last Women Standing
by Knorg (

"Well... here's to Molly..." Trish raised her glass over the table. Victoria
clinked her own drink against Trish's and downed the glass.

"Why do they even bother having a Women's Championship anymore?"

"You're only saying that because you're not the champion," Stratus grinned
and sat back into the worn leather chair of the bar booth, and fanned herself
ineffectually with a sodden beer mat.

It was late on Monday night and normally they would both be happy to have
another RAW behind them. Even though Victoria wasn't in the midst of any kind
of push, the weekly live TV was still an important event. She'd even had a
match that night, tagging with one of the new bimbos against Molly and Trish.
Molly had lost. Never mind it was `scripted', never mind it wasn't truly
`competitive'. WWE was turning into Night of the Bimbos.

It had been enough to finally convince Molly her WWE career wasn't going
anywhere. That all the blood, sweat, tears and hair she'd sacrificed for
Titan Towers was worth about as much as a PPV main event featuring Earnest
Miller. Now, several drinks down, Trish and Victoria were starting to wonder
aloud what the offensively misnamed WWE Creative had in store for them.

"You know who I feel bad for?"

"The fans?"

"Heh. Fit."

"Yeah. Poor guy. He's been working as hard as us behind the scenes. He's a
genius agent. I owe him a lot. I wonder who he pissed off."

"It's a toughy, all right. I wasn't a blonde, I'd be able to work it out."
Trish winked theatrically and called for another drink. A youngish looking
man in his late twenties hastened around the bar with a tray. He had visible
tattoos, and wore a shirt with the name `Mike' on the pocket. He gave them
his most charming bars-staff grin, only to be utterly ignored once the drinks
were in hands. `Damn,' he thought, `those are some hotties.'

Trish giggled and adjusted her hat. She was trying to remember why she'd
picked it up before leaving the RAW taping, as it didn't really fit in with
her otherwise low key street clothes. The old prop was vaguely comforting,
unless it was actually someone's had she'd swiped.

"Just you and me left, now. Last Women Standing tha' can wrestle."

"And Lita!"

"Well, she's injured. The only move she can bump for is Edge's spear."

Victoria spat drink across the table and clutched at her muscular stomach.
Her dark hair shook as she gasped out laughter over the small booth table.
Other patrons looked around at the WWE Divas helplessly laughing.

"You know... we need to persuade Stephanie to get back into the women's
division," Victoria grinned at Trish's shocked expression and continued,
"then all we need to do is challenge her to a barbed wire bat match."

"I can see the web results now. It was terrible! There was silicone

"Hugh Heffner is in mourning!"

Further laughter rocked the booth.

* * *

A few hours had passed and the two divas stumbled out of the bar into the
cool late night air. Well past midnight and the streets were very quiet.

"Where's the hotel, Blondie?" Victoria slurred her words.

"That way!" Trish leaned against a street light post and pointed emphatically
down the road for a few seconds. Victoria stumbled into her, and Trish felt
the cold metal of the post pressed into her body on one side, and Victoria's
lithe form pressed into her back. Her brain was fuzzy with an unaccustomed
quantity of alcohol, though gulps of the night air were clearing her

Victoria mumbled an apology and Trish pushed herself away from the post,
breathing rapidly so that her chest rose and fell quickly under her top. The
woman's champion pulled her coat tightly around herself and stumbled down the
street. Victoria followed along, shocked to realise she'd forgotten what town
they were in.

"Ladies! Going home so early?"

"Who's that?"

"That's him!"

They turned around to find the bar waiter had followed them out of the bar.
Trish felt faintly disgusted as he eyed them up without bothering to hide it.
Victoria was back leaning against her, head down, and she could feel hot
breath down the neck of her coat.

"What do you want?" Trish adjusted her stance to better support Victoria, and
placed her left hand on her hip.

"You two angels down from heaven shouldn't be walking the streets

"Holy shit! I can't believe he just said that!" Victoria was giggling again,
loudly contemptuous of the cheese.

"Get lost." Trish turned around decisively, and pulled Victoria down the

"Whoa there!" He ran down the street and blocked their path, "Come on ladies!
I've seen your shows. I know what you kinds of women like!"

Trish was starting to get angry; the drink was lowering her inhibitions as
he probably hoped, but all that meant was she was getting ready to slap
smack him about the head where as usually she'd ignore him. Victoria's
reaction truly shocked her, as the dark haired woman raised her head and
said seriously,

"He wants a blow!"

Victoria dropped to her knees, and motioned the barman forward with one
finger. She was drunk and horny.

"You're... you're...." Trish felt ill as she watched the guy grin fit to push
the top of his head off. He stepped forward and fumbled with his belt. She
was feeling sickened, that Victoria - who she respected - was drunk enough to
blow a sleazy stranger in a dark street.

"LOW BLOW!" Victoria shouted, imitating JR, as she slammed a vicious uppercut
into the man's unprotected crotch. She put all her strength in to a genuine
un-pulled punch. The kneeling pro wrestler felt soft flesh crush against her
fist as the man went over backwards, squealing at high pitch.

"Help me up..." Trish complied, pulling Victoria up to her feet.

Trish looked down on the mewling man. "What an ass," she commented.

"Thanks. I work out." Victoria blew a kiss at Trish, and they stumbled
laughing back to their hotel.

* * *

Trish opened the door into the twin bedded room and flicked on the light.
It was hardly a five star luxury suite, but it was clean and had en suite
facilities. Still, both women were aware that the Diva Search winners were
permitted lots of extra luxuries they hadn't done shit to earn. Victoria
pushed into the room and sat on her bed. She was still high from punching
the jerk in the balls, enjoying the rush of power. Now, drunk and horny,
she was starting to think she should have played with him some more. Trish,
the more sober of the two, sensed possible repercussions - though there
were no witnesses, as far as she knew.

"You want the shower first? Wash some mashed testicles off you hand?" Trish
asked with a half-grin.

Victoria shook her head resolutely. Trish walked past and dropped her coat
onto her bed, quickly undressing as she headed for the en suite bathroom.
Victoria pushed herself away from her own bed and walked over to the room's
mirror. She rested her hands on the frame and looked hard at her body. She
was young, beautiful, and an improving wrestler. She had charisma and the
fans liked her. So why was Christy Hemme in a Wrestlemania spot and not her?
It was Wrestlemania, not Bimbomania.

Victoria ran her eyes up and down the body of her reflection. She was hot.
She knew it. Victoria turned around and leaned against the mirror. Through
the half open door into the small en suite room she could see the steam of
the shower around Trish's blurred outline behind the frosted glass. As she
watched the woman's champion shower, she started to feel aroused.

The woman's tanned cheeks flushed red as realise she was drunk and horny,
and thinking of her friend. unconventionally. There were a lot of rumours
about Trish's sexuality and relationships because the woman was so intensely
private about her life. Even Victoria, a close friend, knew very little.
Victoria herself was straight. No doubt about it. Yes sir, no thoughts about
other girls. Thinking about Trish like... this... was a passing drunken
phase, she thought.

Victoria crossed the room towards Trish's silhouette, stopping near the
doorway. The woman's champion seemed to be leaning back against the glass
of the shower cubicle as she cleaned; Victoria could see her ass flat
against the steamy frosted glass. Before she could think HLA she realised
she'd slipped her hand into the waistband of her panties. Eyes locked on
the Canadian's obscured body, she began to rub herself, thinking of an
encounter that would never, could never, happen.

She moved her finger in the outer folds of her lightly shaved pussy,
shivering in drunken arousal.

"Oooohhh... Victoria..."

She yanked her arousal tipped finger from her panties as Trish's low voice
barely carried over the shower. Looking again at Trish's reflection, she
realised the woman's own hands were... were... Victoria undressed in record
time to fully reveal her tanned, toned, body.

The hot shower spray danced across the wrestler's buxom breasts and tight,
lightly muscular, belly. Her wet blonde hair was pushed back over her head,
hanging in straggly strands down her back. Trish's eyes were tightly closed
as she worked two fingers into herself. She moaned throatily, trusting the
shower's pounding spray to hide the noise. Instead, she heard the shower
cubicle's glass door open behind her. She turned wide-eyed to be pulled into
the liquor kiss of Victoria, as the dark haired wrestler pushed her tongue
into the surprised Canadian's mouth. Trish's wet back was up against the
frosted glass of the cubicle wall as Victoria's breasts pressed against her
own; she felt herself being clutched tightly into her friend's arms.

Victoria could feel Trish's hand crushed between their hot crotches, and
humped herself gently, hopefully, against the Canadian's knuckles. Trish's
shock turned to surprised delight and she brushed her tongue across
Victoria's. She moaned into her friend's mouth as she moved her un-trapped
hand onto the dark haired woman's shapely ass. They kissed for long seconds,
eyes closed, bodies still. Exploring each other's mouths with lustful relish.

Victoria broke the kiss, pulling back as Trish chewed gently on her lip for
a moment. The hot shower spray pounded onto Victoria's back, but both women
would have been wet without it. Trish gently eased her fingers from her
slick hole and pulled her hand free. She reached up and moved a strand of
Victoria's long dark hair away.

"I love you, Trish. you're my best friend."

Trish sighed, fantasy coming true - but she was a realist.

"You're drunk. Hell, I'm drunk. You're going to regret. ooh, that's nice."

As Trish spoke, Victoria dropped her head and swiped her tongue across the
woman's arousal hard left nipple. Opening her mouth, she sucked on the shower
soaked flesh, flicking her tongue again on the hard nub. Trish leaned her
head back, and stroked Victoria's hair as the woman alternated attention
between her breasts.

"Oh, God. I want to fuck you. But you're straight and tomorrow... You're...

Victoria pushed her finger inside Trish's twat. The digit slid easily inside
and she wiggled it gently, feeling the hot wet heat of the gripping walls.

"Maybe not that straight," Trish muttered, humping against Victoria's probing
digit. She moaned as the woman rubbed around her clit with a damp thumb. All
the while Victoria continued to lick and suck her friend's breasts in the
pounding power shower. Never having been with another woman, it was all knew
to her - but she knew what she liked to feel. Trish's arms around her, the
hand stroking her hair, the moans and sighs she was bringing from the blonde
woman. Victoria pushed another finger inside the woman's champion and thrust
faster, harder. She bit gently on one of Trish's nipples and enjoyed her
friend's, her new lover's, groan.

Victoria pushed her body hard against Trish's and kissed her passionately.
She used her free hand to hold Trish's head and listened to her moaning
around their twisting tongues. She couldn't quite believe she'd gone so far
and given in to her horniness with another woman. She never even thought
about stopping as she relished the hot wet feel of Trish against her pumping

Trish rolled her head from side to side, feeling the heat grow in her belly,
her breasts. She wondered if Victoria knew how close she was to climax.
Victoria sped up her thrusting, swiping her thumb against the blonde woman's
hard clit nub. She knew. Trish was moaning continuously, helplessly, as she
was finger fucked into an explosive wet climax. Victoria felt Trish's body
stiffen, as her legs kicked out wildly. She had to support the Canadian
against the cubicle as pleasure kicked through her. Stars exploded before
Trish's eyes as she writhed on Victoria's hand.

After a few minutes Victoria allowed her to slid gently down the cubicle's
frosted glass wall. She stepped back until the shower was closely pounding
her back, water running down her ass and legs. Trish panted on her knees,
still jolted from her climax. Finally, she reached up and slicked her wet
blonde hair back again. A huge grin was plastered across the kneeling woman's
face, which she slowly changed into a deeply seductive smile. Victoria looked
unsure as she gazed down into Trish's eyes.

"Let's go through the other room, lover. I'm going to eat you for hours."
Trish said, pushing herself up and grabbing Victoria's arm.

To be continued?

Feedback appreciated, first (part of a?) pro-wrestling story and all. I mean,
it doesn't even include any wrestling. Don't know how that happened. I mean,
I used to find Jacqueline's Tornado DDT arousing. Oh, too much information,
right? Sorry. I do that to people sometimes. Don't fear me.

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