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Trish & Victoria: Last Women Standing Part 2
by Knorg (

"Fucking bitches! Nobody punches me in the fucking balls! I'm gonna kick
their fucking asses!" Mike the barman's eyes were crazed with anger as he
ranted. He pushed his way into the lobby of the hotel and walked up to the
check-in desk. Victoria's emasculating attack had enraged the barman beyond
rational thought; he wanted to get his own back many times over on the sucker
punching wrestler.

The desk clerk looked up from his copy of Plato's Republic, hidden inside an
FHM magazine. The cursing barman scared the crap out of the college kid, who
dropped his book and stammered out a standard line on automatic.

"Sir, we have no vacancies tonight. We're booked solid."

Mike focussed on the runt behind the check-in desk. He couldn't have given
less of a shit about what he was hearing if it had been a Chris Masters'

"Where the fuck are they, jerk-off? I want the dumb blonde and that dark
haired psycho bitch! Those sluts off the TV! Fucking tell me or I'll kick
your faggot ass so hard your boyfriend won't even want to fuck you!"

Mike yanked a 9mm handgun from inside his coat and pointed it in the desk
clerk's face. Terrified and close to pissing himself, the young man thought
over the guests coming and going that evening and realised who the gunman
must mean - two of the "WWE superstars" staying in the cheap joint had
arrived in the lobby a little before the prick with the gun. He wasn't paid
enough for this shit, he decided, and sold them out on the spot.

"Sir, Room 619. Please, I'm just a... OW!" Mike's gun cracked obscenely on
the clerk's skull, and he fell unconscious behind the desk. Mike stole the
spare room key from behind the check in, and headed for the elevator to the
sixth floor. As the doors closed he continued to mutter about what he was
going to do to both of the WWE divas.

"Gonna make 'em pay. Gonna make 'em both fucking pay. I'll show them what a
real man can do. Fucking bitchs."

* * *

Meanwhile, the two wrestlers had towelled the cooling shower water off their
bodies. Victoria sat slightly self-consciously on the end of her bed. She was
wondering what she'd gotten herself into, but eager to see where it went.
Trish's snatch was soaking wet from her climax in the shower, and the sight
of the beautiful dark haired diva sitting before her was inflaming her
arousal. Victoria could see the hungry lust burning in Trish's eyes giving
her an expression of wanton need. Victoria had given in to drunken horniness
and was now entering a whole new world.

Trish pushed her wet blonde hair back from her face. She reached forward
gently, and pushed the much longer dark hair away from Victoria's eyes, back
over the 'crazy diva's' shoulders. Victoria felt the woman's soft, lingering
touch against her skin and sighed. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the gentle
sensation. A moment later Trish leaped forward and pushed Victoria flat
against her bed.

"What the f-oooohhh", Victoria began, as Trish locked her gorgeous lips
onto a stiff nipple. Trish wrapped her tongue across Victoria's breast nub,
sucking warm flesh into her mouth.

"Harder! Harder!," Victoria begged, as Trish moved a skilled hand up to
the other breast. The Canadian eagerly complied as she roughly stimulated
Victoria's breasts to the sound of appreciative groans. Trish was mentally
on a cloud as she slurped and fondled breasts she'd admired and dreamed
about. She'd never suspected Victoria would turn to her like this, or that
she would already have had the woman's tongue in her pussy.

Victoria's hands were spread on the bed, palms wide, as she lay back in
pleasure beneath Trish. Her pussy was slickly wet and she-

"Ooooaaaaahhhh!" Trish brought her leg gently up to Victoria's crotch. She
felt Victoria's engorged labia against her knee, hot and slick and wet. She
kissed Victoria forcefully. Wrestling, no, shoot-fighting, wet tongues, she
continued to push her knee even more between Victoria's hot muscular thighs.
Flesh moved wetly against flesh. Trish was hungry to taste Victoria's oozing
honey pie, but she knew they had all night and she could wait a few moments

Trish's breasts weighed down on Victoria's saliva-slick chest as she explored
her friends groaning mouth with her tongue. She could still taste her own
juices in Victoria's mouth from the shower tongue-fuck. Victoria wrapped her
arms around the hard-bodied wrestler and tried to hook her legs around Trish
to hump her clit against the blonde's tanned leg. Trish rubbed herself
against Victoria's aching hot snatch and groaned as she imagined going pussy
to pussy. Later. This was about getting Victoria off right now. Trish pulled
her sticky knee away from Victoria's crotch and began to kiss a slow path
gently down the well-defined stomach of the WWE's most attractive wrestler.

Victoria lifted her head to look and, just for a moment, stared Trish
directly in the eyes. Lustful sexual energy crackled in the air between the
sweaty divas as Trish slipped back off of the bed, and dove face first into
Victoria's sticky crotch.

"Mmmmm... tastes good..." she said, first lapping around the juices that
stained Victoria's hard thighs.

"Please, Trish... do it!" Victoria begged, with real passion and need.

Trish blew air across Victoria's hot snatch and teased, "Do what, lover?"

"Eat me! Eat my pussy! Please! I need it. Don't make me kick your ass!"
Victoria begged; her voice was breaking with frustration.

"As if you could! I'd whup..." Trish began, before Victora sat up and
pulled the Canadian's face where she needed it, with more strength than
Trish would've thought possible. Victoria cried out with wordless desire
as she rubbed the folds of her snatch against Trish's face. She wrapped
blonde hair around her hands to hold the Canadian in place. Trish quickly
recovered from her shock and eagerly went to work on the streaming pussy
pressed onto her tongue. The heady smell of arousal and sweat filled her
nose and mouth. Victoria wrapped her legs around the kneeling canadian's
neck and humped face. Her eyelids were fluttering and she rubbed her
sweaty bare breasts with wild abandon as she felt her longed-for climax

Trish reached her strong arms around to grope Victoria's ass, groping the
tight buns in her small hands. She was really enjoying eating Victoria,
taking pleasure in the obvious enthusiasm of her lover. Trish loved women,
loved being with women. She knew Victoria needed release and concentrated
her energies on the woman's swollen clit. Trish slurped the hot bud into
her mouth and flicked it with her tongue. Victoria's moans rose into an
ecstatic shout.


That hit the spot. Victoria's body slammed violently against the springy
bed. She came a real gusher. Trish found herself being choked by Victoria's
thighs as her mouth filled with streaming girlcum. She desperatly gripped
the wrestler's sweaty thighs, breaking the hold as a Cytherian amount of
pussy juice splashed out of her mouth and over her face. Trish's tongue
worked feverishly as she sought to drink all of her friend's intimate
juices. Trish swallowed repeatedly, gulping the female ejaculate. The
Canadian hadn't been with many girls who actually gushed, and loved it when
they did. Victoria carried on squealing with her eyes rolled back, riding
an incredible climax. Trish had brought her off better than any man ever

Both thoroughly distracted neither of them heard key in the lock, or the
intruder until he was already in the room.

Mike was pissed. He should have known only a fucking pair of dykes would
reject him, he thought. Well, time he was through with their worthless asses
the bitches would worship his cock. He pointed his 9mm at the back of Trish's

"You goddamn fucking WWE whores! I'm gonna fuck you up! You hear me, you
shitty dyke fucks?" Mark reached down with one hand and undid his pants.
The sight of the two women together on the bed, and Victoria writhing in
her climax had given him a painful hard-on. He pulled out a thin six-inch
erection and rubbed it.

Trish turned around to look up a gun barrel. Her face twisted into disgust as
saw the ugly sight of a hard penis near to her face. Victoria was still in a
world of her own; she'd passed out during her powerful orgasm and her body
was still shaking. Trish thought about trying to knock the gun away, but it
was too close. She didn't want to risk being shot in the head, or leaving
Victoria at the psycho's mercy. Trish twisted at the end of the bed and moved
one hand over her pussy and the other over her bare breasts.

"Fucking whores! You see this? This is my bitch tamer. You know what I'm
gonna fucking do to you bitches with this? I'm gonna!"

"Excuse me."


Mike span around into a devastating haymaker from the former world champion
and entirely misused wrestler, Booker T. Watching TV in the room across the
hall, he'd heard the ranting lunatic start shouting about WWE bitches and
come to investigate. The force of the blow knocked him down to the side of
the bed.

"You bastard!"

Trish shouted as she pushed away from the bed and span on one leg to plant
the heel of her foot on his chin. Booker T put him down, but Trish very
definitely put him out. He landed heavily on the floor and the gun slipped
from his fingers. Trish spat down on his face, and stomped her heel onto
his bare crotch with enough force to end his chances of ever fathering a
future child. She then turned away and sat down to hug Victoria's body to

Victoria opened her eyes to see Booker T standing in his boxer shorts at the
end of the bed. Her brow knit in confusion until she noticed Mike's prone
body on the floor. She came to a quick, almost correct, conclusion looked up
with grateful eyes and smile at Booker T. Trish caught her expression and
felt intensely annoyed to get no credit. Booker, for his part, was surprised
to be facing two naked and sexually flushed divas. The smell of their fucking
hung heavy in the air, and virtually steamed off of their bodies.

"Thank you! Thank you! We owe you so much. How can I repay you?" Victoria
asked, leaning towards Booker. Trish's irritation grew.

"You little slut! You threw yourself at me, and now you're throwing yourself
at him! You're as bad as the diva search girls!"

"I am not! Booker saved us from that maniac! He deserves a re-"

Booker T momentarily considered stopping to watch the naked catfight that
appeared to be brewing, but he doubted his new wife would approve.

"Trish. Victoria. I'm a married man now and I swore to my good lady wife,
Sharmell, that I wouldn't ever sleep with another woman again," he smiled his
brilliant grin and whispered, "unless my baby was there and consenting to a
threesome, of course. Trish, I'm not remotely interested in your girlfriend."
Booker laughed.

"Well, I still oughta do something for you..."

Trish was getting properly angry. She'd just taken Victoria to a screaming,
gushing, sticky mess of an orgasm and this was her thanks? Trying to seduce
a naked man? Booker was having none of it, however.

"Nah, listen. I'll take this pathetic piece of trash out with me, leave you
two lovebirds to it."

Booker walked past the divas and hefted the still very unconscious Mike up
onto his shoulders.

"See you both in the morning."

"Goodnight Booker." Trish said, firmly.

"Awww..." Victoria pouted, as Booker T left with the thug. He was even
considerate to close their hotel room doors behind him. When he stepped out
into the hallway, other doors slammed shut. He obviously hadn't been the
only man to overhear the trouble, but the only one man enough to intervene.
Booker T shoot his head and crossed into his own room.

Meanwhile, Trish's rage peaked as Victoria had watched longingly while
Booker T left the room.

"I can't believe he...OWWW!" Victoria began, breaking off as Trish twisted on
the bed and slapped her hard across the face.

"You want a big cock up your ass, you little slut? I'll damn well give you
one!" Trish snarled into the confused diva's face. She stood and grabbed
Victoria by her long and beautiful dark hair.

"Hey! Quit it! OWWW!" Victoria was dragged across the floor without dignity
as Trish pulled her over towards her bag. Victoria twisted and fought against
Trish but couldn't quite get to her feet as she was pulled. She too quickly
began to get angry, and as Trish rooted in her holdall, Victoria finally
managed to twist her athletic form free and stood, pissed off.

"Pull my fucking hair, Trish? You fight like Stephanie!"

Victoria's body slammed into Trish's in a perfect spear tackle. Their naked
bodies smacked together loudly. Trish felt the air smashed out of her lungs
by the force of Victoria's impact. She looked into Victoria's enraged eyes as
the dark haired beauty landed on top of her. Victoria's hair landed around
Trish's face, so the first she knew that Trish had kept a good grip on the
strap on dildo she'd been rooting for was when the blonde smacked it heavily
into the side of her head.

Victoria cursed and brought her knee up between Trish's thighs. Trish's
eyes grew wide as Victoria ground a sweaty leg against her sex. Victoria
enjoyed Trish's groans as she rubbed her leg into the blonde Canadian's
sticky crotch. Trish pushed at Victoria and twisted under her. The women
began grappling for dominance on the hotel room floor. Victoria's iron
grip tightened around Trish's wrist and she smacked it against the wall
to make her foe drop the dildo.

Trish responded with a headbutt that left Victoria seeing stars, but
skilfully missed breaking her nose. She twisted the dark haired woman around
and locked her arms and legs into an amateur wrestling hold she'd picked up.

"Can you break out of this?" Trish asked as she upped the tension on
Victoria's limbs.

Victoria groaned and struggled. She knew she was better than Trish, but with
her arms and legs cinched behind her she couldn't move out of the hold. Trish
secured her grip on Victoria's muscular arms, using the leverage of the hold
to keep them together in just one of hers. Trish now had a hand free.
Victoria felt Trish stroke gently down her cheek with her free hand.

"I guess you can't tap out with your hands locked behind your back, huh?"

Trish's pussy was streaming between her tightly gripping thighs. The arousal
juices were running down as far as Victoria's gripped legs. She reached
around to cup one of Victoria's firm breasts. She massaged roughly with her
expert digits, and played with Victoria's nipple. The other wrestler's
breathing changed as Trish toyed with her. Victoria still struggled though
it was obvious to both she was fully enjoying being locked in the hold. Trish
reached down and pushed her hand between Victoria's thighs. Victoria gasped
as a single finger penetrated her slick hole and Trish began to masturbate
her with experienced touch.

"Wow, you're really wet down there. I bet I could push my whole hand in
without any effort," Trish whispered into the other woman's ear as she rubbed
her swollen clitoris with a sticky thumb. Victoria could only groan back as
she felt the orgasmic heat building again. Her body was shaking in Trish's
hold, and as Trish tweaked her clit she came. Trish felt Victoria clamping
down on her fingers as juices gushed from the groaning, gasping, shaking
woman's body. She loosened her grip on Victoria's arms and instead hugged the
woman's body close to her own. She licked and kissed Victoria's ear as she
held on to her lover.

Victoria gradually came down from her newest orgasm. Lightning bolts of
pleasure continued to rock through her body as she turned around and kissed
Trish deeply. The two women, blonde and brunette, both hot and sweaty, french
kissed on the hotel room floor. Trish continued to hold Victoria's body
against hers so their breasts pressed together. She felt Victoria move her
hand from squeezing Trish's toned ass to push between Trish's legs. The
blonde eagerly opened her thighs wide to allow Victoria access, and soon she
had two fingers pumping into Trish's sex, while rubbing the blonde wrestler's

"Wait... oh god... use this..." Trish held up the big strap-on dildo.

Victoria grinned; use of a foreign object meant things were getting really
hardcore. She fingered Trish for a few seconds more and then pulled her wet
fingers up to her mouth. Trish mewled quietly as she watched Victoria taste
her fingers.

Victoria stood and looked down eagerly at Trish's prostrate, spread-eagled
form. She ran her gaze from the Blonde's damp hair, past the eager expression
on her face, over her hard nipples and red-flushed breasts, down her flat
stomach, curved hips and wet pussy and finally the length of Trish's legs.

Trish lay for a few moments and simply enjoyed Victoria admiring her body.
She gripped the dildo shaft and twisted around to sit up on her knees.
Knowing the straps off by heart, she quickly buckled the dildo onto Victoria.
Trish found the sight of the black straps tight against the other woman's ass
and hips to be most arousing. She kissed Victoria's ass gently and licked
against both flesh and strap. Victoria felt the end of the toy pushing into
her pussy slightly, and when she moved it rubbed against her snatch neatly.

Victoria turned around so that the dildo was sticking out at Trish's face

"Suck it," she commanded.

"Wha... Victoria, I want it in my pussy!"

"You think I'm just going to forget you pulling my hair and locking me in
that hold? You're going to suck my rubber dick before I get you off again!"

"The hell I am!"

Trish started to stand up, but Victoria was more than ready for her. Naked,
but for the large rubber cock strapped to her waist, she pulled Trish into
a DDT and dropped to the floor. Trish cried out in shock before the impact
knocked her silly. Victoria pushed her off and crawled over to have a quick
rummage in Trish's bag; having seen the dildo pulled from it she wasn't
surprised to find even more toys. Clearly, when Trish was unsatisfied on
the road she did more than ring Dave Scherer to complain.

Victoria found a set of handcuffs and also keys, which she put to one side.
Trish was already regaining her senses so Victoria moved quickly to cuff the
blonde's arms behind her back. She closed the cuffs tightly on Trish's slim
wrists, and then manoeuvred her onto her knees. Trish's body flopped forward
on her knees, so her face was against the carpet and her ass high in the air.
Victoria recalled seeing a chair in the wardrobe, provided for when hotel
guests had other guests in their room. When Trish finally opened her eyes
and looked around clearly, she saw Victoria standing above her holding up a
folded chair above her head.

Trish immediately tried to put up her hands to deflect any blow. She quickly
found that they were cuffed behind her back. Victoria found she enjoyed the
sexual thrill of having another woman helpless before her, but she wasn't a
sadist and had no intention of hitting Trish while she was helpless.

"Gotcha!" she grinned, dropping the plastic chair to one side and gripping
the base of the black dildo. Trish sighed, and knelt up as straight as she
could. She complied with Victoria's command. She licked up and down the
strap-on sex toy, and then took the end into her mouth. Victoria bucked her
hips a little, forcing more of the length into mouth of the kneeling, cuffed
woman before her. Trish realised Victoria mostly understood sex in terms of
phallic penetration from just being with men; Trish yearned to show her that
while it could be nice from time to time to use the strap-on, there was so
much more.

"Good girl! Work my shaft, yeah... okay... that's enough."

Victoria reached for a tube of lubricant from Trish's bag, but stopped when
the cuffed blonde shook her head.

"I'm wet enough. Just take it slow to start, okay?"

Victoria got down behind Trish and reached around to stroke the wrestler's
slick honey-pot. She shuffled forward between the kneeling woman's feet and
pushed the end of the black dildo into her. The sex toy was big but Trish
was wet, and she'd taken it before. Victoria sank the full length inside
her in one slow thrust. Trish groaned as it stretched her pussy. Victoria
lent down over the kneeling woman, and took a hold of her breasts. She began
to fuck Trish with the dildo, pulling the blonde up so that she could thrust
better in the slightly awkward kneeling position.

Trish moaned and pleaded for what she liked from Victoria,

"My clit, rub my clit! Please, please!"

Victoria complied, reaching one hand down to play with Trish's pussy. She
felt her strap-on shaft sliding between Trish's stretched, puffy, labia. She
found the end of strap-on dildo was designed to get her off as well if she
thrust right, and as she rubbed her slippery fingers on Trish's swollen
button she found the rhythm she needed to pleasure herself as well when it
rubbed against her. Trisha's fingers flexed in her cuffs as Victoria's hands
and strap-on pleasured her. For a woman who'd apparently never slept with
another woman, Victoria had picked things up fast.

The women moved together on the hotel room floor; the earlier drinking had
worn off, Mike the psycho was forgotten. It was just too lovers rocking and
groaning, building to a shared climax. Victoria was really pushing hard into
Trish with her muscular hips, chasing her own latest release. Trish was wide
eyed and helpless, mouth slack and drooling as Victoria slamming into her
and squeezed her clit. She started to cum with a piercing scream just as
Victoria felt her own orgasm triggered. Victoria was shuddering, but the
dildo was jammed solid into Trish's gripping gushing pussy. Victoria hugged
the blonde's body close to her own as their bodies spasmed together. Trish
passed out in her arms, driven unconscious by Victoria's threeway assault
and the monumental orgasm that slammed into her.

Victoria panted atop Trish, sweaty bodies held together in love and lust.

* * *

The pain in Mike's jaw was throbbing like a son of a bitch as he slowly came
around. His head felt like it was packed with candyfloss as he opened his
eyes and blinked a few times. The pain in his crotch was far worse. He knew
instinctively he would never be able to force himself on another woman.
Something was very wrong but he was still too out of it to work things out.
The memory of the punch that knocked him down came flashing back, but Trish's
kick had been too sudden to register.

Mike tried to curse out Booker T, but with the red ball-gag strapped around
his face the words emerged as:

"Go'am I'er!"

Mike woke up real fast then and began to struggle as hard as he could. He
realised he was bent forward over a low wooden table, with his arms and legs
securely tied beneath. He realised he'd been stripped naked as well, and
suddenly the would-be rapist began to feel very frightened indeed. A pair of
muscular black legs appeared in front of his face. The muffled noise he made
then was meant to be.

"Oh shit!"

"Let me tell you sucker, if that was the word I think you meant, you used up
the last of my goodwill. Hell, I'm fucking with ya. Since you tried waving a
gun and threatening my friends, I ain't got any goodwill for you anyhow!"

The legs moved out of Mike's field of vision, and he heard the athletic man
walking around him. Mike thought back to some of the long nights he'd spent
in prison, as he felt cold lubricant being slathered onto his ass.

"Now, my good lady wife says I can't fuck another woman, and I'm happy with
that because I love her. Thing is, I learned how to teach you white boys a
lesson back in prison, and you sure ain't another woman... yet." Booker
paused, and then laughed.


The End!

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