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Trish And Victortia At The Pool
by Grahf

Trish Stratus went to the Pool Locker Room. She was pretty sore from last
night's Raw and felt a good swim could help her out. She and a few other
divas were staying at the hotel, but the possibility that the other women's
clothes she saw on the bench could be another diva's never dawned on her.

Trish put on a Red bikini, the top barley keeping her breasts in and the
bottom was very tight and also a thong.

When she went out to the pool she was surprised to see Victoria there
swimming around in the shallow end.

"Hey Vicki" Trish yelled out. Victoria stopped swimming laps and looked to
see who was calling out to her. "Oh Hey Trish come on in, Water's great."

Victoria was wearing a very tight two-piece white bikini. Her wet body
showed off her huge breasts and tight abs better than normal.

Trish dove in and Swam up to her. "Hey about a race, 10 laps back and forth."

"Alright, Your on Blondie."

Both divas had a lot of fun, but were still very competitive. In the end
Victoria won.

"Take that Stratus." Victoria laughed, and then got splashed by Trish. She
splashed her back and the two divas had nice wet play fight.

After things settled down Victoria was just wading in the water when Trish
pushed her head under trying to get a little revenge.

"Oh you're gonna get it now."

"You gotta catch me first." Trish said Swimming to the deep end. Victoria
stopped at the dividing line."

"What's the matter Vikki too deep for you" Trish began to laugh.

Victoria Tried to get to Trish, but couldn't handle the deep water having
never really learned, and went under.

Trish's laughter stopped and she dived down for her fellow diva. She pulled
her up back to the shallow end.

Both women were breathing heavy and were wrapped in a wet embrace against
the wall in the pool.

"I am so sorry Victoria, I didn't know."

"It's okay Trish" Victoria said stroking her cheek and looking into her eyes.
"You saved me."

With that both women's eyes locked and they slowly began to move forward and
then kissed each other deeply.

As their tongues swirled together, the two women's nipples began stiffening
beneath their tight swimsuits and rubbed against each other between the
fabric. Trish broke the kiss and began rubbing Victoria's breast through her
biking top.

"Oh Trish, that feels so good, don't stop." Trish was amazed at the effect
she was having on Victoria, plus how hot it was making herself. She then
pulled down both straps of Victoria's top letting her massive melons free.
They were glistening with wetness and her nipples were deep brown and
completely sticking out. Stratus placed both her hands on Victoria's tits
and squeezed and caressed the sensitive flesh.

"Oh fuck, I've never felt this good in my life!" Victoria barely managed to
get out as Trish began tweaking and pinching her nipples, rolling them
between her fingers.

Trish couldn't wait anymore, squeezing one of Victoria's tits hard she bent
her head and began to suck. Her lips wrapped tightly around Victoria's tit,
as she increased the suction and flicked and licked her hardened nip.

"AHHHHh, Oh my God! I don't fucking believe this." Trish stopped her sucking
and took off her top letting her huge beautiful tits spill free. She then
grabbed one of her tits offering it to Victoria.

Victoria wasted no time and attacked Trish's chest with a vengeance.
Slurping, licking and sucking, alternating between both breasts. Then she
felt something under water at her pussy. Trish had put her hand in her
bikini, and started to finger fuck her. Victoria couldn't concentrate
anymore and Let Stratus fuck her senseless.

Trish's Finger slid in and out of Victoria's hot hole, as her thumb rubbed
her clit. Victoria came in no time, and Trish felt a warm gush as if one
section of the pool just became superheated.

All of a sudden, Victoria disappeared under water, and pulled off Trish's
bikini bottoms. Before Stratus could register what was happening, Victoria
had resurfaced and put her hands in each of Trish's armpits. With one
powerful lift, she had pulled her out of the water and placed her on the
ledge of the pool. Victoria quickly spread the blonde's legs and dived
mouth first into her lightly shaven blonde pussy. Victoria's tongue hit
spots Stratus forgot existed. Victoria attacked Trish's pussy with the
fury she did with her breasts. She soon found Trish's clit and quickly
wrapped her mouth around it and sucked and sucked as hard as she could.

A few moments later, Trish exploded into Victoria's face. The black haired
diva swallowed as much as she could.

The two divas then went into a 69 on the deck and gave each other another
mind-blowing orgasm.

The two women slowly walked to the locker room, both a little shaky from
their incredible orgasms. Once inside they, saw Stacy in a tiny tight black
two-piece bikini thong under the shower. "Hey you guys, don't leave now,
come join me in the pool, we could have lots of fun" Stacy said as she went
out to the pool.

Trish and Victoria looked at each other, smiled and went back out.
_ _ _

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