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Trish Gets A Dose Of Mattitude And Takes It To The Extreme
by Craig

At 2001 Survivor Series, Trish was entered in a Six-Pack challenge for the
Women's Championship Belt. Since the WWE was going up against the WCW each
corporation had their own locker rooms.

Before the big tag team cage match would take place, Matt was looking for
some action. He really didn't feel like he wanted some of Lita tonight, he
felt more like he wanted a hot little blonde, besides Lita hadn't been
putting out as of late so Matt had a case of blue balls. Matt couldn't find
Trish so he decided he would wait until she walked through the locker room
since they all had to share one.

Sure enough the tender young vixen entered the locker room. She was sporting
a pair of tight black leather pants and a tight white halter top that really
pressed up against her large tits. She was looking very hot in Matt's eyes.

"Hey, Trish." Matt said in a casual voice, so nothing was suspicious.

The blonde stopped in her tracks as her beautiful hazel eyes fell upon the
seated Matt Hardy. He was wearing his signature black baggy jeans, a tight
fitting shirt and his black and white wrestling boots.

"Hi Matt." she replied, her voice very seductive. It made Matt's cock dance
a little under his pants.

He chuckled in his head, he knew that he was getting some. "I'm trying to
work on a new gimmick for when I go solo. I have an idea, I just need to
pitch it to someone to see if they like it."

"Sure, why not." she said with a bounce, making her chest jiggle slightly.
She walked over to the couch and sat down next to him.

He smirked, "Okay well I was thinking something more along the lines of
"Mattitude". Like every girl needs a dose of Mattitude." He said in more of
a sensual tone.

"What exactly is Mattitude?" she asked, a little confused.

He smirk spread from ear to ear. He led his hands to his pants and started
to unzip his pants. He opened his pants up a little, to reveal his black silk
boxer shorts, it had somewhat of a tent.

Trish's eyes opened up in excitement. She always wondered what Matt's cock
looked like. She started to lick her soft pink pillow lips, her eyes just
glued to his covered member.

"You'll be the first to get a dose of Mattitude. Go ahead baby," he said in
his southern voice while pulling the boxers over his dick. He was still fully
clothed, just his cock area was bare, "give me head."

She didn't need any further instructions. She bent forward and moved her
blonde hair out of her face and wrapped her wet lips around Matt's juicy cock
head. He groaned in pleasure, but Matt was looking for something else. To
Trish's surprise he trusted his hips up, shoving his thick meat in her heated
and wet throat. She gaged on his dick.

"C'mon baby, don't tease me...take it all in your mouth." he said as he
placed one of his strong hands on her back, rubbing it. He put his other
rough hand on her head to guide her up and down on his fuck stick. "...yeah,
Trish...suck my dick."

Matt didn't even give her a chance to get over the gaging, he just kept
forcing more of his hard cock in. Trish could taste the salty flavor of
Matt's cock and could smell Matt's masculinity scent. She was high on his
dick. His veiny length rubbed on the her slick tongue and his head rubbed
the top of her mouth.

"Keep goin' babe...make love to my dick, bitch!" Matt moans out loud from
all the pleasure his dick is getting. He tosses his head back, and closes
his eyes as the blonde sucks on his manhood. Trish gets more into what she
is doing and she uses her tongue skills to lick in between Matt's cumhole.

"Fuck, Trish...! That's right, you whore. You're going to get that dose of
Mattitude pretty soon. Take it all in."

Trish starts to deepthroat his thick cock meat and bobs her head up and down
on his dick, sucking and slurping on it like a hungry cock slut. Matt loses
his control he grabs Trish's hair and pulls on it to force his whole cock
into her throat. Trish like hows he is becoming rough and she begins to
slobber on his dick. Matt shoves so much down her throat that his large balls
fit into her mouth. Trish has her mouth full, but she focuses on sucking his
balls. She doesn't care anymore if it makes her more of a cock slut, she just
wants to feel his sac in her mouth. She bathes it with her tongue and slurps
on the huge sac.

"Oooh yeaaah, suck on my balls! Lick that nut sack! I'm gunna cum baby! Get
ready for that big dose of Mattitude...ohhh, here it is bitch!!" Matt moaned
as his eyes rolled back in utter pleasure.

Trish was having seconds doubts about swallowing so she tried to pull off.
Matt noticed Trish was trying to pull off his cock. He grinned a dirty grin
and used the force of his large strong hands to hold her head there as he
emptied his load.

"I don't think so bitch, you're going to swallow it all. You need Mattitude."
he chuckled and moaned all the same time while spurt after spurt of his hot
sticky cum shoot down her hot throat. All Trish could do was continue to suck
and milk his hard thick cock and suck on the head as the spurts kept cumming.
Trish nearly choked on all of the cum that was pouring down her throat but
there was nothing she could do but swallow.

"Yeeaaah, swallow it all...mmmm, baby. Eat my cum." Matt groaned as his cock
spilled a few more shots of gooey cum. It all went down her used throat.

Trish lifted her head from his cock, and Matt zipped up and buckled his pants
and left the locker room. As Matt exited, Jeff entered.

(To Be Continued.)

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