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Trish Gets a Dose of the Dudleys
by Surfomaniac

It was after RAW on December 9th 2002. The Dudley Boyz had teamed up with
WWE's sexiest woman, Trish Stratus to take on Chris Jericho, Christian and
Victoria is an inter-gender table match. The match had ended with Trish
putting Victoria through a table.

The Dudleys are in their locker room.

"Oh man, good match, eh D-Von?"

"Oh yeah!"

"Yeah, I so love seeing women being put through hard wooden tables."

"Yeah bro, that little bitch Victoria sure got it good."

"Oh, the way Trish put her through wood!!"

"Turned you on, didn't it?" D-Von asked wickedly.

"Hmmm. Sure did. But you know what I would have liked even more?"

"Yeah. I know. Even though Trish was on our side, your dirty little mind must
have been hoping that she tasted wood." D-Von said, clearly reading Bubba's

"That's absolutely correct, bro." Bubba said with an evil grin.

"What's it about Trish anyway? Every time you are near her, you act all
weird, you start thinking with your cock, man."

"Oh D-Von, it's everything about Trish. That woman drives me wild. She makes
me horny like fuck. Everytime I see her, I just wanna fuck her."

"Hey, hey. Let's keep control over ourselves now. Trish is our friend. I
know, she is a highly attractive woman, but she is our friend. She trusts us,

"D-Von, she may be our friend, but that doesn't keep me from keeping my cock
down on seeing her. I mean, c'mon, you too must be dying to get into her
pants, experience what she has to offer."

"What she has to offer? Bubba, you're talking all weird."

"Think bro', think about Trish. She is the single, sexiest female I have ever
seen. You tell me, you don't get hard on being close to Trish?"



"Well, yeah. I mean, she does turn me on."

"Of course she turns you on. This is fucking Trish Stratus we are talking
about. It's everything about her. Right from her hot, sexy, fuck of a face,
framed by those beautiful, long, silky golden strands of hair, her extra
large cleavage barring tits, that flat toned abs, her nice fleshy arms and
thighs and don't even get me started on that fabulous ass!"

"Oh fuck man, when you put it that way....."

"Yeah, when I put it that way, how much of a 'friend' does she seem to you?"

"Hmm...not much of a friend, I must say, seems more of an amazing lay!"

"Fuck yeah bro', what an amazing lay Trish would prove to be. Now you get
what she has to offer, don't you?"

"Hell yeah."

"Hell, think about it D-Von. Think what it would be like to have hot, wild
sex with Trish Stratus. Think about that big black cock of yours, drilling
Trish's tight, white cunt."

"Oh fuck yeah."

"Doesn't seem like a friend now, eh?"

"Seems like a blonde, big-titted, fantastic lay to me."

"Oh, the way Trish looked tonight. D-Von, fuck, it made me sport a boner.
Trish has made me hard, teased me a number of times, D-Von. Tonight, I've
lost it. The way Trish looked tonight, so sexy, so fuckable, so enjoyable. I
want to have her. I want to have Trish tonight, D-Von!"

"Fuck yeah. Man, Bubba, you've surely got me all horny and high for Trish

"Let's give the blonde tease some wood!!!!!"


"D-Von, I kinda lust over Trish when she's in the ring. You know, sweating it
out, her big tits oozing out, getting physical. I love Trish getting
physical. It fucking makes me hard to see other people getting their hands
all over her tits and ass, getting to feel her, feel her heat."

"I get what you're saying, bro'"

"Fuck her we are, but I wanna fuck the hot piece of ass right in the middle
of the ring. You see, D-Von, you see how I need that, why I need Trish to be
laid in the center of the ring, fucking her senseless?"

"It just seems right!"

"I can't go without fucking Trish in the ring tonight, D-Von! I NEED TO FUCK


"Let's do it, D-Von. Tonight, we get Stratusfied."

"And I know just how."

* * *

Trish was in her locker room, taking a breather when she heard the knock.

"Come in."

D-Von entered.

"Hey Trish!"

"Oh, hi D-Von. What's up?"

Trish was still dressed in her ring attire, the tight black top and silver
spandex pants. D-Von was so horny for her, he felt a tingle in his crotch. He
looked her up and down, she had redone her make up, her hair, she looked
perfect. D-Von felt the movement in his pants.

"Uh Trish, I've just got news, we would be involved in inter-gender action
again next week. Now, I know we were great today, but there is always scope
for improvement."

"Oh yeah, today we kicked ass, what do you have in mind?"

"I was kinda thinking, you know, once the arena is empty, if you're not too
tired, we could you know, practice a bit in the ring. You, me and Bubba."

"Well, ok, D-Von. I mean, I am a bit tired, but ok, I am a sport. Let's do

"Great Trish, we'll go easy, just some basics we need to get right."


"See you in the ring when the arena's empty. We don't want people to know
we're putting in extra, do we?"


* * *

The arena is empty and the Dudleys are already in the ring, waiting for the
sexy Trish Stratus to come and pleasure their cocks. They spot Trish
entering, still in the same sexy ring gear. She bends to enter the ring and
Bubba gets a great view of her tits. He knew he would be getting a much
better view later on.

"Hey guys, so what's the plan!"

You don't wanna know, Trish, Bubba says to himself.

"Let's get this on folks" D-Von said.

D-Von and Bubba had clearly planned how they would want this to go. They knew
they were horny as hell and could not wait to get their hands on Trish. They
had decided to get physical from the start. They both stared at the blonde
babe. Such a sight, she was. Her perfect hair framed her beautiful face, her
tits were popping out as usual.

"Trish, what Bubba and I were discussing, is that, we are great in inter
gender matches. We kick ass, so do you. You really put Victoria in her place

"Oh I did, didn't I?"

"Sure you did" added Bubba, "But, the problem for us arises when you are up
against men. So, what we thought was that we would just practice a bit here,
you wrestling us, just to, you know, give you some idea as to what you can do
to hold your own until you get the tag. Let's just take some few scenarios
and see what you can do to defend or counter attack."

"Is that really necessary. I mean, we did work out a strategy that would make
me face females whereas you can take on the males. I thought that was good

"Oh, the strategy Trish." D-Von started "Yes, that is there. It's good. But,
you were caught by Chris Jericho tonight, weren't you? It's just that, we're
worried about you Trish. We don't want you to get hurt. We love you too

"Oh, thanks you guys. Well, ok, I guess we could practice on that a bit."

"Ok. So let's get started."

D-Von and Trish stood in the center of the ring while Bubba moved to the
corner, his eyes fixed on the sexbomb.

"So, it's you v/s me, Trish. I'll get a hold of you, let's see you defend."

D-Von locked arms with Trish. As soon as he came into contact with her bare
arms he felt himself harder. He leaned over on Trish, oh, she smelt
wonderful. Trish tried to wriggle free but D-Von had a firm grip. He gently
pressed on her arms and shoulders, gently feeling her. He leaned closer and
Trish's big boobs touched his chest. He knew there was no way Trish was gonna
be able to escape this. He pressed himself against Trish's tits, causing them
to be pressed against him. Trish was too occupied with trying to get free to
notice. Bubba watched from the corner, hardening at seeing Trish struggle in
the ring. D-Von gently got his right hand down to Trish's crotch. He felt it,
loved it. He rubbed Trish's crotch a bit and this time she did notice.
Trish's eyes went wide as she felt D-Von's hand feeling her cunt. D-Von
quickly picked Trish up and body slammed her to the mat.

Trish felt a slight pain in her back, but D-Von hadn't slammed her too hard.
She however was sure he had felt her. She got up and stared at him. He had an
innocent look on his face.

"Gotta be more aware, Trish. Gotta, try harder."

"Hmm...yeah..." Trish managed, wondering if D-Von's actions were an accident
after all. That's the way a body slam is done, isn't it?

"C'mon Bubba." D-Von said.

Bubba approached Trish in the center as D-Von retreated to the corner.

"Let's see you react when approached from the back, Trish." Bubba exclaimed.
"Ah, hmm, right." Trish blurted, still a bit confused.

Bubba stood behind Trish and his gaze inadvertently fell on her rear. Fuck,
he said to himself. Bubba grabbed Trish's arms from behind and locked them
with his own. He gripped her tight. D-Von admired his cunning.

"Try to escape, Trish."

Trish struggled again against Bubba. Bubba held his grip tight. He leaned
closer to Trish. Trish's long, silky blonde locks were all in Bubba's face.
He leaned in and smelt them. Oh, her hair smelt so lovely. Bubba hands hooked
Trish from under her arm pits and rested on her shoulders. Bubba was getting
highly aroused, having the bombshell herself in his grasp. His cock began to
harden and point straight.

"C'mon Trish, you can do better."

Trish struggled a bit more, but Bubba's grip was perfect. Her efforts only
caused her perfect butt to slightly touch Bubba's hard cock. Bubba felt it.
So did she. Bubba loved it. She was plain shocked.

"Did my ass just touch Bubba's dick. Bubba's dick is erect" she thought to

Bubba tugged at her again, causing his cock to hit her ass again, to poke it.
Bubba, now started grinding his cock against her ass, fully horny, acting as
if he was wrestling her.

"Hey!" Trish screamed.

"C'mon Trish, try harder. Harder. You're not doing enough. Push it a bit
Trish. Try harder."

Bubba loved the feel of Trish's hair on his face, his cock up against her
butt. His cock was now rock hard and rubbing on Trish's perfect ass. He felt
the warmth of her body against his. He decided to go a level further. His
hands dropped from her shoulder and rested on her chest just at the top of
her breasts, just at the curve.

"Hey, Bubba, stop. WHAT ARE YOU UPTO?" Trish said as she felt his hands
approach her boobs.

D-Von spoke, "C'mon Trish, I know you can do better. We have to win, c'mon!"
Bubba lowered his hands a bit more and now they were cupping Trish's huge
boobs. It was away from D-Von's sight. Bubba pressed on her tits.


"What's the matter Trish? Can't seem to get away from me, can you?" Bubba

"What's wrong Trish?" D-Von asked, smiling as Bubba was now humping away on
Trish's ass and firmly caressing her tits.

"D-Von, stop this. What the fuck. Bubba!" Trish screamed, unable to get away
from Bubba's grasp.

"What's wrong, Trish? What's the matter?" D-Von asked again. Clearly wanting
Trish to state it.

Bubba keeps massaging Trish's large globes and his cock is all over her ass.

"D-Von, get Bubba off me." Trish pleaded. "Please." Trish was shaken.

"Just tell me what's he doing Trish and I will stop him. Just tell me what's
he doing."

"D-Von please" Trish pleaded.

D-Von came to face Trish and saw that Bubba was having his way with Trish's
huge breasts, clearly molesting the beautiful blonde.

"Let's move on to the next move, Trish. Let's see how you react if two men
come for you at the same time."

And suddenly it was all clear to Trish. Like lightning it hit her, what a
trap. She was tricked, tricked by two people she considered her good friends.
Tricked into being with them alone in the entire arena. Tricked into having
one rub his hard cock over her ass and play with her tits, while the other
stood in front of her. Tears hit Trish, they poured down.

"Please guys, please don't do this. Please, I beg of you. Why? Why?" Trish

"Why? Because you are the world's best cock-tease, that's why?" Bubba said.

"You make us horny, Trish. You get it.? Your large tits, fucking hot ass and
sexy blonde hair make us hard. That's why. Cause everyday, we dream about
entering your cunt and enjoying you, Trish. That's why. We lust over your
body, Trish. We lust over you and we wanna just fuck you."

"I trusted you, guys. Please don't do this. I thought you were my friends."

"Friends? We were your friends, Trish. But it is you who has turned us into
your worst enemies. You and that aura of sexiness about you have got out the
demon in us. Now, you'll have to pay for it." D-Von explained.

Trish was clearly afraid now, her eyes fill with terror and tears.

Bubba released his grip on her and pushed her into D-Von.

"C'mon now, Trish. This is no practice session. This is a fuck session. And
certainly, we do not need you clothed when you are the guest of honour!" D-
Von laughed.

Trish turned and tried to make a dash out but Bubba stopped her. "Don't be
stupid now, Trish. But you can't help that, can you blondie? There's nowhere
to run to. No one to help you. Face it, Trish. You're ours."

D-Von and Bubba both stripped naked and stood with their cocks hard and
pointing at Trish. Trish was shocked by the size. D-Von stood tall at around
13 inches while Bubba was around 12.

"Big eh, Trish. So that makes three of us with big assets" D-Von laughed.

"OFF WITH THE CLOTHES, HONEY! Before we rip them off you" Bubba warned.

"Guys, please.."

D-Von reached for Trish's black top and fiercely pulled at it. Bubba joined
in and the brothers tore it right of her. Trish stood there shocked, her
black bra holding her large boobs. And then she knew they meant it. She knew
she was going to be raped right in this very ring, by people she considered
her true friends just hours ago.

"Trish, take your clothes off..." D-Von repeated.

Trish slowly began to take her tight silver spandex pants off. She stepped
out of her pants and stood semi naked, ashamed, with her head bowed. It was a
heavenly sight, the buxom Trish standing there is her black bra and thong
panties, totally embarrassed.

" you see that D-Von? WOW!"

"I've fucking not seen nothing yet! Do you need to be slapped around now, you
stupid fuck-toy? Strip naked! NOW!! Panties first"

Trish reluctantly reached for her thong and took it off. There she was,
bottomless, her shaved crotch exposed.

"Heaven help me!" D-Von exclaimed.

"Turn around, bitch" Bubba screamed.

Trish, about to cry again, turned slowly around, exposing her bare butt to
the Dudleys.

"Holly FUCK!" they screamed in unison. "HOLY FUCK. Now that's some ass. FUCK

Trish didn't need to be told to remove her last bit of clothing. She took off
her bra and turned to expose her bare chest.

Bubba's eyes shot wide and he went into his custom trance. Trish Stratus,
nude, had knocked the wind out of the Dudleys. Their cocks were pulsating.
This was some sight. Trish, her beautiful, long, golden strands flowing
across her pretty face, big boobs, hard nipples, shaved pussy, amazing ass,
naked, all ready to be fucked.

"Please guys, spare me. Look at me. Isn't this enough? Please, what have I
done to you? Please let me go."

The Dudleys burst out laughing.

"Spare you, eh?" D-Von asked.

"Please guys, please don't do this."

"Fucking you want to be spared eh? You need to earn it." Bubba said. "You
need to do something to prevent us from fucking the hell out of you, cause as
of now, that's what we are gonna do."

"OK Trish. To give you a chance, we have some propositions for you." D-Von
added. "You wanna be spared, 300 push-ups right here, in the nude, at a

"300...are you crazy...I've fucking had a rough night....I can't do 300."

"Rough night? Or is it because your tits are too damn heavy?" Bubba grins.

"Remember, we are your friends Trish." D-Von says sarcastically. He
approaches Trish and stands behind her. He takes a hold of her hair and runs
his hands through it, playing with it. "You don't wanna do push-ups, here's
another option. Now this is fair eh, two choices for a women in your
position. You don't wanna do the push-ups, shave your head bald, Trish. Right
in front of us, you get all that sexy, long, silky straight, golden locks
right off. You need to shave yourself bald, you understand. Not a single hair
on that scalp. You need to give all your sexy hair to us. We would do
whatever with it. Got it?"

"I....I can't do that" Trish creid again. "Hey, I can never do that. I'll be
fired from my job. Hey, please guys, no."

"Do you think this is a joke, Trish?" Bubba screamed. "You think we are
fooling around here. We wanna fuck the shit out of you. Considering you are
our friend, we give you some options to save yourself. You think it would be
something like saying the A, B, C?"

"Fucking here's your last option, Trish. You milk yourself." D-Von said.

"What?..What? I ... I don't get it?"

"What do you not get, you dumb, blonde fuck. You take those humongous tits of
yours, do whatever to get them ooze milk. You fucking pull them, press them,
bite them, we'll just watch. You get some milk out of those tanks and you're

"WHAT? Guys, fuck, how dare you? You fucking know that's not possible. Fuck,
how can you? That's not possible, I'm, I'm not pregnant. It can't happen
without the right medication." Trish was now crying hard.

"You can't do this, you can't do that, I guess we can fuck you then." Bubba
said, joyously.

The Dudleys approached Trish.

"Hey. Wait, guys, please. Ok. Ok. I'll do the push ups. I'll do 300 push
ups." Trish blurted out of fear more than anything else.

"300? That offer is fucking gone." Bubba smiled.

"Guys, please, please...."

"OK. 400 push ups right now."


"Fuck yeah, now do it, otherwise there's nothing left to offer."

They cleared the space for Trish in the center of the ring. Trish had never
done 400 push ups ever, she had barely managed a maximum of 200. Still, she
had to do it. She had to accomplish it if she had to save her honour, her
dignity. Trish got into position and started. The Dudleys enjoyed the scene.
The sexy Trish Stratus, performing push-ups in the center of the ring,
completely nude. Oh, she was hot. Her body muscles tensed as she worked out.
The Dudleys watched her, rock hard, gently beginning to stroke their cocks.
They loved how her body stiffened, her toned muscles showing on her arms and
legs. They watches the perfect ass as it went up and down. They watches her
big tits, hanging from her chest, her sexy hair dropping down and framing her
beautiful face. The jerking increased a bit.

"Fuck, D-Von, check her out. What a fucking body. Holy shit. You're looking
fucking great, Trish. This could be included in a fucking porno and I bet
guys would get off in no time." Bubba teased her.

Trish ignored the lewd comments. She had just managed 50 push-ups. She had
broken into a sweat.

"Hey, look Bubba, Trish's boobs actually touch the mat when she goes down.
Look, fucking such huge tits, fucking Trish can rest her body on them, undue
advantage I say."

"You're fucking right. But it seems great to see them hit the floor. Fucking
let her continue."

Trish couldn't bare the humiliation. She let her cry be heard.

"Looks like we hurt our friends' feelings, Bubba. Looks like she too the
comment to heart. Funny how it passed her boobs to reach her heart in the
first place."

The Dudleys laughed hard. Trish just continued her push-ups. She had reached
the 90 mark and could feel the tiredness creeping in. Her arms were getting
heavy. She had a busy day and was clearly tiring quicker.

"Say D-Von, fucking look at her go. So hot, look at that body go up and down.
Would be lovely to get it up and down over my cock." The Dudleys continued to
gently stroke their cock, enjoying Trish's athletic body being worked. D-Von
reached Trish and adjusted her hair to one side so that they had a view of
her face, of what she was going through. Trish's face had just started
showing the first signs of pain, of fatigue. She was clearly panting. But
there was a sort of determined look about her. She continued the push-ups.
Sweat drops trickled down her face, her body glistened. D-Von and Bubba knelt
down on either side of her face, pointing their stiff cocks at her. They
continued stroking. Trish was now letting out gentle groans as she furthered
her quest to reach 400 push-ups. Her tits heaved.

Trish reached the 150 mark and was now really feeling the pressure. Her arms
ached. She was grunting and screaming. "AAAH...AAAH..."

"That's right, babe. Let us hear that sexy voice." Bubba said.

around 190 push-ups when her body failed her and she fell flat on her face.

"Oh YES!!!!" the Dudley's screamed in unison.

Trish lay, moaning in pain, her arms and thighs extremely sore, her tits
pressed against the ring floor. She was covered in sweat and her body
glistened under the arena lights. The Dudleys carresed her back and felt her
warm body. They felt her ass and squeezed her butt cheeks. They felt her arms
and thighs, hard and muscular. Trish was too tired to protest.

Bubba grabbed Trish's hair and pulled her up on her knees. Trish looked at
him, fear in her eyes. Bubba held her in place by her hair and taking hold of
his hard cock in the other hand slapped Trish's face with it. He slapped his
cock on her cheeks and enjoyed the view. "Now Trish, we fuck you!" He let go
off Trish and she fell forward. "Take her, D-Von."

D-Von was happy to get the first go at this curvaceous sex kitten. He raised
Trish by her hair. "There's so much of you that can be fucked, Trish. So
much. Where do we start. Where do we start, Trish?" he screamed at her. "We
are your friends, Trish. As a friend, I give you the choice. You would tell
me, where I should fuck you, first. Tell me, Trish. Tell me, Trish."

Trish just viewed D-Von with unbelieving eyes. Why were they humiliating her
so. What had got into them?

"Fucking, tell him, Trish." Bubba screamed at her.

Trish was unable to mutter anything.

"D-Von, GET THE TA....."

" God no....Hand...hand...handjob....I'd give you a handjob"
Trish blurted.

"Did you hear that, Bubba? She wants her ass to be fucked first. What a

"No. Oh God no. NO." Trish screamed.

"Don't you know the rules, Trish? An ass fuck is always last. But you know
what? We are your friends, Trish, we would give you whatever you want." D-Von

"No. Not the ass. No." Trish screamed and tried to escape. D-Von grabbed her
by the legs and pulled her back.

Bubba lifted her and placed her on all fours, kept her in place. Trish's ass
was fully exposed. D-Von took his place behind her and spread her soft, white
ass cheeks apart. He loved the touch. Trish's slightly pink asshole was
exposed. What a sight! Trish was crying out loud, wailing. "No. Please no."
she screamed, shaking her head in protest, her hair flying every which way.
D-Von's hard cock was now just inches away from Trish's dry asshole. D-Von
couldn't believe it. They were gonna rape Trish Stratus. And the first thing
on the agenda was her unbelievably perfect ass. Without a warning, D-Von
inserted his un-lubricated hard, hard, black cock inside Trish's dry asshole.

"OH SHIT. FUCK. AAAAAAHHHHHHH." Trish screamed out loud as D-Von invaded her
sacred ass. She struggled but Bubba held her tight. D-Von pushed more of his
cock inside Trish's tight ass. He took in the feel. This is what he wanted.
His cock inside Trish's shit tunnel. The muscles of her ass clamped on his
cock. What a feeling it was. He could feel the insides of Trish's hot ass
pressing against his cock.

Trish screamed in pain. D-Von pulled it out a bit before slamming it back
inside Trish's rectum. D-Von worked up a pace, pushing deeper into Trish's
ass each time, oblivious to her groans and protests. He had made up one thing
in his mind, Trish was gonna feel 13 inches of cock up her ass. He held her
ass cheeks in his hand and pressed them on his cock. D-Von pumped Trish's
butt and had around 8 inches inside. In and out he went as Trish could just
grimace in pain. D-Von now really worked a pace and fucked Trish's ass hard.
He did not care if she passed out or anything. Trish's ass clamped hard on
his cock and he got a grip of her hips and pulled her back to him. In and out
he went, putting more and more of his cock inside Trish.

her fists on the ring floor. The pain was unbearable, but surprisingly she
didn't pass out. She just cried and screamed and was consciously feeling the
that Bubba could not take it anymore. "This bitch needs to be silenced" he
said before putting his cock inside Trish's wide open mouth. With the foreign
object entering her mouth, Trish's lips clamped shut on Bubba's dick.

"Good lord, wow" Bubba exclaimed as he felt Trish's warm mouth take his cock
in. Bubba grabbed Trish's hair and held it back so that her face was fully
seen. What he saw sent waves of delight to his cock. Trish's beautifully
sculpted face was filled with agony. Her eyes were red with tears. And her
mouth contained his dick. It was a sight he would remember forever. "Now,
listen here, blondie. Don't you dare pass out. D-Von's giving you the ass
fuck of your life. Don't you dare pass out on us. And if you haven't
realized, Trish, my damn hard cock is in your mouth. Now seeing those lips on
you, and feeling the warmth of your mouth on my dick, I can sense that you
have the ability to perform wonders here. My cock likes wonders. Give me the
best damn blowjob of my life" Bubba ordered.

Trish started sucking on Bubba's cock, due to sheer fear. Bubba had a great
grip on her sexy, blonde hair and was playing around with it. She was still
on all fours, her hands on the floor, with D-Von cock up her ass. Unable to
use her hands, she started working Bubba's cock with her mouth itself. The
pain in her rear was extreme, though she knew Bubba would hurt her even more
if she didn't comply. With all the cock-sucking knowledge she had gained, she
started sucking and blowing on Bubba's cock. She worked her expert tongue on
his dick sucking and licking his shaft. The occasional groan escaped her when
D-Von exerted pressure but still she managed to move her fuckable head up and
down Bubba's shaft.

"Holy cow! Fuck, D-Von, fuck, she is a master. Holy shit, this girl can a
mean dick. Bubba forced her head on his cock, inserting 8 inches right in as
his cock hit the back of her throat. Trish's full lips were wrapped around
his cock, engulfing it. "Take it all in, take it all in Trish, I want your
lips to hit the base of my cock." With a huge breath, Trish went down on
Bubba and with him pushing her head down, his cock fully entered her mouth,
12 inches of man meat into her mouth, down her throat. Trish's lips hit
Bubba's base as he exclaimed, "She did it D-Von. What a slut! 12 inches. She
swallowed it all." He then lost it, and with a hard grip on her hair, fucked
her face on his cock. Each time, 12 inches of man meat entered Trish's mouth
and fucked her throat. He felt Trish's saliva, her tongue, the insides of her
cheeks. Trish was a pro. Her mouth was built for a throat fuck. Each thrust
caused her to gag. Seeing this D-Von, with added encouragement, used all his
might and passed the last 3 inches right up her ass. Trish was on all fours,
in the center of the ring, with 13 inches of cock up her ass and 12 inches
down her throat. Bubba relaxed and withdrew his meat. As D-Von withdrew,
blood trickled down Trish's asshole. As D-Von withdrew his cock an enormous
amount of pain hit her ass. Trish's ass burnt like never before, clearly

"Oh fuck, oh shit" Trish groaned in pain.

Bubba went to a ring corner and sat on the top turnbuckle. D-Von pulled Trish
up by her hair and stood her in the middle of the ring. "Now, you stupid
fuck, go-on and do your stupid little trashy move on Bubba".

"What? What do you mean?" Trish asked confused.

"Go on and do your fucking move Trish. Go on and do that head scissors
rubbish you do with your opponent on the top turnbuckle. DO IT NOW".

Trish clearly confused, ran a few steps and did her trademark StratusFear,
the turnbuckle handstand headscissors takedown. As Trish got her legs around
Bubba head and tried to take him down, Bubba got a hold of her legs and D-Von
held her hands. Trish was trapped upside down, nude.

"Waa...whaaa...what? Lemme go, lemme go" Trish screamed.

"Oh yeah, fuck Trish, everytime you did this move it got our cocks aching,
hardening. Now we're gonna enjoy every moment of this".

"No .. no please no. Please let me go" Trish sqealed, the blood starting to
go to her brain.

Bubba parted Trish legs a bit still having a good hold and had a good look
down her pussy.

"Ooh brilliant little cunt. Ooh yeah".

"Please let me go" Trish begged.

Bubba rubbed Trish's pussy with his index and middle finger. He parted her
pussy lips and inserted his fingers deeper in. Finding Trish's clit he
started massaging her vagina. He kept going deeper into Trish as he finger
fucked the cunt of the sexy diva.

Trish was getting groggy in the upside down position and the finger fucking
she was receiving was driving her wild.

"Ooooohhhh fuck, oohhhh, stop, oohhhh stop".

As Trish was stuck upside down, her gorgeous sexy blonde hair freely flowed
from her head. D-Von having been always turned on by Trish's sexy blonde
hair, silky as they were couldn't help but resist having his fun with her
hair. He approached Trish and felt her brilliant silky blonde hair in his
hands. He pulled up her hair and sniffed it. The scent of her hair was
fabulous. It turned D-Von on and he too chunks of Trish's hair and started
rubbing it all over his face. He took huge chunks of her gorgeous blonde
locks and actually inserted his cock in them. The sensations that went
through his dick wrapped around Trish's hair was like heaven to him. He
rocked his body back and forth as he fucked Trish Stratus' blonde hair.

"Please, please leave me" Trish continued begging as Bubba was still finger
fucking her.

"No way bitch, we're gonna destroy you tonight" Bubba yelled now fucking her
cunt with 3 fingers.

D-Von continued humping Trish's hair not caring that this was perhaps the
most weird fetish anyone could have. He pulled on Trish's silky long hair as
he wrapped them on his cock. Bubba now had 4 fingers inside Trish's cunt
fucking her like crazy. He was finger fucking Trish with great speed and
Trish in her upside down frame was going wild. Her head started to ache with
the blood running to it and she was getting horny with her pussy being

"mmmmm .... Mmmmmmmm" moaned Trish.

"D-Von, I think you would love to make this cocktease shut up".

"Hell yeah!"

D-Von let go off Trish's hair and inserted his cock in her mouth as Bubba
continued to fuck her cunt with 4 fingers.

"hmmmph...hmmmphh" Trish groaned.

D-Von took a hold of the back of Trish's head and started to move her head
over his cock. After some initial slow thrusts he began increasing the pace
as he started to bang Trish's mouth with his cock. Trish was totally lost
with her head being full of blood and having D-Von's huge cock fucking her
hot sexy fuck face adding to her pussy now getting really wet over Bubba's
fingers. D-Von held Trish's head steady as he now started to thrust his hips
and fucked her beautiful face as she was still held upside down.

"Oooohhhh, mmmmmmmmmmm, fuc....sto..p" Trish was starting to lose
consciousness. Not wanting to have her unconscious D-Von stopped the face
fucking as Bubba threw her legs forwards causing Trish to land on the ring
boobs first with a thud.

"Aaaahhhh" Trish groaned in pain as she started regaining control of her

"And now let's see how much of a woman you really are Trish. Let's see if you
can handle a double team" D-Von exclaimed. Saying that he lay down on his
back with his hard cock in the air as Bubba picked Trish and positioned her
wet cunt on D-Von's cock. He then pushed Trish forward so that her boobs
rested on D-Von chest and her hair was all over D-Von's face. As much as this
pleased D-Von it pleased Bubba because he could now clearly see the asshole
of Trish Stratus. Trish's asshole was still covered in blood as Bubba vowed
to completely rape the backside of this unbelievably beautiful woman. Bubba
rubbed his cock over Trish's ass crack while D-Von adjusted his cock properly
in her cunt.

"No, no, oh please, please, have mercy, oh please".

"Mercy? Mercy? D-Von, do you hear this whore? That's not how you'll become
women's champions again Trish. The only way a talentless big tittied slut
like you can become a women's champion again is by letting Vince and Shane DP
you just like we are gonna do now" saying this Bubba roughly entered Trish's

"Oh FUCK!" Trish yelled as the pain was excruciating. D-Von also started
fucking her pussy as Bubba began penetrating her rear. Bubba held Trish's
hips in his hand as he began mercilessly fucking Trish's ass. D-Von began
thrusting his cock deeper and deeper in her cunt as the Dudley's fiercely
fucked the base of their tag team partner.

"Oh you motherfuckers...oh fuccckkkkk....oh shhittttttt" Trish yelled as she
was split between pain and pleasure. Trish's tits pressed against D-Von
chest, her boob flesh making him hornier, causing him to fuck her cunt

"Oh fuck yeah, oh God yes, oh fuck yeaaa" Trish screamed loud as she threw
her head back.

D-Von kept fucking Trish's cunt as Trish climaxed all over his cock.

"OH GOD FUCK YEAH" Trish screamed in pleasure.

"Hear that D-Von, hear her voice D-Von" Bubba screamed fucking Trish's ass

"Oh I need her tits Bubba, I need Trish's tits, need to fuck them. Oh they
feel so good on my chest, need to rape her tits Bubba!" D-Von exclaimed.

Bubba caught Trish by the waist and pulled her off D-Von with his cock still
in her ass and rested on his back so that Trish's gigantic and fleshy boobs
were pointing straight up.

As Bubba kept humping Trish's over-violated ass, D-Von rested himself over
Trish so that his cock was resting in between her breasts.

"Oh look at these double D's. Trish's teasing assets, her whored out boobs,
fantasy of millions, these fleshy jugs with large brown nipples are now all
mine" D-Von yelled as he inserted his dick in between Trish's most lusted
over assets. He squeezed Trish's boobs together as he fucked her mounds.

"Oh heaven, I'm fucking Trish's tits!! Fuck yeah" he moaned as he raped
Trish's rack. As he fucked Trish's juicy jugs with them pressed against his
cock his cum started to build. Seeing Trish's senselessly fucked up
expression let go off her tits and pointed his cock over Trish's beautiful
and fucked up face.

moaned as huge amounts of cum flew out of his cock and splashes across
Trish's sexy face. Load after load of D-Von cum hit Trish's cheeks, eyes,
forehead, nose, lips and hair as her fuck face was covered in D-Von hot man
fluid. Trish's pretty face was drenched in D-Von's sticky cum.

"Oohh yeah Trish, yeah!" D-Von moaned totally spent.

Bubba now fucking Trish's sore ass for around 15 minutes found his load about
to pop. "AAAHHHHH YEAHHHH!" he yelled as he blasted his seed inside Trish's
violated ass. "FUCK YEAH, TAKE THAT YOU FAT ASSED WHORE!!!!" he screamed as
load after load entered Trish's ass. The cum started overflowing mixed with
her blood as it dripped out of her asshole.

"Ooooh baby, fuck that was awesome" Bubba exclaimed as he exited Trish's ass.

"There Trish, that was a good training session, wasn't it?" D-Von asked.

Trish just lay in the ring crying, totally devastated by the rape she was
just put through.

"She hasn't learnt a thing, D-Von" Bubba said.

"What do you mean?"

"What kind of a match did we have tonight?"

"A table match".

"Well, this fucking cocktease needs practice of being put through a table!!!

"No ... no.." Trish whispered, no stamina left in her.

D-Von rushed outside the ring and brought back a wooden table inside as he
placed it in the ring.

Bubba sat himself on top of a corner turnbuckle as D-Von easily lifted the
broken bombshell and placed her nude fucked up body on Bubba's shoulders.

"Mercy...mercy" was all Trish could mutter.

Bubba got out his tongue as he licked Trish's stomach and navel before
slamming the nude babe's 5'4" fucked up body through the wooden table
cracking it in two, leaving the former WWE Women's Champion unconscious in
the center of the ring with her beautiful face and desirable ass full of cum.

Bubba lifted Trish's fucked up body on his shoulders as the Dudley Boyz made
their way back to the dressing room along with their former friend and
current fuck toy.

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