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Trish Gets Extreme
by Extreme Queen

Dear Diary,
It's me, Trish. When you are a darling girl like me, all you want to do is
fuck 878, 678 times a day. I'm an interstellar love goddess and my pussy is
the sexiest pussy in the galaxy. Sometimes, I strip off my bra and panties,
lie down in front of my full length mirror and just stare straight at it for
hours. Sometimes I decide to rub my clit. It feels so good and I get really
wet. My lovers describe it as the most beautiful flower they have ever seen.

Also, when I get unbearably horny, I call on one of my girlfriends, like
Francine, and we have hot phone sex, but I had never actually been with a
woman before.

Today, I called Francine. Like usual, we chatted and got each other really
turned on. It was getting me really wet just talking to her. She was telling
me how she wanted to eat me out and then fuck me with a strap-on until I cum.
Then, she came up with this wild idea to go act out our fantasys at the park.
It made me nervous, like I already said, I had never been with a woman. And
also the worry, what if we get caught. Francine said that's what makes it so
fun. Well, she convinced me. She can use that sexy voice of hers to get me to
do almost anything she wants.

We went over to the park around 10 or 11 at night. Francine had brought a
large knapsack with her. I asked her what was inside and she told me to just
wait and see. At first, I didn't know what to do. Francine told me to just
leave it to her. She then reached over and kissed me on my lips. It felt
wierd at first, but then it just felt good. Having her soft, full lips on
mine, god, it was wonderful. She then took off my top and proceeded to suck
on my nipples. Then she bit. I screamed out in pain. She then slapped me in
the face and told me to quiet down. I was shocked. How could she turn on me
like that. She opened up her knapsack. It was full of sex toys. She took out
some handcuffs and cuffed me to a bench.

I decided she must just be fooling around. I offered myself to her with
hopes of convincing her to play nice and quit with the hardcore. All that did
was just turn her on. I could tell because she doesn't wear panties and she
was dripping wet.

Francine ripped off my skirt and slid my panties to the side. She started
to lick my pussy. It felt so good. I was getting really wet. She was slipping
her tongue in and out of my cunt and sucking on my clit. Just when I was
about to cum she stopped and shoved her whole arm in . I screamed again and
she slapped me again but this time I didn't care. I came all over her arm. My
juices oozing out onto her thin little arm she kept going. Thrusting her arm
in and out of my wet stickey pussy. I then came again. She took her arm out
and licked her finger. She told me to lick her arm clean. I did as she told
me and I had almost licked it clean but she pulled her arm away and rubbed
her already wet pussy with my juices. She told me to now eat her. I said that
I couldn't because I was handcuffed. She said that she would unlock them only
if I would treat her as good as she had just treated me. I said she would get
exactly what she deserved.

She unlocked the cuffs. I got up and smacked her on the side of the head.
She said asked me what's the matter. I told her to stick her ass in the air
and shut the fuck up.

I then handcuffed her arms around the tree and whipped out Francine's 12
inch strap-on. I started to tease her. Telling her how I was going to screw
her with her own strap-on. She begged me not to. Told me how much it would
hurt and that a true friend would never do that. I yelled at her and said if
she was a true friend, she would have never slapped me and with that I shoved
the whole twelve inches right up her ass.

She screamed and I could tell why. Her ass was bleeding. I started to
feel bad but then I decided to keep going. She hurt me and I wanted to hurt
her. I began to thrust it, back and forth, in and out. I could tell she was
feeling horney because she was getting really wet. Francine's shaved pussy
was glistening in the moonlight. It was so wet I decided to just taste her
juices. I stuck my finger in her cunt, got it really wet then brought it back
to my lips.

She tasted so sweet I just had to have more. I took off the strap on and
started to eat her out. Sucking and rubbing on her clit and pulling my
fingers in and out of her pussy. I knew she was about to cum so I started to
suck her clit faster and harder until she came all over my face.

She then passed out. I was getting a bit tired myself so I took off her
clothes and put on my own. I left her clothes in a pile by her feet, placed
the key to the cuffs just out of her reach and scattered all of her sex toys
around her in a neat little circle.

I guess I was pretty mean and I did overreact but hey, what was I suppost
to do. I was angry and horney and confused and I didn't know what to do. Oh
well. Think she'll ever forgive me?

Well Diary, that was my day. Probably, years from now I'll look back upon
this day and just laugh my head off but today I'd have to say this has been
one of the strangest days of my life.

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