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Trish Gets Her First Magazine Shoot
by Drew D

It was early 1999, with a young model of only 22 aspiring to hit it big in
the industry by getting a few magazine covers. She was a blonde girl with a
good body and basically the typical model. She wore a "business like" outfit.
A skirt that cut off at mid-thigh and a blouse that was unbuttoned to show
off her cleavage.

She headed over to the "MuscleMag" offices and greeted the secretary at the
main desk.

"Hello, I have an appointment with Mr. Daubach" said the model.

"Name please?" asked the secretary.

"Stratus. Trish Stratus."

"Ah, yes here you are I'll buzz him and then send you in."

Trish then took a seat as the secretary phoned somebody. Trish looked around
at the numerous plaques on the wall featuring the top selling magazines the
company had had. She hoped that she could one day be able to sell magazines
like the other women.

"Ms. Stratus," the secretary called out "Mr. Daubach will see you now."

Trish got up from her chair thanked the secretary and walked through the door
and then headed down a short hallway and ended up at a door with a nameplate
that read "Mr. Greg Daubach". Trish knocked on the door and after a few
moments she could hear a "Come in!" from the inside.

Trish took a deep breath and opened the door and entered the room, which was
the typical office. Mr. Daubach turned his attention from the paper he was
writing on to Trish. He raised his eyebrows in delight as he got up from his
seat and greeted Trish.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Daubach," Trish said as she offered her hand.

"Just call me Greg" he replied as she shook her hand "Trish, right?" Trish
nodded in agreeace "Take a seat, take a seat."

Greg was a man of about 45. He had his hair rather short and sported a
goatee. He was clad in a dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows
and khaki pants on.

Trish did as requested as Greg hopped onto his chair and got the meeting

"So Trish, you want to get a spot in one of our upcoming issues?"

"Very much so" Trish replied.

"Well there"s quite a list of other ladies who"d also like to get a spot with
us. What do you have to offer so that I'd choose you over them?"

Trish swallowed deeply while thinking about it and then answered "Well I'm
not really sure... I've had some experience modeling and people tell me I
look pretty good and I'm in good shape."

"Ah, but many of the other girls can offer the same thing, what else can you
offer?" asked Greg while winking at Trish.

Trish got the hint and had half a mind to get up and leave right then, but
realized that she really wanted to get a spot, not to mention she needed the
money pretty bad. Trish then sat up from her chair and then took a few steps
to the desk and leaned over it giving Greg a nice shot of her cleavage.

"Oh, I can offer you a whole lot of things," Trish said seductively.

Trish then took her hand and slid most of the items off of Greg's desk
and then swung her legs onto the desk and then got on her knees. She began
unbuttoning her blouse and with each one she undid she could tell Greg was
getting more excited by the bulge in his pants. Trish unbuttoned the last
one and then pulled the blouse off and threw it into Greg"s lap. Her breasts
were contained by a red lace push up bra.

Trish then stood up on the desk and turned around so that her backside was
facing Greg. She turned her head around and gave a seductive wink to Greg
and grabbed her skirt by the side and pulled it down to her ankles. With the
skirt removed it was revealed that Trish was wearing a red thong to match
her bra. Trish gave her booty a few shakes before hopping down from the

Trish then straddled Greg in his chair and engaged him in a lip lock. Soft
and sensual at first, but after a few moments their kiss began to get more
intimate. Greg opened his mouth wide and engulfed Trish's lips and sucked
on them for a brief moment before Trish returned the favor for him. After
repeating back and forth a few more times Greg slid his tongue into Trish"s
mouth and began to "wrestle" around with hers. Trish forced Greg's tongue
into retreat, but Trish stayed on the assault inserting her tongue into
Greg's mouth and continuing their tongue tango.

Trish finally broke the lip lock and sat away from Greg, both panting heavily
after the long kiss. Trish began to unbutton Greg's shirt, and after undoing
each one Trish would place a soft peck on the barren skin. Trish untucked the
shirt and undid the final few buttons before pulling the shirt of Greg's
shoulders. Trish then examined Greg's physique, which was above average, he
was slightly toned and a slight six pack could be made out.

Trish unbuckled Greg's belt and then pulled it off and then tossed it to the
side. She then got up from the lap of Greg and had him sit on his desk. Trish
then unbuttoned and unzipped his khakis and grabbed them by the waist and
pulled them off his legs leaving him only in his boxers which were making
quite a tent. Trish looked her lips in desire for what was concealed under
Greg"s boxers. She then grabbed his boxers by the waist line and like his
pants pulled down off his legs allowing his penis to flop out. A little
smaller than Trish had expected at 7", she was still pleased with what she
had to work with.

Trish got a handful of Greg"s balls and lightly squeezed them in her hand.
Her hands were quite cold giving Greg a shiver down his spine as she touched
him. Trish stopped grabbing his balls and gently grazed the underside of
Greg's cock with her index finger causing his dick to twitch a little. Trish
then cuffed her hand around his shaft at the lowest point possible and began
to pump his cock. Slow and steady at first, Trish began to increase her
pumping action on Greg's dick. Greg put his head back and closed his eyes as
Trish kept pumping his cock.

With Greg's cock at its maximum extent Trish quit pumping his cock and moved
herself closer to it. Trish pushed her blonde hair out of the way and opened
her mouth. She moved in closer to his dick and her lips met the head of his
dick. Her lips slid in over the head where she stopped and gave a few sucks.
Trish then began to move forward taking in as much of Greg"s dick as she
possibly could. She got about of the way there before having to stop. Trish
then began to go back and forth on his penis flicking her tongue on his cock
at times also.

"Ohhh yeah.... That"s what I like... keep on sucking and you'll get the job
soon enough" Greg said as he took his right hand and placed it on the back of
the blonde's head and began helping guide Trish's head on his cock, not that
she needed it. As Greg began getting close to his boiling point he began to
get a little "greedy" with Trish and began pushing Trish farther on his cock
than she could handle. She began to cough and gag as his cock began colliding
with her tonsils. Greg didn't seem to care though as he kept pushing Trish

"Ohh shit... here it comes..." with the little warning Greg blew his load
into Trish's mouth. She tried to swallow it all down but was unable to do so
and some of Greg"s semen seeped through her lips and down her chin. Trish
used her hand to wipe the cum off of her face and then rubbed the cum off on
her bra.

Greg said while walking behind Trish. Greg placed his hands on Trish's
shoulders and gave a brief massage before moving his hands down on her bra
strap. He then unlatched her bra and pulled it off her shoulders baring her
breasts. He then helped Trish to her feet and grabbed her thong by the
waistline and pulled it off her legs leaving both of them nude. Greg then
had Trish lie down on his desk.

Greg spread Trish"s legs giving him open access to her pussy. He jerked his
cock off a little getting it harder once again. Greg then positioned himself
between Trish's legs and grabbed a hold of his dick and directed it towards
Trish's pussy. The head of his cock slipped through her pussy lips as he
slowly eased in more of his cock. Trish got a firm grasp of side of the desk
as she was being penetrated by Greg. He finally got all of it inside of her
and began to slide it back and forth inside of Trish's pussy. As he began to
increase his pace inside of her, he began to get more and more aroused. His
cock began to get hugged tightly by Trish's pussy walls as his penis began
to get harder. Trish cringed in a mixture of pain and pleasure as Greg's
shaft grinded inside of her.

"Uggghhh... oooooo... yessss..." Trish moaned out as Greg's cock continued to
ram her pussy. Greg then leaned down with his chest smushing Trish's breasts
into him. Greg turned his head towards Trish"s neck and began placing soft
kisses on her neck, before focusing on one certain place and beginning to
suck on it. Trish moved her hands from the desk to Greg"s ass which she
squeezed as Greg continued to suck on her neck. As Greg was kissing her neck,
he moved his hips around so that his cock was still stimulating Trish's
pussy. Greg delved a little deeper inside of Trish"s pussy and soon a flow of
her pussy juices flowed out as Trish began to spasm a little from an intense
orgasm courtesy of Greg. Greg stopped sucking on Trish"s neck and soon
realized that Trish had passed out from the orgasm.

While Trish lie prone he took it upon himself to play with her breasts. He
began with the left breast and began to fondle and squeeze it. He then turned
to her right breast and did the same thing. After playing around with them a
little more he began to get a taste of them. He moved into her left tit and
began to suck and nibble on it a little and although Trish was passed out her
body still reacted as her nipple began to get hard as he continued to secrete
his saliva all over it. Greg then turned to her right tit and it happened
essentially the same way. Greg continued to go back and forth between the two
breasts for a few more minutes until Trish began to regain consciousness.

"It's about time you got up... you've been out for a good 15 minutes..." Greg

Trish looked surprised, "Really? Wow no guy has ever put me out that long...
so did I get the job?"

"Heavens yes," Greg replied. "Although... I could offer you the cover spot in
exchange for some... anal sex..."

Trish closed her eyes and swallowed deeply. She had never been fucked up the
ass before and from what she had heard it could be pretty painful... but if
she got the cover it could help her career so much more than just a spot in
the magazine. Trish then gave her answer by lightly pushing Greg off of her
and then getting on her hands and knees with her ass in plain view of Greg.
It caught him off guard as he didn"t really expect her to accept.

"You won't regret this Trish... you're going to be a big star!" Greg said

Greg went into the drawer of his desk and pulled out some lube and spread
out Trish"s ass cheeks and began to lube up her asshole. He then lubed up
his index and middle fingers and then slowly inserted it into her asshole
which quickly tensed up as his fingers went as deep as possible. Trish
winced in pain as he did so but kept strong. Greg then lubed up his cock
and then positioned himself behind Trish's ass. He spread her ass cheeks
out and inserted the head of his penis towards her asshole. Greg then gave
a hard thrust that allowed his cock to penetrate her ass hole. Trish gave
out a grunt of pain as Greg slowly began to insert more of his lubed up
dick into her tense virgin asshole. Greg got as much of his cock as he
could up in Trish and began to work with it. Trish let out moans of
pleasure and pain all at once as Greg"s hard cock moved in and out of her
asshole. As he continued to get her up the ass Greg began to grab Trish's
boobs making the pleasure even greater for him. Greg was reaching his
climax and let Trish know.

"Mphhh.... Go ahead... Right in my.... Ass" Trish managed to get to get out.

Greg did as he was told and after a few more thrusts blew his load in Trish's
ass much smaller then the one he had from getting the blow job from Trish.
Greg slowly removed his now limp cock from Trish"s asshole and took a tissue
and wiped it clean. Greg then picked up his boxers and put them back on along
with his pants. As Trish slowly got to her feet, she awkwardly walked over to
her pile of clothes and began to put them back on.

"You'll be walking normal in a day or two... I hope you think it was worth
it..." Greg said.

"I do also..." Trish replied. She didn't tell him, but she would have
probably had sex with Greg again even if she wouldn't receive anything but
sexual pleasure from it. She then walked out trying to make her step seem as
normal as possible, but it was rather obvious what had transpired in Greg's

A few weeks later Trish headed down to Florida where the shoot was taking
place. She took numerous photos and her best one was put on a Summer '99
issue of MuscleMag...

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