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Trish Gets Her Way
by Unknown

Wrestlemania was getting closer as every RAW past. Chris Jericho ran into
Eric Bischoff's office and protested that he doesn't have a match at
Wrestlemania. Eric put his arm round Chris and said, "I have a good idea,
but go get ready for your match."

Chris walked out of Eric's office cursing at him before slamming the door.
Jericho walked down the hall cursing out loud. When finally Jericho got his
locker room to find his women friend Trish Stratus. Chris sits down next to
Trish who moves close as possible to Chris and at this point Trish notices
Chris's cock harden, Trish puts that to the back of her mind and then asks
Chris "What's wrong, honey?" Trish again notices Chris's cock grow even

"Bischoff won't give me a match at Wrestlemania."

"There, there," Trish says as she makes a move on Chris kissing him on the
lips, also sticking her tongue in slowly Chris just sat and enjoyed it.

After a while Trish pulls away and takes her long black coat off, flashing
her nicely tanned legs and het tight top holding her breasts in place. Chris
began to play with Trish's breasts through her top. Trish let out a slight
moan. This pleased Jericho. He began to enjoy this himself as his cock grow
again starting to poke out through his wrestling pants. Chris was about to
pull her straps down to show her bra (if there was one) when Trish got up.

Chris said becoming sad again "What's wrong? Have I done something wrong?"

Trish snapped back, "No, I've got a match on RAW for the Women's Championship
and it's going to be tough."

"Would you like my help?" Chris said happpily.

Trish replied, "No, thank you. Not during the match, but you can help me

Chris said with a shocked expression, "I'm at your service."

Just as Trish got down on her knees and began running her fingers over
Chris's rock hard fella just as Jericho's tag partner Christian walks in.

"Sorry, I'm late. There was traffic." Raising his eyes to see Trish on her
knees and Jericho laying back, "Whoa! I'll go if you don't want me here."

Trish said as she got back to her feet, "The more, the merrier!"

So Christian raced in and sat next to Jericho. Trish then began to feel both
men's crotches and their cock's harden. Trish felt she was doing all the
work, but she didn't mind (Trish has always been in control of her men and
this would be no different). She pulled Jericho's and Christian's wrestling
pants down to unleash their hard cocks. Trish got one hand round Jericho's
and the other hand round Christian's throbbing cock and began to jerk them.

Almost identically both guys moaned and groaned and scremed, "I'M CUMMMMING!"

At the point of saying that, Trish grabbed their cocks and stuck them in her
mouth. As the two guys looked at each other and smiled when they came in
Trish's mouth, almost saw her choke on cum but then swallow the two loads of
cum. Trish let Chris's cock go, he saw the tip of his cock had Trish's saliva
on so he gave it back to her by getting up standing behind her and sticking
his cock in Trish's tight ass.

At this point Jericho was doing Trish's ass as she carried on giving
Christian the head of his life as someone bashed on the lockerroom door.
They couldn't open it until the threesome had finished, so Christian shot
for a second time in Trish's mouth whilst Jericho shot in her ass. Then
the three got changed and left like nothing had happened.

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