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Trish Gets Kidnapped In The Mall For 20 Days: Day 1
by Trish Has Sexy Legs

This is going to be a series of 20 parts. Each part is one day out of the 20
days she is kidnapped. This is the first part.

Trish was alsleep on her soft bed in her hotel room.she was sleeping in
cause the WWF gave her a month off wrestling and tv.sort of like a vacation.
She told the WWF not to call her until then.her family knew she needed time
away. So they agreed not to call unless Trish called.The only person who knew
where she was at was a good friend of hers who was her limo driver. His name
is Steve.

As Trish was sleeping, Steve walked in and tried to wake her up... no
response. So he ripped her covers off her and noticed she was wearing a white
thong and a bra. He got hard but tried to hide it.

He woke her up and said, "Trish? Babe, you wanted to go to the mall
today?" Trish woke up and said yes... she hadn't shopped in along time and
wanted to go. Steve walked out of the room as trish got up. She put on a
little makeup. She put on a black shirt that was tight on her and a white
tanktop which her big juicy boobs pushed out. She got her boots on and fixed
her hair. As she left she grabbed her purse and cowboy hat.

Steve escorted Trish to the limo and took a quick look at her ass as she
got in. He got in and drove her to the mall.

Once they got there,Trish invited steve to go. Trish first checked out
the jewerly store and bought a ring and a silver necklace. Soon she was
noticed by her fans and she gave a few autographs and took a few photos. She
even got gifts. Threw out the day she was greeted as she shopped.

Steve and Trish ate dinner at some chinese place at the food court. Then
the manager of the mall said they will close early to the people but you can
stay after and shop.

Trish thanked him and said, "I love to shop, its my hobby." Steve had 5
bags already. They decided to shop a few more stores. The mall closed so it
was only the workers, her , Steve and security there.

Trish noticed a sign "Style Center."

Trish got excited and said, "My favorite store! I didnt know they had one

She talked steve into going across the mall to get there. When they got
there, a man was bringing down the security fence and was about to close.
Trish said, "Wait! I have to check this store out. It's my fav!"

The man said, "Trish?? Well come in. Shop please, Trish." Trish bent down
under the fence. The man looked at her perfect ass and said, "I'm Bryan."

Trish said, "Thank you so much." She went into the store and looked on.
Steve and Bryan winked at each other. Steve left her bags there and left.
Bryan locked the fence and closed the huge store doors. He tells Trish Steve
went to the restroom.

Trish looked at some skirts and shirts. Bryan was at the counter looking
at a magazine.

Trish found a black skirt she liked and asked bryan if she could try it
on. Bryan grabbed some keys and took her to some fitting rooms.he opened one
and told her to take her time. As she walked in, Bryan ran to a backroom
where the moniters to the security cameras were. Her looked at the fitting
room one. He took the controls and zoomed in on Trish's fitting room. He got
a good shot and sat there and watched.

Trish took off her boots and pushed down her skirt. The man got hard as a
white thong appeared. He starred at her juicy tanned legs and her thong.
Trish put on the skirt but was having trouble putting it on. Bryan got harder
as Trish bent over showing her perfect round tanned cheeks.

It was too much. Bryan grabbed some handcuffs and got a big jug of water.
He grabbed a knife and the keys.

Trish put on her old skirt and boots and when she opened the door, Bryan
grabbed her arms. She was shocked. Bryan pushed her back in and locked the
door. Trish was scared when she saw the knife. He took it out and told Trish
to not do nothing at all. Trish was froze but shaking alot.

Meanwhile, Steve told the manager of the mall they were leaving. All the
stores closed and the mall was closed.

Bryan pushed her on the bench in the fitting room. He got out the
handcuffs and threw Trish to the door. He hooked the cuffs to her arms and
onto the hooks on the door. Then hooked 2 more to her feet and onto a bar
that was there.

Trish was scared. Her hands hurt because off the cuffs.

Bryan told Trish she was hot on TV and wondered if she was hot in real

He picked up the water jug and slowly poured it on her tanktop. It dripped
all over her shirt and into her panties.

Slowly,her shirt was see threw and revealed her bra. Bryan said, "Trish
want this?" he took out the knife. He slashed her tanktop threw the middle.
He tore the wet rag off showing her big huge breasts covered by a wet bra.
Trish was shaking and the man slowly cut the straps he her bra. The bra went
down revealing her huge tanned boobs. Her nipples were perfect and round. He
put his head on them and said your my pillow tonight.

Trish tried to scream but the man slapped her hard on the face. She was
going to cry but the man stuck the head of the knife in her belly button. He
said one more word and I'll use it.

He said, "Fine," so he started to slap her boobs hard! She was yelling and
crying as bryan slapped them hard on her nipples. They bounced up and down
hitting her on the face.

They were sore red as he slapped them again. The door shaking since Trish
was on it.

He said, "What's in your skirt?" He pulled down her skirt to her knees. He
once again saw her white panties. He pulled them far until it snapped showing
her beautiful pussy. It had a mid high bush and was ready for him. He touched
her pussy hair and put a finger up her clit.she was crying as the man sqeezed
her nipples as hard as possible. He lowered his zipped nd pop out his 9 inch
cock. Trish was scared as the man told her, "Watch out."

He suddenly jammed all of his dick up her pussy and pushed fast, Trish
screamed and she was fucked. She couldn't do nothing. Bryan fucked her fast
and bounced her up and down the door.

He grabbed her ass and sqeezed her left cheek. He stopped and took his
dick out. He them cummed all over her pussy. It dripped down on her hair and
floor. Then down her juicy legs. The man moaned as more cum shot out onto
her. Trish was wet and soon cummed herself.

Bryan stuck his dick in again and fucked her. Trish was fainted and the
man continued to fuck her.

He stopped and tried to squeez behind her. He licked her asshole all over
and cummed again on the floor. He managed to get behind her and and stuck his
dick up her ass.

He knew it was tight and wet from his spit. He started to pump again and
again while pinching her big ass. He put his hand on her sexy leg and pumped
faster. He smelled her hair and sucked her on the back of her neck.

His dick grew to 11" as he fucked her tight little tanned ass. He felt his
feet touch her boots which was still on her.

He got out from behind her and got up. He slapped her face and boobs again
and headbutted her pussy.

He got the keys and stuck it up her clit. He wiggled them. Trish woke up
scared a sore and wet and nude. The man bit her pussy and touched it. Finally
he crunced Trish aganist the door till she fainted. He unlocked the cuffs and
picked her up. He took her to the back room and locked her in a secret
storage room. He put her cowboy hat on her boobs.

He sqeezed both in the hat and put her wet rag shirt on her pussy. He
threw her bags of stuff in a box and locked the door.

He told Trish, "Your mine tommorow, the mall is closed for a holiday."

He put his head on her pussy and went to sleep licking her pussy hair. He
also grabbed her sexy tanned juicy legs and fell alsleep on a nude Trish.

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