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Trish Gets Rowdy
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At a WWF House Show in November of 2000, the WWF's latest roster addition,
K-Kwik is hanging out backstage while his tag team partner, Road Dogg has a
singles match against Chris Benoit. K-Kwik, dressed in baggy jeans and a
loose fitting orange jersey, watches the match on a monitor while slightly
cursing at himself for getting ejected from ringside for brawling with Perry
Saturn. After seeing that Road Dogg isn't going to win, K-Kwik walks away
from the monitor to head to the locker room area and as he goes around a
corner, he bumps right into Trish Stratus. "Ah shit... sorry babe...." K-Kwik
says as Trish stumbles backward.

Trish, dressed in a short black leather skirt and a red top, looks a bit
disgusted at first for being bumped into before she turns at looks directly
at the black, muscular stud K-Kwik. Trish smiles as she presses her lips
together "Oh...hey there..." Trish says in a seducing tone as she flashes
her eye lashes "It's no big deal...don't worry about it.." The Canadian
Blonde-Bombshell says as she places her hands on her slender hips, casually
checking out the young, black stud.

"I should've watched were I was going..." K-Kwik says as he takes a bit of
along look at Trish, "Mmm... but... then... It's cool I bumped into someone
hot..." K-Kwik adds, not realizing what he just said to the attractive diva.

Trish blushes a bit as she slightly lowers her head with a mischievous smile
"So...I'm hot?"

K-Kwik nods his head, "Shit yeah... girl you big large tits... a nice perfect
booty... Telling ya the truth that you are one fine hot chick."

Trish takes a moment to take a look of K-Kwik's impressive, muscular physique
before she licks her lips and locks her soft, alluring eyes with the young
black stud "You're not so bad yourself...what's your name?" Trish asks

"The name's K-Kwik..." K-Kwik replies as he looks into Trish's eyes and
become mesmerized by them, "And.... what's your name babe?"

Trish raises her eyebrow as she presses her lips together "Trish...Trish
Stratus.." Trish says softly "You're new around here...aren't you, K-Kwik?"

K-Kwik nods his head, "Yeah... I hooked up with Road Dogg a few weeks back at
WWF New York... and got signed the next day... cause he and I got crowd all

Trish smirks a bit as she folds her arms over her fairly large chest "So...
you like to get rowdy, huh?" Trish says with a cute laugh "Well...since
you're new around here, in case you didn't know...I manage a team called T&A,
Test and Albert...and well they're in the showers right I may be a
bit..." Trish pauses and presses her shoulders up "Oh...I don't know, a bit

K-Kwik smiles and nods his head, "Hey, I'd love to keep ya company... you
know any place... we can hang out?" He asks as he casually looks down at
Trish's chest as she lowers her arms enough to push up her tits a bit,
giving the black rookie a solid look at her cleavage.

Trish licks her lips softly "Well...we could go anywhere really..." Trish
pauses and locks her soft eyes with K-Kwik's eyes once again "But I think
we'll be doing more then...hanging out.." Trish says with a smirk and a sly

K-Kwik licks his lips and nods his head, completely understanding what the
Queen of Stratusfaction is getting at, "Mmmm... let's... head back to my
locker room... Road Dogg is going to be a while..." K-Kwik says before he
and Trish begin to head to his locker room which is a short distance from
where they were talking.

Trish smiles "Sounds 'Stratusfying' to me..." K-Kwik looks behind Trish as
they walk and looks at her round perfect butt as it moves as she walks. The
two of them soon arrive at K-Kwik's locker room and the hot black stud pushes
the door open for Trish to enter first. Trish licks her lips as she takes a
quick glance of K-Kwik's crotch through his baggy jeans as she enters the
locker room.

K-Kwik steps in to the locker room and closes the door. "Mmmm... damn...
can't imagine why anyone would let you get lonely... you are fine!" K-Kwik
says as he looks at Trish's ass before she turns around to face him. K-Kwik
then slips off his orange jersey, revealing his entire muscular, well cut
and perfectly toned upper body.

Trish bites down on her bottom lip as she gazes at K-Kwik's rock solid,
muscular upper body. Trish nods her head with approval "Nice...mmm...very
nice" Trish says as she steps towards K-Kwik and gently places her soft,
delicate hands against K-Kwik's black muscular chest.

K-Kwik licks his lips, "Thanks... I like to think of myself... as a
sun-tanned superman..." K-Kwik says as he feels Trish's hands move gently
over his chest. The black stud reaches down to Trish's waist and casually
begins to lift up the red top she's wearing, exposing some of Trish's
tanned smooth stomach as he raises her top. Trish smiles as she casually
lifts her arms up as K-Kwik removes her red top, to reveal her large, firm
and perky tits.

K-Kwik drops Trish's red top down onto the floor, "Whew... damn... those are
some... nice... hot tits...." K-Kwik says as he starts to unbutton his baggy
jeans as he looks at Trish's round chest.

Trish gently grits her teeth together as she watches K-Kwik unbutton his
baggy jeans "Mmmm...I do have a craving for some big, black meat..." Trish
says as she flips her soft blonde hair back before the Canadian hottie lowers
herself down onto her knees in front of the young black stud.

"Babe... I think I have something for ya like that..." K-Kwik smirks as he
pushes his baggy jeans and black boxer shorts down from his waist. He steps
out of them and kicks his jeans and boxers to the side. Once he's done
getting undressed, the hot black stud places his hand on his hips as Trish
sees his large, fat fourteen-inch cock hanging between his legs.

Trish's soft eyes instantly lock on the large, fourteen-inch black cock of
K-Kwik. The Canadian Bombshell licks her lips as she reaches forward taking
hold of K-Kwik's black cock with her soft hands, she begins to stroke his
cock " that's the kind of meat I'm talking about.

K-Kwik licks his lips and moans a bit as Trish's hands move back and forth
along his hardening cock. "I take it... ya like big... black cocks...."
K-Kwik says as he watches the beautiful Canadian Diva make his cock become
an unbending piece of rock hard meat.

Trish smiles and nods her head as she looks directly up at K-Kwik "You have
no idea." Trish replies softly as she strokes both of her soft hands down
K-Kwik's long, hard black shaft, before she works her hands back up his cock.

"Mmmm... I think... I have an idea..." K-Kwik replies as Trish skillfully
strokes his cock. The young WWF rookie bites his lip as Trish slightly twists
his dick a bit to show him how good she is with her hands. Trish winks at
K-Kwik before she lowers her head down towards his cock and gently presses
her tongue against the head of his cock. The blonde Canadian Diva begins to
circle her tongue around the head of his cock before she tenderly works the
tip of her tongue into his piss-slit. "Mmmmm.... ohhh yeah..." K-Kwik moans
as he puts one of his hands on top of Trish's head and flips her blond hair
back. He tilts his head back for a moment and then looks down at the
Blond-Bombshell as she resumes circling the head of his cock with her soft

Trish opens her mouth and casually lowers her head down on K-Kwik's black,
hard cock. Trish wraps her soft, pouty lips around his shaft and begins to
slowly bob her head on his cock as she gradually picks up the speed of her
head bobs, while lapping her skilled tongue around his shaft. "Ahhh... ohhh
yeah... mmmm baby... suck that big black dick..." K-Kwik moans as he starts
thrusting his cock forward a bit, but not enough to affect how the
golden-haired diva sucks and slurps on his dark meaty dick. Trish softly
moans against K-Kwik's black cock as she swiftly bobs her head. Trish's soft
lips rub up and down against his shaft as she continually bobs her head and
takes more of his black, impressive cock into her wet and warm mouth.

"Uhmmmm damn... girl... you sure... know... how to suck a big... black...
dick..." K-Kwik moans as he runs his fingers through her blond hair. The
black rookie tilts his head all the way back and closes his eyes as he
feels Trish's warm saliva slide down the sides of his cock down all the
way too his large ballsack.

Trish slowly lifts her head up from K-Kwik's black, throbbing cock that drips
in Trish's warm and wet saliva. Trish smiles up at K-Kwik as she flips her
soft blonde hair back "What else do you got, you black stud?"

"Ya gonna see girl..." K-Kwik says as he bends down to help Trish get up to
her feet. The young black superstar yanks down Trish's black leather skirt
from her waist, and K-Kwik gets a wide smile on his face. "Damn girl... no
panties or anything?" K-Kwik says as he looks down at her smooth hot wet

Trish laughs a little " have to be never know when
there's going to be a good fucking..." Trish says with a wink.

K-Kwik laughs a bit, "Damn girl, I like how ya think...." He says as he steps
close to Trish so he can lift her up. He carries her over to a small couch
and drops her on to it. Trish positions herself perfectly on the couch before
K-Kwik gets on it and spreads her legs. The well-hung black rookie grips his
fourteen-inch cock with one hand and almost shoves it into Trish's pussy with
one swift thrust.

Trish tilts her head back and grits her teeth as she feels K-Kwik's
fourteen-inch hard, black cock ram into her tight and wet cunt "Ohhhhh shit
yesssss.." Trish groans as she closes her eyes as K-Kwik begins to thrust his
massive black cock in and out of her pussy.

"Uhh... yeah... you like... that... fucking black... cock..." K-Kwik grunts
as he drives his cock in and out of Trish's pussy. With each one of his might
thrusts, K-Kwik penetrates Trish's cunt with his cock harder and deeper than
any other person she's been with, and the young muscular wrestler can tell
with the way she thrashes about on the couch as he fucks her.

Trish grits her teeth tighter as she wraps her smooth legs tightly around
K-Kwik's waist "Ohhhh mmm...yesss...give me that black cock!" Trish moans as
she places her hands on K-Kwik's strong arms, when he suddenly impales her
pussy with his cock roughly, Trish slightly digs her hands into his arms
"Ohhhhhh fuck!"

K-Kwik clenches his teeth together as he pumps his cock like a piston in and
out of Trish's pussy, making her feel every inch of his fourteen inch black
shaft. "Yeah... damn... what is it... with hot babe... loving black cocks..."
K-Kwik smirks as he places his strong dark hands on top of Trish's large
tanned tits. The talented rookie arches his back as far as possibly so he can
slam his cock sharper into Trish's sweet Canadian pussy.

Trish closes her eyes as she arches her back a bit "Ohhhhh yesss...fuck my
cunt!" Trish moans out in extreme pleasure as the young black stud rams her
pussy beyond belief.

"I ain't... done fucking ya yet babe... I got a lot to show ya..." K-Kwik
says as he takes his hands off of Trish's large tits in order to wrap his
strong arms around her as Trish arches her back. The big-dicked black stud
leans back on the sofa, and pulls Trish back with him. K-Kwik turns on the
sofa so he's sitting normally, and with Trish on top of him.

Trish licks her lips as she places her hands on K-Kwik's strong shoulders and
the Canadian Bombshell begins to bounce on her own momentum on K-Kwik's black
cock "Ohhh do you like that pussy?" Trish moans as she closes her
eyes and starts to slam down harder on his cock.

K-Kwik slips his hands down to Trish's waist and then to her ass, "Ohhh
fuck... I love that hot... tight pussy of yours... it feels great on my big
black dick..." K-Kwik says as he squeezes Trish's ass every time she comes
down hard on his large shaft.

Trish arches her back slightly as she starts to slam down harder on K-Kwik's
black cock "Ohhh mmm...yesss that's what I like!" Trish moans as she rocks
back and forth.

K-Kwik leans his head back on the sofa as drips of sweat rolls down the sides
of his handsome face. "Yeah girl... fucking ride that big... black dick..."
K-Kwik Says as he starts scooting to the edge of the couch. He wraps his arms
around Trish's hot body and stands up from the couch so he can fuck the
beautiful Canadian standing up.

Trish wraps her arms around K-Kwik's neck as the hot Canadian starts to
bounce on his cock as he thrusts up into her tight, wet pussy "Ohhh...ohhh
yess" Trish moans as sweat drips off her tanned body. K-Kwik grinds his
teeth together as he leans Trish's body downward, so that it seems like she's
hanging on top him just by his neck. The hot young black stud continues to
drive his shaft in and out of Trish's cunt as she grinds her pussy against
his him. Trish's eyes rolls to the back of her head as she slams down on
K-Kwik's big black cock and the sweating, hot Diva begins to cum on his black

"Ahhh... ohhh shit..." K-Kwik grunts as Trish's pussy tightens around his
cock as she climaxes. The well hung black stud clenches his eyes shut as he
starts to blow his load inside of Trish's hot soaking wet Canadian pussy.

Trish's sweaty body tenses up as her bottom lip trembles "Ohhh...dear...

"Whew... baby..." K-Kwik groans as he sits back down on the couch, with Trish
still on his large black dick, "Damn girl... you can get... really fucking

Trish smiles and licks her lips "Well...I do always guarantee
Stratusfaction...were you Stratusfied?" Trish asks with a cute laugh.

K-Kwik nods his head and smiles, "You bet I was... I was... 110%


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