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Author's note: Yes, yet again, this is a work of erotic fiction. I am well
aware that Trish Stratus doesn't act like this, but, again, I can dream can't

Trish Gets Stratusfied
by Steve (

RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!! John woke up with a start, he heard
the phone ring again, and he cursed under his breath. "This had better be
important," John thought. He had been sleeping, dreaming of Stephanie
McMahon, the woman that he had fucked yesterday. John picked up the receiver
and mumbled, "Hello."

"Hi," the cute-sounding voice replied, "Is this John?"

"Yeah, who's this?" John asked. "I got your number from Stephanie McMahon,
my name is Trish Stratus," she replied, sounding adorable, "I was wondering
if maybe you wanted to get together or something. There has been a delay in
WWF travel plans, so we'll be in town for another few days," she explained.
She added, "Based on what Stephanie told me, I figured I'd give you a call.
Are you able to meet with me?" She sounded kind of anxious. John thought
about his schedule for work. He realized that he still hadn't taken a sick
day. Based on what this girl sounded like, he wanted to meet her. "Yeah, I
can meet you," John said, "Where do you want to meet?"

"Well, I do have my hotel room here," she replied, "How about you meet me
at the Marriot, downtown?"

"Sure thing," John said, "What time?" He glanced at the clock, 9:30 AM.
"How about 11 AM?"

"Sure, see you then," she said sexily. John hung up the phone and
instantly called Stan, his boss. He quickly acted as if he was under the
weather, and Stan bought it. John then went over to his computer, and got to
the Internet. "If she's in the WWF, she's got to have some kind of picture
online." John thought. The WWF website loaded up and he clicked on the
superstar names, until he found it. TRISH STRATUS. He clicked on it, and the
page loaded up, showing John a small, big-breasted, blonde girl. John's eyes
almost popped out of his head. He couldn't believe that it was really the
girl who had called him. Just to be sure, he checked another site, and found
another picture, with her in a white tee shirt, pouring water on herself.
John almost knocked the desk over as he got up and into the shower. This was
something he wasn't going to let pass by.

At around 11:15, He pulled up to the downtown Marriot, which was a
beautiful building. John had gotten kind of lost, he hadn't been downtown in
a while. He parked his car and walked into the spacious building. He walked
to the front desk, and asked for Trish Stratus' room number. "She doesn't
want visitors, sir." Came the reply from the woman behind the desk, not even
looking up from her magazine. "Hey, do you mind doing your job for a minute,"
John asked the woman, getting her to snap her head up, "There you go, now can
you give me her room number, she's expecting me." The woman, cursing under
her breath, dialed a few numbers and said, "Hello, Ms. Stratus, I'm terribly
sorry to bother you," glaring at John, "But there is a gentleman here to see
you, he insists that you are expecting…Right away ma'am." She softly set the
phone down. "Room 249, second floor, to the right of the elevator."

"Thank you," John sarcastically replied. As he rode up the elevator, he
got butterflies in his stomach. "Am I nervous?" John thought, as the door
opened. He stepped to the right and walked down the hallway, glancing at room
numbers until he saw it. 249. Nervously, he stepped to the door, and knocked
three times.

The door opened and John was looking at a petite woman. She looked like
she couldn't be more than 5 foot 3 inches tall and 115 pounds. Most of her
weight was probably in her breasts, they were large, but looked even bigger
on her small frame. She was dressed in a low-cut sleeveless white shirt, with
a pair of tight black pants. "Are you going to stare, or come inside?" she
asked. John stepped inside and Trish closed the door behind him. "You're even
better looking than Stephanie told me," Trish said. John was merely staring
at Trish's rather large chest. "Would you like a drink?" Trish asked. John
only nodded his head. Trish turned and walked into the small kitchen. John
sat down on one of the chairs, and watched her ass fluctuate as she walked.
Trish returned with two sodas and they made small talk for a few minutes,
until they were finished with the sodas, and Trish brought them into the
kitchen. When she returned, she sat back down and started to talk again. "I
think you know why I asked you to come here today, John. Stephanie told me
that you were a very good fuck. She couldn't stop raving about you, so I
asked for your number, and here we are, in a hotel room." After that
sentence, she got up from her chair and slowly walked over to John's chair,
sitting in his lap, her big breasts directly in his face. "I want you to fuck
me, John, like I've never been fucked before." John couldn't believe his
ears. Trish leaned her head down and kissed John full on the lips, slipping
her tongue in his mouth. John responded by reaching his hands around and
grabbing her ass, pulling her towards him. Trish softly moaned into his
mouth, and John started swishing his tongue around Trish's mouth, until he
pulled his mouth away and started kissing her collarbone and her neck,
working his way down to above her breasts. He gently slid his tongue along
the neck of her shirt, driving her wild. After a few times of doing this,
Trish got up and pulled the shirt over her head, revealing to John her ample
breasts. Her nipples were already getting hard, as she seductively slid the
zipper in the back of her pants down. Gyrating her hips, giving John somewhat
of a striptease, she turned around, sliding the pants off of her ass,
revealing to John a silky looking baby blue thong. Trish rocked her ass from
side to side as she slowly straightened her back, standing back up. John
admired Trish's ass, as it was firm, and quite muscular. Trish gripped the
waistband of her thong and slowly pulled it down, revealing her pussy to
John, as she gradually leaned over. As she slipped her pants and her thong
off, she turned around to look at John. John's eyes were fixed on her,
lust-filled. Trish leisurely walked over to John, as he was sitting in the
chair still, and sat back on his lap. The only difference now, however, was
she was entirely nude. Trish tilted her head in and began kissing John again,
full on the lips.

Trish felt John's cock pressing into her, through his pants. Breaking the
kiss, Trish lowered her body, gradually, down John's body. She slowly
unbuttoned John's shirt, opening it all the way and flinging it to the floor,
with her clothes. John gazed down at Trish, as she unbuckled his belt,
unbuttoned his pants, and unzipped his fly. Trish deftly removed John's pants
from his body, leaving him sitting in the chair, wearing nothing but his
black boxer briefs, his red Stephanie McMahon fucking ones were at home.
Trish saw that his cock was pitching a tent with his boxer briefs. Casually,
Trish bent forwards, lining her face up with John's eight-inch prick. She
eased her tongue from her mouth, gently licking the head of John's cock,
through his boxer briefs. Hurriedly, John slid his underwear off and threw it
with the rest of the clothes. Trish then took the head of John's cock into
her mouth, and slowly and gently licking the sensitive underside of John's
cock. She followed it up by expertly sliding his full cock into her mouth and
started slipping it into her throat. Trish began to take more and more of
John's throbbing cock into her throat, until she was bobbing her head up and
down, consistently, sliding his member into her waiting throat. John groaned
loudly, as Trish kept bobbing her pretty blonde head on his dick. John, just
as he'd done with Stephanie, stole a look at Trish's well developed, firm ass
as it swung from side to side. He knew he couldn't wait to grab her ass and
fuck it as hard as he could, and, as he grew near to cumming, knew it
wouldn't be long. Trish contentedly continued to suck John's throbbing cock
for all she was worth, continuously taking it into her throat. Finally, John
announced that he was going to cum. Trish responded by pulling his cock out
of her throat and began to slowly jerk him off, increasing the speed of her
thrusting hand, until John grunted and began to cum. His first few sprays
landed on Trish's face, but, she quickly shoved the erupting prick back into
her mouth, feeling the salty liquid spew into her mouth. Trish couldn't
believe how much he was cumming, she continued to swallow until she felt no
more coming out. John fell back into the comforting chair, as Trish gently
drained his cock. "Mmmmmmm," Trish sighed blissfully, as she swallowed the
final few droplets of John's semen. "That was amazing, what now?" John,
though he really didn't want to, pulled himself from the chair, Trish
repositioned herself, letting John get up. John extended his hand and pulled
Trish up from her knees. As soon as she was on her feet, John swept her up in
his arms. Trish screeched in surprise, as John carried her in his arms to the
hotel bedroom.

Once in the bedroom, John laid Trish on the bed. Trish left her arms around
his neck, however, pulling him down to her face, and kissing him
passionately. John broke the kiss however, and roamed his tongue down her
neckline and into her delicious cleavage. He continued to delicately trace
his tongue around her enormous breasts, until he reached her right nipple.
He daintily took her nipple in his mouth, slightly sucking on it, but merely
massaging it with his tongue. John brought his right hand up Trish's leg,
up her stomach and finally cupped her large breast in his hand. Trish,
meanwhile, was running her hands through John's hair, and softly whispering
her approval. John took her right nipple from his mouth and replaced it with
the left one, gliding his left hand up to her large right breast, then,
thinking again, slid his hand down her stomach and down to her pussy. Now,
Trish wasn't just whispering her approval, she began to scream with bliss.
John took this as a sign and pulled his head away from her huge breasts,
again tracing his rigid tongue down her body, until he reached her pussy.
Trish cooed as John gently slid his fingers into her pussy, gently finger
fucking her, as he also nimbly rubbed his tongue around her pussy lips,
encircling them, and, hearing Trish moaning happily, applied more pressure
until he circled around her clit. Trish shrieked loudly as John gently lapped
at her clit, again applying more and more pressure, until he gently bit down
onto it. Trish jumped a little, but her second reaction was to violently
shake and begin to cum. John licked as much as he could that was flowing out
of her, but eventually, some of Trish's sweet nectar ended up on the hotel
floor. Trish was still shuddering, as she came back from orgasmic bliss.

She sighed loudly, again. She wrapped her hands around John's head,
pulling him up from between her legs. Trish kissed him again, with much more
fervor this time. John knew what she wanted now, he dexterously lined his
cock up with Trish's opening. Trish tasted her cum on John's lips, but didn't
care as John slowly slid his eight-inch prick into Trish's somewhat tight
pussy. Trish broke the kiss to moan loudly, as John began to thrust into her,
driving his pulsing member deeper and deeper into her lovehole. John again
focused his attention on Trish's heaving breasts, sucking her nipples into
his mouth and kissing the sides of her breasts, driving her wild. With John
making love to both her pussy and her breasts, Trish felt herself getting
near again, she began to thrash beneath John, and she again moaned loudly as
she came. John still hadn't cum, but he didn't know where she wanted him to
cum. He slowly started pulling his throbbing cock from her, but Trish reached
down and guided him back into her. She pulled his head down and whispered
into his ear, "In me." John got the idea, but then got a better one, as he
sat himself on the bed, and started crawling towards the headboard, leaving
his organ buried inside Trish. Rolling over, he rolled onto his back, leaving
Trish straddling his lap, her head resting on his chest. Trish, however, knew
what he wanted and pulled herself from his chest. John simply lay back and
Trish began to raise herself from John's lap, and slide his member deeper
and deeper into her pussy. John was literally in heaven, as he watched this
astonishingly beautiful girl ride his stiff prick. Trish had her head back
and was letting out deafening moans, while John was watching her bulbous
breasts bounce with each thrust. He instinctively reached his hands up to cup
them, and rubbed her rock hard nipples in his hands. Trish was getting close
to another orgasm, as she felt her insides burning with lust. She pulled his
hands from her breasts and leaned down. She gently nibbled on his neck,
sending shock waves down John's nerves. Trish finally came again, and John
was soon to follow, his cum oozing into Trish's snug pussy. Trish, spent from
all the fucking, collapsed onto John's chest, her breathing eventually
calming down as she caught her breath. John ran his hands threw her beautiful
blonde hair, and leaned forward a little, to kiss her on the forehead.

Trish pulled his cock from her pussy and slowly crept up the bed, her
eyes on John's the entire time, until she lay at his side, still breathing
somewhat heavily. She gently ran her hand along John's stomach, from time to
time going down to his cock, but not for to long. John was still in a trance
as to what had just happened. Trish leaned up a tad and began to kiss John's
neck again, her kisses getting lower and lower, until she again had his cock
in her mouth. She looked very sexy with her face covered in a sheath of
sweat, a little bit of her hair was stuck to her face. She gently licked
John's cock again, but instead of sucking him off again, she traced a trail
up to his chest with her tongue, and finally rested where she had been
before. John slowly slid out from underneath her, and positioned himself
behind her. Trish knew what was on tap, and she gradually lifted her firm,
muscular ass in the air. John rubbed his raging cock in her pussy juices and
slowly penetrated her ass. Trish panted in pleasure, as John little by little
slid his cock into her ass. A little quicker than he had before, John pulled
his cock back and slid it back in, and in no time, he was pumping his cock
into Trish's firm ass. Trish reached her right hand back and gently began to
rub her clit, getting herself off quicker. John reached his hands around her
back onto her chest, again cupping her sizable bosoms, while he drove his
hard on into Trish. Trish felt the burning again, and she began to cum,
sending herself over the edge by rubbing her clit. John slapped Trish's ass,
as he'd wanted to do that all day, and pulled his cock out of her ass. He
grabbed Trish's shoulder, as she was in the midst of another orgasm, and
turned her around. She was positioned so well, that John's semen immediately
started to shoot all over her face and in her hair. John groaned again, as
Trish opened her mouth and John got some of it in her mouth, but most was on
her face. Trish again sighed contentedly, as her face was almost covered with
cum. John, exhausted, laid back on the bed. Trish licked herself clean, and
got up.

She remembered that Stephanie had told her about something that she'd
never done. Trish had always wanted a guy to fuck her tits, but had never
gotten the chance. John could barely lift his head up to see where she was
going, but she wasn't gone for long. Trish emerged from the bathroom with a
bottle of hand cream. "I know that you and Stephanie did this yesterday, but,
do you mind?" Trish asked in her best innocent girl voice, "For me?" John
simply nodded his head, and made the move to get up. Trish stopped him, "No,
I'll do all the work. You just shoot some cum on my tits, OK?" Trish squirted
a bit of cream onto her enormous breasts, and a little on John's rapidly
stiffening cock. Rubbing the cream into her skin, she stuck John's cock in
between her breasts. John made a low groaning noise, as Trish pushed her
breasts together, and began to slide them up and down John's cock. John began
to thrust his hips, sending his prick harder and harder into Trish's breasts.
Trish was gasping and panting, and John let out another grunt and came,
shooting a few big streams of cum onto Trish's heaving, voluptuous breasts.
Trish moaned her approval, as he came a bit on her chin as well. Trish pulled
his hard on away from her breasts, and walked back into the bathroom, eyeing
herself in the mirror. She loved the way she looked, she had cum all over her
breasts and neck and a string of it hanging from her chin. Trish ran her hand
along her breasts and neck, scooping a rather large amount of cum onto her
hand, and sucking it off. Trish repeated this until her chest, neck and face
were cum free. John still lay in the bed, worn out from the sex, as he
watched Trish walk back into the room. Her body was glimmering with sweat,
she carried a towel in her hand. John was equally, if not more sweaty than
Trish was. Trish handed him the towel, and they made more small talk as they
wiped the sweat from their bodies. "Well, John, it was a pleasure, a big
emphasis on pleasure, to meet you, and I hope that we can get together
again." John nodded and sat up from the bed. Trish walked with him to the
living room, where their clothes were strewn about the floor. John picked up
what was his, and eyed Trish's thong. He swiped Trish's thong from the floor
and asked, "Do you mind?" Trish responded by taking it from his hand and
sliding it between her legs, a la Stephanie McMahon did, soaking it with her
sweet juices. "It's all yours." She handed it back to him, and walked into
the kitchen, picking up a piece of paper. She wrote something on the paper
and quickly walked back into the bedroom, coming back with what looked like
lipstick. She applied it to her mouth, and kissed the paper. She folded it up
and handed it to John. She kissed him one last time, as he was putting his
clothes back on, sliding her tongue in his mouth and wrestling her tongue
with his. After the kiss, she backed away and they said their good-byes,
Trish remaining in the nude, walking him to the door. John, again akin to
Stephanie, had a thong in one pocket, and a note in the other. Trish kissed
him one last time, and stood in the doorway, watching him get on the
elevator. Just as the elevator closed, she shut her door. John pulled the
paper from his pocket and unfolded it. "Thanks for the best fuck I've ever
had…here's my me" beneath the final words was an imprint of her
gorgeous red lips kissing the paper. John smiled and put the paper back in
his pocket. He got off the elevator and walked to his car, again with a huge
grin on his face, which didn't come off his face until he pulled into his
driveway. Walking into his apartment, he saw the message light was blinking.

* * *

Author's note: Well, if you continue to vote positively, I have a few more
chapters planned.

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