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Trish Gives A Little Stratusfaction
by Arcanine878

It was backstage in the Divas Locker room as all the divas from the 2004 Summer Slam Dodge-ball tournament was settling down and resting.

"Can't believe we lost against these "Diva Search" women.." Victoria stormed on, as she was loosing up her shoes.

"Hey, not our fault we know how to play the game better than you do!" Maria said, as all the divas dropped what they were doing and started arguing.

"LADIES! ENOUGH!" Trish yelled, as everyone started to quiet down and listen to the current Women's Champion.

"Who cares about a silly dodge-ball match. It's all for show for the guys tonight. Just be glad its over, and we got it done. Now we can just relax, watch the rest of the pay-per-view, and call it a day. Deal?". All the women agreed, as they all continued to take off their sweaty clothes and put on their casual wear.

Trish took off her tank top and shorts and wrapped a towel around herself as Candice Michelle, Stacy Kiebler, and Christy Hemme watched.

"I'll be taking a shower now, if anyone needs me." Trish said, as she went through a door that connected the divas locker room and the showers.

"Why does Trish seem so grumpy?" Christy asked.

"Who knows..shes probably hungry. The catering today wasn't all that." Stacy said as she started to file her nails. Candice Michelle, still in her bikini bra and short shorts. She stared at Trish as she exited to the showers, and started to get wet a little. She wanted to rub her pussy through her shorts, but instead rubbed her thighs forcing herself to stop as she is in the locker room with all the other divas.

" okay Candice?" Stacy asked in confusion.

"Yeah I'm fine...I just gotta go to the bathroom." Candicereplied, as she got up quickly and headed to the door.

Trish hopped in one of the showers, removed her bra and panties, and draped them over the edge of the shower, making sure the water doesn't splash on them when she turns them on. Candice Michelle quietly walked in, making sure Trish doesn't hear the door open. Candice went into one of the bathroom stalls close to Trish's shower and slid her underwear down to her calf and started massaging her pussy. Trish set her towel on the rack just outside in arms reach, and turned the knob to turn on the shower. The shower head poured out cold water, as fell onto Trish in matter of seconds. She jumped, not expecting the water to be that cold. Her nipples slowly got hard from the cold water dripping off her lush titties. She turned the knob to make the water warm, and in a couple of seconds it did just so. She relaxed, as she began to pour liquid soap on her body and rub it around with her wash cloth. Candice was still massaging her pussy around, and let out a soft moan on accident. She covered her mouth with her free hand, as Trish said out loud, "Hello? Is anyone there?". Michelle kept quiet, still covering her mouth and slowly massaging her tight pussy lips together. Trish called out for an answer again. "Don't be shy, I just wanna know who's in here."

Candice released her grip on her mouth and replied, "It's Candice, Trish. Don't worry, I'm just um....using the toilet." she said, as she slapped her forehead thinking it was a stupid lie.

"Oh, alright." Trish laughed, as she washed away all the soap off her body leaving a nice, soft, shiny skin. She began to wash her hair next, putting in a lot of shampoo. Candice stopped rubbing her pussy, as she did not want to make another mistake. She exited her stall, and stood right by Trish's shower curtain hearing the water drip off the Women's Champion's hair and onto her nice round ass. Just the thought made Candice want to go back into the stall and start massaging her pussy again, but she stopped. She wanted to see Trish for the beauty she is. Candice took off her bra and panties and draped them over Trish's shower. Trish noticed, and had a confused look on her face. "Um...there's another shower." she said as she was washing the soap out of her hair. Candice slid the curtains just a little bit, and saw Trish soaking wet in the warm water. She looked better wet than Candice has ever seen her before, and she has front row seats to see the Women's Champion.

Trish quickly turned the water off and grabbed her towel.

"Um, Candice...what the hell are you doing?" she said. Candice walked right in the shower with Trish and closed the curtains. She slowly took off Trish's towel, and threw it over the curtains.

Candice turned back on the warm water, letting it drip on her back. "Candice ...please. I know you're not this kind of person." Trish said as she was up against the wall. "Come on Trish...what women in this company doesn't think you're the hottest female in this business right now. I guess I just had the courage to actually get to see those famous Stratus titties.." Candice said, as she started groping Trish's boobs, feeling each one in one hand and rubbing them. "Wow...they feel amazing." Candice said, as some of the water started dripping onto her breast. Candice leaned in to Trish, and gave her a kiss on the lips. Candice reeled back, going from her boobs and making her nipples even harder.

"Candice , you need to learn a thing or two from me, like how to kiss a girl the RIGHT way." Trish smirked, as she pulled Candice close to her. Candice pressed her hands against the walls and the two divas started making out. They twisted heads as their tongues wrestled back and forth. Michelle started going down on Trish's neck and sucking on it, and eventually made her way to Trish's nipples. Trish started to let out a moan, but thankfully no one in the divas locker room can hear them because the shower is loud. Trish holds her breasts up as Candice Michelle licks them all around and sucks on them. "Mmm Trish, your nipples taste amazing." Candice said.

Trish ordered Candice to sit up against the corner of the shower. Candice did as told, and Trish spread Candice's legs apart, exposing her tight pink pussy. She licked Candice's pussy a couple times to get a taste. " diva pussy is always the best pussy." Trish said, as she slid one finger into Candice's vagina. Candice got an instant rush of pleasure, and started moaning.

"Lets see if we can fit another finger in this little pussy of yours Candice." Trish said, as she managed to slip another finger in Candice's tight pussy. She began thrusting in and out, feeling around her pussy hole. It was soaking wet as Trish slid her fingers in and out. Candice moaned as she grabbed her titties. Her moans started getting louder and louder. Trish was enjoying fucking this diva.

Trish removed her fingers out of Candice's pussy, and stuck her wet, sticky fingers into her own pussy, massaging her clit around and moving her pussy lips up and down. " this what you want to see?" Trish said, as she then started to eat out Candice. She held Candice's legs apart to make it easier to eat out her pussy. She flicked her tongue up and down her clit, giving Candice a lot of "Stratusfaction.". Candice loved it, as she held Trish's head closer to her pussy to have her tongue go deeper down her vagina. Trish loved eating out Candice, as it was one of the tightest and wettest pussy she has ever seen. She sucked on Candice's clit for a while, as she had to keep spitting out Candice pussy fluids as it just kept rushing into her mouth.

Candice got up, as Trish was on all fours in the shower. Candice tapped Trish's ass, seeing the nice ass jiggle. Trish giggled as she bent over some more. Candice got down and grabbed Trish's ass, bringing it closer to her face as she began to lick Trish's pussy doggy style. Candice never ate out a pussy like this, as she started feeling new areas around her tongue. Trish's pussy was so sweet as Candice just kept licking and licking her pussy around. Trish moaned as Candice started squeezing her ass harder and harder. Candice slid her tongue in and out, going in a straight line down Trish's sweet pussy. "Mmm baby, fuck me. Fuck my pussy with your tongue Candice." she said, as Michelle started going faster and faster with her tongue.

The two divas stayed on the floor and put their pussies together to start scissoring. They moved in unison as they were slamming pussies together, going up and down at the same time. "Ooh yes, I love how your pussy feels." Candice said, as Trish was too busy moaning. They went at a good speed, looking at each others pussies entwine with her own. Candice and Trish's titties were bouncing up and down as they were grinding on each other. Each pussy felt warm and good on each other. "Trish I'm about to cum!" Candice said, as she moved her pussy away from Trish and started fingering herself fast. Trish did the same, trying to catch up with Candice. Candice started cumming, and a lot was flowing out of her pussy, as she laid there with the water hitting her relaxing her muscles. Her cum traveled with the water and down the drain. Trish was still trying to cum as Candice came over to Trish and started fingering Trish for her. It wasn't too long after that Trish started cumming out of her pussy. Candice licked her fingers, and started making out with Trish as the cum slowly went down the drain.

The divas turned off the shower and dried off as they put their clothes back on. They headed for the main divas room, as they were all still watching the pay-per-view on their TV.

"Its about time you showed up...the main event is on right now!" Stacy said, as Candice and Stratus smiled and sat down next to each other to watch the main event.

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