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Trish Goes To Nitro
outline by Kristi
written by Dice (, AOL IM: Fred Casden)

By January of 2000, the epic battle between World Championship Wrestling and
the World Wrestling Federation was still in full force. The two organizations
slugged it out week after week, using everything in at their disposal to try
and gain an upper hand in the war. On one Tuesday afternoon, Eric Bischoff
got word that the WWF was interested in a stunning blond Canadian Fitness
Model by the name of Trish Stratus. Eric did some research into her and
quickly discovered how much potential she had. Eric knew he had to have her
in WCW and immediately contacted her and offered her a 5-year deal worth $3
Million Dollars a year. Trish now had offers from both the WWF and WCW, and
Eric was determined to make her come to the WCW, so he invited her to attend
an airing of Monday Nitro in order to impress her enough for her to sign with

Eric heads out to the parking lot area for WCW talent and greets Trish as she
gets out of her limo.

"Ah Ms Stratus, it's so good to see you considering my offer and my
invitation to attend Nitro tonight," Eric says as he shakes her hand.

Trish smiles at him and nods, "Well, you did make me one big offer... it's
only polite for me to see WCW up close before making my decision." Eric gets
a cheesy grin on his face as he escorts Trish in side of the arena.

"As you'll soon see Mr. Stratus, we here at WCW are extremely professional.
We have had a strong female presence here for year, with the Nitro Girls
dance troop, and our wrestlers Madusa, Mona and others." Trish nods as she
looks around too see the WCW production crew quickly go about their business
in preparing for Nitro to go on the air.

"I do like what I'm seeing... it sure looks like it's really professional
around here..." Trish smiles a bit.

"That's good..." Bischoff smiles again as he leads Trish down a corridor to a
door, "Because I bet you'll love this..." Bischoff opens a door that leads to
one of the many locker rooms in the arena and he stands by it while motioning
with his hand for Trish to look inside. "You see Ms. Stratus, we here at WCW,
and myself personally, want to prove to you just how much we want you to be
apart of our organization."

"Really?" Trish has an unsure look on her face before she looks in side.
Trish's eyes go wide as she sees the locker room is filled with WCW
wrestlers. In the room are Buff Bagwell, Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett,
Booker T, Konnan, Juventude Guerrera, Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman, Evan
Karagias, Shannon Moore, Shane Helms, David Flair, Lash LeRoux and Chavo
Guerrero. Trish steps back and looks at Eric Bischoff, "Ok, what's going

Eric smiles, "Well Ms. Stratus, these wrestlers were hand picked by myself
for you as a little... pre-gift for signing with WCW."

Trish smirks at little and looks back into the room to see that all the
wrestlers are getting undressed to prepare for her. Trish licks her lips as
she sees the variety of cocks into the room. She composes herself and then
she looks at Bischoff, "I like the sound of what you had in mind..."

"I'm glad you do," Bischoff smiles as he shakes her hand, "I have some
business to attend to, but I'll leave you with your gift so you can enjoy

"Ok... thank you Mr. Bischoff," Trish smiles as he walks away. Trish takes
off her coat and folds it over one her arms before she enters the locker
room. Trish's eyes immediately go down to get a decent look at everyone's
dick. "My, my... it's true... this is where the big boys play..."

Trish gets down on her knees in between the trio that makes up the stable
3 Count. She takes hold of Shane's cock and strokes his softly before putting
his dick in her mouth. Trish bobs her head on it slowly as she reaches for
Evan and Shannon's cocks. She slides her hands up and down their dicks as she
slurps on Shane's dick. Trish lifts her head and turns towards Evan's. He
kisses the type of his cock, and then slides her tongue against the slit on
the tip of his cock. When she moves her hand away, she opens her mouth and
fills it with his shaft. Trish easily deep throats his cock and quickly moves
her head along his cock. Trish then turns her attention to Shannon Moore. She
takes one look at his cock then at him and smirks.

"Someone's been drinking milk..." She grins she takes his remarkable cock
into her mouth. Trish moans around his cock as she unbuttons the buttons on
her top. She shrugs her blouse off then reaches behind herself to unclasp her
tight fitting bra, feeling her beautiful tits. Trish places her hands on his
thighs as she attempts to Hoover his dick. After a bit Trish lifts her head
from his well-sucked cock, leaving it covered in her saliva. She turns around
on her knees and smiles when she sees Lash, Chavo and David behind her.

"These look good... " Trish grins as she wraps her hand around Lash's cock.
She strokes his Raging Cajun pole for a bit, admiring how his red pubic hair
looks around his cock. Trish scoots closer in order to start licking the
sides of his cock. Lash runs a hand through his own hair as Trish totally
engulfs her mouth with his penis. She bobs her head on his cock for a bit
before turning her attention. Trish grabs Chavo's cock and slurps it up in a
flash. She swirls her tongue against the bottom side of his cock as she looks
up at his face. Trish slightly narrows her eyes to give Chavo a look that
makes her appear to be a cock-sucking whore, but she then closes her eyes as
she starts to slow down. Trish clamps her lips around his cock as she pulls
off, resulting in a lout POP when his cock leaves her mouth.

Trish then looks at David Flair's cock. She makes a face as he looks at his
cock, which is fairly thick, but doesn't have much length to it. Trish shrugs
and puts his cock into her mouth. Trish starts off slowly and starts to pick
up her face, by David starts laughing in an insane manner before his body
shakes a little. David pulls on his own hair as he starts to cum inside of
Trish's mouth. Trish easily swallows his man juice but is shocked with David
collapses to the floor and passes out.

"That was a little too easy..." Trish laughs a she sits on the floor for a
moment to take off her boots, leather pants and panties. She gets back to her
knees and looks at those she hasn't blown yet, "Ok... who's next?" She asks
with a grin before she licks her lips.

The four members of the Filthy Animals, Rey Mysterio, Juventude Guerrera,
Konnan and Billy Kidman quickly come over to Trish. Trish quickly takes hold
of Konnan and Kidman's cocks and begins pumping them as fast as she can. She
opens her mouth and Rey takes advantage of it by slipping his dick into her
face. Juvi also gets in on the fun by presses his cock against the side of
her mouth, making Trish open her mouth wider and Juvi forces his cock into
her mouth. The dicks of Rey and Juvi press against each other as Trish bobs
her head on their cocks.

Trish shows how talented she is by going down on both cocks, trying to deep
throat both men at once. Saliva spills out the sides of her mouth, but she
soon pulls her head back of their cocks then turns her head towards Kidman's
dick. Trish pouts her lips and presses them against the tip of Kidman's cock.
Trish slowly parts her lips as she takes his cock into his mouth, and Kidman
moans in approval. Trish looks up at Kidman and flutters her eyebrows
seductively as she slowly moves her head up and down his cock. Trish takes
his cock out of her mouth and turns on her knees to face Konnan. Trish spits
on the wrestler once known as Max Moon's cock, and then licks up and down
the sits while stroking his cock. Trish spits several more times on Konnan's
cock and follows that up by pumping his cock firmly with both of her hands.
Once Trish has finished with the Animals, she looks at the remaining four
wrestlers, who many would consider the future of WCW. Trish looks at the
cocks of Steiner, Booker, Jarrett and Bagwell and licks her lips as if she
was starving for meat.

"I must be in heaven..." Trish smiles a bit as she gets down on her hands
and knees and crawls over to them like a cat. She sits back up on her knees,
leans her head back and opens her mouth. Jarrett is the first to take a shot
at her face and he slams his cock into her mouth. He holds onto her head and
thrusts his dick in and out of her mouth. Trish moves her tongue all over his
cock until he pulls out. Bagwell takes his place, and tells Trish she's going
to get his buffed stuff. Trish gives him a look but takes his cock into her
mouth. Trish quickly moves her head along his cock, making slurping sounds
each time she goes all the way down and all the way up on his dick. Bagwell
starts to flex a bit and when Trish looks up to see him doing it and she
quickly grows tired of him.

"God someone has an ego..." Trish says as she moves away from Bagwell but
bangs her face against Steiner's dicks. Trish shakes her head and then looks
up Steiner's freakish cock.

"Holy shit... that's... wow..." Trish's mouth waters as she gets an up close
and personal look of his cock. Trish takes it into his hands and strokes it
with both of them. Trish holds his cock up and slides it into her own mouth.
Trish tries to deep throat his cock, but can't get it completely in her
mouth. Trish gives up and switches to licking every inch of his cock until
it shines with her saliva. Trish finally turns her attention to Booker T.
Trish eyes are locked on his ebony penis and she has a very desired filled
look on her face.

"Ohhh it's been so long since I had.... A hard... long... thick... black...
cock..." Trish moans. Before Booker realizes it, Trish has his cock in her
mouth and is fucking her own throat with his dick. Trish gags herself with
Booker's cock but at the same time moans around it. Trish closes her mouth
tightly around his cock and drags her mouth off of his dick. When his cock
is out of her mouth, Trish slaps it against her own lips, causing some a bit
of drool that is around her mouth to splatter a bit.

"Wow... you guys taste great... I got to have some more..." Trish gets
another hungry look on her face and looks at the men's cocks to see which one
she wants to suck on again. Her eyes are drawn towards Lash's dick, and his
red pubic hair. Trish lays down on her back, but then props herself up one of
her elbows. She points to Lash and motions for him to come to her. As if in a
trace, Lash walks over to Trish and she reaches up for his cock. Once she has
it, she pulls it and him down and she starts licking around his cock. Trish
spreads her legs a part and moves her free hand to her pussy. Trish slides
her fingers into her pussy as she slides her tongue down to the hair around
of Lash's dick.

As Trish gives Lash's pubic hair a tongue bath, Chavo Guerrero comes over and
moves her hand from away pussy. Chavo grabs her legs and lifts her lower body
a bit to raise it to a level where he can slide his cock into her pussy.
Trish lets out a low moan as Chavo starts fucking her. Trish moves her mouth
up Lash's cock and then opens her mouth to take his cock back into her mouth.
Lash begins moving his hips a bit, making it easy for Trish to suck his cock
while Chavo drills her. Chavo slides his hands over Trish's thighs then over
her hips as he smoothly moves his cock in and out of her pussy. Trish pushes
her hips against Chavo as Lash pushes his cock down her throat. Even though
Lash's cock muffles Trish's moans, but they can be heard clearly but every
wrestler in the locker room. Trish suddenly puts a hand on Chavo's hand ass
he lifts her head off of Lash's cock.

"Ohhh baby... can... you please... pull out..." She asks sweetly as she looks
back at him.

He does so reluctantly and Trish moves away from Lash. She looks at all the
men and then points at Bagwell. She orders him to lie down, and he does so
with a bit grin on his face. Trish crawls over to him, lifts one leg and
smoothly moves herself over him. She holds herself up over his cock before
she slowly lowers herself down onto his cock. Trish places her hands on
Bagwell's chest as she slowly begins move up and down on his cock. Trish
turns her head to the right and is greeted with Jarrett's cock brushing
against her face. Trish opens her mouth and sucks on the sides of Jarrett's
cock as she rides Bagwell faster and harder. Trish laps her tongue around
Jarrett's cock as Bagwell puts his hands on her hips to lift Trish up and
down on his cock. Evan Karagias lies down on the floor and gives Trish a

"Hey baby, come over here and go down for the 3 count." Trish takes her lips
off of Jarrett's cock and pulls Bagwell's hands off of her body. She stands
up slowly and moves over to Karagias and sits down on his cock, taking into
her sweet pussy. Before she starts riding, she leans forward and looks at
Shane Helms. She smacks her own ass and smirks at him.

"I got number one now.... But now I want number two..." Shane grins as he
kneels behind Trish and he works his cock into her ass gradually. Trish moans
tenderly as she pushes back against him and rocks a bit on Evan's dick. Trish
then looks at Shannon and licks her lips as her eyes lock onto his cock.
Shannon doesn't need to be told what Trish desires and he comes over quickly.
Trish grabs his cock and wraps her lips around it.

As soon as Shannon's cock is buried deep in her mouth, he, Evan and Shane
begin to fuck each of her cock-holes. Trish moans around Shannon's cock as
she lashes her tongue around his shaft as Shane and Evan drill her. Shane
moves his cock in and out her ass as Evan thrusts up into her cunt. Trish
starts to cum on Evan's cock and she clamps her lips down around Shannon's
cock, and he starts to cum in her mouth. Shane gives Trish a few quick
thrusts in her ass before he starts to dump his shipment of sperm within of
her rump. When Shane and Shannon pull out of Trish, Evan pushes her off of
his cock. Trish lies on her back and he straddles her body as he strokes
his cock till he cums all over her beautiful chest. The wannabe boy band
trio goes and sits on some chairs to recover their strength for their match
on Nitro later that night.

Before Trish can give commands to which man or men she desires next, the
Filthy Animals come over and make the choices for her. Rey-Rey lies on the
floor, and Kidman and Juvi take Trish's arms, lift her up and then lower
her on Rey's cock. Trish moans softly as she rocks back and forth on his
cock before Juvi places his cock against her ass. Trish smiles when she
figures out what he wants, so she leans forward a bit to give Juvi some
room to slide his cock into her asshole. Juvi does so, slipping it in to
her lubed up with cum butt and begins to fuck her. Trish pushes back against
the Juice while slightly bouncing on Rey's cock. She stretches her arms out
and makes a grabbing motion with her hands to tell Kidman and Konnan that
she wants their dicks. The each comes over to her, allowing the beautiful
Canadian to grab their cocks. Trish pulls them close to her mouth to take
turns sucking on their cocks. Juvi puts his hands on Trish's plump ass, as
she starts to really bounce on Rey's cock to give Juvi's dick some extra
attention with her ass.

Trish looks out of the corner of her eye at Booker T, and more importantly,
his cock. She releases Kidman and Konnan's dicks and moves a hand behind
herself to have Juvi pull out of her ass, which he does. Before he moves
away, he slaps his cock against her ass. Trish traces a finger around Rey's
face and smiles at him before she gets off his cock. She moves over to
Booker and presses her body against his while whispering into his ear, "I
want to fuck my pussy..."

Booker gets a smile on his face as Trish turns around and sexily gets down
onto her hands and knees. Booker squats down behind her and then pushes his
thick black cock into her pussy. Trish's eyes go wide as she feels Booker's
dick split her pussy like no one else has so far. Booker takes hold of
Trish's hips and pulls her back as he steadily thrusts his cock in and out
of her pussy. Trish closes her eyes and moans as she lowers her head to
ground while moving one hand to her pussy to massage it and to feel Booker's
cock move with sound sophistication. Trish pushes back against him and soon
comes to a stop as she starts to cum on his cock.

Booker pulls out of his pussy as Trish comes down from her climax, but her
break is cut short. Scott Steiner gets behind her and slams his cock into
her pussy, catching her totally unprepared for his beefy cock. Steiner
wraps his arms around her and rolls on to his back so fast, Trish has to
look around to realize she's on top of Steiner, but facing away from him.
Trish leans back and places her hands on Steiner's powerful arms and starts
grinding her pussy down on his cock. Chavo comes over and stands over Trish
with his legs brushing against her arms and his cock near her face. Trish
looks up at the 2nd Generation wrestler and sits up a bit while still moving
wildly on Steiner. Trish takes hold of Chavo's cock and pumps it as she puts
the head of his dick in her mouth. Trish sucks on his cock for a bit, before
actually blowing on it as Steiner puts his hands on her hips to make her move
up and down on his cock. Chavo takes hold of Trish's soft blond hair and
slides his cock deeper into her mouth as he starts to cum. Trish swallows all
of his sperm while slurping on his cock until he's done cumming. Chavo pulls
out of her mouth and Trish licks his cock clean before letting him go.

Steiner pushes Trish off of his cock and he stands in front of her. Trish
takes hold of his cock and begins to stroke it with both of her hands.
Bagwell and Jarrett get behind her and at one of a time, they both push
their cocks into her pussy. Trish lets out a shocked scream just before
she takes Steiner's cock into her mouth. Bagwell and Jarrett push in and
out of her pussy at different rates, making it fairly hard for the former
fitness model to suck Steiner's dick. After getting use to the way Buff
and Double J are slamming their cocks in and out of her pussy, Trish gets
into a solid rhythm of bobbing her head on Steiner's cock. She moves on
her hands to his balls and gently squeezes them, and that's all the Genetic
Freak can take for he starts to cum inside of Trish's mouth. He doesn't
drop his entire load in her oral hole; instead he pulls out and dumps a
good amount of banana juice on her face.

Jarrett and Bagwell pull out of Trish's pussy and Lash & Juvi take their
places. Trish rests her head on the floor, staying fairly still while
letting the Rajun Cajun and The Juice pound her pussy at the same time.
Like The Chosen One and Buff Daddy, Lash & Juvi alternate thrusts, giving
Trish a nonstop feeling of one cock going in while the other comes out.
Trish's soft moans are pretty mild, but she starts to push back against
both cruiserweights. Lash suddenly pulls out of Trish's cunt just before
her cums, resulting in his sperm to coat the back of Trish's right thigh.
Trish reaches back with her right hand and scoops some of his cum up, then
brings her hand to the mouth to lick it clean. As Lash moves away, Konnan
rejoins the action when Juvi pulls out Trish's pussy and slips his dick
into her ass. Juvi wraps his arms around her waist and lifts Trish up a
bit as Konnan slides under her.

When Trish realizes that K-Dogg is under her, she slightly breaks Juvi's grip
around her waist and drops down onto Konnan's cock. Trish immediately starts
rocking on Konnan's cock to push back against Juvi's. As Konnan and Juvi fuck
Trish, Kidman and Rey get where her mouth his and hold their cocks up to her
mouth. Trish turns her head constantly to lick both Rey and Kidman's cock.
Juvi then pulls out her ass, and Trish lets out a moan of disappointment, but
her disappointment ends when Kidman moves behind her and slides his cock into
her asshole. As Trish instantly begins slamming back against Kidman, Konnan
gropes her breasts happily before he lets out a grunt when he cums inside of
Trish's pussy.

Kidman, Rey and Juvi help Trish off of Konnan's cock, thinking she's going to
focus on someone else. But Trish surprises them by dropping down to her knees
and taking Juvi's cock into her mouth. She bobs her head quickly along his
cock, milking his cock with her mouth until The Juice spurts his juice in her
mouth. Trish pulls off his cock and smacks her lips together, then turns
toward Kidman. She grabs his cock greedily and pumps it as hard as she can
while swirling her tongue over the head of his shaft. Kidman cannot last long
under her oral blitz and explodes, his cum splattering against her mouth.
Trish releases his dick and doesn't bother to wipe her mouth before giving
her attention to Rey. She takes both his hands and places them on her own
head as she slurps up his cock. Rey quickly figures out what she wants and
starts fucking her mouth. Rey's balls slap hard against Trish's chin as she
gobbles on his cock until he cums in her mouth. Rey's cum spills out the
sides of her mouth, and when he pulls out, a lot of it lands on the floor.
Trish doesn't let it go to waste and licks it up like a cat while actually
purring a little.

Jarrett takes advantage of Trish being down in her current position by
getting behind her. He pushes his cock into her fat juicy ass and quickly
begins banging doggy- style. Trish instantly starts pushing back against
him, as Bagwell and Booker get in front of her. Trish opens her mouth and
each man takes turns of inserting their dicks into her mouth, making her
deep throat it and then pullout for the other to do the same. No matter
of whose cock is past her lips, Trish makes sure to lash her tongue against
the underbelly of it. Jarrett then starts to stand up with his cock buried
completely in her ass, taking her away from Bagwell and Booker's cocks.
Bagwell is not going to have that so he gets close to Trish, grabs her legs
and lift her up. Jarrett wraps his arms around Trish as Bagwell jams his
fuck stick into her pussy. Trish wraps her legs around Bagwell's waist while
reaching back to wrap an arm around Jarrett's neck. Double J and Bagwell
start pumping in and out of Trish at a decent rate while the queen of
Stratusfaction bump and grinds her hips to push against them. Trish throws
her head from side to side, her hair flying in every direction as she cums
again. Trish places a hand on Bagwell's chest and then kisses him softly
before pushing him away and out of her pussy She then looks back at Jarrett.

"Hey... can... you let me down please..." Trish asks with a smile as she
wipes some sweat from her face. Jarrett pulls his cock out of her ass and
stands Trish on the ground.

Trish then walks over to Booker and gently takes hold of his cock. She runs
her hand up and down his shaft softly.

"I want you to lay down... can you do that for..." Trish whispers as she
looks in his eyes. Booker complies with Trish request and lies down on the
locker room floor. Trish squats over his body, facing away from him as she
reaches down for his cock to aim straight up. Trish lowers herself onto
Booker's cock and lets out a moan as she drops down completely on his cock.
Booker puts is hands on Trish's ass to start pushing her up and down on his
cock. Trish leans back a bit and puts her hands on the floor as she moves
her hips to rides Booker's cock harder and faster. Jarrett stands in front
of Trish and takes hold of her head. He pulls her forward a bit and pushes
his cock into her mouth. Trish quickly starts sucking on it gently for she's
more focused on Booker's cock in her pussy. Trish changes how she's riding
Booker, coming down sharply on his black stallion. Booker takes his hands
away from Trish's ass, just before he starts to cum inside of her pussy.

Jarrett pulls out of Trish's mouth and lies down on the ground a few feet
away from Booker. Trish smirks at him and transfers herself from Booker's
dick to Jarrett's. She faces him and flashes her hands on his bare chest as
she does a little rock and roll motion on his cock with her pussy. Bagwell
gets behind Trish and pushes hid cock into ass. Trish moans loudly as
Bagwell thrusts his cock in and out of her ass and as Jarrett thrusts up
into her pussy. Trish bites her lip and closes her eyes getting used to how
Bagwell and Jarrett are fucking her. But that changes when Bagwell pulls out
of her ass and shoves his cock into her pussy. Trish screams a bit as the
sudden invasion catches her off guard. Bagwell and Jarrett steadily fuck her
cunt as hard as they can and soon the hot blond cums hard on both of their

"Mmmm... that was... fucking awesome..." Trish says as Bagwell pulls out of
her cunt, his cock dripping with her juices. Trish takes her time and gets
herself off of Jarrett's dick, then sits on her knees as she catches her
breath. Jarrett and Bagwell both stand near Trish and after she composes her
self, she takes hold of their cocks. She opens her mouth wide and stuffs her
face with both of their cocks. Trish easily bobs her head along the top half
of both of their dicks, as well as siding her soft tongue between them.
Jarrett and Bagwell are exhausted and cannot last under Trish's oral skills.
Bagwell cums first, but Jarrett unloads his two ball compound a moment later.
The hot man cream spills out of Trish's mouth and down onto her chin when
both men pull their cocks from Trish's mouth.

"That was fun..." Trish smiles, but as she looks around to see what the
others thought, she sees they have fallen asleep or passed out. Trish smirks
a bit to herself, "Well, at least I left them Stratusfied. Trish looks around
for a towel and finds one in one of the wrestlers bags. She wipes herself
clean and puts her clothes back on. She kisses each wrestler on the forehead
before she tiptoes out of the locker room. When Trish closes the door, Eric
Bischoff comes down the hall with a contract in his hand.

"Did you have a good time Ms. Stratus?" Bischoff asks as he hands the
contract to Trish.

"Yeah I did, you really have some top talent here," Trish smiles, "But..."

"But what? Was something not to your standards?" Bischoff asks as he prepares
himself to give the WCW wrestlers the riot act.

"Well.... I..." Trish then rips the contract in her hand in two and drops it
to the floor. Trish laughs a little and brushes a strand of hair behind her
face. "Sorry Eric... I signed with the World Wrestling Federation last
night... I came here to actually give you a message from Mr. McMahon... he
said you can kiss his ass." Trish then leaves the stunned Eric Bischoff with
a confident and satisfied smile on her face.

Eric after some time regains his self-control after what Trish said sunk into
him. He shakes his head and punches a wall in frustration. Eric storms into
the WCW locker room only to see his wrestlers worn out. Eric fumes and yells
at the top of his lungs, "GOD DAMN IT MCMAHON!".

-To Be Concluded in Trish Goes to Raw-

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