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This Story is a sequel to Trish Goes To Nitro.

Trish Goes To Raw
outline by Kristi
written by Dice ( AOL IM: Fred Casden)

A few days after humiliating Eric Bischoff and WCW, Trish Stratus is in Vince
McMahon's office at Titan Towers in Hartford, Connecticut, going over the
final details of her contract with the WWF, Trish reads the contract one more
time before smiling.

"I think everything is in order Mr. McMahon," Trish smiles as she takes a pen
and signs her name on the dotted line. Vince gets a huge smile on his face.

"I must say Trish, I didn't think you would go through with my plan to one-up
Bischoff and WCW." He says as he shakes her hand.

"Oh I was happy to do it, anything to show to that I wanted to be WWF DIVA is
alright by me," Trish replies with a bit of a smile on her face. Trish takes
a quick moment to reflect on the WCW superstars she was with a few days ago.
She remembers fondly how hung a lot of them were and how they followed her
orders perfectly.

"Well Trish you have certainly proven yourself, now, I would like to know if
you would like to have your very first ‘match' sometime today," Vince says as
he taps his finger tips together.

"Oh, the sooner the better, I'm ready," Trish smiles excitedly.

Vince nods his head and smiles approvingly, "Good… now… your first match will
be a gauntlet match..."

Trish smiles and nods her head excitedly, "Ok Mr. McMahon."

"Now, I would tell you the exact details of it, but then I would be helping
you. Go to the weight-room down on the 3rd Floor, you will get the details
from your opponents."

Trish smiles and stands up, "Thank you Mr. McMahon, I'm going to show you
what I can do."

"Yes you are... Good Luck," Vince smiles a bit as Trish leaves his office.
The beautiful Canadian quickly heads to an elevator and goes down to the
third floor. After roaming the floor for a while, Trish finds the weight
room. Before she enters, Trish psyches herself up, ready to face whoever
is in there. After taking a deep breath Trish enters the weight room, ready
to fight, but finds it to be completely empty.

"What the hell..." Trish says to herself as she looks around. "Hello?" She
calls out as she starts to feel that Vince is playing a trick on her, until
she hears the door open behind. Trish turns around and sees Essa Rios, Crash
Holly and Mean Street Posse (Rodney, Joey Abs & Pete Gas). Rodney takes one
look at Trish and smiles.

"Hey this must be the hottie Shane O'Mac was telling us about," Rodney says
as he looks at Trish's body. Trish has a confused look on her face.

"Ummm what's going on?" She asks as the five men start to take off their

"Well babe, what's going to happen here is that you're going to have to fuck
a set order of wrestlers to make yourself an Official WWF Diva, and that
it'll be a gauntly," Joey Abs explains.

"Yeah... after you're done with us... the next guys will come in and you'll
have to do them..." Pete Gas adds.

Trish smiles a bit, "How many guys are we talking about?"

Crash thinks for a bit, "Oh I think close to 30... counting us..."

"T-Thirty?" Trish asks as she licks her lips a bit.

"Si." Essa nods.

"Oh wow... Better get started then..." Trish smiles as she gets down on her
knees. The quintet of jobbers circles her. She grabs the cocks of Crash and
Essa and quickly begins to stroke their cocks as she opens her mouth and
lowers it onto Pete Gas's cock. She quickly begins to bob her head along his
shaft, sloppily slurping it like it was a straw.

"Oh damn, she's going to make the fans forget about Sable in a heart beat..."
Pete moans.

"No way, let me get a shot at her mouth," Rodney says. Pete pulls out of
Trish's mouth and Rodney slides his cock. Trish doesn't skip a beat and
quickly begins sucking his cock, in addition to deep throating him easily.
She adjusts her grip on both of Essa and Crash's cock in order to pump
them harder.

"Ohhh fuck he was right... she's going to be the top babe around here in no
time..." Rodney moans as he rakes his fingers through her air.

"Yeah well, she's been sucking your two little dicks so far," Joey laughs,
"Let her try that on real man..."

Trish lifts her head off of Rodney's cock and smirks at Joey, "There's a real
man among you three?"

Crash and Essa start laughing as the faces of the Mean Street Posse go red.

"Man she got you guys good," Crash laughs as Trish tugs on his cock.

"Si." Essa nods his head in agreement.

"Just shut up and blow me..." Joey says as he pushes Rodney aside and shoves
his cock into Trish's mouth. Trish has no problem blowing Joey; in fact she
has an extremely easy time sucking his cock. She bobs her dead steadily on
his cock as she lets go of Essa and Crash's cock. Rodney gets behind her and
takes off her top making Trish to move her head off of Joey's cock. She looks
back at him and smiles.

"Thanks... I'm starting to sweat and that top cost me a lot..." Trish smiles
as he kneels down and helps Trish out of her shorts. Trish gets onto her
hands and knees and looks back at him, "Since you were a gentleman... unlike
your body... you can fuck me first..."

"Golly Gee, thanks, "Rodney says as he kneels behind her and pushes his cock
into her pussy. As he slowly begins to fuck her, Essa and Crash stand in
front of Trish. She leans up and holds on to their wrists as she alternates
between sucking Crash then Essa. She moans softly and soon opens her mouth
wide to take both dicks in her lips. She effortlessly deep throats both
cocks. Rodney places his hands on her hips as Trish pushes back against him.
Crash and Essa don't bother trying to hold back from cumming and they both
dump their loads in her mouth. Trish easily swallows their loads before she
lets them pull their shrinking dicks out of her mouth.

"Thanks for the snack..." Trish smiles at both light heavyweights, or rather
the light heavyweight and the ‘super' heavyweight as they pick up their
clothes and get dressed.

"Hey you want to more to eat?" Pete asks with a grin as he stands in front of

"Oh yeah, I'd love something else to eat..." Trish licks her lips as Pete
lowers his cock into her mouth. Joey goes behind her and taps Rodney's

"What?" Rodney says as he slows down his thrusts to talk to Joey.

"Let me get a shot at her pussy... she's going to feel a real man..." Joey

"You won't last a minute in her..." Rodney laughs as he pulls out of Trish's
pussy and goes to her mouth. Trish wraps her hand around his cock as Joey
quickly takes his place and slams his cock into her pussy. Unfortunately for
the ‘real man', Rodney's words were true for Trish's pussy squeezes his cock
so hard that when he starts to thrust, he cums instantly. Pete and Rodney
start laughing at their comrade as Trish licks both of their cocks.

"Man... Joey is all talk..." Pete laughs as Trish pouts her lips around his
cock as Rodney starts to cum from Trish stroking his cock.

"He's not as bad as Willie Green..." Rodney says as Trish makes Pete dump his
load in her mouth. Trish sits back on her knees and smiles up at the Posse.

"Whoa... if that was round one... who's going to be in round two?" Trish asks
with a smile as she wipes her face of some of Rodney's cum.

"Don't worry babe... you'll see in a few minutes..." Rodney grins as he and
the others get dress then leaves. Trish remains on her knees and waits for
the next group to enter. The doors swing open 10 minutes later and in walks
Test, Val Venis, Steve Blackman and D'Lo Brown. All four men are dress in
shorts and sleeveless WWF Attitude shirts. Val takes one look at Trish and
licks his thumb as he sizes up the naked, kneeling blond bombshell.

"Heh... heh... heh... Hellooooo Lady..." Val says as he lowers his shorts.

"Ummm hi," Trish smiles sweetly as Blackman, D'Lo & Test take off their

"Do you know what time it is?" Val asks her as he steps in front of her.

Trish looks around for a clock since she does not have a watch her wrist,
"No... there's no clock in here..."

Val chuckles, "Well you know something baby, The Big Valbowski is just like
a clock... just put your face and your two hands on it... and I'll tell you
exactly what time it is..." Trish gives him and odd look before she smiles.

"Oh I get what you mean..." Trish laughs a bit as she takes his cock into her
both of her hands and quickly begins to work like a pepper stick. She puts
her mouth on it then slowly begins to bob her head on the top half of his
dick. Test moves behind Trish and adjusts her position so her pussy is more
accessible. Test then shoves his cock into her pussy and begins to fuck his
fellow Canadian. Trish moans around Val's cock as she sucks his cock. Val
runs his fingers through her hair and sharply thrusts his cock down her
throat. Test pulls her back against him before Blackman comes over in front
of Trish.

"Let her try a lethal weapon..." Blackman says with a straight face.

"Her mouth is all yours," Val grins as he pulls out of her mouth. Blackman
takes his place and slides his lethal weapon into her mouth. Trish gags a
bit but quickly resumes bobbing her head on his shaft. Val moves around to
behind Trish and he and Test switch out. Val pushes his cock into her pussy
as Test goes to the front. Trish sets up a bit and grabs his cock. She pumps
her hand up and down his cock as she slurps on Blackman's cock. Val smoothly
fucks her pussy while Trish switches to suck Test's cock for a bit.

"Hey you guys better recognize there's a fourth man here... now it's time
here, to get down on the Brown..." D'Lo says as he lays on the weight room
floor. Test, Blackman and Venis all move away from Trish, allowing her to
compose herself as she moves over to D'Lo. Trish gingerly mounts his cock
while facing him, placing her hands on his chest.

"Mmmm I... think I like the Brown..." Trish smiles as she slowly begins to
ride his cock. Blackman then comes over, places his hands on her back to make
her move forward before he slides his cock into her ass. "Ohhh shit..." Trish
gasps in surprise as Blackman starts to fuck her ass.

"You got... to be prepared... for anything... in the WWF..." Blackman quietly
says as he bangs her ass. Trish nods her head, taking the advance, as she
rocks back and forth on D'Lo's dick, coming down on him with sharp movements.
Blackman swiftly continues to fuck her ass until he pulls out and cums on her
beautiful backside. Blackman pulls out of her ass and slips his shorts on
like an assassin in the night. Test lays down next to D'Lo when he sees the
human bobble-head huffing and puffing.

"Hey cutie... take a ride on a stiff Canadian pole..." Test says with a tacky
grin. Trish smirks a bit as she comes to a stop on D'Lo's cock. She then
transfers herself to Test, almost jumping on his cock. "Whoa!" Test says as
Trish comes down hard on his cock.

"Hey... I got... a bunch of guys still to do..." Trish smiles as she starts
riding him like a bull.

"That's right... you got the tag teams to go through..." Val says as he gets
behind her and pushes his prick into her asshole. Trish lets out a low moan
as Val fucks her ass slowly, but firmly, allowing her to keep her quick pace
while bouncing on Test's cock. D'Lo is so close to cumming that he wants to
get a little head from Trish, so he gets in front of her and presses his cock
against her mouth. Trish takes gulps it up easily and sucks as hard as she
can on it, creating a vacuum with her mouth that makes D'Lo spurt easily.
Trish swallows his cum quickly as he pulls out, causing a little bit to
trickle down her chin.

Trish then looks back at Val as sweat drips down her face, "Hey... I... can
take two... in... my pussy..."

Val grins, "If... you say so..." Val pulls out of her ass as fast as he can
and promptly heaves his member into her cunt along side Test's Canadian Maple

"Mmmmmm yeah that's it..." Trish moans as she feels both of their cocks
moving in her tight west pussy. Test and Val don't come close to matching the
other's efforts, but it doesn't matter. Trish's pussy tightens as best it can
around both dicks that it causes Test is cum hard and suddenly inside of her
sweet twat. Val pulls out of Trish's pussy unexpectedly and moves in front of
her to push his cock into her mouth. Trish doesn't have to be a rocket
scientist to realize he wants to cum in her mouth, thus she wraps a hand
around his shaft and pumps it as fast as she can while sliding her tongue
around the tip of his cock.

"The Big Valbowski... is about to erupt!" Val says with a groan to warn her
a moment before he starts to shoot his load in her mouth. Trish tries to
swallow it all, but the amount of cum the former adult film start gives her
is too much for her to handle and it spills out of her mouth. Trish coughs
a bit and looks up at Val as he helps her get off of test.

"Wow... I'm lucky.... I... haven't cummed yet..." Trish says as she wipes her
forehead with the back of her hand. Test rolls to his feet and gets dressed
as Val takes off his shirt to dry off some of Trish's sweat.

"You did great... but it's going to get harder..." Val grins.

"I hope so..." Trish smiles as Val hands her his shirt. Trish wipes her face
as the guys head to the door, "Bye guys... see you later..." Trish waves. The
four wrestlers wave back and smile at Trish before they leave. Trish then
bends down and puts her hands on her knees to compose her self, "Ummm let's
see... that was 9... so.... That leaves at most... 21..." Trish then lays
down on the ground to rest a bit before the next group enters.

Trish closes her eyes and dozes off just before the next group enters,
consisting of The Dudley Boys, Bubba Ray & D-Von as well as Radical member
Perry Saturn and Eddie Guerrero. The four men are dressed similarly to the
previous group, wearing short and WWF Attitude t-shirts.

"Oh my brother, someone please Testify what I see," D-Von says as he looks
at Trish's naked body.

"Looks like a naked wannabe Diva..." Bubba smirks.

"She's asleep..." Saturn notes as he looks at the Trish is laying on the

"Don't worry... a little Latino Heat will get this Mama Cita up..." Eddie
grins as he stripes down. He approaches Trish's body and instead of moving
to her feet, and moves to her head and lowers himself over her body. His
cock hands over Trish's head as he pushes her legs apart to give his head
some room as he lowers it to live her pussy. As Eddie slides his tongue
over her pussy, Trish starts to stir a bit, moaning as she opens her eyes.

"Ohhhh... what's... going on..."? Trish tries to gather her thoughts as
Eddie eat her pussy. She remembers the gauntlet she's running and soon
realizes there's a dick above her face. Without a word Trish opens her
mouth as she moves her hands to Eddie's ass to push them down in order
for his cock to fall into her mouth. Eddie's body tenses up as Trish slaps
her tongue against his cock, but he resumes flicking his tongue against
her pussy. Trish moans around his cock and kicks her legs a bit as Eddie
makes the still waking up beauty climax. Eddie moves off of Trish's body,
satisfied with his work and allows her to sit up. Trish gets a good look
at the Dudleys, Saturn and Guerrero and smiles. "Wow... I must've dozed
off... thanks for the wake up call," Trish smiles cutely as she stands up.

"No problem Mama Cita," Eddie grins. Trish walks over to the quartet and
sizes them up. She makes like she is going to go to D-Von, then does an
about face and jumps onto Saturn.

"Holy Smologins!" Saturn yells as he falls backward, ending up o his back
on the weight room floor.

"Sorry... couldn't resist," Trish smiles as she moves herself to sit on
Saturn's cock. She starts riding him hard and fast as a result of the extra
energy she got from her little catnap. Bubba and D-Von come over and Trish
takes hold of their cocks and pulls them near her mouth. She licks the heads
of both cocks as she pumps dicks with her hands.

"Too bad Spike isn't here in the WWF.... We'd so 3D-P her..." Bubba moans as
Trish slurps on the head of his cock before turning her attention to D-Von's

"She's knows the 6th Dudley commandment, thou shall suck off the Dudley,"
D-Von replies as Trish deep throat's the 2nd biggest cock ever to come out
of Dudleyville, USA. Trish then pulls Bubba's cock into her mouth the slurp
on both of the Dudley's cocks at once while Eddie moves behind her and shoves
his cock into her pussy along side Saturn's. Trish gasps a bit and deep
throats both Dudleys' dicks by accident, resulting in both D-Von and Bubba
Ray to cum in her mouth. Trish can't even begin to swallow their hot sticky
loads flow with their dicks so deep in her gullet.

"Oh My brother she knows to the testify!" D-Von decrees as he and Bubba pull
out of her mouth, causing their load to spill out a bit before she's able to
swallow it call. The portions she can't drip down the sides of her chin and
onto her heaving breasts as Eddie and Saturn thrust into her. Trish then
places her hands on Saturn's chest to push herself off of his cock as Eddie
pulls her back so she's resting on her hands and knees on the floor.

"Ohhh damn..." Trish moans as Eddie bangs her pussy at a smooth pace as she
pushes back against him. Saturn kneels in front of Trish and starts moving
his cock in and out her mouth. Trish closes her lips tightly around his shaft
to create a bit of a vacuum seal to had to the pressure he's feeling. Eddie
pulls out of Trish's pussy and slams his cock into her asshole. Trish lurches
forward a she gags on Saturn's cock just before he cums. Trish has a bit of
an easier time of swallowing his sperm than she had with the Dudley's. Saturn
pulls out and wipes his cock with Trish's hair as Eddie continues to fuck
Trish up the ol Hershey Highway, making her climax suddenly just before he
dumps his Latin Tabasco sauce in her ass. Trish reaches back and rubs her
ass a bit until Eddie pulls out. Trish smiles at him, Saturn and The Dudleys
as she sits on her knees.

"That was fun... I can feel the heat..." Trish smiles.

"Oh if you think that something... wait till you see who's coming in for you
next," Eddie winks as he, Saturn & The Dudleys leave. Trish slides a hand
through her hair and licks her lips. "I hope it's a bunch of cute guys..."
She laughs to herself as she waits.

A few minutes go by and Trish starts to wonder what's keeping the next group
of wrestlers. But her wait soon ends when the doors open and six wrestlers
come into the weight room. But these six aren't just any six; they are the
tag teams known as Too Cool, The Hardy Boys and Edge and Christian. Trish
looks at all six men and her mouth is virtually watering. Scotty takes off
his sunglasses and looks at Trish.

"Damn cats, she's one fly honey bee..." Scotty grins.

"Oh she's more than fly, she's super fly. You dig what I'm saying?" Grand
Masta Sexay adds as he and others remove their clothes.

"She so totally reeks of Awesomeness..." Christian smirks.

"I'd love to have the benefit of flash photography right now..." Edge licks
his teeth.

"Shoot fucking her is going to be a real twist of fate..." Matt grins.

"Why are we talking? There's a naked chick here," Jeff wonders out loud.

"I'm kinda wondering that myself," Trish laughs a bit, "How about two of you
get over here so I can give ya'll head." Scotty and Sexay are the closest to
Trish and they get closer to her before Edge, Christian or the Hardys can.
Trish smiles up at both members of Too Cool as takes hold of both their
cocks. She strokes both cocks before licking the undersides of both dicks.
She takes Scotty's mouth into her mouth and bobs her head on it while rubbing
the head of Sexay's cock with the palm of her hand. Trish then switches over
to suck Sexay's cock and deep throats his cock.

After Trish gives Too Cool the best head they ever received, Scotty and Sexay
move away and Edge & Christian take their places. Trish grips both of their
cocks and after looking at them she smiles and asks, "You two are from
Ontario aren't you?"

"That's right..." Edge grunts as Trish tugs on his cock.

"How can you tell?" Christian asks as Trish licks the head of his cock.

"Ohhh I'm from Toronto... and I know Canadian bacon when I see it..." Trish
winks as opens her mouth wide to try and stuff her face with both cocks. Edge
and Christian help her out by pushing their dicks deeper into her mouth. Both
of their cocks grind against each other as Trish laps her tongue around and
between their cocks. Trish moves her hands and cups the balls of both men,
letting their cocks fall out of her mouth. Edge and Christian grip their
cocks and slaps them against her pretty face.

Edge and Christian move away and The Hardys approaches Trish. They don't
exchange words as Trish goes right to impaling her face on Jeff's cock. She
bobs her head on his cock sloppily before turning to attention to Matt.
Trish runs her tongue all over his shaft before spiting on it. She both hands
around his shaft, starts to stroke it as she swirls her tongue against the
piss-slit. Trish kisses the tips of both Matt and Jeff's cock before she
smiles up at them.

"Sorry guys... you two were just to hot for me to talk to before I blew
ya..." Trish laughs.

"Hey it's cool... we're not much of talkers anyway..." Jeff smiles.

"That's good... HEY!" Trish laughs as Grand Masta Sexay has gotten behind her
and pulls her backwards. He lies down on the ground and grins at her.

"Come on baby... ride this cool MG like no tomorrow." Trish smiles at him
and she straddles his cock, facing away from him to ride him in the reverse
cowgirl style. She leans back a bit as she sharply grinds her cunt down onto
his pelvis. Scotty stands in front of Trish while beating his worm. Trish
leans forward and places her hands Scotty's thighs as she takes his cock back
into her mouth. Trish continues to rock hard on Grand Masta's as she sucks
hard on Scotty's cock.

"Oh yea, this kitten has got it all going for her..." Scotty moans as he runs
his hands through her hair.

"I know, she's a hot babe with two capitol B's," Grand Masta replies as he
moves his hands over Trish's ass as she rides his pole. Trish swivels her
hips a bit as rides him and blows Scotty until the master of the Worm pulls
out of her mouth. Trish's mouth isn't empty for long as Christian has moved
on over to press his cock against her lips. Trish slurps it up greedily as
she gets off of Grand Masta Sexay's cock. She stays on her knees as she bobs
her head on Christian's cock.

"Hmmmm... I don't think I can resist... got to fuck her like a the
babe-osaurs she is..." Edge flashes his perfect smile as he gets behind
Trish and pushes his cock into her pussy. Trish moans around Christian's
cock as she pushes back against Edge who grips her hips to hold her fairly
still. Trish deep throat's Christians cock as she has an orgasm that shoots
through her body like a shot in the dark. Christian pulls his cock out of
her mouth and looks at Edge.

"Hey, let her chill for a bit..."

"Good thinking... we don't want to completely wear her out..." Edge smirks
as he pulls of her pussy. Trish lies back on the floor, holding her self up
by placing her hands behind her. Her body is soaked with sweat, her chest is
heaving heavily as she catches her breath.

"Damn... you guys here in the WWF are amazing..." Trish smiles as she spreads
her legs apart to relax a bit.

"Well you haven't experienced anything yet..." Matt smiles as he knees
between her legs.

"What do you mean?" Trish asks with a cute smile.

"You have had your pussy licked by a Hardy yet..." Matt winks at her before
he lowers his head to her pussy. He slides his tongue over her slit as Trish
arches her hips a bit in response to what he's doing.

"Ohhh wow...." Trish moans as she looks at Jeff, "Hey Cutie... come over
here... I won't bite... I might suck..." Trish laughs a bit before Matt
surprises her by stabbing his tongue inside of her. Jeff walks over and
squats a bit as Trish wraps a hand around his cock. She moves a bit so
her head is tilted underneath his cock. Jeff then lowers his dick into
her mouth and starts sliding his rod in and out as Matt continues to
slide his tongue all over her pussy. Trish moans while moving one hand
to tug on her left breast while pumping Jeff's cock with the other.

"Damn... I hope she becomes our manager...." Jeff moans forgetting that at
the moment Terri manages him and Matt. Trish moves her hips quite a bit,
pressing her pussy against Matt's face as he makes her climax with his
talented tongue.

"Ohhhh damn..." Trish sighs with a smile on her face, "Remind me... to let
you have me for dinner later..." Matt lifts his head and grins at her.

"No problem babe," Matt winks as he stands up and moves away from her, as
does Jeff. Trish looks at Too Cool, Edge and Christian and gets a wicked
smile on her face.

"Hmmm... four guys... and only one of me... well there's only one way to do
this..." Trish smiles. She motions Scotty over and she has him lay down on
the ground. She climbs onto his cock and leans forward, presses her tits
onto his chest. She looks over at Grand Masta and smiles. "Come on... there's
plenty of room in the trunk." Trish smiles as she pats her butt.

"I can see that, and I'm going to go bumpity bump in your butt..." Grand
Masta replies as she lowers his trademark goggles down over his eyes. He
gets behind her and pushes his cock into her asshole. Grand Masta starts
to fuck her ass, making Trish rock back and forth on Scotty's cock. She
looks at Edge and Christian and licks her lips.

"Come... on... don't be... shy..." Trish moans. Edge and Christian high five
each other and move over to Trish. Trish swings her head left and right to
lick both of their cocks as she moves back against the son of the King while
riding the Magic Wonder Worm. Grand Masta and Scotty can't hold out much
longer and they both finish up by cumming within Trish's ass and cunt
correspondingly. Grand Masta Sexay pulls out of Trish's rear and lifts
Trish's back end up for Scotty to slide out from under her. He sets her back
down and Trish looks back at them and smiles, "You two are cool..."

"That we are pretty kitty," Scotty laughs a bit as he and his regular tag
partner get dressed. Trish turns around on her hands and knees so her ass is
facing Edge and Christian.

"You... think you guys... can fuck me... doggy style... together?" Trish asks
as The Hardys stand in front of her.

"You be we can," Edge answers followed by sliding his cock into her hot box.
He moves himself a bit to the right so Christian can work his piece into her
ass-pipe and soon, both the E and the C of EandC start fucking her the way
she wants them to. Trish keeps her mouth open and the Hardys both take turns
thrusting their cocks in and out of her mouth. Trish laps her tongue against
whoever's dick is in her mouth as Edge and Christian alternate thrusts to
drill her twat and ass. Trish back against her fellow Canadians as she starts
cum on Edge's cock. Edge and Christian both pull out of Trish and dump their
spunk all over Trish's lower back. Trish turns away from the Hardys and looks
at Edge and Christian.

"Aww... I wanted to eat that..." Trish pouts a bit before smiling at them.

"Don't worry, we'll hook up some time," Edge grins.

"Yeah... you still got a lot of guys to deal with," Christian adds, then
points at the Hardys and smiles, "Starting with them."

"I knoooooow!" Trish replies just as Matt Hardy picks her up. The older
brother of the Hardys then sits Trish on Jeff cock and pushes her forward
so he can slip his dick in her ass. Trish's eyes go wide as both the Hardys
thrust in and out of her body. She places her hands on Jeff's head and grins
her fingers into his scalp as she tries to move with them.

"Ohhh ohh fuck... that's it... Ahhh you two are extreme...." Trish moans.
Matt gets a smirk on his face.

"Oh you... haven't experienced extreme yet..." Matt pulls out of her asshole
and moves his cock into her pussy to stuff it in along side Jeff's. Jeff has
a perfect view of Trish's face as her eyes bug out.

"Ahhhh damn..." Trish moans as she pushes back against Matt while bouncing a
bit on Jeff's cock. The Hardys nod at each other and roll to the left (Jeff's
Left), then they get to their feet with Trish still on their cocks. The
Hardys lift Trish up and down on their cocks, as she wraps her arms and legs
around Jeff. Trish's body is dripping with sweat as the Hardys slam into her.

"Here's... a dose... of Mattitude..." Matt moans as he cums inside of Trish's

"Matt... Mattitude?" Trish asks with a raised eye brown as she looks back at
him when he pulls out of her.

"Just a little idea for a gimmick for future..." Matt smiles. Trish is about
to reply when Jeff bounces her hard on his cock, making her climax suddenly.

"Ohhh shit..." Trish moans before Jeff moves her to the ground and starts
stroking his cock in her face. Trish smirks and says, "I don't think so..."
She moves his hand away with her own and takes over pumping his cock. Trish
flicks her tongue against the tip to tempt him to cum and he gives in.

"Ahhhhh yea baby," Jeff moans as streams of hot sticky gunk shoots from his
cock and onto her face. Trish moves her head a bit and tries to catch some
of it in her mouth, and is a bit victorious, but the majority of Jeff's cum
lands on her face. Trish swallows what is in her mouth before smiling up at

"Yummy..." Trish pats her belly naughtily.

"Glad you liked it..." Jeff smiles.

"I loved it..." Trish then frowns, "Oh shit... I forgot... are you the last
guys I have to go through. All six men share a bit of a laugh before Matt
answers her.

"Nope... you got one more group to go through... and they are the main

"Main Eventers? You mean... I... I got to go through guys like The Rock?"
Trish asks with an excited, yet worried look on her face.

Edge nods, "Yeah that's rights... we'll stall them for a bit so you can rest
up for him and the rest that's coming with him."

"Gee... thanks a lot..." Trish laughs a bit as Edge, Christian, The Hardys
and Too Cool smile at her and leave the weight room. Trish wipes her face to
clean off the Jeff's cum, and then she licks her hand clean. "Wow... I still
got more guys to go... I hope they stall them cause I'm tired..." Trish says
to herself.

Thirty minutes later, the final group of wrestlers enters the weight room.
The group consists of Chris Jericho, Steve Austin, The Rock and D-Generation
X (Triple H, X-Pac, Billy Gunn and Road Dogg). They waste no time in getting
undressed and Trish's eyes go wide at her first glimpse of what she has to
deal with. Her eyes are as wide as saucers and her moth is hanging open as
Hunter and Jericho move over to her.

"Wake up bitch, and suck it!" Hunter says as he grabs the back of Trish's
head and fills her open mouth with his cock. Trish is startled at first but
soon quickly starts to bob her head on Hunter's cock. She reaches for and
takes hold of Jericho's cock. She then moves her head from Hunter's to
Jericho and slurps it up hungrily. She slobbers all over Jericho's cock as
Hunter moves away. Trish focuses solely on Jericho's rock hard cock. After
some time, X-Pac moves behind Trish and adjust how she's kneeling on the
ground in order to push his cock into her pussy. He puts his hands on her
hips and in one fluid motion leans back so he's laying on the floor and
Trish is on top of him. Trish starts riding his cock. Billy comes over and
Trish starts sucking on his cock. Because of how she's moving on X-Pac's
cock, Trish can't give Billy the best head she can give.

"Hey I bet this hottie like's it like the D-O-Double-G and that's
dog-gy-style!" Road Dogg grins. Trish spits out Billy's cock and licks her
lips while looking at Road Dogg.

"I love it doggy style..." Trish smiles as she gets off of X-Pac and down to
her hands and knees. Road Dogg gets behind her and inserts himself into her
well-fucked pussy. Trish instantly starts pushing back against him, easily
matching his thrusts. Trish looks back at him and smiles, not realizing that
Rock and Austin have gotten in front of her. When Trish looks forward again
she banks her forehead against Austin's stone cold dick.

"Owww... that's hard..." Trish laughs a bit, making The Rock raise an eyebrow
he pushes his cock into her mouth.

"Know your roll and suck the Rock," He orders. Trish grins around his cock
and starts slurping on his cock while putting her hand on Austin's cock. She
wraps her fingers around his dick and then pumps it firmly as she deep
throats The Rock's strudel. Trish soon trades up when Road Dogg gives her a
sharp thrust. She fills her mouth with Austin's cock and gives him a blowjob
he's never had before.

"If this bitch gives the best head around, give me a Hell Yeah!" Austin yells
as Trish deep throats his cock.

"Hell yell!" Billy, Triple H, Jericho, and the Rock all say at the same time
in response.

"Hey she hasn't blown me yet!" X-Pac complains and folds his arms. Trish
lifts her head off of Austin's prick and she moves over to him.

"Don't worry hun, that'll be fixed right now," Trish winks at him as she
wraps a hand around his cock and takes the tip into her mouth. Trish pumps
the bottom half of his dong with her hand as she bobs her heady rapidly on
the top half while sliding her tongue against the tip when she goes up on
his cock. X-Pac bites his lip, grabs two handfuls of her blond hair and
thrusts his cock deep into her mouth just as he goes off. Trish doesn't
swallow any of his cum, instead she spits it back on his cock and licks it
off. She looks up at him and smiles, "Happy now?"

"Very..." X-Pac replies with a cheestastic smile as he moves away from her.
The New Age Outlaws come back over to Trish and Billy gets behind her, shoves
her forward and sticks his cock into her juicy ass.

"I'm an Ass Man..." Billy says before he gives her two hard thrust, "Oh I'm
an Ass Man..." Billy starts humming his theme song as he fucks Trish's ass.
Trish laughs a little and is about to say something in response to Billy's
actions when Road Dogg shoves his hot dog into her mouth.

"Oh you didn't know... you better blow somebody!" Road Dogg says in his
trademarked announcer style voice. Trish smiles around his cock as she begins
to slurp on his dick. Billy continues to slam his cock in and out of Trish's
ass and eventually he blows his load in her butt canal. Trish moans around
Road Dogg's cock as the warm spunk of Billy Gunn fills her ass. Road Dogg
soon pulls out of Trish's mouth, jerks off and dumps his cum in her hair.
Trish makes a face and pouts.

"That's going to take me forever to get out..." She says as she runs a hand
through her hair, to feel the sticky substance.

"Sorry babe... but this Dogg and the blow..." Road Dogg replies with a smile.

"Yeah... sure ok..." Trish laughs a little. The Outlaws smile back at Trish
and get dress before they leave with X-Pac, leaving Trish with Jericho,
Triple H, Austin and Rock to go through. Trish looks at the final four and
figures out how is she going to go through them. "Can one of you lay down?
I kinda want to take all four of you at once..." Trish smiles sweetly.

"Sure darlin' come on over to Ol' Stone Cold..." Austin says as he lays down
on the floor of the weight room. Trish smiles cutely and to some extent skips
over to Austin, straddles him before moving herself onto his cock. Trish
moans for a moment before looking at Hunter.

"Ummm... can you..." Trish starts to ask him something, and Hunter can tell
what she wants. He smirks as he moves behind Trish and pushes his solid penis
into Trish's ass. Trish bites her lower lip as Hunter's cock fills her ass.
"Oh god..." Trish says as she extends both her arms and makes grabbing
motions with her hands. Jericho and Rock move closer to her, allowing Trish
to grab both their cocks. She pulls them both close to her mouth and licks
both cocks as she rocks back and forth on Austin's cock in order to push back
against Hunter.

"The Rock Is tired of getting blown... The Rock needs to be ridden," Rock
says as he pulls away from Trish's grip and lays down on the floor.

"I'm going to ride you like a Braham Bull..." Trish smiles as she moves over
to him after Hunter pulls out of her. Trish mounts herself on The Rock,
instantly starts riding him as fast and as hard as she can. Jericho comes
over pushes his cock in and out of Trish's mouth. Trish slobbers over it as
she bounces on the Rock's dick Trish suddenly comes to a halt as she cums
hard on The Rock's cock. She moans around Jericho's cock and deep throats
him. Trish pulls her head off of Jericho's cock and grins at him as she gets
off of The Rock, "Turn around and bent over..."

Jericho smirks at and does what she asks, turning around and bends over.
Trish leans forward, placing both of her hands on Jericho's ass. She spreads
his butt cheeks apart and starts licking up and down his ass crack as Hunter
gets behind her and starts fucking her cunt. Hunter thrusts hard into Trish,
making her stick her tongue deep into Jericho's asshole. Jericho wraps a hand
around his cock and begins to jerk off while moaning as Trish eats his ass
out. The Rock has now gotten up and he pushes Triple H, making The Game pull
out of Trish's pussy.

"Move your Roody Poo Candy Ass... The Rock Says he's going eat some delicious
pie..." The Rock grabs Trish's shoulder and as her stand up and face him. He
gets down on his knees and buries his mouth in her snatch, licking her pussy
wildly. Trish leans forward, running her hands all over his upper back,
moaning as The Rock eats her pussy. Jericho sees how Trish is bent over and
moves behind her. He manages to get his cock in her ass and Y2J fucks her as
best he can. Trish moans loudly as she moves her hips to push back against
Jericho and to mash her pussy against the Rock's face.

"The Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla Is Going to cum," Jericho grunts as he pulls
out of her ass and dumps his dick snot all over her lower back. The sudden
drop of spunk on her back combine with the Rock's excellent tongue makes the
future queen of Stratusfaction climax. She grabs The Rock's hair to hold his
face against her twat, completely covering his handsome face with her juices.

"Ohhh shit..." Trish moans before she pushes The Rock. He allows her to make
him lay on his back and Trish soon mounts his cock. Before she can start
riding, Hunter gets behind her and shoves his stiff member into her ass.
Trish lurches forward a bit, and somehow catches Austin's cock in her mouth
just as she comes to join in. Rock and Hunter thrusts into her at same time
as she bobs her head on Austin's cock.

"This little bitch likes to play the game," Hunter grunts as he pulls out of
her ass suddenly.

Trish lifts her head off of Austin's cock and smirks, "Well I love games...
and I like riding snakes too... especially rattlesnakes." Austin takes the
hint and lays down on the floor. Trish moves from The Rock to Austin
effortlessly and starts riding his cock fairly hard. The Rock stands up and
pushes the head of his cock in and out of Trish's mouth whenever she comes
down sharply on Austin's dick. Austin suddenly rolls over and Trish ends up
on her back with the Texas Rattlesnake on top her, banging her pussy like a
steel drum with his cock. Hunter, who has been jerking off since pulling out
of her ass a short time ago, moves over to have Trish lick his cock. Trish
cups his balls with one hand as she licks the underside and tip of Hunter's
cock as he continues to jerk off.

"Ohhh yea... The Game is locked... cocked... and now is going to unload!"
Hunter groans as he starts to climax. He aims his cock at Trish's breasts
and shoots his cum onto them. Trish cups her breasts and then moves her
hands to spread Hunter's cum over her skin around as Stone Cold continues
to fuck her.

"Ohhhh ohhh you're stunning me..." Trish moans as she arches her back when
she cums hard on from Austin's thrusts. "Ohhh ohh god... I need a break..."

"What you need is a beer..." Austin replies as Trish rolls over onto her
stomach. She sits on her knees, but leans forwards and rests her head on her

"Just... give me a few minutes..." Trish replies as she closes her eyes. The
Rock and Austin both look at Trish's backside and they both get grins on
their faces. Austin gets behind her and starts fucking her pussy steadily.
Trish whimpers her moans, really needing a break from the action, but she
pushes back against Stone Cold whenever she gets enough might in her tired
body. Austin soon pulls out and The Rock takes his place fucking Trish hard
and fast while Stone Cold moves in front of her.

"Get up... you've still got to compete here..." Austin reaches down and pulls
Trish's head up from the floor and pushes his cock in her mouth. Trish slowly
bobs her head on his cock as The Rock slam fucks her cunt. The Rock's balls
slap repeatedly against Trish before he decides to pull out.

"The little diva here is really tired.." The Rock comments as she's knees
buckle. Trish can't hold her own body up any more with her legs so she wraps
her arms around Austin's legs. Austin suddenly removes his dick from Trish's
face and then lays down on the floor of the weight room. He rolls Trish on
top of him and moves her body so his pussy is above his face. Austin begins
to feast on Trish's cunt as she wraps her lips around his dick. Trish sucks
his dick slowly as she moves one hand to his balls just before he pops his
load in her mouth. Trish doesn't slowly it and lets his spunk fall back on
his cock. Trish then licks his dick leans and Stone Cold pushes her off of

"Well I tell you son, Debra's got some serious competition now..." Austin
says to The Rock as the People's Champ lays on top of Trish and pushes his
cock into her over-fucked body.

"The Rock says he is going to take her down to the Smackdown Hotel, roll up
into room 69 and make her scream the Rock's name, Rock-y, Rock-y..." The Rock
begins the thrust in and out of Trish's pussy as Austin gets dressed and
leaves. Rock then rolls onto his back and pushes Trish up so she's sitting on
his dick.

"Oh Rocky... Rocky... I love this..." Trish moans tiredly as The Rock lifts
her up and down on his cock. Trish runs her hands through her hair, feeling
how stringy it is due to how much she's sweated since the gauntlet began.
Trish smiles jadedly down at The Rock, "Ohhh take me from behind again..."

The Rock complies with Trish's request and with ease moves her off of his
cock. He stands up and lifts Trish up by her waist. He bends her forward
and enters her cunt again and resumes fucking her. Trish's head moves
involuntarily at the same rhythm of The Rock's movements. Trish's legs
buckle and she slips down to the floor. The Rock rolls Trish onto her back,
and again re-enters her. Trish manages to wrap her legs around The Rock's
waist as he moves his penis swiftly inside of her.

"Ohhhh ohhh god..." Trish clenches her eyes shut as she climaxes. Trish
arches her back as she has her most intense orgasm. The Rock continues to
fuck Trish, making her climax two more times before he pulls out of her

"The Rock says, Suck it!" He says as he moves near Trish's head. He helps
her up and slides his cock into her mouth, at which time she blows him as
best she can. Trish taps her tongue against his cock as she inhales the tip
of his dick. The Rock soon starts to cum in her mouth and Trish swallows
most of it, but some trickles out of mouth and down to her chin. Trish then
falls over and lays on the floor.

"Ohhhh wow.... I've never... done anything like this..." Trish says with a
satisfied and exhausted look on her face.

"The Rock says, you're going to have a great career... you're the most
electrifying diva we've had join the WWF."

Trish smiles as she closes her eyes and whispers, "Gotta love the WWF..."


Author's Post Story Comments: Whew... This Story took a LONG to write... The
story arrangement Kristi put together for this was awesome and I hope I did
it justice.

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