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Trish Shows Steph What She's Really Made Of
By Goldeneye (

It started a couple of Raws before Survivor Series. Steph and Shane where
on the stage bad mouthing their father and he was returning the put downs.
When they had been besmirched enough William Regal pulled them back stage.
Steph left her brother and Regal to go get changed. She was just about to
take her top off when she turned around and Trish was there.

Steph "Oh, hi Trish" in an uneasy manner. Her and Trish had been having some
problems in the past few weeks so she didn't know what she was going to do.

Steph "What are you doing in here?"

Trish "Oh, I was just goanna have a shower."

Steph was still a bit worried but she turned around and bent down to get
something from her bag. Trish could see right through Steph's leather
mini-skirt to her knickers and tight ass. As Steph got up Trish diverted her
eyes somewhere else. Steph then went over to get a drink from the tap and
sat back down with the cup. As she sat back to drink Trish couldn't help but
look at Steph's enormous breasts, stretched against her creamy colored shirt.
When Steph finished drinking she got up and was about to head out the door
when Trish pounced on her and stuck her tongue half way down Steph's throat.
Steph was surprised at first but then she started to like it. Steph put her
hands around Trish's head and took control of the kiss. As they parted lips
from the French kiss Steph could taste the cherry flavor of Trish's saliva.
Trish took Stephs wrists and pinned her to the wall. They criss-crossed each
others fingers and Trish started to kiss Stephs neck.

Steph "Oh yeah, you fucking slut, why don't you suck on my big, juicy tits."

Trish pulled up her shirt and found steph with no bra on. So she went
right to work on her breasts, sucking and licking her nipples. After about
two minutes of this Trish stopped sucking and went to put her tongue in
Steph's ear.

Trish "Now I've got another surprise for you."

Trish took a couple of steps back and let Steph's hands go. She pulled her
white leather trousers down and to Stephs amazement she saw a huge, erect,
throbbing dick. Before Steph could say anything Trish had pulled Steph's
knickers down and stuck her dick inside her.

Trish "Take it, you bitch, take it!"

Trish was ramming Steph against the wall now and Steph really getting into


Steph could feel she was about to orgasm and was screaming at the top of
her voice. All at once gushes of her juices came pouring out and over Trish's
dick. Trish took her dick out of Stephs pussy and stepped back. Steph took
Trish by the shoulders and turned her so her back was against the wall. Steph
got on her knees and took Trish's cock in her mouth. Steph could taste her
own juices on Trish's cock and she didn't know they would taste so good.
Steph sucked on it hard and it didn't take Trish long to bust her load over
Steph's face and in her mouth. Steph then got up and they kissed again. This
time it was more enjoyable because all the juices and spunk had mixed
Together. Trish pulled her pants back up and Steph went for a shower. As
Trish went out the door she said.

Trish "That was a good fuck, we should do it again some time" Steph didn't
say anything, except giggle from inside the shower.

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