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This is a sequel to the story "Trish & Jenna".

Trish Stratus: A Jenna Jameson Production
by Revolution (

About a week had passed since Trish Stratus' lesbian rendez-vous with Jenna
Jameson after the Video Game Awards when Trish got a phone call from Jenna.

"How come I haven't heard from you?" Jenna asked.

"I was waiting for you to call," Trish replied.

"So we still have a deal?" Jenna wanted to know.

"I never back out of a deal," Trish responded.

The two beauties went back and forth, trying to figure out how this was going
to work until they decided that Jenna would hook Trish up with a trustworthy
director. Trish would make her porn movie and then Jenna would see the
finished product, to judge if Trish could infact do what she does and make a
spectacular porno. If Jenna thought it was a great porn then she would let
Trish put her through wrestling training.

Later that day, Trish got a phone call from the director named James. James
explained that it was pretty much up to Trish how she wanted this to go. He
was going to fax over a list of different things that Trish would be willing
to do and then he would get back to her. Trish got the list and started to
check a lot of things off that she thought would she would be willing to do
and make for a good porn. Her mind started to race with steamy and dirty
thoughts. Trish went back over the list and checked off things she may never
get to do or have done to her. Trish sent the list back to James, who took a
few days to come up with a rough outline of how the porn would go. Once Trish
approved it, they set up a date for the filming. Once the filming was done,
James would edit it and send the final product to Trish. The one copy of the
final product, of course.

A couple weeks later, Trish had the final product in her hands and was in
Los Angeles for a WWE show. Trish called up Jenna and told her it was time
to view the finished product. Jenna invited Trish over so they could watch
it together. Trish decided not to preview it and watch the finished product
for the first time with Jenna. They popped it into the DVD player, sat back
and watched...


The scene opened up with a close-up shot of Trish's plump ass in a pair of
hip hugger jeans walking. We cut inside of a beautiful luxurious California
home where four men are sitting around in the living room. The camera man
asked for them to introduce themselves. We had Erik, Peter, Brandon, and

"What are you here today for?" The camera man asked.

"We're here to fuck the famous wrestler Trish Stratus, that's what we're here
for," Brandon said.

"I can't fucking wait, this chick is such a hot slut," Marko said as he was
already getting aroused.

We shifted back outside to the close-up of Trish's ass. The camera pulled
back to show Trish walking down the street towards the house. Trish was
decked out in hip hugger jeans and black top with strings up the front,
showing lots of cleavage. Trish also had a little bag with her.

"Where are you heading?" The camera man asked.

"I'm on my way to hopefully get down and dirty with four well hung studs,"
Trish said.

As she got to the stairs, the camera moved back around to Trish's rear. Trish
slowly walked up the stairs, swaying her ass from side to side. Those tight
jeans struggled to contain her booty. Trish stuck her thumbs in the sides of
her jeans and slid them down a little as she walked up the stairs, showing
her ass crack. We followd Trish slowly to the top of the stairs and to the
door where she rang the doorbell. Erik answered the door and pulled Trish
inside. Peter grabbed her arms while Brandon handcuffed them behind her back.

"I bet you get everything your way because you're such a hot famous babe,"
Erik said.

"You're gonna be our fucking slut," Brandon said.

Trish didn't say a word, she just sneered at them and struggled a little.
They grabbed Trish and brought her into the living room where Marko already
had his pants off and his cock hard.

"Look at that big eight inch cock, Trish," Erik said as he pushed Trish down
onto her knees.

"Look at that slutty face," Marko said as he rubbed his cock around Trish's

"And my god those lips," he sighed as he rubbed the tip of his cock against
Trish's pouty lips. Marko ran his hands through Trish's blond hair and
grabbed the back of her head.

"Open up wide," he said as he pushed her head down on his cock. He held it
for three seconds then pulled Trish's head off. He did it again, forcing all
eight inches deep into Trish's throat. She gagged and gulped as he started
fucking her throat. The saliva and slobber began to drip down his cock and
he pulled Trish off. He passed her over to Peter.

"Fucking suck my dick, you sexy bitch," Peter said as he jammed his dick
down Trish's throat. He fucked that sexy mouth, making Trish's eyes water.
He pulled out and Trish gasped for air.

"You fucking like that?" He asked as he slapped his dick against her face.
Just as Trish started to speak Peter shoved his cock back down her throat.
Glug, gargle, gulp, Trish made all sorts of noises as Peter's cock hit the
back of her throat.

"Good Trish, good slut," Brandon said as he took over fucking her sexy mouth.
A mixture of precum and slobber dripped down the sides of Trish's mouth as
she deep throated that bad boy.

"You're into this now, aren't you? Aren't you? You little whore," Brandon
said. Trish started to moan in approval with her mouthful of cock. Erik was
up next and he looked into Trish's seductive eyes. She still hadn't changed,
keeping that slutty slightly pissed facial expression. He held the sides of
her face and rammed his rod down her throat repeatedly.

"Yeeah suck my big cock Trish! Take it deep!" He grunted. He pulled out and
wiped up all the slobber with his cock head then jammed it back into Trish's
mouth. Meanwhile, Marko found Trish's little bag.

"What's this? What's in the bag?" He said. Trish couldn't answer as she had
a throat full of dick. Trish started making noises and Erik pulled out.

"You don't want to spoil it," Trish said between deep breaths.

"I brought two special outfits just for you," she said.

"Now that we've had some fun warming up that sexy little mouth of yours, how
about you go change into one of those outfits then?" Brandon asked.

"I see you have a pool, and I brought just the right outfit for that. You
boys take your big cocks outside and I'll be out in a few minutes," Trish
said. They uncuffed her and Trish went off to the bathroom to change.

The next scene opened with the four men outside sitting around the pool in
the hot sun, waiting for Trish. Erik sat up and the camera focused in on the
house door. Trish walked out wearing the skimpiest white g-string bikini that
was like dental floss!

"Un fucking believeable!" Erik exclaimed.

Trish stood still as the camera went up and down her body. The tiny top
barely covered her nipples exposing almost all of Trish's nice big round
breasts. Her body was fully tanned and toned contrasting with the bright
white g-string. Her stomach tight with a hint of abs. The tiny bottoms
went so low that Trish's neatly groomed landing strip wasn't fully covered.
Trish started to walk towards the guys and the camera followed her. The
white strings came around her sexy hips and disappeared deep down into
that ass crack.

"Look at that ass all tanned and plump," Marko said.

Trish walked away from the guys, giving them a tease. Her fat buns jiggled
with each step while her meaty, thick thighs brushed together. She walked
back, rubbing her tits and making them bounce. Trish grabbed a bottle of
baby oil and began oiling up her body. She started with her heaving breasts
and toned stomach, rubbing the oil all over herself. Trish's eyes closed as
she rubbed her hands all over her body. She moved down to her thighs covering
that thick tanned flesh with oil. All the way down her legs, making them
shine in the sun. Trish turned around and slowly massaged the oil into the
fatness of her ass. She set down the bottle of oil then walked around some
more, showing off her oiled up body for the men. Trish grabbed a chair and
straddled it, arching her back and spreading out her big ass. The white
g-string flossed down her crack but you could see the sides of her anus and
most of her pussy lips anyways. Trish stuck her pinky finger underneath the
string and moved it to the side.

"Go ahead, give it a taste," she said. Erik buried his face in Trish's ass
first, eating out her tasty anus.

"Ohoohhhhooohh eat my ass! Oooh yeah! Oooh that's the spot!" Trish sighed.
Peter followed getting his taste of Trish's rearend. Brandon was next,
devouring her anal flower. Finally, Marko got to taste that beautiful,
beautiful ass. Marko stood up and rammed his big cock into Trish's asshole!

"OH! OW! OW!" Trish was startled.

"I couldn't wait to get in this ass!" Marko yelled.

"You fucking take it! Take my ass! I'm your slut! Fuck my ass like a slut!"
Trish insisted. Marko slammed into that tanned spread out booty hard while
grabbing at Trish's blond hair. He pulled back on her hair a little then gave
her ass a few good hard SPANKS!

"Take it hard you slut!" He moaned.

"Is my ass good enough for you?! HUH?!" Trish asked between heavy breaths.
Marko pulled back Trish's hair then reached around and grabbed her tits. He
leaned forward, right next to her ear.

"You take it better in this ass then you did in that slutty mouth," he
whispered. Marko hammered Trish's ass a little more then pulled out, close
to climax. He picked Trish up off the chair and sat down himself.

"Gimme a tit fuck, make me cum on your tits," Marko demanded. Trish buried
his big cock between her big tits and slid them up and down, giving him a
tit fuck.

"Oh oh fuuuuck!" Marko grunted as he exploded with a volcano of cum onto
Trish's big round breasts. Trish tongued the tip of cock, making him squirm
then sucked all the cum off it. She pushed her tits up to her mouth and
licked the cum off them, all while keeping her eyes locked on Marko.

"Now that's how a fucking slut does it," Marko said.

Brandon lifted up Trish and put her on her knees. He knelt down behind her
and entered Trish's ass doggystyle.

"You fucking like it doggystyle Trish?" He asked.

"Ohhh yeaah you can really pound my hot ass this way!" She responded. Brandon
squeezed Trish's hips and slammed into her asshole. Each thrust made Trish's
oily sweaty sexy fat ass cheeks jiggle.

"Oh god such a hot fucking ass oh fuck this ass is good," Brandon moaned. He
pulled out and slapped his big dick against Trish's buns then re-entered her
asshole. He pounded Trish's ass a little more then pulled out and sprayed his
steamy white cum all over her butt.

"Now it looks even better," he said. Trish spread the cum around her ass
evenly mixing it in with the baby oil and sweat.

SPANK! SPANK! Peter spanked Trish's ass hard!

"Who's our dirty whore?" He asked.

"I'M YOUR DIRTY WHORE!" Trish shouted with a smile. SPANK!

"JIGGLE! FUCKING JIGGLE!" Peter yelled as he spanked Trish's ass and thighs,
watching them jiggle. He grabbed Trish's blond hair with both hands and
yanked her over to his cock.

"Fucking get it wet," he demanded. He held Trish's hair and started fucking
her mouth, shoving his cock down her throat and making Trish gag on it. "Glug
glug glug," came from Trish's mouth as she choked on Peter's dick. He pulled
it out of her mouth, dripping with saliva then got behind Stratus and rammed
her in the ass.

"OHHH FUCK YEAH BITCH!" He yelled as he jackhammered into her ass. Peter
pushed Trish's face down and just POUNDED that hot ass.

"FUCKING HOT ASS SLUT!" Peter yelled as he just nailed that butt.

Trish screamed. Peter fucked Trish hard, face down - ass up, for a good time
until he was ready to explode. Peter gave Trish a few good slams then yanked
his cock out of her ass. He moved around front and grabbed a handful of
Trish's hair with one hand.

"UGHHH OH FUCK FUCK TRISH YES! FUCK! SHIT!" He grunted as he came HARD onto
Trish's face! Peter blasted Trish in the face with cum. A long stream just
shot out of his cock, splattering against Trish's beautiful face. He forced
his cock into her mouth, making her suck off the rest, while he made noises
like an animal. He SPANKED Trish hard on the ass and walked away. Trish
wiped the cum from her eyes so she could see.

"Lay down on your stomach, cross your leg over, make that ass look real big,
Trish," Erik instructed. Trish laid down on her stomach, crossed her legs,
and arched her back, making her ass stick out. Erik sat down on top of
Trish's thighs, spread her buns apart and worked his cock deep into her
asshole. He grabbed a hold of that booty and pumped it at a good pace.

"Ahhh mmmhhh yeeeah fuck my ass! Unhhuhhhh fuck it good!" Trish moaned.

"Oh shit, look at that ass! Fucking hell!" Erik groaned as he stared at
Trish's butt. Each time his cock went in, it sent a vibration up, making
Trish's fat buns jiggle. Erik tugged on Trish's hair as he started pounding
her ass a little harder. He shifted his legs and pretty much laid down on
top of Trish. He bucked his hips up in the air and slammed down into her
ass, over and over again.

"Ohh yeah your ass is so fucking good! Taking my big cock like it's nothing!"
Erik moaned.

POUNDING MY ASS! OHHH YES!" Trish screamed. Erik pumped harder and harder
down into Trish's fat booty until his cock slipped out and pressed down
between her thighs.

"Fuck this feels good," he said. He didn't even put it back into Trish's
ass. Erik kept pounding, pumping his cock between Trish's juicy thick

"Oohh you like my thighs?" Trish asked.

"Uhh god yeah! They're so thick, strong and soft! Fuck! I'm about to blow!"
Erik grunted.

"Shoot it all over my thighs! I wanna feel your warm cream all over them!"
Trish insisted. Erik leaned back and jerked his cock, sending streams of
white cum all over the back's of Trish's big thighs! Some shot all the way
up to her fat butt! Erik rubbed his cock all over her thighs, slapping it
against them.

"Fucking incredible," he said.

"You guys get inside and get comfortable while I slip into my other
outfit," Trish said. The camera followed Trish to the door, watching her
cum soaked-oil covered-sweaty-phat thighs and ass jiggle with each step.

The next scene opened with the camera zooming up to Trish's bronze ass in a
pair of those little black booty shorts she used to wear. She also wore a
tight black top and a silver cowboy hat. The camera focused in on her ass.
The black booty shorts rode deep into her ass crack with her fat buns
hanging out of them. We followed Trish as she walked around the room, her
big butt swaying from side to side in those tight little shorts. She would
stop after every few steps and bend over, showing off her beautiful ass.
She rubbed it and gave it a few light smacks. Trish squatted down and moved
her ass up and down, simulating riding a cock. She stood back up and walked
around some more, making that ass jiggle. Trish grabbed her ass with one
hand and looked down over her shoulder, "There's four horny fuckers
downstairs, just waiting to get back inside of this," she said. "Follow

We followed Trish slowly down the stairs, focused on that beautiful plump
ass and also looking over her shoulder, down her shirt at those big round
breasts. Trish made her way into the living room where Brandon, Erik, Marko
and Peter waited for her. Trish walked around showing off her big round

"That's what I'm talking about," Peter said.

"Look at that shit, goddamn!" Marko shouted.

Trish made her way over to Erik and sat on her big butt down on his lap,
grinding it around on his cock. She gave that treatment to each of the men,
getting their erections going again with her perfect backside. Trish got
Peter and Marko to stand up and get behind her. She reached back and grabbed
their cocks, sticking them between her tight booty shorts and ass cheeks.
Trish bent forward and started sucking off Erik and Brandon on the couch.
Erik took off Trish's cowboy hat and tossed it aside. He helped hold back
her hair while she sucked him and Brandon off.

"How's that ass feel?" Brandon asked.

"Oh fuck it's still perfect," Peter said.

"How's that mouth?" He asked.

"She can still suck a mean dick," Brandon replied.

"But can she suck two?" Peter asked.

Brandon got Trish on her knees and stood in front of her with Erik while
the other two watched on. Trish was still sucking on Brandon's dick, loving
having her lips wrapped around a fat one. Brandon pulled her head back and
told her, "Suck them both at the same time, Trish!" She held them both at
the base and worked them both into her mouth, tonguing and sucking two cocks
at the same time.

"Yeeah that's it Trish, suck them," Brandon moaned.

"Fuck yeah that's a fucking blowjob," Erik said.

"She's fucking doing it like a dirty whore," Peter commented. Trish struggled
to keep her mouth around both big cocks while she licked both of them.

"Give us some of that," Marko said. Trish wiped off some saliva from her

"Mmmmm so much cock, mmmm stick your dicks in my mouth," Trish said.

"Such a pretty mouth," Marko said as he shoved his cock into Trish's mouth.
He pushed it in deep and moved it around making Trish gag on it.

"Stick your dick in too, stick it in there," Marko told Peter. Peter worked
his cock into Trish's mouth, stretching it wide open. The two men took
control making Trish gag on their big rods. Drool begin running down Trish's
chin down onto her chest. Marko and Peter pulled out and let Trish take off
her shirt and bra.

"No need to get these dirty," she said. They smacked their cocks against
Trish's big tits then shoved them back into her mouth. Her eyes watered but
she loved it, she loved having two big pieces of meat in her little mouth.
Meanwhile, Erik got down on the floor and was rubbing Trish's meaty ass
while he masturbated.

"I NEED back in," he said.

"Good, if there's one thing I like more then having two dicks in my mouth,
it's having two inside of me," Trish said. Erik sat down on the couch and
motioned for Trish to get on top. Trish held his dick and lowered herself
down on top, taking all of his cock in her pussy. Trish wiggled around and
got comfortable.

"Arch that back, Trish, always stick that big ass out," Erik told her. Trish
arched her back, making her booty look as big as possible.

"Ahhh yeah," Erik moaned as he grabbed and shook Trish's butt with both
hands, "Such a big jiggly yet firm ass!" Erik reached over and grabbed
Trish's cowboy hat and put it back on her head. Trish held it with one
hand as she rode Erik's dick.

"Unhhhh yeah that's good in my pussy!" Trish moaned then looked over at
Brandon and asked, "What are you doing? Get over here and fuck my ass!"
Brandon came around behind and inserted his big cock into Trish's asshole.
He started pumping while Erik bucked his hips up, pumping her pussy at
the same time.

"Ahh fuck that's some good ass," Brandon groaned.

"OHHHH! OOOOHHH SHIT! This is what I fucking need! A big cock in my pussy
and one in my ass! OHHHHH GOD!" Trish moaned.

"Oh fuck your pussy feels so good - you're so fucking beautiful," Erik said
looking up into Trish's sultry eyes. Brandon grabbed at Trish's meaty ass
while he pounded away. Her back was glowing with sweat from being fucked so

"Awww yeah! Uhhhuhhh fuck my ass! Oh god! OHHH FUCK!" Trish screamed.

"Ahhh fuck you take it so good Trish!" Brandon yelled back.

"Fucking drive it in my ass and my pussy! Ahhh god yes!" Trish moaned. She
grinded her hips back and forth as her two holes got pounded by big cocks.

"Make her fucking taste her ass and her pussy," Peter directed. Brandon
pulled out of Trish's asshole and gave her butt a good SPANK! Trish got
down off Erik and bobbed her head back and forth between the two cocks,
tasting her ass and pussy juices.

"Mmmmm mmmm I taste so good mmmm," Trish liked the taste of her juices.

"Come here Trish, sit that fine ass down on my cock," Peter said, taking a
seat on the couch. Trish backed up, her thighs and butt jiggling with each
step. Trish held Peter's prick and parked her ass right down on top of it.

"Now lean forward, yeah just like that," Peter directed. Trish leaned
forward, her hands touching the floor. All Peter could see was Trish's big
tanned ass, bouncing up and down on his cock.

"Holy fucking shit Trish! What a fucking ass! Ride that fucking cock with
your sweet ass!" Peter moaned. Trish's juicy soft thighs provided a perfect
cushion, squishing down into Peter's as she rode that dick.

"Unhhhuhh oh god! You fucking love that ass! Ohhh yes! Ohh fuck! Smack it!
Smack my ass!" Trish moaned. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Peter kept smacking
Trish's ass and watching it jiggle. He'd dig his fingers in deep then smack
it again! Trish rode some more then leaned up and then laid back, against
Peter's chest.

"I want you in me too," she said looking at Marko. Marko walked up and rubbed
Trish's thick thighs with his cock and his hands.

"Your pussy is good, baby, but it's your ass! It's your ass, baby, I WANT
YOUR ASS!" He demanded in his thick European accent.

"Don't you boys know how to share?" Trish asked.

"What do you mean?" asked Marko.

"I'm sure there's room in there for the both of you," Trish said with a
slight grin.

"Oh man! Oh man! Tell me Trish, tell me what you're really saying," Marko
said with excitement.

"What I'm saying is - I want two big fat cocks in my ass - at the same time!"
Trish exclaimed.

Trish spread her legs apart as wide as she could, opening up. Marko held
her left leg with his left hand as he tried to push his cock inside of her
asshole with his right.

"I don't know, Trish, I don't know if it will fit," he said, having trouble
getting his cock in Trish's ass with Peter's.

"Damnit get it in there! Get that second cock in my ass!" Trish demanded.
Peter was underneath, reaching around and playing with Trish's big tits and
feeling her big ass cheeks squished into his pelvis. Marko was more forceful
because of Trish's demands and he slowly found the right spot and jammed his
cock inside of Trish's asshole.

"OH YEAH THERE IT IS! Ohh god that feels good ... two big fucking cocks in
my ass! Holy shit!" Trish moaned, rubbing away at her clit with one hand and
rubbing her blond hair with the other.

"You dirty dirty fucking girl, two fat cocks in your ass!" Marko shouted at

"FUCK ME! DOUBLE FUCK MY ASS! DO IT!" Trish encouraged. Marko held onto
Trish's leg and fucked away at her double stuffed ass. Peter bucked his hips
a little, sliding his cock in and out.

screamed in ecstasy. The beautiful Trish Stratus' ass was being penetrated at
varying speeds by two large members and she loved it.

"Oh god Trish! Your ass! oh fuck your ass! My cock ... his cock ... your ass,
ohhh shiiit," Peter moaned feeling his cock rubbing tightly against Marko's
and Trish's asshole. Meanwhile, Erik and Brandon just watched on in amazement
as this wrestling superstar took not one but two cocks in her ass. Marko
tried pounding harder but that caused his dick to slip out of the tight
space. Marko climbed up on the couch and lowered his cock down into Trish's

"Taste your ass baby, suck the filth off my cock, yeeah baby," he moaned.

"Mmmmhmmmm get it back in my ass, stick that second fat cock back in my
ass!" Trish demanded. Marko slapped Trish's thighs, making them jiggle then
re-entered her double plugged ass and started pounding away.

"You like that don't you? Your hard cock rubbing against his in my ass. How's
that feel?" Trish asked.

"Oh baby it feels so good. My cock rubbing against your perfect asshole and
another big hard warm cock in there. Oh you filthy slut, I love it," Marko

"Oh it feels good. Give it to her hard, finish up real hard," Peter said.
Marko placed his hands on Trish's waist for leverage and really pounded away,
pumping real hard into her double stuffed ass.

CUM! UNHHHOHHHH GOD!" Trish screamed.

"Fuuck this is soo good, double fucking your ass, I don't wanna, I'm gonna
fucking ohhh shiiit," Marko moaned as he pulled out at the last possible
second and dumped his load of cum on Trish's left thigh. The cum just poured
out of his cock onto Trish's thigh.

"Fuuuuck," Peter grunted as he pulled out and shot his cum up and onto
Trish's right thigh. Marko climbed up and shoved his cock into Trish's
mouth, "Suck it dry baby, ohhh yeah with your sexy lips," he instructed.
Trish sucked him hard, making sure she got all the last drops of cum out.
He grabbed her hair and brought her off of Peter.

"Suck him dry too," Marko instructed. Trish squeezed and sucked Peter's
cock hard, making sure she got the last bits of cum. Trish stood up and
looked down at her meaty thighs covered in cum. She started whiping the
warm semen all over her thighs. Marko and Peter slapped their softening
cocks against Trish's amazing thighs.

"Fuck these look so good covered in cum," Peter commented. Once their rods
were soft, Marko and Peter took a seat, tired from that experience.

"How's that ass feel?" Erik asked.

"Like it needs two more big cocks in it!" Trish responded with a smile.
Erik sat down on a couch and told Trish to hop on. Trish got on top of him,
cowgirl style. Erik pushed his cock up and into Trish's ass. Trish leaned
forward and arched her back. Brandon came up from behind and just kissed
Trish's booty.

"Goddamn that's perfect, jesus fucking christ is that perfect. Nice and round
and big, just perfect, fuck," Brandon admired.

"Yeah yeah we know how great my ass is ... now stick your cock in there with
his and fuck it!" Trish demanded.

"Oh you're gonna get it Trish, two more fat cocks up that ass," Brandon said.
Erik reached around and grabbed two handfuls of Trish's phat ass and spread
it apart as Brandon worked his cock inside.

"Oh oh oh god oh yeah AHHHH GOD YES!" Trish moaned as Brandon got his cock
buried in her ass. SMACK! SMACK! He smacked that ass making it jiggle.

"There you go Trish, two big dicks in your ass like you wanted!" He told her.
Brandon started pumping in and out of Trish's ass. Each time he went in, he
made Trish's tanned booty jiggle. Trish's big tits dangled in Erik's face so
he moved his hands there, groping and sucking on them. SPANK! SPANK! Brandon
spanked that fine ass.

"You take it so good Trish! Two big cocks in your ass. Ohh fuck it feels
good, it looks perfect, goddamn," Brandon moaned.

"Yeeah pound it in there! Rub your cock hard against his in my ass! Pound my
ass hard with your big cocks! UNNHHHUHHHH!" Trish moaned. Brandon just rubbed
and groped those big toned buns of Trish as he hammered inside base to base
with Erik's cock. Trish started to grind back and forth a bit, adding to the
incredible sensation.

"Holy fuck this is amazing. My cock rubbing against another cock deep inside
of TRISH STRATUS' ASS! Ohhh shiiit I'm in heaven, fuuuck Trish, I love your
ass!" Erik moaned.

MY ASS! AHHHH GOD YES I LOVE IT!" Trish screamed out in pleasure.

"Oh shit Trish I can't take much more of this perfect fucking ass ... I'm
gonna fucking cum all over it!" Brandon exclaimed.

"Yeeah shoot your cum all over my ass!" Trish encouraged. Brandon
penetrated some more then yanked his cock out and shot his cum all over
Trish's perfectly round ass! Erik then pulled out and shot his cum up and
it splattered down all over Trish's ass! Trish's butt was covered with white
sticky cum. She looked back at the camera with her seductive eyes and said,
"100% Stratusfaction has been delivered!" And we faded to black...

Back at Jenna's, Jenna had totally gotten off and was in shock at Trish's
porn. She just looked at Trish, who had a smirk on her face. Jenna was
almost at a loss for words.

"Well I guess I'm going to be doing some wrestling training. Holy fuck
Trish ... I mean wow, who knew?" Jenna said, still in shock. Trish just got
up, nodded and left, still with that smirk on her face. Jenna found herself
staring at Trish's ass on the way out, thinking about what she had just seen
on the screen.

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