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Trish Stratus: Adventures As A Fitness Model Part 1
by Stratusfaction4ever

Trish Stratus was the new and hottest fitness model to enter Musclemag
International. Trish was all set up for her first photo shoot as a fitness
model; she had not yet done an organized and professional shoot.

Trish's hair was tied into a bun, a perfect amount of make-up, and was
wearing a small orange bikini, showing major cleavage and her breasts was
very plump, curvy, and very massive. Trish was ready to dive into the pool
and take an abundant amount of photos for her spread of the magazine.

As Trish entered the pool she started to feel the water, she started to pour
water over her breasts. Trish's breasts glistened and shined bright due to
the water and looked so smooth. Trish was looking very breath taking and
looked professional.

"Trish, are you ready?" asked Red. "Yes, I'm ready, but I'm kinda worried do
I look good?" asked Trish.

"Trish, don't worry, you'll do great!" Red then took a quick glance at
Trish's massive jugs then thought to himself "Wow! I wonder why hasn't she
only been discovered now? She's so hot, I'd fuck her any day."

Red then continued on with the shoot, throughout the whole shoot, he had a
huge bulge in his shorts. Trish noticed it very undoubtedly and started to
feel uncomfortable.

"Trish, you need a tiny amount of hair strands over your face," said Red.

Trish fixed a couple of hair strands to put over her face and continued to
smile for the camera.

"Yes, yes. I love it Trish! Smile for the camera, baby!" Red commented. "All
right Trish lets do some thongs shots, shall we?"

"Umm, do we have to?" asked Trish.

"Yes, of course, its part of the shoot." Said Red.

"Well, I'm not too sure, see, my ass is too big." Said Trish.

"No its not, its perfect, I personally love your ass. It's beautiful, round,
and juicy!" chuckles Red.

"Are you sure, It's too much!" complained Trish.

"All right look, first we'll do a couple of ass shots and you can see how
they turn out, after ok?" asked Red.

"Fine," said Trish.

Trish turns her back toward Red and leans against a couple of rocks nearby.
She turns her head back and has a naughty and sexy look on her face at the
same time. She stuck out her ass, so much, Red couldn't help but wanting to
grab and rub it, but he held back his temptations, and continued on with the

"That's amazing Trish! There's a couple of hair strands on your face, take
them out... there you go! Amazing Trish, pull up that thong a little higher
it's too low. Uh-huh, I love it, yes, yes, yes, continue on! All right Trish,
that's enough for now, here go check, and I'm sure your ass is perfect."

Trish approaches Red to check out the pictures in the camera. "Oh boy...I
don't like it. It's too big!" complained Trish.

"It's not big, it's perfect! It's meaty, luscious, plump, and juicy! Any man,
would be lucky to get in your ass." Said Red.

"Anyone? Even you?" asked Trish.

"Well, um I-I-I-I." Red was saying.

"Wait!" interrupted Trish. "Is it so good, that if you get in my ass, I would
get a promotion and even a magazine cover?"

"YES! If I could ever get in your extraordinary ass, baby" shouted Red.

"You want me? Come get me!" shouted Trish.

Red ran toward Trish and started sharing a messy, wet lip lock. Trish and Red
headed behind rocks to hide from the public. Red kept his lips on Trish's
neck and smothered his lips all over her. Trish was untying her bikini top
and struggled to take off her thong. Trish was completely exposed and Red was
smothering himself all over Trish. Red continued on kissing Trish's neck and
slowly made his way down to the chest area where Trish's massive boobs were

"Ohhh, your nipples are so hard, I'm gonna suck it until its dry," said Red
in between kisses.

"Ohhh yes! Mmmmmmm!" yelled Trish as she was moving her hands all over her
hair making it messy and all over her wet body.

Red cupped both breasts and squished the two melons together trying to put
both hard nipples in his mouth. Red then slobbered all over Trish's breasts
and nipples leaving saliva on Trish's breasts. Trish couldn't take the
beating her nipples her getting. Red was biting her nipples and feeling all
over her breasts. Trish was having chills sending down her spine. After Red
eating Trish's breasts for about 20 minutes Trish's breasts were glistening
with saliva and looking so irresistible.

Red was breathing hard after pigging out over Trish's breasts, Red then
struggled to take off his shirt and shorts leaving him only in boxers. "I
thought you wanted to get in my ass?" moaned Trish.

"Not yet baby, I wanna eat some pussy first," said Red.

Trish then continued to lean toward rocks and she then lifted up her leg
opening up the view of her pussy for Red to eat out. Red entered Trish's
pussy with his tongue licking inside and out of Trish. Trish was having a
sensation inside her pussy.

"Ohhhh fucking shit, ohh, ohh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
my little pussy you bitch!" moaned Trish.

Red then picked up his pace and then entered two fingers inside her pussy.
In and out his fingers were moving at eye-popping speed. Red continued on
fingering Trish and was having fun kissing Trish's soft, thick, and tanned
legs. Red was leaving Trish's legs wet with his saliva. Red went on fingering
Trish so fast causing her breasts to shake up and down with Red getting the
best look possible at Trish's breasts.

"Mmmm, you wanna know how good your ass is? Huh?" asked Red, while still
fingering Trish.

"Uh uh uh ohhh yea!" moaned Trish.

Red took his fingers out of Trish's wet pussy and took his fingers and put
it right in Trish's mouth to suck on. He then picked up Trish and turned her
around bending Trish down and having another good view of her ass. While
having Trish bending down looking over her shoulder, Red took his camera and
took pictures of it. "Yeah baby, this is how good this ass is. Mmm, let me
fuck that ass!" said Red. Before Trish can answer, Red already took his cock
and penetrated it inside her ass. Before putting the whole thing is, he put
it in half way and took a couple of pictures of it.

"Yeah! That ass looks even better with my cock inside of it!" shouted Red.

"Mmmm, fuck it baby, drop that camera and give my ass a beating!" demanded

Red never complained and did what he was told Red dropped the camera near a
couple of rocks and placed his hands on Trish's hips and slowly penetrated
his cock inside of Trish's thick ass. In and out went Red's cock and sending
more chills down Trish's spine, she was enjoying every single second of
getting fucked. Trish turned her head over to Red looking at him with an
evil devilish smile giving Red more excitement.

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Holy shit, your cock is so fucking big! I can feel every inch of
you inside of me. Yes, yes, YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!" shouted Trish.

"Yeah baby, your ass is so nice!" said Red in between moans.

*Smack* the sound when Red spanked Trish's ass. Leaving red marks on her ass.
Red still fucking Trish's ass and moving his hands all over Trish's body, Red
then grabbed her hair and pulled it back, for Red to get more grip on Trish
wanting to go deeper inside her.

Trish was sweating all over her body looking all moist looking even sexier.
Red was moving his hands all over Trish's body again wanting to feel every
part of Trish's sexy body.

"Fuccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, faster baby, FASTER!" yelled Trish.

Red then picked up his pace and gazed at Trish's ass moving back and forth
and being stretch out. He loved every minute of it. "Ohhh fuck, Trish I'm
gonna cum!" said Red.

"Mmmmm, cum all over my ass baby, let me feel that hot white cum on my ass,"
demanded Trish.

Red then gave Trish's ass a few more beatings then took it out and jerked it
a little bit and felt his cum coming out. "Ohhh, ohhh shit, here it is baby!"
yelled Red. Hot steamy streams of cum landed all over Trish's ass.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, yes! Put every single drop on my ass," said Trish.

After every drop landed on Trish, Red gave Trish even more beating to her
ass, but soon pulled it out because of his exhaustion.

"Oh shit, that was amazing!" said Red.

"Mmmm, your cum tastes so good," said Trish while wiping cum off her ass
with her index finger and sucking her finger dry with cum.

"Does this mean I get the magazine cover?" asked Trish.

"Haha, your gonna get more than a magazine cover, I'm gonna promote you to a
higher level in this business!" said Red.

"Ohh, I like that, so now about my ass, are you sure its as good as it is?"
asked Trish.

"Tell me this, if it wasn't good then why did I give your ass a beating?"
asked Red.

"Hehe, I'm gonna use my ass a lot more often in photo shoots thanks to you,"
said Trish.

Trish then gave Red a kiss on the lips and got dressed back into her orange
bikini and walked away, leaving Red lying down against rocks thinking to

"This girl is gonna get huge."

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