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Trish Stratus
By J.D. Morrison

After a great night of enjoying the latest World Wrestling Federation
action (and getting hard staring at the unbelievable beauties like Trish,
Terri, Stephanie, and Tori at ringside), I decided to head to my favorite
club with a few of my buddies to finish off the night.

Bobby, Dennis, and I entered the jam packed club and surveyed the
scenery; lots of the usuals, a few of the local college girls (which is
always nice),lots of horny college dudes (not so nice), and off to the
corner of the bar, much to our surprise,a few of the WWF superstars.

"Dude, that's Brian Christopher and Scott Taylor," Bobby pointed out.

"There's Bob Holly," Dennis happened to notice as Bob made his moves
on some of the local college chicks.

I however was transfixed on the sight at the end of the bar. There sat
Trish Stratus, the WWF's newest vixen. The blonde, toned, 5'4" perfect
dream to millions of men sat sipping a drink, apparently alone.

"Trish Stratus," my friends exclaimed in unison, stating the obvious,
beginning to become tiresome.

"Dude, I'd love to meet her," Dennis exclaimed as I made my way to the

"Take it easy boys, I'll catch up to you later," I told them as I set
my sites on making my friends' fantasy my reality.

Bobby and Dennis were alright guys, but man could they be, shall we
say, a little less than cool at times. But, friends since grade school, I
could forgive them that.

As I made my way to the bar, I casually sat on the seat directly to the
right of Trish. The fact that no one was sitting there was a miracle it's
self. I ordered a Miller Lite from the bartender and turned to Trish, who
to my satisfaction, was already eye balling me.

"I hope no one was sitting here," I asked non-chalantly.

"Just a steady stream of guys trying to hit on me," she added flatly.

"I hate when that happens," I started, "some of these guys just don't
take no for an answer...sometimes I have to practically beat them away
with a stick."

She gave me the strangest look at that and started to giggle
uncontrolably. I laughed with her and offered to buy her another drink.

"Wow, looks and a sense of humor," she stated, "not enough of that
around anymore."

I smiled and thanked her for the compliment. We talked for several
minutes and she asked me to dance with her. I accepeted and she grabbed
my hand and began to lead me to the dance floor.

When we hit the floor, all eyes were on Trish, grinding and gyrating
her incredible little body in that hot little black dress. As we danced
she began to get closer and more provocative with her gyations until she
finally grabbed me by the waist and was grinding on my leg while giving
me the most seductive look of lust I'd ever seen in a woman's eyes.

"You ready to leave now," she asked coyly.

"I think so," I replied,trying to mask my enthusiasm.

"Let's go," Trish replied as she led me to the door. Once outside she
led me to a jet black Lambourghini and tossed me the keys.

"What's the plan," I asked her.

"You know the area, take us somewhere out of the way," she said as we
got in the car.

I turned to her as she looked at me with a hungry look in her eyes,
like a panther sizing up it's prey. I reached over and pulled her head to
me. We locked in a passionate kiss. Our tongues now dancing together like
our bodies on the dance floor earlier.

She pulled away and breathily said,"Drive." I wasted no time fulfilling
her request.

As we headed for an isolated stretch of road just outside of town Trish
began massaging my cock through my pants. "Faster," she panted.

The faster I drove the more excited she seemed to get. She unzipped my
pants and my rock hard cock sprang free. Without warning, Trish descended
on my engourged member, taking it full into her mouth and wasted no time
bobbing at a frantic pace. My cock was on fire as her skilled mouth sucked
me like no other woman had before. As she continued her frantic pace, I
could feel my balls ready to errupt.

"I'm coming," I panted.

Trish stopped and locked her lips around the head of my cock and began
pumping my shaft in her hand as I began to shoot my hot load into her
mouth. She let some roll down the shaft of my dick and quickly ran her
tongue down the length, lapping it up into her mouth.

When she had finally finished, she looked up to see that we were on an
isolated stretch of road surrounded by a field on one side and a thicket of
trees on the other.

"Pull over," she breathily told me as I started towards the side of the
road with the tress. "No into the field," she commanded. I complied and she
hopped out of the car.

She was on me by the time I opened the door. We locked in another kiss,
my hands exploring every incredible inch of her amazing body they possibly
could. She pulled back and removed her dress,pulling it up and over her
head. Tossing it behind her and alerting me to the fact that she was wearing
nothing underneath. My clothes were next as she pulled and tugged with an
urgency until we both stood completely naked. She went to the front of the
car and laid down on the hood. I needed no invitation as I was on her
immediatly, exploring her body with my hands and tongue.

I found her right breast with my mouth as I slid a finger into her
soaking wet pussy. She was stroking my cock in her hand as I teased and
stroked her cunt and sucked her beautiful breast. Suddenly she grabbed me
and rolled me onto my back on the hood of the car as she turned her body
to straddle my face.

That amazing wet pussy right at my face was all I could handle as she
began to suck me into her mouth again. I sank my tongue into her hot snatch
as she worked her magic on my cock again. When I started to lightly circle
her clit with my toungue I knew she wouldn't last much longer. Trish sat
straight up on my face, moaning and clutching her breasts as I tasted her
sweet nectar begin to flow.

When she had finished coming, she slid off of me and pulled me up with
her. Wordlessly, she bent over the hood of the car and spread her legs. I
took up position behind her and my cock entered her hot, dripping snatch.
Slowly and gently rocking her at first,she was bucking back to meet my
every thrust. Grunting and panting she reached behind herself to grab my
hips as I bent over to massage her breasts from behind. This sent her into
the throws of orgasm again as she threw her head back, hair flying every
way and her screams of pleassure echoing in the night.

When she finished coming again I turned her around and positioned her
on her back on the hood of the car. There I entered her again, holding her
legs by the ankles, spreading her wide as I stood in front of her. I knew
this wouldn't last much longer as my pace intensified and I felt my balls
begin to release. I thrust in hard one more time and filled her pussy with
a load unlike any other I'd ever released in my life.

When we were done, we dressed and headed back to the bar. This time she
insisted on driving. When we returned the bar was getting ready to close.
We exchanged numbers and promised to do this again next time she was in
town. As she drove away my buddies Dennis and Bobby were just leaving the

"Who was that?"Bobby asked.

"Yeah, where you been, man," Dennis added, "Someone said they saw you
leave with Trish Stratus!".

"Gentlemen, you wouldn't believe me if I told you," I replied coyly,
"and besides, a gentlemen never kisses and tells."

They errupted in laughter and just assumed it was another college girl
I had been with and we joked about it on the way home. If they only knew...


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