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Trish Stratus And The Experiment
by Richie Boi

The ad in the City Paper was intriguing. A science researcher was looking
for women to participate in an experiment to determine the intensity and
duration of female orgasms.

Trish, who was more than a little dissatisfied with her current live-in
lover -- he was more interested in his own gratification than hers --
decided to investigate. She certainly was orgasmic, but lately, she
seemed to be spending more time going than cumming.She wondered whether
her physical reactions to love making were similar to what other women
experienced. Perhaps the researcher could help.

The address in the ad indicated the researcher (male...female... switch
hitter?) was conducting the experiments in a townhouse near McLean. "Seems
a safe enough address," She thought to herself.

She drove over to McLean from her apartment on Capitol Hill. As she wheeled
up the Parkway, she wondered what she was going to encounter. Unconsciously,
her right hand was at her breast, her fingers gently tweaking her nipple. A
guy passing her on the right looked over, saw what she was doing and began
honking his horn.

Trish glanced over, took a look at the Yuppie type in the Porsche wearing a
three piece suit, decided he was a lawyer--the lowest form of life --and
stuck out her tongue. She drove on.

Crossing over to the right hand lane, she turned onto the exit and,
following the directions at the bottom of the ad, drove into the townhouse
complex, found the right apartment, parked her car and got out.

As she walked up the brick sidewalk, the front door of the townhouse opened
and a young woman walked out. She looked flushed.Her makeup was askew, there
were beads of perspiration on her forehead and her blouse was buttoned
incorrectly.The young woman was also having trouble negotiating the three
steps that led down from the door to the sidewalk.

"Are you okay?," Trish asked the woman. "You don't look well."

"Oh, I'm just fine now," the young woman responded. "I've just been visiting
with the doctor and he gave me a very thorough examination..."

"Examination?," Trish asked. "What kind of examination, what kind of doctor?"
Trish was beginning to have second thoughts about the "experiment."

"Well," the young woman said, "I've been in there for nearly five hours and
I've just never gone through anything like it. It was unbelievable! I mean,
I thought I was going to..."

At that moment, the townhouse door opened again and a middle-aged man walked
about halfway out. He looked at Trish for a moment or two, sighed, and
started speaking.

"You are here to participate in the experiment," the man said to Trish. He
didn't phrase his remark in the form of a question. He looked right into her

"Why...yes, I am," She responded, "but I'd really like to know what is going
on in there." Trish was trying to peer behind the mind and see into the
half-opened townhouse door.

Through The Door

Almost unconsciously, Trish found herself walking up the three small steps
behind the man, who had turned around and walked back in just as she had
started to question him. In a step or two, she was inside the townhouse,
standing in the foyer.

The man had disappeared. She looked around. Not too shabby, she thought. She
was standing on a pinkish-hued marble floor, underneath a stainless steel
chandelier. There were what look to be original oil paintings on the walls
of the foyer. They weren't the great masters, of course, but they were good.
The foyer had several hallways leading to the interior of the townhouse. She
decided to follow one.The marble continued, but it was covered by a gray
silk Chinese rug. Along the walls of the hallway, hanging gallery style,
were more paintings, some oils, some water colors, but all obviously the
work of the same person.The scenes were seascapes.

Trish followed the hallway to its end, where she found a door with a small
engraved sign: "Office". Feeling a little bit like Alice following the Mad
Hatter, she reached for the doorknob, turned it, pushed open the door and
walked into the office.

She immediately stepped onto a thick, sink-up-to-your-ankles white wool
carpet. Pure white, as white as snow.Trish looked around, saw the man she
had seen earlier sitting behind a glass desk, in a thick red leather swivel
chair. The man's feet were up on the desk. He looked disheveled, although

In his 40s, she thought. Brown hair, some gray, moustache and obviously
near-sighted. Expensive shirt and cable-knit white sweater. Looks
intelligent. "Sit down, young lady," the man said in a commanding but gentle
voice. "I'm Doctor Miller. How can I help you?"

"I read your ad, Dr. Miller," Trish said." I'm Trish Stratus. I'm a WWE
DIVA. I'd like to find out about your experiment."

"I've seen pictures of you. You've helped me out a lot when i saw them."

Trish looked at him, and smiled, although with a freaked out look on her
"Anyway," the doctor said, "call me Alan. The experiment is exactly as
described in the ad. I am measuring female orgasmic response and I'm looking
for subjects. Are you interested?"

"How do you conduct your experiment?," Trish asked. "I mean, how do you get
a woman sexually excited enough to achieve an orgasm? Do you use special
equipment?" Dr. Miller chucked a little. "Yes, I do," he said. It is my own
equipment and it is very special, at least to me. Before I answer any more
of your questions, however,I need you to sign a release and take a physical
exam. Is that any problem for you?"

Trish'seyes were darting around the room, looking at the doctor's med school
graduate certificates, licenses to practice, books and mementos. She still
hadn't a clue as to what she was getting herself into.

"I guess its okay," she said. "Let me sign the release."

"Fine," the doctor said. "There's a changing room next door. Please remove
your clothes, put on the dressing gown and go into the room marked
'Examination'. "I'll be with you shortly."

Trish got up and got into the changing room. It was more like a woman's
dressing room, with an Empire chair, round mirror with make up lights, a
shower and a large glass cabinet. Inside the cabinet were sealed packages of
several brands of expensive makeup and sealed applicators. There was also a
closet with padded hangers.

First class so far, she thought, as she hung up her coat and began removing
her clothes. She found a white silk bathrobe hanging in the closet. It, too,
seemed new. She put on the gown and walked into the next room.The doctor was
already there.

The Examination

The examination room was like none Trish had ever seen. In fact, it looked
more like an elegant bedroom of the 19th Century. The room was about 20 feet
square. Opposite the door -- the only door -- was a bay window with
translucent white lace drapes. The carpeting on the floor was as plush as in
the doctor's office, but it was rose-hued, as were the walls.On each of the
walls were a series of well-executed water colors depicting pastoral scenes.

In the center of the room was a king-sized bed. It was a four poster, with
dust covers and ruffles.There was a thick comforter,turned down, and feather
pillows. The pillowcases and sheets were linen. Next to the bed was a cart
holding a variety of what looked like electronic devices.

Dr. Alan Miller was smiling. "Are you ready for your exam, Trish?," he asked
in a gentle voice. "Yes, I am, Alan," she responded. "What do I do first?"

"Well, the first time I see someone new, I try to make them feel
comfortable," the doctor said. "I'll put on some soft music. In the
meantime, take off your gown and please place this padded mask over your
eyes. I'm going to dim the lights a little but, even so, I find my
experimental subjects are put much more at ease if they can't actually see
what is happening.

"Please don't worry. Nothing painful or harmful is going to happen." Trish
was beginning to believe she had made a big mistake but the doctor's voice
was gentle and while the young lady she had seen earlier was a little
confused, she certainly didn't look as if she had been harmed.

Trish dropped the gown to the floor while the doctor adjusted the stereo.
She walked over to the bed and pulled on the padded mask. It was made of
black silk, with white lace trim. Trish set on the edge of the bed, unable
to see. The music from the stereo sounded like Mozart. "Are you comfortable,
Trish?," the doctor asked. "Yes, I am," she replied." Then why don't you put
your feet up and relax... I'll be with you in a few minutes."

Trish lay back on the bed. It was firm and comfortable. Trish was very
attractive, so attractive that she was always getting more than her share of
attention from men, ever since she was 15 years old. She was now in her
20's, and the years had only added to her physical splendor.

Trish was 5'7" tall and had a striking face with long blonde hair and a
figure that bordered on voluptuous. Her face was both angular and round, and
she had a long,shapely neck. A little broad in the shoulders, her frame
helped her carry two large and almost perfectly round breasts. Unlike many
breasts her size, these two seemed to point towards heaven. They were capped
by unusually large nipples that were normally soft but became like thick
pencils when she was aroused.

Her chest tapered down to a slim but not bony waist and then her body flared
out generously towards her hips. Her belly protruded just a little. Rising
up below her belly was her mound, generously covered with soft, long and
curly brown hair. Her vaginal lips protruded noticeably.

She had long, well-shaped legs. When she had her legs together, diamonds
were formed at her thighs, knees and ankles. Her feet were a 7A, and like
many women, Trish had a shoe fetish. She'd rather buy shoes, she told
herself many times, than get laid. She'd left her Ferragamos in the dressing

>From the back, Trish was a work of art. Her derriere was magnificent ...
high, rounded and firm. In short, Trish was enough to make any heterosexual
male drool on himself. Trish was fully relaxed on the bed, breathing evenly,
when Dr. Miller came back into the room.

"Are you feeling okay now, Trish?," he asked. "Yes,I'm fine, Alan," she
responded. "Great...I'm ready to begin. I'm going to start by gently
touching you in a number of places to determine how your reflexes are ...
I'm starting now." Dr. Miller placed his hands on Trish's head and began to
very gently caress her ... or at least it felt like a caress, Trish thought.

He lifted her hair and began touching her ears and her neck. Trish sighed;
she enjoyed being touched along her neck. The doctor then began to trace his
fingers over her lips and nose. Then he moved down to her shoulders and up
across her chest. He placed his hands alongside the edges of her breasts and
gently lifted them a little. Trish sighed again and squirmed a little. But
she didn't say anything.

Dr. Alan removed his hands for a moment and when he brought them back, Trish
thought she smelled roses. He placed the palms of his hands on her breasts
... they were moist, with a warm, rose-smelling substance. He began running
the palms of his hands over her breasts,rubbing the cream onto them.

Trish was having some difficulty controlling herself. She didn't know where
she was supposed to be getting turned on or not, but Dr.Alan was doing a job
on her. Her nipples became erect, hard as nails. "Aha," Dr. Alan said. He
suddenly removed his hand from her right breast and a couple of seconds
later, she felt his tongue lapping her nipple. He circled her nipple with
his tongue, drawing it out even farther.

Trish began to moan softly.She wanted to reach out but was unable to ... her
wrists were bound and she couldn't lift her arms more than a few inches.
When did that happen, Trish wondered to herself. Dr. Alan was busy at her
nipple and was alternating licking and sucking.His palm covered her other
nipple. Suddenly, he removed his hand and it was replaced by a tongue ...
Wait a minute, Trish thought, he's sucking at my right breast and my left
one is being sucked, too?

"Dr. Alan, Dr. Alan," Trish said, a little too softly. She tried again.
"What's going on here ... I thought we were alone."

"You're not in any pain, are you Trish,?" Dr. Alan asked. "No, no I'm not
but obviously someone else is here with us."

"Just my research assistant," Dr. Alan replied. "Nothing to worry about."

At that, Dr. Alan (at least Trish thought it was Dr. Alan -- it might have
been yet another research assistant!) went back to her right breast and
began licking and sucking her nipple. Both of her breasts were being loved
at the same time, by two different mouths.

Maybe I've died and gone to heaven, Trish thought. She began to perceive a
different technique being used on each nipple. On the right, her breast was
being licked and sucked and on the left, her nipple was being sucked and
rolled around inside a mouth. Suddenly, she felt another tongue, gently
licking at her ear and breathing into it.I'm going to die right here, Trish
thought to herself. Three on one!

Then she picked up on the rose aroma again and felt a soft hand caressing
the outer lips of her vagina. Softly, very softly. Almost as if it wasn't
being touched at all.Round and round, the fingers circled her opening, never
tarrying on one spot for more than a second or two. A quick dip inside every
so often and an occasional brush with her clitoris.

Trish began writhing on the bed. She had, at the moment, a mouth on each
nipple, sucking her into a frenzy, a tongue lapping at her ear and now a
couple of gentle fingers probing inside her. What could possibly happen
next, Trish wondered.

'Quiver' Zone

At that moment, a quivering began to build within her, but Dr. Alan, sensing
this, knew Trish's time hadn't yet arrived. He quickly injected her with a
very mild sexual relaxant he'd recently perfected. It didn't dull any of the
sensations, but it did slow down that part of the brain that screamed for
sexual release.

Trish's breathing slowed down a little, but she was still squirming on the
bed. Nothing like this ever happened to me in Poughkeepsie, she thought.
Suddenly, the fingers probing her warm, fragrant and by now dripping pussy
withdrew. Almost immediately, she felt a tongue--another tongue--take their
place. That meant at least four people--Trish knew not whether they were
male or female--were working her over.

My brain cells are starting to dissolve, she thought. The latest tongue
spoke many languages. It gently circled over her delicious pussy lips, with
the top of the tongue licking up on the upstroke and the bottom of the
tongue catching her on the downstroke. Every so often, the tip of the tongue
would--for a second or two--flick at her clitoris. Then the tongue would
plunge into her pussy, to lap up the secretions she was beginning to deposit
there, seemingly by the gallon.

Trish still couldn't move her wrists, because her hands were bound to the
sides of the bed. Nothing painful, and she could move her hands up and down
a little, but not too far.

Suddenly, an object was placed into each of her hands. She couldn't tell
what they were at first, but then she understood. There was a nice-sized
cock resting on the palm of each of her hands, and from the feel, each had
been generously coated with that same rose-smelling cream Trish first

Trish wound her hand around each cock and began pumping them up and down
gently. She grinned cock was circumcised and the other was

Because her hands were tied and her body was otherwise occupied, Trish could
not tell whether the cocks she was masturbating belonged to the mouths
working her nipples. She wasn't sure she cared.

She reached down to grab the scrotal sack of each of the cocks she was
manipulating. Trish loved balls; they were fun to play with and very
responsive, she thought.

The mouth working her pussy came up for air, because the motion there
stopped. Then her legs were lifted up and placed into loops, because they
stayed there, up in the air.

The probing tongue came back to her pussy and another found its mark between
her cheeks. Trish was being tongued fore and after, each of her nipples were
being sucked, there was a mouth working her neck and ears and she was
holding a cock in each hand.

Trish began to work the cocks she was holding a little faster. They were
both slick and she slid her finger tip up to the hole on the end of each
one. Sticky. Pre-cum. Trish loved it.She began to rub her finger tip around
the tip of each cock.

I'm really getting into this now, Trish thought.All of a sudden, she heard
Dr. Alan's voice saying, "She's about ready now...let's go to Phase
II." Phase II, Trish thought, you mean, there's more?

Trish Dissolves into a Pool of Hot Stickiness
Everything stopped, but only for a moment or two. Then several pairs of
hands, small ones, Trish noted, began caressing her entire body and, at the
same time, rubbing in more of that rose-scented cream.

The hands were on her breasts, between her legs, on her belly, between the
perfect globes on her backside, on her legs...everywhere. Trish lost count
of the hands caressing her.

Every so often, apparently just to keep her near peak, a dainty finger
slipped into one of her openings and gently applied the cream therein.
Trish's nerve endings were beginning to scream.

Only by concentrating was Trish able to remember that she had been working
on a pair of cocks with her hands. They were still there, erect and sticky.
Trish continued stroking them, up and down and up and down and up and
down.Occasionally she paused to touch the stickiness oozing out of them.
She'd collect it on her fingertips and then rub in on the head of each cock.
Then she'd gather up the remainder and run it onto the shaft of each cock.
She could feel the thick vein on the bottom of each cock.

The small hands stopped their caressing of her body, she was elevated
somehow into an almost sitting position and then she felt a body sliding
under her. As the person slid up from her feet towards her head, she felt a
tongue lashing the crack between her beautiful buns.Then a finger coated
with lubricating jelly probed her anal opening and began rubbing it softly.
Trish relaxed...the probing felt good and with each gentle thrust, her
muscles relaxed. The finger withdrew. It was replaced with something
larger...a cock.

The cock gentle began its attack on her anal opening and, gaining position,
thrust its way inside. Because Trish was so relaxed and lubricated and the
"cock driver" was gentle, there wasn't any pain. In fact, Trish began to
find the motions pleasurable.

Somehow, the bed began bending and Trish (and the fellow underneath her)
found her head a little lower than her feet. A pair of hands began to tease
her nipples and another hand starting to slowly circle her engorged vaginal
lips, spreading her own lubricant as they played up and down and around the
folds of succulent flesh.

The hands stopped and she felt a man mounting her.He smells terrific, Trish
thought, as his cock began teasing her. She felt it rubbing around her lower
lips and then it began flicking back and forth across the head of her

Trish's heart started pounding and she subconsciously began increasing the
up and down strokes she was still applying to the two cocks she was holding.
She felt both of them shiver.

All at once, the cock plunged into her vagina, all the way. She could feel
the fellow's public hair against her lower belly. "It's time," she heard Dr.
Alan say. "Let's get this coordinated. On my count..."

"One." The cock in her anal opening thrust in at the same time the cock in
her pussy pulled out. "Two." The cock in her pussy pushed in and the one in
her anus pulled out. "One. Two. One. Two..."

The two cocks were alternating thrusts in and out of Trish's pussy and anus.
Trish matched the rhythm with her hands; she was masturbating two cocks on
the "One, Two" strokes.

Trish began panting. Her chest was heaving and she was beginning to
perspire. She opened up her mouth wide and took a deep breath.Before she
could close it, a rose-smelling cock went into it.

"That's me," Dr. Alan said. "If you're having a good time now, Trish, I'm
certain you'll know what to do. You are now the center of attention of five
men. You've got a cock in your pussy, another in your anus, you've got me in
your mouth and you're jerking off my two youngest lab assistants. The one on
your left, by the way, with the real long cock, is only 18. He's got a grin
on his face from ear to ear.

"Oh yes, we've got another pair of hands...Mary. She's going to work on your
breasts. Trish couldn't figure out how to keep everything coordinated. Her
motions were becoming jerky. She began lashing the cock in her mouth and
then sucked in its entire length. She took a deep gulp and felt it touch the
back of her throat.

Trish was in a sea of cocks. She was getting the fucking of her life. There
wasn't a spot on her body that wasn't being probed with instruments of
love.Mary began working on Trish's nipples and then moved her hand down
towards Trish's belly. She began massaging Trish's clitoris while the cock
was plunging in and out of her.

Dr. Alan continued to call out the cadence. Suddenly, Trish's body decided
it couldn't take any more. She felt a quivering begin inside her vagina and
sensed that her clitoris was going to burst. Her nipples felt like they were
going to pop open and the cock in her mouth was beginning to ooze come.She
slurped it up and let her mind dissolve.

I'm cumming, Trish thought, I'm cumming, I'm cumming. Trish's body began to
shake and quake and her lower lips grasped at the cock that was penetrating
her. She increased her hand motion, the cock thrusting in her mouth began to
move more quickly, the cock in her anus plunged deeper and Mary's hands on
her clitoris were replace by her mouth.

Suddenly, she felt her belly shaking on its own. Her vagina was opening and
closing and moving and grasping. Trish screamed, the three cocks inside her
ejaculated, washing her with semen and the two cocks she was jerking off
also lost their load, spurting hot cum on her breasts.

Trish sensed the inner cavities of her body flooding with cum, dripping
along every crevice, with cocks expanding and contracting inside of her.
Trish was drifting, drifting, seeing a spectrum of colors, overcome with the
aroma of males, pulsating from every nerve ending, palpitating, with her
heart rate increasing, her chest flushing and her eyes unable to focus.

Trish passed out.

Sometime later, she opened her eyes. There was Dr. Alan, bathing her, with
his tongue. He looked up, caught her eyes and said: "Ah, you're awake, my
dear. You did very well for the first time. You registered an 11-minute
orgasm. Two more minutes and you would have set the record."

"Two more minutes and I would have died, Alan," Trish said. "I don't think I
can walk."

"That's what the young woman who was here just before you said," Dr. Alan
said with a smile. "She's coming back tomorrow.. how about you?"

"Can I move in!" Trish asked with a sly grin on her face.

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