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This is a story done by me ThePac and if you have any requests, ideas or
people you would like me to write about pls e-mail me and if you have any
feedback on my story [I would really like some feedback on my story] what u
liked, didn't like, my email is All characters storylines
situations and celebs in stories are all made up none of what I write really
happened so no one can sue or say I stole a real idea cause I didn't This was
a ThePac story in association a highlight reel production with help and ideas
from wwekiller.

Trish Stratus Championship Challenge
by ThePac

We are back live to Monday night Raw and the WWE Woman's Champion Trish
Stratus is standing in the middle of the ring with a microphone. She looks
as stunning as ever in a black shirt tied under her big tits with several
buttons undone showing off her big cleavage. Trish is also wearing a pair of
light blue jeans that show off her curves and amazing ass Trish clears her
throat and starts to speak.

"You know what guys since I became Woman's champion for the 5th time a lot of
those sluts I mean in ring competitors back in the locker room think Trish is
soft," The fans boo as Trish mocks the competition on Raw.

"Everyone thinks that Trish is not a fighting champion, people think she's
scared of a little competition well I love competition that is why tonight I
will defend the Woman's title live on Raw," Cheering wildly the fans are
ready to watch Trish defend her woman's title against another diva.

"Yes here live on Raw I will defend my title against 10 people," Trish says
with an evil grin as the cheers die down.

"You see for this match I will have no referee, no time limit, no count out
and no pinfalls or submissions," The entire crowd shouts out WHAT as Trish
continues to talk.

"So then those are the rules lets get on with the match, ring a bell please,"
Trish asks the timekeeper sweetly. Then looks out into the audience and
points to the guy in the white shirt in front of the barrier.

"Hey you there in the white shirt get over here, yes you honey get in the
ring," Trish says to him as he climbs the barrier and gets into the ring very

"Now your name please," Trish asks sweetly.

"T-t-tto tto Tom," he stutters out trying not to look at Trish's cleavage.

"Tom, good right then Tom take off your pants," the arena goes silent as
Trish stares at Tom who looks confused so Trish asks him again to take of his
pants he shakes his head.

Trish shakes her head, "Now don't be shy it's just that you need your pants
off as your in a match," the noise level in the arena goes up a notch as
Trish keeps talking.

"Yes you Tom you and 9 other fans get a chance to face in for the Woman's
Title in a first ever First Cum Battle Royal," Trish finishes with a huge
roar from the crowd.

"The rules," Trish says milking the crowd reaction, "are simple if you are
made to cum you are eliminated and the last man or woman standing will be
Woman's champ," Even Tom is smiling but as Trish walks towards him he backs
up till his back hits the corner of the ring.

Trish gets on her tiptoes and leans into Tom's ear and whispers into the
mike, "So if you can make me cum in the middle of the ring you will win," she
says in her sexiest voice.

Tom quickly unbuttons his pants and pulls them and his boxers down to his
feet. Trish smiles as 7 inches of dick pop out in front of her so she smiles
at a red faced Tom and puts the mike and Woman's title on the mat. She grabs
his wrists and places Tom's shaking hands on her massive breasts making him
moan as he feels her soft tits between his fingers. Giving her boobs one last
squeeze he reluctantly lets go but gets very excited as Trish drops to her
knees. Trish's hand strokes the bottom of his cock making him rock hard in
seconds then Trish as the world watches on takes his cock all the way into
her mouth. Tom grips onto the ropes as Trish slowly sucks on his cock making
him groan, she is a very good cocksucker but he helps her by thrusting his
hips forward making Trish take more cock down her throat. Trying to pace
himself Tom tries to take his cock out of her mouth but Trish jerks her head
faster sucking harder and louder and Tom is lost in his own world of
pleasure. He blows a lot of spunk down the champ's throat but she drinks it
all up then up close for the cameraman swallows it all bringing a massive
chat of YOU HOT SLUT from the crowd. Trish gives Tom a kiss on the cheek then
tells him he is out and looks behind her to see two big guys jumping up and

"You two guys there in football jersey's get in here your next," Trish talks
into her mike as they jump the barrier and run into the ring.

"Say your names into the mike please," Trish, says pointing it to the tall
bald guy first.

"Barry," said the first and the younger second guy said "Paul."

"Well I need to get more comfortable first guys," Trish winks at them as she
kicks her cowboy boots off then unties her shirt and takes it off showing off
her black bra.

Both men rub their crotches not believing that they are seeing Trish Stratus
on her knees waiting for their dicks. They both pull their pants down letting
their 5 and 8 inch cocks out in front of Trish. Rubbing her hands Trish
slowly grips their dicks and jerks them off as they look down her bra seeing
most of her tits sticking out. Trish's nipples are already pushing against
her bra as she hand wanks the two guys while camera's and video phones catch
the moment Trish became a true in ring slut. Moving her wrists together at a
fast speed Trish soon has both men on the very brink of cumming but feels
Barry's 5 inches twitch first so she sticks her tongue out and licks it
against his cock head. This move combined with him looking at her awesome
tits makes Barry close his eyes tight and shoot his stream of cum all down
Trish's cleavage. Trish smiles at him and rubs his cum deeper into her
cleavage making him grin like a naughty schoolboy.

Turning her full attention to the larger cock of Pete who asks Trish
something that the cameras don't pick up but she smiles and lets go of his
cock. Pete stands back then swings his erect dick at Trish's face cock
slapping the blonde's cheek. The sound is loud but Trish is grinning and
screams out again so Pete rears back and smacks his shaft into her cheek
again. 3 more cock slaps have the crowd going nuts when Trish leaps forward
and grabs his dick with both hands and jerks him hard and fast. Not many men
can stand being jerked by two hands and Pete is no different as his cock
shoots cum out all over Trish's pretty face. The picture is a classic; Trish
Stratus with her model face coated in a man's jizz as it drips from her jaw
off her nose and down her flushed cheeks. Pete goes out of the ring more than
happy as Trish holds up 3 fingers for her 3rd elimination picking up her mike
she scans around the arena till she spots a couple in a row near the entrance

"You two, yes you the man in the blue and the brunette next to him in the
pink get up here," Trish says still with jizz over her face and tits.

The couple climbs into the ring and holding each others hand Trish asks for
their names, which are Terry and his fianc‚e Amy.

"You know what would be a great wedding present Terry," Trish asks cheekily,
"The WWE Woman's title," Trish then unbuttons her tight jeans and slides them
down her legs showing off her familiar black thong panties.

Terry strips off his clothes and is pushed down to the mat by Trish who gets
on her hands and knees crawling towards him. Trish made sure as she crawls
around to stick her big ass in the air and shakes it around for the crowd but
this tempts Amy who gives her ass a smack. Giggling Trish looks behind her to
see Amy rubbing her ass and giving her thong a little tug. While Amy plays
with her ass Trish lowers her head and starts to suck Terry's 6-inch cock
making the guy moan and run his hands thought her long blonde hair. Amy is
down on her knees behind Trish spanking her big ass when she sees Trish's
juices running down her leg so Amy lies on her back and pushes Trish's thong
aside then sticks her tongue up her wet cunt. Trish stops sucking as she
feels Amy's pierced tongue flick her pussy and she lets out a little moan
then gets back to work sucking off Terry. Feeling one of Trish's hands stroke
his aching ball sack Terry moans Trish's name then looks down past Trish to
see a pair of legs sticking out from under Trish. Terry works out that his
future wife is under his favorite diva and is eating her out.

With this thought in his head and Trish sucking and slurping all over his
dick Terry yells out then cums into Trish's mouth. The second load of cum in
her mouth in the last 20 minutes Trish tilts her head back and swallows all
of Terry's spunk then Trish moans loudly in surprise. Amy was no novice at
licking pussy and her sliver tongue stud had flicked up against Trish's clit
sending waves of pleasure thought the Canadian body and sends some of her
juices down Amy's throat. Seeing her chances of winning fading Trish allowed
herself one last moan then swings herself around putting herself on top of
Amy in a 69 position. Ripping off Amy's skirt and panties Trish see that Amy
has had her pussy lips pierced as well so Trish kisses Amy's pussy piercing
then dives in to her wet cunt. Both women lick and suck at each others
pussy's wanting to make the other one cum first, while Terry just sits back
and admires the lesbian fuck fest his soon to be wife is involved in. Amy is
holding her own with Trish but the Diva has made lots of women get off and
soon her experience tells as Amy stopped sucking to let out a loud groan of

Trish sensing she has the advantage goes for the kill by rubbing her wet
pussy all over Amy's face and as Amy felt Trish's pre cum run down her face
Trish sticks 4 fingers deep into Amy's pussy. The young women cries out in
pleasure then orgasms in the middle of the Raw ring thanks to Trish's expert
fingers. Trish climbs off Amy and sees her tying to catch her breath, her
face very red, Trish helped her up then pulled off her top and bra leaving
her naked like her boyfriend. The naked couple walk away to the chants of the
live crowd and the applause of Trish but as she bends down to pick up Amy's
clothes a tall African American athletically leaps the barrier and pushes
Trish down. Before she can say anything her panties are torn off and what
feels like a 9-inch dick is pushed unlubed into her asshole. Trish screams
for the first few pumps but like a true slut she gets used to the pain and
starts moaning as his big cock fills up her ass well. Just about able to turn
her head around Trish sees the guy's face sweating and full of concentration
but she still shouts out asking for his name.

"Wayne," he shouts back before thrusting hard into Trish's tight asshole.

Another guy Trish sees just climbed over the barrier and charges into the
ring and as he strips off Trish shouts for his name.

"Gary," he yells as her as he pulls his shorts down and pushes his erect 7-
inch dick into her wide-open mouth.

Nearly gagging on the 3rd cock put in her mouth in the last few minutes Trish
tries to regain control but she feels an orgasm building in her from the
heavy ass fucking. Just able to hold herself Trish starts pushing her ass
back hard into Wayne smacking her big ass into his hips. She then starts to
deep throat the massive cock in her mouth and sucking on it like a big
lollypop until she brings a moan out of Gary. The fans calm down and watch in
awe as Trish Stratus unveils her true slutty personality by taking two guys
in her ass and mouth. Gary loves watching Trish's big lips around his massive
shaft and he so wants to give her a good face fucking but is afraid of what
would happen but as he feels some pre cum leak out and down Trish's throat.
Knowing that he is close to cumming he takes a risk and grabs the back of
Trish's hair and starts to fuck her pretty little face.

Trish loved being face fucked and now this guy was bashing his dick against
the back of her throat feeling so damm good. Wayne is also close to cumming
as Trish's tight ass feels so good sliding up and down his cock that he
starts smacking her big ass. This is the best title defense Trish has ever
had and she wants more matches like this as she slams her ass harder down
onto Wayne's cock when she feels him stop thrusting then a huge load of thick
creamy cum is shot up her asshole. Wayne falls back stroking the last drops
of seamen out of his dick as he watches his own cum leak out of her ass and
down her tanned thighs. To upset Trish Gary pulls out of her mouth but before
she can yell at him he rolls her onto her back then gets on top of her
stomach. Seeing where this is going Trish tugs at her bra tearing it right
down the middle and her large tanned breasts drop into view for the first
time. Gary looks in awe at her large tanned tits and starts to jerk off over
her breasts but Trish grabs his cock and places it between her tits. A tit
fuck from Trish Stratus, Gary is in heaven as he pumps his cock into Trish's
famous cleavage making him groan at each thrust.

"Oh fuck I'm gonna fuck CUM," Gary screams out to the whole arena as his cock
sends a river of spunk over Trish's breasts adding to the cum on her tits
earlier from Pete.

Trish lets all of the cum hit her chest then watches Gary fall to the mat
tired out from the massive load he spilled. Trish knows she is just 2 more
cum shots away from winning but she is still very close to cumming, her pussy
lips are very wet and sensitive now but Trish doesn't want to lose this
amazing match. Still lying on her back with lots of cum all over her chest
Trish looks up to see Duncan the head of security for the building nodding at
her naked body. Trish nods her head as well and the 6ft 4 security guard
climbs into the ring unzipping his pants letting his big 10-inch thick cock
out in front of Trish. Even though she is sore and very close to cumming
Trish still wants to feel that big cock inside of her so like a good little
slut she spreads her legs out wide for the man stood in front of her. Duncan
carefully places his dick at the entrance to her pussy and pushes it up inch
by inch as Trish gasped as she feels this massive cock fill up her pussy.
Once he is all in and stretching out Trish pussy she opens her arms out
waiting for him to lie on top of her and fuck her but Duncan doesn't do that
instead he grabs Trish's arms and pulls her upwards. Trish quickly wraps her
arms around his neck to stop her from falling off his cock as Duncan walks
over to a corner his cock still deep inside Trish's cunt.

He rests Trish's back against the top turnbuckle then he started quick
thrusting her with his massive cock. Barely touching the floor with her feet
Trish screams as his big cock slams into her pussy and her back slams against
the turnbuckle. Duncan is going all out slamming hard into her pussy and
Trish feels her knees getting weak a sure sign that she would cum and lose
the match. Thinking quickly Trish wraps her legs around Duncan's hips and
taking a deep breath she bouncing herself off his cock. Duncan groans as
Trish bounces off his dick sending it deeper into her own pussy but coating
his dick in her juices. He stops thrusting but Trish's bouncing is so
aggressive that he loses his balance and falls to the mat with Trish on top
off him. He hits the mat but Trish still bouncing off his cock using it like
a trampoline and Duncan just lies back and watches the hot blonde bimbo
bounce off his cock. The crowd watches in awe as well as Trish's bouncing is
sending her cummed covered tits flying up and down as everyone tries to get
footage of a naked Trish Stratus jumping up and down on a big cock. Duncan's
dick starts to tighten and he feels himself cumming but he does try not to
tell Trish but is too late as a river of cum jerks out of his cock into
Trish's pussy.

Feeling all of his cum fill up inside her pussy Trish has to fight the urge
of fingering herself to a finish and climbs off Duncan's cock. Trish stands
tall in the center of the ring cum dripping from her ass and pussy, running
down her tits and on her face. All she is thinking is that she only needs one
more person to cum and she has won looking around ringside rejecting guys who
could very easily get her off by just pointing a cock at her. Instead Trish
looked to ring side at ring announcer Lilian Garcia.

"Hey Lilian get in her and strip off, your number 10," Trish says into her
trusty mike.

Lilian looks shocked and shakes her head no but the fans chanting along with
the fact she had always wanted Trish to give her a good fucking means Lilian
is on her feet and getting in the ring. Taking off her high heels and skirt
Lilian lies down on the cum soaked mat and wags her finger at a tired Trish.
Once again Trish gets on her hands and knees as she crawls towards Lilian who
unties her bikini style panties exposing her freshly shaved cunt wet with her
own juices. Trish licks her lips then dives right in to her fellow diva's
pussy licking sucking and biting at the soft flesh. Lilian moaned as Trish's
tongue works over her already damp pussy teasing Lilian who is rubbing her
own boobs thought her sheer top. Lying flat down her face deep in Lilian's
pussy Trish is rubbing her own pussy against the mat getting herself off, she
knows she shouldn't but Lilian tastes so good and Trish is so horny she can't
help it.

Tearing off her own top Lilian rubs her hands all over her erect nipples
moaning loudly as Trish's tongue probes deeper into her clit. Licking up most
of Lilian's pre cum Trish heads for her main goal Lilian's G-spot if she
can hit that she will win before she humps herself to an orgasm. Trish's
tongue wins the race lapping hard at Lilian's throbbing clit, the singing
Diva screams loudly and cums into Trish's open mouth. Rolling away from a
freshly orgasmed Lilian Trish on her knees finds her Woman's championship and
raises it high in the air when the ring music of Stacy Keibler hits.

"Wow Trish that was impressive instead of giving `one of those sluts in the
back' a shot at the title you whored yourself out to the fans and Lilian."

Trish simply laughed at Stacy who is walking down the ramp mike in hand
wearing her wrestling gear of red top and black shorts.

"However slut Stratus you forgot something you only made 9 people cum, your
one short missy," Stacy laughed as Trish counted in her head then worked out
Stacy was right she was one short.

"So Trish I am out here as a fan to make you cum and take my Woman's title,"
Stacy says as the crowd roars at two more Divas doing HLA on each other.

Stacy slides into the ring and Trish tries to back off as she knows she is
too weak and tired to stop Stacy from making her cum. Stacy tears off her own
shirt showing off her blue bra then grabbing onto Trish's ankles pulling her
back to the center of the ring. Quickly Stacy gets Trish into a reverse head
scissors pinning her down but giving Stacy a clean shot at her pussy. Stacy
dives into her cunt licking Trish's damp pussy lips then attacking her clit
making the champ moan Stacy's name. Trish tries to fight back but her hands
can't get up to Stacy's shorts so all she can do is give Stacy a few spanks,
which don't bother her. Stacy's tongue is working overtime on Trish's cunt
and the blonde can't fight it off anymore, Trish lays back groaning and
stroking her own cum covered breasts. Thinking about all the men and women
who came over Trish brings her to an earth shattering orgasm exploding in
Stacy's mouth. A bell rings out somewhere in the distance but Trish is to out
of it to hear anything, she is so tired but so satisfied as she had just had
the best orgasm of her life. Wiping the cum off her face Stacy watches as
Trish slowly falls to sleep butt naked in the ring then she lifts her hands
for victory.

"Here is your winner and NEW WWE Woman's champion Stacy Keibler," shouts good
old Jr who is hot and sweaty after spending the last hour restraining Jerry
Lawler from getting in the ring and fucking Trish Stratus.

Stacy raises the belt high in the air as the fans go wild at one of the best
matches they had ever seen. Hoisting the belt over her shoulder Stacy walks
up the ramp allowing the cameraman to film her ass walking away. At the top
of the ramp Stacy lifts the belt up on last time for pics and hopes she will
be able to be in this kind of match one day. WWE officials carry a naked
Trish back to the locker room while the fans mass chant BEST MATCH EVER.

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