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Another WWE based story this one based on Trish's return this year at the
Elimination Chamber PPV and what if she met current WWE champion The Miz and
his ward Alex Riley. This story contains adult themes, unprotected three way
sex, dirty talk of a degrading nature and all kinds of hot sex and fucking
that people under the age of 18 should not be reading. Also despite it being
a three way with two guys there is no male on male action yes even with Miz's
and Riley's clear overtones I ignored any guy on guy wrestler action sorry.

All feedback nice and nasty can go to my email and please
enjoy reading.

Trish Stratus Is Awesome
by ThePac

Backstage at Elimination Chamber Trish feels like she has never been away.
All the superstars and Divas have been ultra nice to her and she got a
massive pop from the crowd by helping Kelly Kelly beat down the evil Laycool.
Dressed in a black vest top, tight black spandex pants and a pair of very
sexy knee high leather boots Trish has a big smile on her face as she feels
she is back home. Wandering around the backstage area of the arena Trish has
noticed how many new faces seem to be around since she was last here. She had
hosted Raw a few times since her retirement but she had only hung around a
little and had only really seen half the roster now there where new guys and
girls almost everywhere she turned. Trish had just left the Bella's behind in
the locker room wondering if anyone could work out which was Brie and which
was Nikki when she runs into the back of a light haired man carrying a big
silver briefcase.

"Hey watch where you're going," Alex Riley says rubbing flat his Miz T shirt.

"Sorry didn't see you there," Trish says before looking down, "Um why are you
wearing your wrestling trunks you have a match tonight or something," Trish
asks pointing at Riley's tanned bare legs and his tight blue wrestling

"As it happens Trish me and my man the Miz were just having an epic work out
session where I had the honour of be schooled in wrestling by the greatest
wrestler of my generation," Alex says talking down to Trish who raises her
eyebrow so high it almost disappears into her long brown hair.

"Man Riley I've met some kiss asses but you college jock head have to be the
biggest I've ever seen," Trish mocks folding her arms in front of her chest.

Riley gets steamed turning and towering over Trish, "Oh yeah well little Miss
perfect I think you will find if you trained with the Miz you wouldn't be out
in the ring botching every single move you see coming."

Trish is stung by that but soon smiles, "I'm sure you think so Riley but I
say if we were together in the ring I would take all my botches and beat you
over the head with them until you were begging for your mommy."

"Yeah if you weren't all over me," Riley taunts and now Trish is offended,
"Yeah I've see girls like you act all tough and hard but are really begging
for a piece of A Ry."

"You are a real piece of work you know that Alex," Trish musses, "Kind of
like a young Chris Jericho nothing but an assclown."

"Why don't you run along little girl don't you have some bra and panties
whore match to try and wrestle in," Riley smirks then Trish leans back and
slaps Alex Riley hard in the face.

A-Ry staggers back in shock holding his face in pain looking shocked that
Trish would even lay a finger on him much less slap him so hard the taste is
nearly gone from his mouth. Trish allows herself a cocky little smile having
put the over macho wrestler back in his place much like she did when she
first started in wrestling, slapping all the guys who though she was a dumb
slut and an easy lay.

"Why you fucking bitch you're gonna pay for that," Riley says raising his arm
at Trish.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa," A voice says coming round the corner and
Trish thinks she is saved as she stops cowering but soon her look turns to
disgust as the Miz walks into view.

"Alex, please explain to me what you are doing," Miz says in his new slow
calm way.

His young apprentice stutters for a bit before pointing at Trish, "This cocky
little slut here hit me Miz; she slapped me so I was going to hit her back."

Miz places his hand over his face shaking his head, "Alex you still have much
to learn don't you know who this is?"

"This is Trish Stratus, Diva of the decade, record time woman's champion icon
to woman's wrestling though the 00'S, and this Alex is the greatest woman
champion of all time."

Miz grins at Trish who is internally shocked to find she is blushing a bit at
Miz being so nice to her.

"Yeah but Miz she insulted me, she insulted you and no one man or woman when
I'm around gets away with name calling the most awesome WWE champion of all
time," Riley says speaking up for himself.

Trish groans rolling her eyes turning to Riley, "Alex you do know your mommy
is going to have to give you your testacies back at some point so you can at
least act like a real man."

Riley's face darkens as he throws down the sliver briefcase and moves towards
Trish grabbing her by her shoulders pushing her against the wall. Trish
cowers as he raises a taped fist up at her face and again Miz calls out
stopping his young prot‚g‚e.

"Alex stop don't you dare hit her," Miz warns holding his hand out.

"Riley turns round to look at the WWE champion, "But Miz she's a stone cold
prick tease mouthy bitch, no one would mind if I smacked her around once."

"I would now back away Alex, you know Trish Stratus isn't a prick tease," Miz
states as Riley lets go of Trish putting his arm down.

Pissed Trish backs away from the wall and moves towards Miz fixing her top,
"Thanks Miz find some way to keep your dog on its leash," She taunts.

Riley tries to make a move again but Miz stands in his way, "That bitch,"
Riley shouts.

"Calm down Riley," Miz says pushing his young rookie back, "Trish isn't a
bitch or a prick tease, she's a slut," He says smiling at Trish.

Trish's face drops and Riley's breaks out into a grin, "What did you just
call me Miz," Trish says growling with anger.

"Oh come on Trish," Miz says almost laughing with surprise, "Everybody knows
your stories of pleasure and slutty acts are a well-known locker room

Trish blushes but Riley just looks confused, "What stories Miz?"

"The stories that Trish Stratus for all her great achievements and accolades
is in fact nothing more than a slut who's panties grow wet just at the sight
of a hot, young tanned guy."

Trish blushes even more shaking her head but has an odd look in her eyes that
Miz sees making him grin.

"Tell Riley all about it Trish talk about all your mass fuck sessions with
Rock or with Angle and Cena you can't forget Cena, I bet even Booker got a

"Shut up Miz stop it shut up," Trish screams slapping her hands to her ears
trying to block out his voice.

"See Alex she never said no, it's all true this woman went all Species style
slut on anyone with a fine tanned six pack and carrying gold on their arm,"
Miz says evil grin plastered over his face as Trish seems to wilt under his

"Tell me it's wrong Trish, tell me you didn't bang anything attractive
wearing a championship belt in your wrestling days," Miz challenges.

"Ok fine so what if I did," Trish says making Miz smile and dropping Alex
Riley's jaw, "Is it a crime now having a fuck session with a tanned, fit
wrestler," Trish asks with her hands firmly on her hips.

"Oh Trish darling I'm not here to judge in fact I'm here to ask if you would
like to relive the good old days," Miz says.

"Relive the good old days?" Trish ask confused as is Riley stood behind her.

"Yeah with me and my young ward here Riley," Miz says the shit eating grin on
his face only getting wider.

The idea dawns on Trish and her eyes widen, face mapped with shock, "No Miz
absolutely not that's the past and I'm married now so no more cheap romps
with wrestlers for me."

"Oh really the biggest slut in WWE locker room history is turning down the
ultra-hot WWE champion and his handsome apprentice?" Miz asks his eyebrows
raised taunting Trish.

"Yes I am Miz, I'm no longer that person find one of the current Divas to
fill your sick sexual urges," Trish says flicking her long brown hair off her
forehead and looks to walk away.

"Riley, take your shirt off," Miz orders and Trish can't resist turning round
watching the young rookie peeling his tight top off showing his tanned buff

Trish visibly grins as Riley throws his top away and steps a bit closer to
the 7 times woman's champion flexing and stretching. Getting hot Trish steps
back but the whole of her view is taken up with Riley shirtless and in just a
pair of tiny and very tight wrestling trunks.

"Still don't want it Trish?" Miz asks seeing the pained look on Trish's face
at Riley's fit young body mere inches away, "Maybe this will help you make a

Miz steps next to Alex in Trish's eye line and quickly grabs his own theme
shirt pulling it off showing his own impressive tanned mid-section. Trish
gulps and is fully stepping back now as two fit young wrestlers are in the
flesh wearing little, inches from her. Her breathing quickens and sweat forms
on her forehead as her back hits the wall. Trish has had wild dreams about
being trapped in a corridor with two semi naked toned wrestling studs and now
she is. She finds herself subconsciously licking her lips at the two hot
studs and they can see it written on her face too.

"Please guys don't," Trish begs.

"Don't what Trish we aren't doing anything," Riley says grinning at how easy
a sexy woman like Trish had been almost reduced to nothing just by being
cornered by them in just their wrestling attire.

"We won't do anything Trish we just what the same championship whore
treatment all the other guys got," Miz smiles placing a hand on Trish's arm,
"Not only am I hotter than all the others with a tanned body I can see is
driving you wild but I have Riley too I bet none of the others had such a hot
stud as back up."

Trish shakes her head and Miz presses his advantage, "I have a private locker
room you could do us both relive your slutty side for one night I bet you end
up loving it."

Trish is fighting hard not to be rushed into the old emotion of lust and
soaking wet panties as Miz and Riley are standing close watching Trish's
self-resistance crumble on her face.

"Fine," Miz says, "If this new improved Trish doesn't want to play we will
find a sexy Diva who will."

Miz steps away pulling Riley away from Trish by his shoulder and both Riley
and Trish are confused at Miz's sudden change of attitude.

"Bye Trish hope you enjoy your return to the locker room," Miz waves then
still holding Riley's shoulder he walks off.

Trish breathes a sigh of relief at getting out of a fuck session that could
be fatal to her marriage. She reminds herself she is not that blonde little
wrestler whore but as she looks up her eyes are drawn right to Miz and
Riley's asses. Their tight asses jiggle up and down as they walk only helped
by the hip hugging tightness of their wrestling trunks. Trish gasps watching
those big muscly asses walk away from her and inside her sexy leather pants
her black thong is dripping with her own pussy juices. She tries to resist
but when Miz carefully picks a small wedgie from his crack and the lower
parts of his tanned ass cheeks becomes visible Trish can take no more.

"Wait," she shouts at the two shaking asses carefully running in her slutty
boots up to Miz and Riley.

"What's wrong Trish?" Miz asks unable to hide his own grin at his plan
working so well.

"I'm in I want to be a part of it," Trish says blushing slightly.

"Yeah all right," Riley whoops jumping up to high five Miz but the Miz
remains unmoved.

"What do you want to be a part of Trish," Miz asks slapping Riley on the arm
in case his enthusiastic young apprentice answers for Trish.

"I want the old days back, I want to be fucked hard by two young studs,"
Trish says her head hanging a little but her pussy gets more and more wet as
she talks submitting herself.

"Why do you want to fuck us Trish?" Miz taunts knowing the power he has over
this sexy woman and how much she loves it.

"Please Mr WWE champion can I go with you big boys and have my sweet little
brains fucked out," Trish says in her sexiest voice looking up at Miz and
Riley trying very hard not to jump them right there.

Alex and Miz look at each other grinning before both taking Trish by the arm
leading her around backstage. Trish is soaking wet and moaning softly trapped
between these two hot young wrestlers hoping her husband might forgive her
indulging in a small fantasy. They reach Miz's private locker room in no time
and as Trish goes in first she spots that already Miz and his prot‚g‚ have
sizeable bulges growing in their tight trunks. The first thing Trish spots as
Riley closes and locks the door is Miz's WWE championship hanging from a hook
in a locker.

Miz spots Trish looking at his belt and grins, "Nice to see you still have
eyes for gold Trish maybe you should show me and Alex here what you have in
store for us."

Trish stepping closer to the belt is a little confused, "What do you mean

"Give the belt a kiss and maybe a little bit more, I wanna see this world
famous mouth in action," Miz orders knowing from locker room talk that Trish
loved being ordered around treated like a proper slut.

Trish has a big grin on her face at such a kinky request as she leans forward
and kisses the solid gold belt. She plants another kiss right on the WWE logo
that used to spin then Stratus starts planting kisses all over the heavy
championship belt. Miz laughs and Riley looks on in a state of shock as a
Diva he admired and jerked over is now kissing and rubbing her tongue all
over the WWE title.

"Oh yeah you have so done that before Trish," Miz laughs as the sultry
brunette nods her head and starts sucking a little on the logo in the middle
of the belt.

Turning round Miz sees his young rookie touching and rubbing his cock though
his pants before turning back to the belt licking Diva, "Hey Trish this might
be an extra kink for you Alex here used to watch wrestling and jerk off to
you in fact I did too."

Alex swings his head round to stare at Miz while Trish swings her head to
look at Riley, "Did you guys really jerk to me?" She asks

Riley nods his head and Trish stands up moving away from the belt making a
beeline for Riley, "Wow that's cool Alex what moment of mine gave you the
most jerking pleasure," Trish says using her sexy tones again making Alex's
bulge twitch.

"Erm well I kinda always loved your ass Trish so any time you flashed it
wearing those little thongs made me wank hard," Riley says blushing.

Trish's face lights up, "I love young wrestlers, the older guys used to jerk
to my Muscle mag covers but now a whole new era of wrestlers who loved
watching me get all hot and sweaty in the ring," Trish says with pride.

Miz sits down in his locker rubbing his salvia covered championship belt and
addresses Trish, "Well Trish seeing as he jerked to your ass so much maybe
you should let him see it up close."

Trish and Riley's faces both light up at Miz's suggestion and quickly Trish
turns round and slowly starts bending over. Riley moans as Trish's tight
booty comes into view in front of him and the more the flexible Trish bends
over the more Riley's eyes widen. Trish's ass after several years of yoga
workouts has lost a lot of the fat that made it such a jerking icon in
wrestling but its new toned shape is hardly unappealing. Trish looks between
her legs giggling at the clear sign of approval of her tight pants and ass in
Riley's wrestling tights. Alex is sweating with Trish Stratus's perfect booty
mere feet away from him fully bend over sticking out at him.

Miz watches Alex glaring at Trish booty and once again feels his rookie needs
some friendly advice, "Why don't you give it a feel Alex, I'm sure Trish
won't mind.

A grinning Trish shakes her head and Riley smiles wiping his sweaty hands on
his tanned legs reaching forward and sinking his fingers into Trish's soft
globes. Riley and Trish moan at the same time at the first real erotic touch
and the more the young man's fingers sink into Trish's ass the experienced
Diva has to brace herself as her legs grow weak. Riley starts enjoying
himself groping Trish's tight ass, her pants packaging them almost perfectly
for his touch. Trish groans as the wrestler's big hands play with her bent
over ass cheeks slowly touching every inch of them. There is something about
this dominating gentle approach that has Trish almost panting with lust maybe
the fear of at any moment these two big guys could turn nasty and start
roughly pounding and using her. Riley steps closer and is nearly grinding his
crotch into her bent over ass, his hands really working over her ass more
roughly squeezing it. This makes Trish moan a little harder and louder at the
rough treatment of her booty she is even swaying from side to side letting
Alex watch her firm ass jiggle. More moans from Riley now rock hard in his
trunks takes a firm grip of the tight material and lowers it down so the top
of Trish's black thong comes peeking out of her pants.

"MMMMMM I always loved that part of your matches Trish where your thong crept
out above your pants," Alex says in a low voice running his fingers along the
inside of her panty waistband.

Trish giggles, "Did my little thong make Alex jerk his big hard cock."

"Oh yeah he wasn't the only one either Trish," Miz speaks up with his own
hand on the crotch of his black wrestling tights massaging the bulge though
the fabric.

"Oh my, were you both dirty little Trish jerkers?" Trish asks not able to
believe how many fantasies this tanned young studs are playing into.

"Yeah we are, you are the fucking hottest babe ever on TV," Riley says
rubbing and groping Trish's firm cheeks even more.

"But tonight we want so much more like maybe a Stratus style blowjob for my
young friend," Miz says with a cheeky little grin.

Trish stands up, "I think I can do that ohhhhhh," She is suddenly stopped
when as she stands up her perfect ass rests back against Riley's sizeable

The Diva moans as she grinds her ass back feeling Riley's big cock though his
tiny trunks. This stripper style ass grind makes Riley moan eyes closed and
his face lifted up to the heavens. Trish gives another sexy little ass shake
and Riley responses by wrapping his arms around her waist pulling her in
tighter. Trish yells and for a second both are lost in lust as they feel each
other out his dick pressed against her ass fully clothed but still so raw,
naughty and hot.

"Thought you were going to suck Alex's big cock Trish or are you having too
much fun," Miz says snapping both Trish and Riley from their last dance style
grind to full attention.

Trish pulls her booty away from Alex and quickly turns round and sinks to her
knees. Even Alex is shocked at how fast Trish moved as in no time at all she
has one hand on Alex's impressive bulge rubbing it.

"Ohhhhhh fuck Trish your hand feels so good," A-Ry moans tilting his hips
forward letting Trish take control her hand massaging his cock and balls
though his wrestling tights.

Trish giggles at yet another wrestler falling under her spell of enjoying the
work her soft hand does. She leans over and with her free hand grabs the
waistband to Riley's trunks and pulls them down. Slowly she strips the young
NXT rookie lowering his trunks down to his knees letting his 7 inch cock
spring out. It pops out right in front of Trish's face and she looks in lust
at the big meaty cock hanging in front of her. She ignores Riley's trunks and
instead wraps her hand round the base giving his dick one slow long tug.
Riley's eyes nearly pop out of his head at the pure feeling and even Miz
finds himself touching his cock more as Trish gives his apprentice a hand
job. Slow and steady Trish soon has the young man moaning and groaning on cue
with her perfect hand jobs. Her hand jobs are really a carefully planned
tease to make any guy Trish is rubbing go mad with pleasure almost keeping
him constantly on the edge. Her soft hand rarely picks up the pace and soon
Riley is swaying from leg to leg, his trunks wrapped around his knee pads and

"Fuck Trish don't stop babe I'm so fucking close" Riley moans closing his
eyes now mere putty in Trish's hands like Trish was minutes earlier when Miz
and Riley teased her.

Trish smiles having the hot stud right where she wants him as she opens her
mouth and slowly feeds a few inches of Riley's stiff cock inside. Alex's eyes
nearly pop out of his head as Trish's warm mouth clamps down on his cock them
pulls back giving one hard suck to the first few inches of his cock. His cock
drops out of Trish's mouth and Alex has to lean forward resting his hands on
the top of Trish's head to stop from falling over. Trish doesn't stop
grabbing Alex's sticky cock and jerks it a little harder hearing Riley's
groans of joy. Trish keeps the pattern going first stroking Riley then
popping him a few inches into her mouth for a hard suck then back to wanking.
Miz watches Trish almost play his apprentice like a musical instrument
getting Riley near the edge several times before easily dragging him back.
She keeps Riley rock hard and soon the former NXT rookie is sweating and
panting Trish's name as Trish finally pushes Riley's cock all the way into
her mouth. It takes all of Riley's mental strength not to explode right on
feeling his cock head press against the back of Trish's throat. He takes two
handfuls of hair and holds on as he knows Trish is completely in control of
this one. Trish moans as Riley sinks his fingers into her natural brown hair
and as reward bobs her head a little letting Riley feel his dick move inside
her mouth. Only Miz is getting the full picture of the attractive Trish with
Riley's big cock all the way in her mouth as Riley has flung his head back
eyes closed soaking in all the pleasure he can from Trish's amazing cock
play. Trish licks her tongue right under the bottom of Riley's shaft having
to hold back her own groans as the young man's cock twitches inside her
mouth. Working her head back and forth Trish starts to get into sucking
Riley's massive cock as the tanned stud groans holding her hair tight. Out of
the corner of Trish's eyes she can see the Miz sat slouched in a locker
rubbing his stiff cock though his shorts. Trish beckons Miz over with her
free hand making Miz smile.

"What's that Trish Stratus not satisfied or Stratusfied with just one big
thick cock in her mouth that she needs another," Miz asks the rhetorical
question but Trish's mouth is too full to answer.

As Miz walks over Trish's hand shoots out and grabs the big bulge in his
tights and slowly massages it. Miz groans but his don't nearly sound as
desperate or as horny as Alex Riley's. Alex is pumping forward as hard as he
dares making Trish's whole head shake as she tries to keep bobbing on his
cock. With one hand rubbing the spandex encased cock of Miz, Trish slides her
hand between Riley's legs and rubs the young man's balls. This small act of
adding hand pressure to Riley's balls is enough to bring him out in another
fit of deep groans. Pumping his hips harder Riley drives further and deeper
into Trish's tight mouth, his hands gripping harder on Trish's hair.

Miz grins, "Do it Riley lose control cum in Trish's mouth, fill that slut's
mouth with your cum you know she will swallow and you have wanted it for so
long do it Alex cum!"

Trish hearing Miz's encouragement increases her own efforts sucking harder
really sliding her head back and forth across Riley's cock. Riley feels Trish
sucking harder, her tongue all over his shaft. She even pulls Riley's cock
out her mouth and taps the wet head against her lips groaning hungrily.
Riley's dick is already leaking pre cum and some of it wipes out onto Trish's
lips as she lightly cock slaps her lips. She pushes Alex's cock back into her
mouth and sucks loudly making sure both guys can hear every inch of the cock
in her mouth. Trish's lips tighten making sure Riley's cock does nothing but
slide in and out of her mouth, the cock head poking the back of her throat
every once in a while. Miz grins as Riley is trying to hold on for as long as
he can but when Trish picks up the pace of her sucking he finds it near
impossible. Moving her head quickly over a small area of Riley's shaft lets
Trish really pick up the pace rocking her head so fast Riley could almost be
to the one doing the face fucking. Trish isn't finished yet reaching under
grabbing Riley's pressure filled balls and gives them a soft squeeze that
makes Riley's whole body shake. Moaning loudly Riley pushes forward driving
his cock deeper into Trish's mouth holding off cumming for as long as he can.
One last stiffer suck from Trish and to Miz's delight Riley loses control.

"OHHHH FUCK TRISH BABY FUCKING TAKE MY CUM," Riley screams thrusting forward
shoot his built up load deep into Trish's mouth.

The brunette grunts steading her head Trish keeps her mouth open taking
Riley's pumping cock letting his cum shoot down her throat. Miz moans
alongside her as he watches his young apprentice shoot load after load of cum
right down Trish's sexy throat. To both men's delight Trish is swallowing all
of Alex's cum. She gulps keeping his cock in her mouth and drinks up all
Riley's load. Riley's cock twitches and drips out the last few dribbles of
cum as Trish finishes swallows the last load of cum. Riley pulls his cock out
of her mouth then Trish's tongue shoots out and licks the last drips of cum
still hanging on his cockhead.

"Holy shit Trish that was fucking awesome, oh my god your mouth is the
fucking best," Alex moans out of breath staggering backwards.

As Riley goes to take a seat Trish spins round on her knees and starts to put
all her effort into squeezing Miz's hard cock. Putting his hands behind his
head Miz groans happily as Trish's skilled hands massage his cock in his
trunks. Rubbing his stiff dick Trish grins licking her lips reaching up to
grab the waistband of Miz's trunks but Miz stops her.

"No, no, no Trish I wanna see more of you first before you get to see me,"
Miz says stepping away.

Trish pouts a little looking at the cocky Miz, she would love to tell him to
piss off but something about a young wrestler with that kind of dominating
tome makes her weak at the knees. She grabs her black vest top and peels it
up her body exposing a big black bra. Miz whistles looking at Trish's dark
tanned abs which look even stronger than when she was wrestling. Her frame
also looks skinnier than when she was in the ring as Trish moves to sit on
the floor. She unzips both her big black fetish style boots and pulls them
off throwing them away. Trish also removes the little black socks showing off
her bare feet as she grins at Miz. Standing up Trish teases a little trying
to lower her tight leather pants exposing the waistband of her black thong
before yanking them back up again. Miz laughs turning round lowering his own
trunks showing off his tanned ass for a brief second before turning round
laughing at the dumbstruck look on Trish's face. Alex moves behind Trish and
gives her leather clad ass a hard spank making the Diva of the decade jump.
She squeaks in shock and pain and looks from side to side to see Miz one side
and Riley the other. Feeling blocked in by two strong men makes Trish wet and
feel even more horny as she knows there is no way out of this now. Grabbing
her pants Trish yanks them down fully exposing her black thong as she
finishes off stripping her pants off. Now standing in front of two studs in
just her underwear, Trish can feel her pussy juices leaking out onto the
front of her thong as Miz steps forward. Grabbing her chin he kisses her hard
pushing his tongue into her mouth kissing the brunette hard. Trish moans as
the WWE champion pushes his tongue into her mouth snogging her as Riley
watches with a big grin on his face. Miz kisses Trish hard pushing her
backwards a little pressing the Diva up against a naked Alex Riley. Both
Riley and Trish moan at the sudden skin contact as Miz kisses Trish's soft
lips and Riley presses his young toned body into her back. Trish is in heaven
sandwiched between two hot young studs as Riley runs a hand up her bare thigh
as Miz breaks off the kiss and gives a Trish a smaller kiss on the side of
her throat. Trish groans with pleasure as Miz lightly kisses her neck making
her move her hips from side to side letting her feel Riley's limp cock
pressing against her bare butt cheeks. Just a few seconds of ass shaking on
Riley's cock has it stiffening and Riley grips her hips keeping his dick
pressed against her round ass.

"MMMMMMM I miss those big fucking implants," Miz groans as his hands move
across Trish's bra covered breasts squeezing her tits.

"Fuck yeah me too those big tits were the best Trish jerked so fucking much
to your cleavage," Riley moans into Trish's ear with a tighter grip on her
hips grinding his hard cock into her asscheeks.

"Boys your making me feel old," Trish purrs as Miz cups her big tits, "I
shouldn't be thinking of you in high school and collage jerking over my

"Well tough we did, lots and lots of teenage cum," Miz teases rubbing Trish's
smaller but still perfectly round and soft breasts.

"OHHHH fuck yeah," Trish groans as Riley moves his hands from her hips and
cups the underside of Trish's breasts pushing them up more into Miz's hands.

Trish shuts her eyes and groans as 4 hands rub and massage her tits inside
her sexy bra. Miz and Riley standing so close pinning her in this ultra-
sexual situation and all kinds of dominated fantasies are bursting and
forming inside Trish's head. She can't help but picture Miz and Riley in
school jerking for her slutty blonde body wanting someday to get her. In her
new role as a more responsible married woman in her 30's acting like her old
20's slutty self feels somehow dirtier as no one would think an older
respectable woman would be massaged and worshipped by two tanned strong
wrestlers. Catching her breath Trish groans loudly as Miz presses his palms
and traces her fingers across her pushed up and exposed cleavage. She can
feel herself getting wet as Miz and Riley both work on her tits slowly
squeezing her perky breasts letting Trish cry out with pleasure. Miz rubs
Trish's tits and the brunette leans back with pleasure pressing her ass back
up against Riley feeling his cock slide in between her cheeks. As she pushes
back against Riley's crotch Miz moves a hand away from her tits and slides
his hand down in between her legs. Miz's hand presses against Trish's wet
pussy and this time Trish cries out in pleasure as she is effectively groped
and double teamed by Miz and Alex Riley. Trish pushes herself back and forth
making sure both her ass and pussy get attention from Riley and Miz. Riley
keeps his hands up now he is rubbing Trish's big tits with Miz just rubbing
her pussy while her hand gropes his cock though his trunks. Trish just moans
as her body is groped and touched by Miz and Riley as Miz brushes his palm
harder against Trish's panties. Moaning loudly Trish's crotch gets wetter and
wetter as Miz's hand pleasures her and Alex gropes and massages her breasts.

"Do you like this Trish?" Miz asks a big smile on his face as Trish's eyes
close and she lets out another sharp groan of joy.

"OHHHHHHH yeah," Trish moans pushing her body into Miz and Riley's hands
letting them pleasure her.

Trish is getting so hot and wet, moaning loudly as she looks down and sees
the tip of Miz's cock has popped out the top of his trunks. She can't help
herself reaching out and touching it with her left hand making Miz's whole
body shake. Her sexy fingers run across the tip of Miz's cock brushing the
cock head making it twitch inside Miz's trunks.

"MMMMMM oh yeah Trish touch my cock mmmmm you like my cock, my big hard
cock," Miz groans taking his hand off Trish's pussy leaning back letting her
hand slide into his pants.

Trish giggles as she gets her first touch of Miz's cock and loves how big it
feels and the sexy young man groans as she slowly starts to stroke him. Riley
watches Trish give his boss a slow hand job so he starts to push her bra up
over her firm boobs. Trish's bra pops up past her tits letting them drop out
right into Riley's waiting hands and Trish lets out a real shudder of
enjoyment as Alex handles her bare breasts for the first time. Moaning Trish
works her hand a little faster around Miz's cock while Riley grinds his cock
against her ass and runs his hands across her still sizeable breasts.

"You like this cock Trish? Your little cock teasing head telling you your
lusting for my big cock," Miz moans as Trish can only nod back, her eyes shut
as she feels the two young men glare and touch her near naked body.

"Well if you lust for it so much clearly you need more of it," Miz says
grinning as he steps backwards out of Trish's reach.

Trish moans now in frustration, her hand reaching out clawing at thin air
trying to get back around Miz's cock as Miz walks backwards. Miz kicks off
his wrestling boots and knee pads taking a seat down on one of the long
benches next to the row of lockers. Still grinning at Trish Miz lifts his
hips up for a second grabbing his trunks and quickly yanking them down his
smooth tanned legs. Trish's mouth drools as Miz peels his trunks off showing
off his thick 8 inch cock. She is snapped out of her day dream as Riley pulls
on her nipples making her squeak in pain as Miz leans back sitting down legs
spread wide exposing his full naked body to Trish Stratus. Riley pushes his
hips forward moving Trish from her standing position almost like he is
leading her towards Miz. Trish doesn't need persuading any more as she walks
forward happily dropping to her knees inches away from Miz's hard cock.

The WWE champion has to laugh at her enthusiasm to drop to her knees so
quickly, "Good girl Trish you really want my dick badly don't you?"

"Oh yes Miz," Trish says nodding loving the feeling of being weak and
controlled by this god like body, "I want to pleasure your big cock so much.

"You dirty girl," Miz says in a low voice grabbing his cock and lightly slaps
it against Trish's face.

Trish blushes bright red as Miz cock slaps her again, her hand moving down to
cover her own dripping wet crotch. She keeps looking up into Miz's face as he
slaps his dick against her face and Trish feels so horny from this wonderful
humiliating act Miz is performing on her. Trish pushes her index finger
against her panty covered slit as Riley moves around kneeling behind Trish.
His hands quickly wrap around her and grab hold of her naked tits with his
bare cock rubbing against the small of her back. Miz's thick cock slaps her
pretty face once more as Riley squeezes her bare boobs and the young
apprentice leans over kissing Trish's neck before pushing his mouth round to
her ear.

"Your nothing but a dirty cock sucking whore aren't you Trish," Riley
whispers and Trish nods and when Miz swings his cock again Trish turns and
opens her mouth.

Miz moans loudly as Trish takes his swinging cock in her mouth and those soft
lips clamp down sucking on his thick shaft. Leaning back a little more Miz
pushes his hips forward giving Trish's expert mouth his whole cock to work
with. Trish opens her mouth wider as Miz sinks his dick inch after inch into
her open mouth feeding the brunette his big cock. Both Trish and Miz are
groaning loudly as Miz loves the feel of Trish's mouth round his thick cock
while Riley is groping and squeezing her bare tits. Pinching her nipples
again Riley pulls one hand back and wraps it around Trish's long brown hair
pulling it into a makeshift ponytail. Miz feeds his dick into Trish's open
mouth until he is nearly all the way in and he doesn't even need to order
Trish to start sucking as the cock hungry slut bobs her head. Moaning Trish
grunts as she moves her head sucking Miz's huge cock, her tongue lapping over
every inch of his hard shaft as it pushes in and out of her face. Miz is
starting to buck his hips wanting to feel more of Trish's mouth and Trish
tries moving her neck faster to cope with his thrusts but Riley suddenly
tightens his grip on her hair forcing her head still. Trish groans as her
head is now held in place in Alex's strong grip as Miz sits forwards and
starts fucking her sexy mouth. Trish has a feeling these two have done this
before as Riley has a hard grip on her long brown locks as Miz jumps straight
into action fucking her sexy face with his big cock. She feels herself
getting so wet, the crotch of her thong is soaking wet as she is forcefully
held and forced to suck the Miz. Riley is holding her hair like a ponytail
lifting her neck back giving Miz total access to her mouth and the young
wrestler is taking it, sitting on the edge of the bench ramming his cock
inside her. Trish slides her lips feeling Miz's shaft pumping in and she can
feel the head of his cock brushing against the back of her throat and it
makes her knees wobble. It's been a long time since she deep throated a big
thick cock but from the looks of the situation she won't have any choice. She
loves having no choice and when Riley uses the grip on her ponytail to push
her face forward into Miz's cock Trish is so close to pure delight.

"Take it Trish you suck Miz's big thick cock, worship it, gag on it, choke on
it," Riley shouts loudly into Trish's ear controlling her head.

Pulling and pushing Trish's head Alex controls her head movements as Miz
pounds his cock deeper inside Trish's mouth. Trish grunts hard as Miz smashes
into her mouth going deep almost making the brunette deep throat his hard
cock. Miz pushes hard and finally drives his cock all the way down Trish's
throat. Gagging and choking Trish opens her mouth a little wider to take
Miz's cock as the young WWE champion pounds into her cock against her throat.
Riley smiles as Trish chokes, gulping down Miz's thrusting cock letting it
slap against the back of her throat. Alex moves Trish's head faster really
forcing her to suck Miz hard letting his cock pump in hard. Miz pushes his
cock deeper into her mouth as Riley controls Trish's head making her suck
faster and harder. The full feeling of being forced to suck and Miz pumping
fucking her face is making Trish hornier than she has felt in a long time.
Her free hand presses against her wet panties rubbing her pussy hard as Miz
fucks her face. Alex Riley kneeling behind her laughing as he grips her hair
hard allows Miz to really keep pumping into her wet mouth. Drool dribbles
down Trish's chin with her mouth being forced wide open and Miz's hard cock
slamming down inside her. Trish keeps sucking, her tongue pressed under Miz's
thrusting shaft but Trish keeps her mouth open letting Miz fuck her face. Miz
bucks his hips harder really driving his cock into Trish now, his own earthy
moans getting louder as he can feel his cock head bang against the back of
her throat. Riley grins knowing his mentor is getting that same amazing
feeling he got when his cock was inside Trish's warm wet mouth. Trish gulps
and gasps breathing almost all though her nose as Miz's thick dick just keeps
pounding into her. She can feel her jaw starting to hurt and every so often
Riley will push her head back and forth making her bob and suck Miz's
thrusting dick. Trish has never enjoyed being forced to suck a cock more she
really missed working in wrestling for days like this as Riley's free hand
roughly clamps down on her right breast.

"Ohhh fuck Trish, your mouth is so fucking awesome Ohhh," Miz moans working
his hips faster making Trish swallow all 8 inches of his dick.

Miz thrusts in a little harder feeling his cock coated in Trish's saliva and
seeing the look of pleasure on her sweating face. Trish gulps hard as Riley
pushes her head forward a little more nearly impaling Miz's cock against her
throat. Both Miz and Trish groan suddenly at the shock and pleasure running
though their bodies as Miz's cock is deep down Trish's throat almost blocking
her windpipe. Trish leans back and pushes forward again deep throating Miz's
cock so hard her own eyes roll back into her head. The sound of Miz's cock
thrusting into Trish's wet mouth echoes though the locker room and it's that
warm wet sound Trish most missed about cheap locker room sex. Miz lets out a
primal yell of passion and feels his balls swell as Trish's amazing sudden
deep sucking of his cock against the back of her throat is beyond anything
Miz has ever felt before. In a desperate bid to save himself Miz pulls back
pulling his cock from Trish's mouth with a large satisfying pop before
quickly getting to his feet and moving across to the right out of Trish's

"You alright Miz," Riley asks letting go of Trish's standing up looking at
his mentor.

"Yes Alex I'm fine just that slutty little mouth nearly made me cum and I
don't wanna shoot my first load just yet," Miz says panting and sweating
looking down at his sticky spit coated cock.

Riley's face breaks out into a little smirk, "So where had you planned to
first cum inside her?"

Miz has his own cocky smile plastered across his face as he turns to a still
kneeling Trish, "Get up Trish on your feet."

The brunette quickly obeys getting up onto her feet staring intently at the
young fit naked men standing in front of her. Her mouth still has drool
rolling down it from her hard face fucking and there is no mistaking the
smell or the large wet patch on her panties. Miz and Riley both stiffen
slightly at seeing the ultra-hot Trish Stratus standing inches in front of
them looking so unbelievably slutty. Miz strides over to Trish staring the
Diva of the Decade right in her eye before both his hands move grabbing the
sides of her panties. Now it's Trish's turn to have a sharp intake of breath
as Miz easily yanks down her tiny soaked thong pulling it down to her knees
then letting gravity drop it down to her ankles. The spiky haired young
champion helps Trish step out of her panties and admires her now naked body
most of all enjoying her shaved pussy with lips shining in her own juices. He
doesn't admire for long as he turns a grinning Trish round and bends her
over. Trish's hands reach out and slap onto the bench Miz sat on a few
seconds ago feeling her face flush as she knows what is about to happen. Miz
groans standing behind a bent over Trish admiring her new toned cheeks, not
as big as in her heyday but still an ass that could make any man hard. Miz
pushes Trish's legs apart spreading them opening up more access to her pretty
wet pussy. He can't resist pushing his head down between her legs and taking
a long hard lick of Trish's leaking juices. The multi time woman's champion
lets out a deep lustful moan as Miz laps his tongue over her most private
part. She also lets out a loud groan of disappointment when Miz's tongue
moves away from her cunt and stands back up behind her. Trish shivers with
lustful anticipation as she can feel the tip of Miz's hard cock pressing up
against the bottom of her ass cheeks. Miz leans back pushing his cock in-
between Trish's legs and thrusts upwards guiding his cock into Trish pussy.
Both wrestlers' groan as Miz enters Trish not stopping slowly pushing higher
and higher, his spit stained cock sliding perfectly up Trish's wet hole.

"Fuck Trish you're so tight," Miz moans digging his fingers harder into her
hips as he pushes deeper inside her, "Who knew a total slut like you could
have such a tight pussy."

"It's the yoga baby keeps me trim and sexy and certain muscles can be toned
and stretched so it's almost like they are brand new," Trish moans with a
smile as Miz's cock fills her up.

Miz slides up higher inside Trish's wet cunt all the time rocking his hips
and bent over Trish presses back against Miz's hard cock. Pushing hard Miz is
delighted to get almost all 8 inches inside Trish and now he starts grinding
and pumping inside the Diva's pussy. Trish moans as the Miz starts to fuck
her, just like old times naked and being taken from behind by the WWE
champion. Trish turns her head to the right to see Alex Riley still rock hard
rubbing his cock. With a flick of her head Trish motions him over to sit on
the bench almost in front of Trish who is grinning at the look of lust in the
young man's eyes. Hips held tight Miz starts to pound Trish's tight pussy
working at a steady pace wanting to enjoy the moment of fucking one of his
favourite wank targets in wrestling. Riley's hands go back to touching his
cock but Trish shakes her head no looking down her bent over body at her
hanging boobs and Riley doesn't need a better hint. Trish bucks and pushes
her body back into Miz's as Riley's hands grab her tits rubbing and groping
them. Miz now at a good pace pulling out of Trish a little only to slide deep
back into her making the yoga instructor moan at each slow teasing thrust.
Alex's hands run across Trish's tits but the young rookie off NXT wants more
so he slides down onto his knees by one side of Trish and leans up pressing
his mouth against her soft breast. Once again Trish is made a moaning,
groaning sex slut as two different but amazing pleasurable sensations run
though her body. Riley's mouth presses into her soft tit flesh and Trish
shivers as his tongue traces across her tanned skin. Hearing her reaction
Riley pulls his lips back and uses solely his tongue to lick Trish's amazing
breasts. Tongue flicking her hanging breasts Alex's cock is fully hard and
somehow gets even harder licking Trish's tits as Miz pounds into her pussy
from behind. Miz grunts pumping into Trish sending his toned hips slapping
against her ass making her body shake jiggling her tits against Riley's

"OHHHHH FUCK YEAH," Trish groans as she is fucked and licked from two
different angles so turned on by these two hot young studs.

Miz pounds into the slutty Diva letting her moans and groans fill the locker
room as Riley's tongue licks her firm swaying breasts. Alex moves his head
closer to Trish running his tongue across her hard nipples getting a fresh
and different groan of enjoyment from Trish's lips. Alex moves under Trish
placing his face in between her tits licking and kissing her much lusting
after cleavage. Pounding hard Miz really picks up his slow pace making sure
Trish is shaken and feels every stiff thrust. Trish feels so slutty and horny
with Miz pounding hard inside her and Riley kissing and licking her large
chest. Looking down she can see Riley's hard cock close to her hand so she
lifts it off the bench and grabs hold of it. Riley lets out a deep low moan
of pleasure as Trish grabs his cock squeezing the shaft hard. Miz bounces
himself into Trish pussy pounding his cock into her hard getting her grunting
and groaning. Her grunts and moans however are drowned out by Riley's loud
moans of pleasure as Trish slowly strokes his cock. His mouth moves away from
her tits as he leans his hips forward pushing his big cock into Trish's fast
jerking hand. Trish moans as Miz's big cock fucks her dripping wet pussy, she
can feel him thrusting hard inside her as Riley pushes his head back near her
boobs his tongue licking her already saliva coated boobs. Her stroking gets
harder as Miz pups harder inside her, their intense three way making them all
horny and all sweating hard. Riley and Miz share a quick look grinning as
Trish lets out another loud moan, Miz presses his hands on her toned ass
cheeks groping them. With Riley licking all over her firm breasts and hard
nipples Trish starts moving her hand faster jerking Alex off as he pleasures
and licks her boobs. Miz pumps and pushes his cock into Trish's pussy looking
round and sees Trish's quick moving hand stroking Riley's hard cock and can't
help but laugh at the slutty Trish taking and pleasuring two cocks at once.
This gives him an idea as he pulls out of Trish making her moan and look
round in disappointment.

"I have an idea," Miz says grinning, "A position I've always wanted to see
you in, you up for it Trish?"

Both Trish and Alex nod and Trish lets go of Riley's swelling cock with pre
cum starting to leak from his cock head. Miz moves over taking a seat back on
the bench legs spread waving Trish over, her naked body coated with a light
sweat as Miz turns her round. Carefully he guides Trish backwards again
entering her wet pussy from behind but this time making Trish sit down right
onto his hard cock. Trish groans as she slowly sits down feeling Miz's hard
cock sliding up her wet pussy pressing deep inside her. She moans loudly once
more as she sits right down on Miz's dick, her ass pressed into his lap and
she turns her head round smiling at Miz.

"Not over yet Trish I want you to suck Alex's big cock again," Miz says
making Trish nod her head loving the idea.

Riley starts to move over standing close to Trish but Miz is busy moving
Trish's legs pulling them up and over his own meaning most of Trish's weight
is now supported on his cock. Trish groans at the shift in weight and facing
forward her hands shoot out grabbing Miz's knees for balance scared she will
fall face first to the floor. Riley rubs his cock a little wondering what his
mentor has in mind as he hooks Trish's legs around his own and takes a firm
grip of her hips, his cock still almost fully inside her tight pussy, he
starts pushing on Trish's back leaning her over and Trish looks scared as
Riley steps forward getting in line as Trish is pushed forward. Still sitting
on Miz's cock Trish groans as her upper body is pushed down, Miz keeping a
tight hold of her hips holding her up as Trish keeps her hands on Miz's legs
finding her body pointing out away from Miz's body. It's almost like a seated
wheelbarrow but Trish has never felt anything like it as she looks up and
sees Alex's thick cock hanging inches away from her face. The brunette can't
help but smile as Riley brushes his cock head against her sexy lips and then
moans as Miz holds her body up then pumps his hips once more driving his cock
hard inside her. Trish groans from the pleasure as a lot of her weight is
held up with her cunt resting on Miz's cock and to feel him thrust inside her
is a deeply hot feeling. Riley combs Trish's hair out of her face and
impatiently pokes his cock against her lips waiting for her mouth to open.
Trish quickly opens her mouth moaning as Riley for the second time pushes his
dick into her mouth however this time he is doing more of the work. In her
vulnerable position Trish is nothing more than a few holes for their big
cocks and just the thought of that makes her pussy even wetter. She feels so
helpless hanging between two cocks, Miz in her pussy and Riley thrusting into
her mouth. Trish has to just cope and let the two men do what they want to
her and it's been a long time since Trish has been made to feel this
powerless. Two thick cocks pound into two of her holes, holding her up and
stiffly fucking her naked body and it's making Trish horny and wet as her
mouth fights to suck as fast as Alex is pumping inside her. The young rookie
is grabbing her hair properly face fucking her, her eyes closed as he is lost
in erotic pleasure.

"MMMMMMM you enjoying this Trish," Miz cockily asks slapping his hand onto
her tanned hip as sitting down he bucks his hips up fucking her wet pussy.

She can't answer but groans with lust into Riley's fast thrusting cock making
her dribble spit out the corners of her open mouth. This has always been one
of Alex's biggest fantasies with Trish to be fucking that slutty mouth and
even though she changed her blonde locks nothing is better than this moment
for Alex. With Trish having to hold herself up with her hands on Miz's knees
she has no way of controlling Riley's fucking allowing the rookie to slam
into her mouth as hard as he wants. He is thrusting pretty hard, hand in
Trish's hair keeping her head as still as he can as he drives into her mouth
hard looking to hit the back of her already overworked throat. Riley is rock
hard and pumping in fast feeling Trish's mouth all wet as his cock slides in
and out and her teasing tongue flicking across his shaft any chance it gets.
Trish moans and groans at Riley's hard cock fucks her face but it's hard for
her to forget she is being double teamed as Miz is holding onto her hips
tight pounding into her tight pussy. Miz's big thick cock feels so good
inside her and Trish loves the way the young stud is fucking her. Miz groans
pumping harder on his soles leaning back hard, his naked ass barely touching
the seat as he pounds upwards fucking Trish's soaking wet hole. Trish loves
having her pussy pounded and adding it to the abuse her mouth is taking from
Riley; Trish can feel an orgasm building up inside her small frame. Miz
grunts with pleasure and Riley is just moaning eyes closed mouth open as he
fucks Trish's face while the helpless hanging brunette is shaking and moaning
harder than anyone but her pleasurable sounds muffled. She groans and shakes
being pounded by two big thick cocks in her mouth and pussy fucking her
relentlessly and not stopping has a helpless Trish on the edge and it isn't
long before she grinds her pussy down onto Miz's thrusting cock. Trish
screams her mouth opening wider and she screams into Riley's thick cock as
she cums hard, her cum dripping down soaking the Miz's thrusting cock. Her
whole sweaty body shakes a little out of control as she has a big orgasm yet
the cocks fucking her don't stop. Miz can feel Trish's pussy getting wetter
and looser to his pumping hip movements, he looks up at Riley confused who
looks down and sees the pleasurable look on her face.

"I think she just came boss," Alex says with a little smirk pulling his cock
out of Trish's mouth, "Is that right Trish did you cum?"

Trish nods and her hands finally loose grip on Miz's knees and she falls
forward right into Riley's arms.

"Awwww Miz I think she's had a big tiring orgasm she can barely support
herself," Riley says lifting Trish up so she is back sitting upright on Miz's

Miz wraps his arms around her skinny waist and starts bouncing her on his
cock again but Trish groans in pain as he does, her soaking wet cunt too
sensitive to take hard pounding.

"Fuck Trish why did you have to cum and ruin it you dirty little slut," Miz
moans disappointed.

"I'm sorry Miz I'm sorry I couldn't help it you two were fucking me so well,"
Trish whines still rubbing her own body the aftershocks of her orgasm still

"Yeah but what am I going to do now I'm on the edge," Miz complains lifting
Trish up off his cock and putting her down on the floor.

"You could face fuck her Miz, Trish has the best fucking mouth to pound
into," Riley says.

"MMMMM yeah Miz fuck my face, please Mike I'm sorry so sorry I cummed before
you please fuck my sweaty slutty face," Trish begs in her weakest cutest
voice making both Miz and Alex's cocks twitch.

"Well I didn't really want to cum in your slutty mouth first but if I fucked
you hard made you swallow it maybe that would teach you a lesson about
cumming first," Miz says sounding more dominant and bossy.

Trish pulls herself up to her knees nodding, "Yes Miz that's what I need a
good hard face fucking to teach me my place I've been away so long I forgot
my place."

Miz grins stepping forward stroking his slick cock wet with Trish's juices
and pokes it right at Trish's mouth. The brunette doesn't waste any time
opening her mouth letting Miz's cock push inside her slutty mouth. Miz shoves
his cock into her mouth letting it slide down Trish's throat once more as he
rests one hand on her forehead and looks down grinning at Trish. Trish is
scared and being scared of a big hard cock in her mouth makes her horny and
her right hand naturally moves to her wet leaking pussy carefully rubbing her
sore pussy lips. The WWE champion slides most of his big cock into her mouth
then powerfully bucks his hips forward bouncing his cock head off the back of
her throat making both he and Trish moan with pleasure. Trish tries to
tighten her lips to suck Miz's cock but his thrusts are too fast to get a
real grip so Trish opens her mouth wider and lets her young fuck buddy get
his pleasure from pounding her sexy mouth. Miz moans fucking Trish's hot face
feeling his cock twitch inside her wet mouth knowing he is so close to
cumming and he can't wait to see Trish swallow his cum maybe even his load
being too much for her and some of it dribble out staining her pretty pink
lips. Alex Riley watches stroking himself when he remembers what he was doing
last time Trish's mouth was pleasuring Miz's cock. He kneels behind her
wrapping his arms around her chest and grabs two big handfuls of Trish's
breasts. The brunette groans as Riley once again squeezes her big bare
breasts almost massaging them slightly roughly making Trish's hand work a
little faster on her sensitive pussy lips. Riley's hands roughly rub and
grope Trish's big tits as Miz bucks his hips fucking her face hard. Sweat
drips down his naked tanned body as he loves the feeling of hard fucking
Trish's slutty mouth hearing her choke and moan at each rough thrust. The
back of Trish's throat is sore and Trish knows from experience she will be
talking a little hoarse for the next few days after an intense throat fucking
like this. The head of Miz's cock shining wet with pre cum bashes against
Trish's throat thrusting hard fucking Trish's pretty face as hard as his hips
can pump. She gags harder on Miz's fast moving cock, Trish's spit covered
mouth making louder and louder noises as Miz almost humps Trish's face. Miz's
hands grab both sides of Trish's head holding her still as his cock pistons
in and out of her mouth. Riley keeps up the groping on a moaning face fucked
Trish, rubbing her firm tits and lightly squeezing his fingers down on her
hard nipples. Trish is still horny for this two on one rough fucking but her
pussy lips are now a little raw so she has to move her hand away and just
take the touching and fucking without any way to self-pleasure.

CLOSE," Miz moans his hips bucking faster slamming against Trish's throat,
the choking brunette can only drool and hold her head as still as she can for
Miz's pleasure.

Her tongue pushes up lapping the underside of Miz's cock as the young man
closes his eyes and hammers in grunting hard. His breathes are getting
shorter and Trish feels his cock pulse in her mouth and she knows any second
she is going to be getting another hot load of cum shot into her mouth. Miz
cries out with pleasure making a loud moaning noise as he pushes forward one
last time his hard cock finally gives away pumping a hard cum shot right down
Trish's gullet. Trish swallows the first load in one and starts moving her
head sucking Miz's cock trying to milk more cum out of the WWE champion. Miz
groans as Trish starts sucking him, his hips stop moving and he lets Trish's
expert mouth pleasure him and draw more spunk from his balls. Trish's warm
wet mouth works quickly teasing his hard dick and Miz groans appreciatively
to Trish's touch lets out a deep low cries and firing a few extra loads of
cum into her sucking mouth. Eagerly Trish catches the cum and swallows as Miz
pulls out grabbing his dick and jerks hard firing one last shot of cum
blasting over Trish's pink lips. Trish giggles with her spunk covered lips
smiling up and Miz and then uses her tongue to clean his cum off her lips.
Miz smiles and moves to sit back down on the locker room bench taking a towel
to wipe down his sweaty head and chest. Trish is about to get up and join him
when a hard cock pokes against her inner thigh from behind.

"MMMMMMMM you're not finished yet Trish," Alex Riley moans now harder than
ever having watched Trish's amazing face fuck then her sexy blowjob on his
mentor the Miz.

Riley gives Trish's boobs once last squeeze and then pushes her forward
forcing Trish onto her hands and knees on the locker room floor. He brushes a
hand up her leg and pushes it against her still wet pussy making Trish groan
in pleasure.

"Still sore Trish?" Riley asks not caring for the answer as his cock is
raging hard needed to fuck her.

Trish nods, "Yeah but I'm so horny, I'm such a little whore fuck me Riley
pump your big cock into my sore wet pussy, oh Alex fuck me."

Riley moans his cock twitching at Trish's sexy pleading as Miz sits a few
feet away smiling putting his hands behind his head ready to watch the show.
Grabbing her hips Alex spreads her legs a little more before lining up and in
one push rams his hard cock right into her pussy. Trish moans loudly as Riley
shoves into her roughly, the young man not able to wait any longer at the
chance to fuck her. She groans deeply with pleasure feeling like such a
whore, nude on a locker room floor being pumped doggy style by a rookie
wrestler. Looking up Trish sees Miz watching adding a new element to her
humiliation; she thinks back to Miz's words earlier making her feel even more
embarrassed that everything he said was true. Trish gets wetter as her slutty
treatment turns her on as does Alex Riley's hard pumping cock pounding into
her at a fast pace. Riley can't believe he is here inside the wet cunt of one
of his jerk off idol's growing up, hearing Trish's sexy moans only fit to
turn the young tanned wrestler on even more. Trish moans panting the stale
taste of both men's spunk lingering in her mouth, her body soaked in sweat
and no doubt stinking of sex makes Trish moan loudly as it's been too long
since she was afforded this kind of sexual treatment. She is so hot and can
feel herself already building towards the edge of a second orgasm as Riley is
somehow pumping faster. The spikey haired rookie on his knees is just
thrusting faster and harder really driving his entire cock deep inside
Trish's body. A real pussy pounding and Trish just holds on swaying on all
fours as her body is building to yet another pleasurable end and she hopes
she can last out for more cum from the hot young studs penetrating her. Trish
groans as Riley increases his pace slamming in and out of her fast, his hips
slapping against her sore asscheeks bringing Trish closer to her orgasmic
edge and without even thinking it Trish starts pushing back against Riley
trying to feel more of the young man's cock inside her. She is so hot and
horny, on her hands and knees with a hard cock pounding her insides pressing
into her wet pussy lips and the more she gets wet the harder Alex thrusts
into her using his cum soaked cock to pleasure her even more. He presses
forward rubbing the tip of his cock against her clit and Trish really loses
it with a deep cry that can probably be heard out at ringside. As her body
shakes with lust she looks up into Miz's eyes and Miz can see how horny Trish
is and how close to her second orgasm she is getting. Riley pumps in hard,
sweat pouring down his muscles as he fucks Trish Stratus wanting the brunette
to moan and get every pleasure she can from his horny thrusting cock.

Miz gets up and walks over to Trish grabbing her long hair lifting her head
up again, "Are you horny Trish?" He teasingly asks.

holding her slutty side back wanting the two guys to see what a cock whore
she is.

"Do you need to cum Trish?" Miz asks tilting her head up making sure she can
look right into his eyes.

HORNY PLEASE MIZ LET ME CUM," Trish screams sounding less like a Diva role
model and more like a wanton slut.

Miz grins at Trish's screams letting go of her head and looks down at Riley,
"Alex shove two fingers up this little slut's ass let her cum," He orders.

Alex nods, together they have pumped a few sluts before this and Miz is a
huge fan of female anal penetration and just enjoys watching Alex make a girl
cum by pushing a few fingers into their ass as he fucks them. Riley gets two
fingers and pushes them between Trish's toned asscheeks and with one push
shoves them up her tight ass. Trish screams loudly as her asshole is invaded
by two of Riley's fingers. He pushes them inside her and start pumping away
teasing her asshole while still thrusting into her wet pussy. Trish moans
with both her holes being teasing feeling her need for orgasm getting
stronger and stronger as Riley works up a rhythm thrusting his fingers then
his cock into Trish's open holes. She moans and groans looking up into a
grinning Miz's face as Alex Riley fucks her doggy style and is now analy
pleasuring her with his fingers. Fucking both her holes Riley moans so glad
he came earlier letting him stay harder and pound Trish for longer than he
thought he would be able too. His cock and fingers working in time and have a
naturally brown haired Trish moaning and groaning as he fucks her on her
hands and knees down and dirty on the locker room floor. Trish's whole body
is shaking with pleasure as Riley's fingers fuck her tight ass and her pussy
is still being pounded by his big thick cock. Alex pounds hard feeling
Trish's leaking juices all over his cock while he thrusts into her tight wet
cunt hearing her loud moans of pleasure as Miz stands over them watching
intently. Trish moans and groans her entire body shaking and she can't deal
with Riley's two talented fingers inside her tight asshole thrusting and
pounding hard. She groans lifting her head up and lets out a massive scream
of pure passion.

DON'T STOP PLEASE," Trish begs screaming louder as Riley thrusts into her.

Alex clamps down holding Trish's hips tighter as the brunette twists and
groans loudly cumming hard. Miz watches with barely concealed delight as
Trish has her second big orgasm right here on his locker room floor. Trish
groans and moans her body tired as she cums hard soaking Alex's already cum
covered cock in yet more of her juices then she gasps as Riley has not
stopped fucking her. He was going slow though the main thrusts of her orgasm
but now her moans have turned to quiet purrs he is back pumping his hips hard
against her. He pulls his fingers out of her tight ass and now puts both
hands on her hips holding her lower body steady as he rams into her. Trish is
tired and sweaty and knows these young fit athletic men are going to push her
way past her limit. She looks up at Miz looking for some help but Miz is
merely grinning jerking his own semi hard cock watching Alex really drilling
into her wet pussy. She is so wet and her pussy is so full of cum she can
hear a warm wet slap each time Riley pushes forward pressing his cock into
her and Trish wants to damm him to hell as once again even though she is
tired and weak she starts to rock back against his fucking. He is fucking her
faster and harder and now Riley's cock twitches inside Trish's soaking wet
cunt and he knows his own powerful orgasm isn't far away as he looks up to
get advice from a masturbating Miz.

"Stop Alex, Trish is tired she is barely able to stay on her hands and knees
push out and then lie down over here," Miz instructs.

Trish gasps as Alex pulls out of her and she watches the young naked men get
up and walk a few feet away before lying down on the cold concrete floor. Miz
offers a hand to Trish and helps the shaking unsteady brunette to her feet
with juices still dripping down from her pussy staining her thighs. She has
no idea what is going on as Miz leans her over to Riley and Trish's eyes are
drawn to A-Ry's big stiff cock pointing straight up in the air. Trish can't
help but lick her lips as Miz guides her over making Trish stand over the
massive cock and Trish knows what is happening as she slowly lowers herself
down looking to sit on Alex's cock just like she did earlier to Miz. He helps
lower her onto Riley's fat cock and Trish can't help but gasp again as the
head of Riley's cock slips inside her wet pussy. She is tired but still has
growing lust inside her as her sensitive and sore pussy slips down Riley's
thick pole while Miz is kissing her shoulder as he guides Trish down. It's
not long before Trish's soaking wet pussy slides all the way down Riley's
cock so she is now sitting on the young stud with his cock buried deep inside
her. Alex reaches his hands out to grab her hips but Trish uses her own knees
to push herself up and then bounce on his dick. After all the forceful take
the lead fucking Riley has done to her Trish feels it's the least she can do
even in her semi tired state is to make sure she rides his cock good and gets
a big second load of cum shot right up inside her. Riley is surprised but
groans with lust all the same as Trish starts to bounce up and down on his
cock. She isn't going at a fast pace but each bounce down is hard and both of
them groan as Alex's big cock fills up Trish's pussy now overflowing with
juices running down her legs and onto Riley's lower body. Riley moans lifting
his hips up letting Trish bounce and ride his cock easier and a little
faster. Trish bounces harder feeling Riley's cock pounding deep into her
sensitive and cum filled insides; she thinks she can get no more pleasure out
of today when Riley's hands shoot out for his favourite area her tits.
Another loud groan from the brunette Trish as Alex grabs her tits and is once
again is massaging her smaller but still perfect tits. Flicking his thumbs
across her nipples turns Trish on and in turn makes her bounce a little
harder on top of him. As Trish rides on top of Riley Miz is still jerking his
semi hard cock his eyes drawn to Trish's firm bouncing ass and the thoughts
going thought his mind make his cum stained cock stiffen. Trish is busy
groaning concentrating on Riley's cock and groping hands when she feels Miz
behind her and his stiff cock poking into one of her toned ass cheeks.

"I can't help myself Trish I need to fuck this big ass," Miz moans his hands
now groping Trish's tanned cheeks.

"MMMMMMMM ok Miz babe but go slow it's been a long time since I've had a big
cock in my ass," Trish admits eyes closed with pleasure as Riley's cock
bounces up deeper inside her pussy grinding against her sensitive pussy

Miz grins and spreads Trish's bouncing cheeks and spits into her hole trying
to lube it up and Trish gets worried, "Um Miz are you not gonna wait for me
and Riley to finish."

"No I need this big ass and you Trish are the kind of slut who loves two big
cocks fucking her at the same time," Miz says that evil little grin back on
his face staring at Trish's asshole.

"Yes but it's been even longer since I got double penetrated," Trish whines

"Naughty Trish been trying to hide your slutty roots," Riley groans gripping
Trish's tits harder.

"Yeah Trish you wanna come back to the WWE you can rediscover your true
slutty nature with us," Miz groans rubbing his now hard dick against both her
soft ass cheeks, "We knew you as a slut and you will always be a slut."

Trish gasps in pleasure, not only have these two young studs fucking her just
as good as anyone in the locker room they are backing it up with the kind of
dirty filthy talk Trish has always wanted to hear about herself.

"Dirty married whore," Miz moans his cock fully hard and he presses his thick
cock head against the entrance to her ass, "You want some money slut for you
being a married anal whore."

Trish moans feeling herself get wetter and more turned on as Riley's hands
really squeeze her soft tits, " Miz I don't want your money for being
a dirty little married cock whore," Trish moans feeling so submissive.

"Damm wish you were still slutty enough to keep those big fat implants,"
Riley moans slapping Trish's fair sized breasts, "These are nice but not as
porn star and slutty as those monsters you used to cart round."

Trish blushes at these two men verbally insult her lifestyle and her body and
she could not be more turned on until Miz pushes forward slamming his dick
into her tight hole. Screaming loudly Trish can feel Miz's big cock breaking
open her tight hole slowly pumping inside and she can do nothing but grunt
and moan as she bounces off Riley's thick cock as well. Trish is full up of
two big cocks and she feels like a lifeless toy stuck in the middle of these
strong men pounding into both her holes. Riley bucks his hips moving up and
down as Miz pumps in and out soon working on a routine, a way they can both
fuck Trish at the same time as Trish just moans loudly being pleasured and
fucked by two big cocks. This is anything beyond her wildest slutty dreams, a
married woman with her own tits and skin tone and she is still being used and
mistreated like she did in her slutty blonde porn star days. In fact Trish
thinks this is more humiliated as at least her old look allowed her to act
like a cock whore, her new look is mature and sensitive yet here she is being
double penetrated on a dirty locker room floor by two young tanned hot studs.
Miz pumps in and just moves his hand to spank her toned ass cheek making her
groan in pain and grind a little harder on Riley's dick as Riley's hands
grope her big tits.

SO GOOD INSIDE ME OH FUCK," Trish groans loudly bucking and pressing her body
against them looking for more stimulation.

She has never felt as slutty and dirty as she does, she feels trapped between
two big cocks pounding the hell out of her tired body. Miz and Alex's hands
don't stay in place moving up and down her sweaty tanned body as Trish just
groans and screams rocking back on their big cocks stuffed inside her. She is
just a slab of meat between their thrusting cock both her tight ass and pussy
widening as they pound in harder. Miz squeezes both her big ass cheeks
pushing all the way into her tight hole feeling Trish's rectum clamp down on
his dick as he rocks back and forth trying to open her ass up more for a
harder fucking. Riley's hands rest on Trish's hips still pumping up off the
floor bouncing Trish on his big dick and he smiles at Trish who is just lost
in a sea of ecstasy. She has her eyes closed groaning loudly as she bounces
between two big cocks, her two tight holes pounded hard and the experience is
full of pleasure for her. Trish's pussy is leaking even more with warm wet
cum dripping down onto Riley's lap as she is effortlessly taken by Miz and
Riley. Her cum is a perfect lube for Riley to pump and pound into her as Miz
spits in her asshole again getting his cock wet trying to slide in deeper
making Trish's whole body shake as his 8 inches slide as far in as Trish has
ever taken cock in her ass. She whines loudly as Miz stops being gentle and
just rocks his hips forward slamming right into her asshole. Trish moans as
it's been a while since she felt a cock trying to breaking her asshole and
just the thought of being taken and broken gets her juices flowing even more.
Trish knows she is the worst kind of slut for wanting that and getting wet
from it but she can't help her feelings as Miz really rams into her making
her ass jiggle on each hard impact. Riley starts to push up and pump harder
matching his mentor's more forceful thrusts into Trish's asshole. A sweaty
Trish screams out as her body is being pleasured in more ways than she can
think and her body starts to groan towards another orgasm and Trish isn't
sure she can last anymore orgasms. As sick as her fetishes are not one of
them is being gangbanged to death but she is too pleasured and too weak to
get away staying sandwiched between the two young studs letting them bang her
towards yet another orgasm. She cries and screaming knowing her orgasm is
seconds away and Miz presses his head against her shoulder seeing her shaking
and groaning.

"MMMMMMMMM you love this don't you Trish," Miz asks to a moaning groaning
almost shivering with pleasure Trish.

The brunette shakes her head, "No Miz please stop I can't take any more I
don't want to cum again I can't I'm so sore please," She begs.

"Shut up slut you're going to cum and you know what after you cum me and Alex
are going to fill you full of cum," Miz demanded, "We are gonna pump you so
full of cum that it will be leaking out your fucking holes for weeks."

Trish shivers as Miz insults her and he starts pounding into her asshole hard
as Riley lifts up driving his cock into her pussy. She screams again her
tanned body bouncing around in a tug of war between two massive cocks
slamming around. They slam and bang into her and Trish is now shaking
grinding down so close to cumming.

She gives herself up to Miz and Riley, "OHHHHHHHH YES YEAH YES FUCK YES FUCK
CUMMING," Trish screams loudly.

Miz and Riley both pump into Trish, fucking her hard as the brunette turns
and shakes hitting the peaks of her third orgasm of this marathon fuck
session. Her body shakes and she moans, A worn out tired moan of a woman who
has nearly had the life pounded out of her with Miz and Riley still pumping
inside her. Trish is now lifeless, limp just an empty bag of jelly bounced
between two big tanned men who are still fucking away at Trish laughing at
her barely mobile body. They slap bits of her tanned body teasing her as
Trish's eyes are shut and she uncontrollable drools from her mouth. Light
moans of pleasure are the only things letting the champion and his young ward
know Trish is still alive as they pounding her shaking body, laughing as they
know Trish is still loving this being treated like some cheap and easy fuck
doll. Trish feels so dirty so used and abused as all her tired body feels is
pleasure and her pussy is now so sensitive and sore the lightest pump from
Riley brings a massive wave of pleasure crashing over her. Alex Riley isn't
going light however; he is picking up the pace as he is moments away from
finally shooting off his second load of cum. He lasted longer inside Trish's
sweet pussy than he thought he would and he really wants to finish off strong
filling up her insides with his cum.

GONNA CUM FUCK GONNNA CUM RIGHT INSIDE YOU," Alex screams his hips thrusting
up badly now bouncing Trish down hard on his cock seconds away from the

Riley screams one more power thrust up and his cock explodes shooting wave
after wave of cum inside Trish's already very wet pussy. Trish groans as she
can feel her insides being filled up by Alex's cum. Load after load is pumped
inside of her slowly bouncing body and finally Riley grabs her hips pinning
her onto top of his cock feeling their combined juices flowing down onto his
hips. He brings Trish's upper body down like he is cuddling her after she
bouncing on his dick and made him shoot a load of spunk inside her but he is
holding her like this to bend her over and allow Miz better access to her
ass. Trish feels so dirty with Riley's cum in her mouth and now a big load is
dribbling out of her pussy. The young man has sexually pleasured her in ways
she hasn't felt in a long time and even worse she knows she will be
remembering them and using them for her own pleasure many more times in her
life. Miz now reminds her who is in control pushing his hips forward slamming
his hard cock deep inside her anal cavity. Trish opens her eyes staring right
at a grinning Riley's face then moans out loudly as Miz just pushed as far as
he could inside her tight asshole. Miz grabs hold of Trish's hips and starts
pumping in like a mad man, sweat building on his impressive chest muscles as
he pounds hard into Trish's ass making her moan with pleasure. Trish loves
walking that line between pain and pleasure, she wouldn't ask Miz to stop
even if she had the strength left in her body. Miz thrusts harder even he is
amazed how tight Trish's ass is but he is not surprised at how much he loves
fucking it. Miz would freely confess to being a man who loves anal fucking
bending some hot girl over and fucking her tight ass is to the Miz one of the
greatest pleasures in life. Now here he is WWE champion in his own private
locker room fucking maybe the hottest Diva of all time in the ass life
couldn't get any better.

"MMMMMMMM Trish do you love it? Do you love having my big cock up your ass,
do you want to feel my big fucking load shot up your ass," Miz questions a
tired out Trish.

Trish wails after all the pleasure Miz has helped her get he is still
torturing her for more as she rubs her hips grinding herself as Riley's wet
and limp cock.

"I'll take that as a yes," Miz says cockily withdrawing his cock from Trish's
booty only to slam back in hard and start fucking her toned ass at full

Grunting Trish just rocks like an object on a car dashboard bouncing over
speed bumps. She is so tired and full of pleasure she can't tell if Alex is
talking to her or not and frankly she doesn't care. She is fully relaxed so
there is barely any tightness anymore as Miz pumps his cock up her asshole.
Miz thrusts in hard banging his hips against her firm tight ass, cock
pounding hard pre cum leaking out lubing the sides of her asshole allowing
him to move in quicker and harder really enjoying every thrust. Riley can
feel every thrust too as Trish vibrates groaning on top of him and he grins
as Miz's voice raises and he knows the end is near. Bucking his hips Miz
moves faster having banged Trish's butt for what feels like hours coming
crashing to an end as he can feel the cum building and in no way does he want
to stop and calm down.

control slamming forward and the tip of his cock blows with several thick
white globs of cum staining Trish's asshole.

The sweaty and well fucked brunette just lies on Riley's body groaning as she
can feel Miz's cum being unloaded into her asshole. Miz shudders with delight
feeling his cum spraying up Trish's tight ass feeling him fulfil his
prediction and truly filling up all her holes with cum. He is pulling out and
watches a little bit of cum drip out from her hole and down her legs as he
rolls her off Riley and onto the floor to admire her cum soaked pussy. On his
feet Riley pats Miz on the shoulder as they both look down at Trish's sweaty
naked body and Miz can't resist leaning down and wiping the remains of his
sticky cock on her sweet lips. He and Riley then carefully pick a sweaty cum
soaked Trish up and carry her to a bench where they lay her and Miz kindly
wraps her body up in a spare unworn I'm Awesome t shirt. Both men leave and
hit the showers to wash the sweat and cum smell of each other as Trish is so
tired she falls asleep. She is soundly dreaming of two young studs that treat
a goddess like a slut fucking her over and over again to the edge of insanity
bringing her pleasure many times over and she loves every second of it. She
wakes up many hours later with a middle aged cleaning lady looking over her,
Trish flushes with embarrassment using Miz's shirt to cover her naked body
picking up her clothes. The woman simply laughs at Trish looking at the
freshly mopped floor as cum leaks down Trish's legs from both her open and
well fucked holes. She leaves quickly taking the Miz shirt with her to always
remind her of the day when she enjoyed being awesome.


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