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Trish Thanks Billy Gunn
by Revolution

Recently, "The Outlaw" or Billy Gunn as he is known by most in the
professional wrestling world came out on a radio show and called Trish
Stratus a piece of shit because he introduced her to everyone in WWF and
she never thanked him. That is the story that Gunn is putting out there
now but this is the real story of why Billy is upset with Trish.

* * *

Back in 2000, Trish Stratus was a popular fitness model and was looking to
get involved with the WWF. She was also working for a wrestling radio show
and one night, they sent her to a WWF house show to do some interviews. When
she arrived at the show, the first person that she saw was one half of the
New Age Outlaws, "Bad Ass" Billy Gunn. She approached him and asked him for
an interview. He turned all his attention to the beautiful blond model that
stood before him. He answered all of her questions and then took her around
the backstage area, introducing her to the wrestlers and getting tons of
interviews for her. At one point, Billy got pulled away by the Road Dogg
because they had to go prepare for their match. Trish was in the middle of
an interview with Chris Jericho and she never got a chance to thank Billy
for being so helpful.

Fast forward a few months later and Trish is debuting on Sunday Night Heat
as member of the World Wrestling Federation. While she was preparing with
one of the writers, she saw Billy Gunn across the room. After she was done
with the writer, she went over and said hello to Billy. "I just wanted to
thank you for getting me all those interviews when I was doing the radio
show, I was really nervous to talk to a lot of the wrestlers and you helped
me out so thank you," Trish said, extending her hand in friendship.

"If you really want to thank me, you'll come by Room 209 tonight," Billy said
and walked away, not shaking Trish's hand. Trish really wasn't sure what to
make of his proposition so she got on the phone to one of her girlfriends
back home.

"I don't want to get the reputation of being easy but he does have a nice
body and all. I don't know what to do," Trish confessed to her friend.

"Just suck his dick and see how it goes from there," was her friend's advice.
Trish decided to take her friend's advice and later that night, she knocked
on Room 209. Billy Gunn answered the door, trying to contain his smile.

"I didn't think you'd show up," he said.

"Well what kind of girl would I be if I didn't thank you the proper way?"
Trish asked. Billy shut the door and when he turned around, Trish was
unbuttoning his shirt.

"Your body is so hard," Trish complimented him as she ran her hands all over
his chest and abs. Trish kissed him a little but Billy was pushing at the top
of her head. Trish got the hint and got down on her knees.

"I hate foreplay," Billy said. He reached behind him and dimmed the lights as
Trish unbuckled his belt. She pulled down his shorts and out flopped a hard
dick that was maybe four or four and a half inches at best. Trish thought
that maybe it would get bigger as she took it in her mouth but that didn't
happened. Trish wasn't impressed but with her cock sucking talent, she knew
it would be over soon. She got her mouth real wet with warm saliva and
wrapped her soft lips tightly around Billy's dick.

"Ohh yeah baby that's the way you thank me," Billy groaned. After about five
minutes of sucking, Billy still hadnít cum yet. Trish started licking and
sucking his balls while twisting his four inch cock between her fingers,
trying to get him to cum. Billy was grunting and groaning more and more but
still wasn't cumming. Trish was getting tired of working over his little dick
but she couldn't quit now. She kept working his balls with her fingers while
bobbing her head at different speeds on his dick. She glanced over at the
clock and it had been about 15 minutes and still no sign of a pop shot. Trish
had gone slow and drawn guys out this long before but whenever she'd go this
hard on a stud, he'd be done in 2 or 3 minutes. Finally she heard those magic
words, "I'm gonna cum on your face!"

"YES!" Trish exclaimed in joy but for a different reason then Billy thought.
Billy grabbed his dick between his fingers and started jerking it while
holding back Trish's blond hair with his other hand. Trish had her eyes
closed and was waiting to be covered in all the cum that had built up over
the past 20 minutes of cock sucking. She waited ... and waited but nothing
came. She opened her eyes as Billy was still furiously jerking away at his
four inches. Trish started tickling his balls a little and finally Billy let
out a big grunt and little bit of cum landed on Trish's cheek. Billy was
breathing heavy and sat down, exhausted. Trish went into the bathroom and
wiped the cum off her cheek with a towel. When she came back out, Billy was
laying naked on the bed.

"Thank you Billy," Trish said and left the room before he could really
respond. Trish went up to her room and immediately got on the phone to her
friend at home.

"So give me all the details!" her friend said.

"I go to his room and he doesn't even want to make-out at all. He just wants
me to suck his dick. So I get down there and its already hard," Trish said.

"No surprise there," her friend laughed. "And its so small! Like four inches
small!" Trish laughed.

"Seriously? Four inches? You poor girl! It must be the steroids," her friend

"Naaaah I've had many guys on the juice with big dicks. So I couldn't just
leave so I start blowing him," Trish continued.

"I bet he came in two seconds like most guys do with you," her friend said.

"No! I sucked his dick, licked his balls, did everything for like TWENTY
MINUTES and he couldn't fucking cum!" Trish was appalled.

"You're kidding me, that's awful," her friend said.

"So he takes it and is going to jerk off onto my face, and I think finally
he'll make himself cum, but it takes like five more minutes until he squeezes
out a tiny bit of cum! What a loser!" Trish explained. Trish and her friend
joked about Billy's lackluster performance for awhile until there was a knock
on Trish's hotel room door. Trish hung up the phone and went to answer the
door. When she opened it, Billy Gunn was standing there with his shirt half
off. He let himself in and closed the door behind him.

"Why'd you leave? You didn't finish thanking me yet," he said in a sharp

"I thanked you enough," Trish said.

"That's not for you to decide, now let's finish what we started," he said,
grabbing her arm.

"I'm really not interested in anything else so thank you and please leave,"
Trish said trying to get him to go.

"Oh what's the matter Trish? You can't handle me?" Billy asked, tightening
his grip on her arm.

"I don't think that's it," Trish said in a sarcastic tone.

"Are you making fun of me?" Billy said, getting angry.

"No I'm not. Just leave now! Let go of me and leave," Trish said.

"I'm not leaving until I get my thank you," Billy said. Trish went to slap
him but Billy blocked it and then put his hand over Trish's mouth. He moved
over to her suitcase and grabbed a pair of Trish's white panties. He smiled
then grabbed a shirt and tied it around Trish's mouth to muffle her. He
reached down and ripped open her top and ran his right hand all over her
big tits.

"Ohh yeah those feel real nice, Trish, yeeah," Billy groaned. He reached down
and pulled out his dick.

"Fuck you little dick!" Trish yelled in her muffled voice. Billy bent down to
take off Trish's pants.

"Damn nice ass," he commented. Trish elbowed him in the side of the head and
started to run but Billy grabbed her from behind and caught her. He pulled
her around and bent her over the dresser. He held her down with one arm while
he used his hand to stick his four inches in Trish's pussy. He then held her
with both hands while he fucked her tight pussy.

"Ughhh I told you I'd get thanked Trish!" He grunted. Lucky for Trish, he was
so small that he wasn't hurting her. Tears were streaming down her face from
being violated by this bastard. Billy violated her pussy for a couple minutes
until he must have started to get tired because Trish was still fighting him.
Billy threw her down and told her to never tell anyone or he'd have her fired
from the company. He picked up his pants and left the room, leaving Trish
upset and abused. Trish had a shower to get the sleaze of Billy Gunn off of
her. The next morning she called her friend and told her everything.

"If that big hairy guy wants you to manage him, tell him to teach Billy a
lesson," her friend insisted. Suddenly Trish's face brightened. She found out
where Albert was staying and asked for his help. He didn't try to "get any"
off of her and told her that Billy was a scumbag. He said that Billy would
never be the same after he got through with him. Trish never asked exactly
what Albert was going to do but Billy Gunn never spoke to her or bothered her
every again. That was until more than five years later when he wasn't in the
company anymore. Maybe Albert will have to pay him another visit...

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