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Trish's Abduction
by Kristi & Dice (, AOL IM: FredCasden)

In the Basement of the Sheffield Arena in Sheffield, England, Trish Stratus
is tied to a chair with tape over her mouth. She has just been abducted by
two men dressed in black and for the last few minutes have been trying to
free herself. A door opens and in walks Melina with a cocky smirk on her

"Hello Trish... comfortable?" She asks as she motions for the two men to
unmask, which they do to reveal Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury.

Melina smirks as she circles around the chair and faces Trish. Melina roughly
removes the tape from Trish's precious mouth "I really hope my boys weren't
too rough with you, Trish." Melina laughs a bit and smacks Trish across the
face. Trish sneers at Melina and lurches forward, but because she's tied to
the chair, her efforts are in vain. Joey and Johnny both smirk and laugh at
the restrained Women's Champion.

Melina turns away from Trish "You're know that don't you?"

Trish glares a Melina, "Fuck You... let me go bitch.,.."

Trish lurches forward again, but Nitro and Mercury hold her still. Mercury
pats her shoulder, "Whoa, watch your mouth..."

Nitro laughs, "Man, she's got no class Melina..."

Melina turns back to Trish and sighs " should know by now
I'm the dominate female on Smackdown!" Then she begins to yell "Hell I'm the
dominate female of the WWE!" Melina then looks at her finger nails "That's
why at Survivor Series... I'm challenging you... to a....a Women's
Championship match!"

Trish smirks as she locks eyes with Melina, "You won't last five minutes with
me... I'm going to kick your ass..."

Melina laughs a bit "You think so...huh?"

"I know so..." Trish replies.

Nitro and Mercury shake their heads, and Mercury says, "Boy does she have a
sense of humor..."

Nitro nods in agreement, "Yeah, she's pretty funny..."

Melina steps away from Trish "Well...Trish...I'll see you at Survivor
Series..." Melina begins to walk forward, but then stops "Oh...and just so
you know...I'm going knock you out cold..." With that Melina delivers a swift
kick to the side of Trish's head. Trish falls over tied to the chair, knocked
out cold. Melina smirks "Joey.... Johnny...untie her! We're not done yet!"

Nitro and Mercury high five each other and untie the unconscious Women's
Champion from the chair. Nitro looks up at Melina and smirks, "Man she's out
like a light... you're going to be the new Champ for sure after Sunday..."

Melina walks past Mercury and Nitro. She looks back at them with a smirk
"Come on...and bring the blonde bitch with you!"

"Dude this is going to be great..." Mercury says as he and Nitro pick Trish
up. Mercury holds her feet and Nitro is holding her upper body. The two men
then quickly catch up to Melina as she leads them to another location.

"Where are we going Mel?" Nitro asks as he looks over his shoulder to make
sure he doesn't trip over anything since he's walking backwards.

Melina looks over her shoulder with a smirk "How would you boys like to
dominate the Women's Champ?"

Nitro and Mercury both grin, "We'd love to show here a thing or too..." Nitro
says as he adjusts how he's holding Trish.

Mercury smirks, "Yeah, we can take a lot out of her so you can kick her ass
at Survivor Series."

Melina laughs as she licks her lips "Let's see...My boys...where would you
like to bang the amazing Trish Stratus?"

"How about the boiler room..." Nitro suggests with a grin.

"Yeah... this bitch isn't good enough to fuck in a locker room... or even in
a hallway..." Mercury laughs.

Melina nods her head liking the idea "I like it..." Melina then turns down
the hallway and finds the boiler room. Melina smirks as she looks back at
Nitro and Mercury as she enters the boiler room.

Mercury and Nitro carry Trish into the boiler room and set the unconscious
diva onto the cold floor of the boiler room. Nitro smirks at Melina, "What
should we do to her first Melina?"

Melina closes the door and locks it. Melina smirks and folds her arms
"First...tie the bitch's hands behind her back!" Mercury rips off Trish's
top and rolls her onto her stomach. He uses the material of her top to bind
her wrists together followed by turning her back over onto her back. Nitro
licks his lips as he looks at Trish's upper body and at her black sports-bra
that is supporting her breasts.

Melina nudges Trish in the back with her foot and after a short time Trish's
eyes begin into open. At first Trish is a bit groggy. Trish slowly sits up
and looks around "Where...where am I?"

"Right where we want you..." Nitro laughs as he pulls off the black
sweatshirt he's wearing.

"Yeah... you're going to learn a lesson..." Mercury adds as smirks at her.

Trish tries to move her hands, however she can't. Trish glances over her
shoulders and sees that her hands are tied behind her back. Trish then
glances down at her sports bra covered chest "What the hell.."

Melina folds her arms and smirks, "Welcome to your nightmare bitch... pick
her up..." Nitro and Mercury bend down and pick Trish up. Nitro places a
hand on the back of her head and yanks hard on her hair to have her look at

Trish sneers at Melina "Go to hell!" Trish yells.

Melina laughs and then slaps Trish across the face "Joey! Johnny! Make her
suck you two off!"

Trish begins to protest "What! I'm not doing that!"

"Oh yes you are slut..." Mercury replies as he and Nitro force Trish to her
knees. They both undo their pants and pull out their long, hard, thick cocks.
Both men grab their dick and slap them against her cheeks.

"Open your mouth bitch..." Nitro orders as he tugs on her blond hair.

Trish turns her head away and closes eyes. Melina glares and yells, "Do it
slut! Damn it! Joey...Johnny force the bitch!" Mercury forces Trish to look
upward and he cups her jaw to force her mouth open. Nitro inserts his cock
into her mouth, shoving it completely past her lips until she's gagging on
his stiff prick.

Trish quickly pulls her mouth away from Nitro's cock and begins coughing.
Melina smirks and places her hands on her hips "Trish...Joey and Johnny will
play nice...if you act like the slut you are!"

Trish glares up at Melina "Go to hell!"

"Man does she have an attitude..." Mercury says as Nitro moves behind her to
force her mouth open. Mercury forces his cock into her mouth, and as Nitro
holds her head still, Mercury begins to fuck her face.

Trish starts gagging a bit and manages to lift her head up again "Wait...
wait..." Trish says out of breath.

Mercury and Nitro both smirk at Trish as Melina kneels down so she's eye
level with Trish, "Oh you got something to say slut?"

Trish swallows and then takes a breath "Look...I'll...blow them...but that's

Melina smirks, "I don't think so... they are very hard... and you're a
slut... so they are going to fuck you..." Melina slowly starts to stand up.

Trish glares at Melina "And....what does that make you a whore?" Trish smirks
a bit.

Mercury and Nitro look at Trish as if she's crazy. Melina glares at Trish and
grabs her hair, "What did you call me?!"

"You heard me...whore!" Trish smirks again.

Melina sneers, then she looks at Mercury and Nitro. "Pick her up!" Mercury
and Nitro both pick her up and Melina pulls down her black wrestling pants.
"Turn her around!" Mercury and Nitro turn Trish around and Melina smacks
Trish's ass, "You're going to pay for what you called me bitch!" Melina yells
into Trish ear. Melina folds her arms and barks out another order "Johnny!
Make her suck Joey!"

"With pleasure," Nitro smirks as he and Mercury push Trish back down onto her
knees. Mercury forces his cock into her mouth, and Nitro forces Trish to keep
it open as he makes her bob her head along his shaft. Mercury thrusts his
hips a bit to drive his dick deep into her mouth. Trish closes her eyes as
Nitro lifts her head up and down on Mercury's cock. Trish makes a quick
decision and decides the sooner she plays along, the quicker this will all be
over. Trish then begins to gradually bob her head on her own momentum as she
laps her together around Mercury's hard shaft.

"Ohhh yeah... she's getting the message..." Mercury grins as he threads a
hand through her hair.

Nitro smirks at Melina, "Yeah, I'm not even making her do it anymore..."
Trish lifts her head up and down on Mercury's cock slowly as she brings her
mouth to the head of Mercury's cock. Trish focuses on Mercury's nicely sized
cock head, sucking at a tightening and slower, teasing pace.

Melina smirks, "So the slut likes to suck cock... Johnny... fuck her... let's
see how she like getting fucked." Nitro grins and he pulls Trish up, keeping
her head on Mercury's cock. He pulls down her thong and pushes his cock into
her pussy with a might thrust. Trish jerks forward a bit causing her to take
all of Mercury's cock into her warm mouth as his cock hits the back of her
throat. Trish begins to gag once again.

Mercury grins, "Ohh fuck... she's a natural... no wonder she's the women's

Nitro moans as he fucks her pussy hard and fast, "Damn... Melina... her
pussy is no where near as good as yours..." Nitro is actually lying for he's
enjoying fucking Trish.

Trish starts to slowly push back against Nitro's cock as she bob her head
quicker on Mercury's cock, slurping and lapping her tongue around his cock
once again. Melina glares at the scene going on "What the hell! Force her!"

"Ok chief..." Mercury says as he pulls out of her mouth. Nitro pulls out
of her pussy and lays down as Mercury moves Trish so she's sitting on his
partner's dick. Mercury then shoves his cock into her pussy as well and
soon, both he and Nitro are thrusting hard into Trish's pussy at the same

Trish grits her teeth in a slight a mount of pain " please..." Trish
cries out in a moan "Please...I'll...I'll do anything else.."

Melina smirks as she kneels down a bit and cups her face, "And what will you
do slut? Do you want to fuck them one at a time?" Melina laughs at her and
motions for Mercury to drill her cunt even harder to watch Trish's reaction.

Trish closes her eyes "Owww...please..." Trish says pleading with Melina as
tears run down her cheeks as she bounces up and down violently on Nitro's
cock as she slams back hard against Mercury's cock.

"Maybe you want one dick in your ass... Joey... take her up the shit
tunnel..." Melina orders with a smirk as she watches the sweat build on his
and Nitro's bodies. Mercury pulls out of Trish's pussy and quickly slams it
into her asshole with such force that Trish jerks forward.

"Ahhhhh!" Trish screams. Trish then looks up and glares at Melina "Fuck
you..." Trish then spits at Melina.

Melina smacks Trish's face and laughs, "No.... you're the one getting
fucked.... I bet you're enjoying it too... you Raw bitches are all the
same..." Melina then stands up, "Boys... fuck her vertically..." Nitro
and Mercury both grin and they wall roll onto their sides before they
get up to their feet with Trish still between them. The men on MNM
bounce Trish up and down on their cocks quickly and roughly as Melina
circles them nodding approvingly.

Trish grits her teeth as she slams down extremely hard on both cocks "Melina!
When I get my hands on you!"

"You won't do anything..." Melina laughs at her. "Come Sunday... there will
be a new Women's Champion in the WWE... and that's going to be me... the most
dominate female in the world today." Nitro and Mercury slam their cocks deep
into Trish's body, and the beautiful diva is moving a bit like a rag doll
between them. Sweat drips down Trish's pretty face as she has a look of
extreme pain.

Boys... let the slut down... lay her on the floor..." Melina smirks. Nitro
and Mercury do as they are told and they lay Trish on the floor of the boiler
room. Melina steps gently on Trish, putting her foot on her chest as she
takes hold of both men's dick. "Trish... consider this a warning... Sunday...
at Survivor Series... you're going down..."

Trish tries to wiggle out from under Melina, as she lifts her head. "Bitch,
I'm going to take you to hell!" Melina smirks down at her as she pumps Nitro
and Mercury's cocks faster and harder as she aims them down at Trish's face.
When they start to cum, Trish is caught by surprised as their spunk hits her
face. Once they are spent, Melina knees down next to Trish.

"Don't get up Trish... stay down... consider this... practice for Sunday..."
Melina laughs as she gets up. Nitro and Mercury have gotten dressed and the
trio known as MNM leaves Trish alone in the boiler room. After some time,
Jerry "The King" Lawler comes running into the boiler room with EMTs.

"Oh my god Trish, what did those Smackdown down thugs do to you!" The King
asks frantically as the EMTs go to treat her. Trish doesn't reply, instead
as soon as her hands are freed. She sits up and starts to mentally prepare
for her match with Melina.

"That bitch is mine..." Trish sneers.


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