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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Candice Michelle, Melina Perez, Mickie James, Trish Stratus, or any WWE/WWF stars for that matter. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author's note:
This is a spin-off of Mickie's Mine and takes place directly after it.

Codes: Anal, FF, Toys

Trish's Mine
by MTL (

Last night Trish Stratus had been completely and utterly humiliated by Melina Perez, the girl who she was currently watching butt fuck her ex-girlfriend Mickie James. The two brunettes had been passionately going at it all morning and Trish was sick and tired of it. She wanted her turn.

"Come on Melina, it's my turn!" Trish whined.

This made Melina laugh cruelly, "Your turn? What makes a total bottom like you think she's ever getting a turn with Mickie's sweet ass again?"

"I'm not a bottom!" Trish snapped angrily, "I'm a top, and you promised me a reward if I stuck around."

"Yeah, but definitely not a turn with Mickie's big butt, that will only add to your confusion when you've clearly forgotten already that you're a bottom, even though I butt fucked you into total submission last night." Melina said proudly.

"No you didn't!" Trish growled, "I'm a total Alpha female, and no one can truly make me their bitch."

Just then there was a knock at the door.

"Funny you should say that." Melina grinned, and then called out, "Come in. It's open."

Trish frowned. Considering they were all sort of famous leaving the door unlocked seemed like a really, really bad idea. Although she completely forgot about it when she saw who opened, and thankfully quickly closed and locked, the door.

"Candice?" Trish blushed bright red, pushing a strand of hair back behind her ear for some reason, "Wha, what are you doing here?"

Smiling widely Candice Michelle slowly advanced on her prey, "Melina called me. Said she had a total ass slut in her hotel room by the name of Trish Stratus, who she'd spent all night butt fucking, but since she already had the perfect anal whore as her girlfriend she wanted to give me you, as a present."

"She, she, she can't do that." Trish stammered, "We agreed the winner gets the loser for the night, not for good."

"Are yes, but weren't you just saying how you were a total Alpha female and no one could butt fuck you into submission and make you their bitch? That no matter what you would be a top forever? Well, here's your chance to prove it." Melina said gleefully.

"How? By butt fucking this worthless slut?" Trish scoffed.

"No... by bending over like the bitch you are." Candice said happily, albeit with a firm undertone, as she stripped off the skirt she was wearing to reveal a huge strap on dildo.

Tossing the newcomer some anal lube without pulling out of Mickie's ass Melina explained, "See, I want to be sure you wouldn't try and take revenge on me by trying to steal Mickie away from me again or something, so I decided to arrange a top for you. Mickie helped."

"It's, mmmmm, it's what you want Trish." Mickie moaned as Melina continued pumping her big butt, "I saw the look in your eye last night, and how hard you came. Ohhhhhhh fuck, you're a bottom like me who desperately wants a top to treat you like the anal slut you are."

"I'm, I'm not-" Trish began weakly.

"Yes you are!" Candice snapped, silencing the seven time champion.

Melina smiled, "I thought about calling Beth, but Mickie insisted she would just use you for a bit and then discard you, which is what she's done to everyone else. But Candice, mmmmmmmm, Candice hasn't been able to stop thinking about your fat ass since the night she fucked it, and she was only too happy to promise to take good care of you and make sure you were a bottom for the rest of your life."

"And I'm totally going to do it." Candice beamed giddily as she menacingly rubbed lubricant into her dildo, "Oh Trish, I swear your little ass hole will never ever close again. Mmmmm, your big fat ass is always going to be loose and gaping wide open, and you're going to avoid sitting down whenever possible, and you'll never shit right again because I'm going to butt fuck you and butt fuck you and butt fuck you until you can't remember a time that you weren't my personal anal whore!"

Consumed by perverted desire and terror Trish mumbled weakly, "Candice, please don't do this to me, I'm an Alpha-"

"Turn around Trish." Candice interrupted firmly, "Show me that fat ass I've been dreaming about for years."

Trish blushed bright red, and then after a brief pause turned around, grabbed her pants and thong by the waist band and pulled them down to reveal her big bubble butt.

"Wow, she really can't resist you can she?" Melina beamed.

Candice glared at her angrily, "You let Trish's butt hole close?"

Melina shrugged, "I thought you would want her tight."

"She's always tight." Candice pointed out, "No matter how hard I fucked her fat ass still remains wonderfully tight around my dick. But if her ass hole closes she forgets her place and think she's a top again."

"Well you better take care of that." Melina said simply, finally pulling her strap on out of Mickie's now gaping ass hole so Trish and Candice could have the bed.

"Oh don't worry, I will." Candice promised, watching as Melina and Mickie got off the bed with the latter kneeling before the former so she could suck her own anal juices off her lover's dildo, then the newcomer turned to Trish and ordered, "Bend over and spread your cheeks. Give me that big fat ass of yours!"

Part of Trish wanted to resist. To say no. To insist she wasn't a bottom. But her body was still tingling with the memory of the pleasure she had received last night, and to suddenly see Candice Michelle standing in front of her, wearing what she was pretty sure was the same strap on she had used previously to destroy her insides, made Trish melt.

As if in a trance Trish got onto the bed on her hands and knees, pressed her face downwards, reached back and spread her butt cheeks wide apart, surrendering her most private hole to the abuse it was about to receive. And honestly, she could barely stop herself from begging for it. Begging Candice to butt fuck her like an anal whore.

Wasting no time Candice positioned herself behind Trish and used one hand to grab hold of her strap on and guide it to the blonde's butt hole. She then savoured the moment she'd been waiting for years and then pushed inside, Candice swearing she literally drooled as Trish's ass hole slowly opened for her cock, the brunette keeping up the pressure so the head sunk in all the way. Trish whimpered throughout this process and then let out a loud gasp as the tip of the dick entered her bowels, making Candice's eyes fluttering with joy. This process repeated itself as Candice ever so slowly pushed every inch of her cock up Trish's ass, the blonde's back hole forced to swallow inch after inch of dildo until the brunette's thighs smacked into those big, meaty cheeks, announcing every inch of the strap on was inside Trish's big bubble butt.

There was a moment of silence then Candice leaned forward so her body was pressing against Trish's back, most notably her tits with her rock hard nipples and her mouth which was pressed against Trish's ear so she could whisper, "Mmmmmm Trish, your ass is even better than I remember. Mmmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, it's a little slice of heaven. Ohhhhhhhh, or should that be a big fat slice of heaven? Mmmmmm, it's soooooo big, and fat, and luscious, mmmmmm, it's perfect. You've got a perfect ass Trish, and I swear I'm going to take real good care of it. Ohhhhhhhh fuck, I'm going to make sweet love to this fat ass every day and make you feel like the submissive little bottom you were always meant to be. Butt fuck you so good you'll never forget your place again. Ooooooh, take your little ass hole and make love to it so good you'll never forget it's my personal fuck hole again."

True to her word Candice soon started 'making love' to Trish's ass, the brunette lifting herself up and slowly pulling her dildo almost all the way out of the blonde's bowels only to push it all the way in just as slowly. Candice also wiggled her hips side to side, up and down and around at random, doing whatever she could to loosen Trish's rectum. It clearly worked as Trish went from whimpering in pain and pleasure to desperately trying to hide her cries, moans and whimpers of pleasure as Candice showed Trish's perfect as the type of love and devotion it deserved.

Candice still couldn't believe an ass this perfect existed, or that she really got the chance to fuck it. Of course as overwhelmingly happy as she was with that she couldn't help think it was a crime against nature that this clearly made for fucking back hole and heavenly pillows of flesh hadn't been receiving hourly fuckings for years. In fact Candice had let Trish down in that respect. She did have the chance to make Trish her bitch years ago and she had blown it. Allowed her ego and the rules of the diva hierarchy to let Trish and her perfect ass slip through her fingers. This time would be different. This time Candice wouldn't leave Trish until she was certain the blonde was 100% broken.

With that in mind Candice settled into a very long, slow butt fucking, ignoring her own need to pound ass in favour of making love to Trish's bottom inside and out. After all, even though she couldn't use her lips like this Candice could still massage the meaty cheeks of Trish's backside, treating those rounded globes like the precious things they were. Well, maybe she allowed herself a playful smack here and there, but mostly Candice was caressing the flesh. And if that meant gently spreading Trish's ass cheeks so her stretched ass hole would be further exposed, making her feel humiliated and submissive, all the better.

Indeed Trish had rarely felt this humiliated and submissive, the record-breakng seven times WWE women's champion burying her face in shame as she was skilfully sodomise by a piece of eye candy turned wannabe wrestler. Worse still it wasn't just shame, Trish frantically trying to muffle her cries of pleasure as her treacherous shit pipe relax completely around Candice's large poll and then began to shoot almost orgasmically good sensations from deep inside her bowels directly into her brain.

Trish try to remember what was at stake. How close she was to losing herself forever after last night with Melina. That it wasn't too late. She could still stop this. Turn the tables on Candice back to how they should be, with Trish on top and that piece of eye candy on the bottom. Trish the top, and Candice the bottom. That's how it should be, a huge strap on dildo around Trish's waist for her to slide in and out of Candice's butt, not the other way around.

With that in mind Trish lifted her head and whined, "Oooooooohhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwd, you can't win Candice, mmmmmmm, oh God it feels so good, mmmmmm, I'm an Alpha female! I'm not supposed to take it in the ass! So it, ooooooooh, it doesn't matter how much you fuck me, MMMMMMM, I'll never be a bottom. I'll never be your bitch. Oooooooohhhhhhh Gooooodddddd Candice, make me cum Candice, make me cum as much as you want because no matter what happens I'll always end up back on top fucking your worthless model ass like the little bitch you are!"

Candice just ignored her and kept relentlessly pumping her pooper, Trish struggling to keep talking as the weaker woman slowly ass fucked her to the edge of climax and then kept her there for what felt like an eternity. Even when Trish gave up on talking because she was literally feeling delirious with pleasure, the record-breaking seven times women's champion's entire world melting around her. All that was left was the long, thick dildo relentlessly thrusting in and out of her ass hole, that big fake prick reaching the deepest depths of Trish's bowels with every pump of Candice's hips, and the model's thighs repeatedly crashing into the wrestler's meaty cheeks.

Just when Trish didn't think she could physically survive another second without cumming Candice slowly began scooting backwards, pulling Trish with her with minimum effort. When they were in the right position Candice gently fell backwards onto her butt so her back was resting against the wall, the brunette pulling the blonde with her so that the dildo never left Trish's ass. In fact the strap on seem to reach new depths inside the Canadian's rectum, Trish letting out a loud cry as the force of being pulled back impaled her pooper painfully on the toy.

"Turn around." Candice ordered happily but firmly, smacking Trish's ass to emphasise her point, "I want to see those big titties bounce for me while you're riding my big dick with your slutty little ass!"

Trish whimpered and tried to convince herself to get off and smack Candice in the face. To turn the tables on her. To shove a dildo up her ass. But it was no use. Trish just needed to cum so bad. So Trish lifted herself up until the entire strap on was almost out of her rectum, then she slowly turned around until she was facing Candice and then with one more defeated whimpered Trish lowered herself back down on the big dick. She even started bouncing up and down, telling herself she would get Candice back later. For now Trish just really needed the kind of blissful pleasure that came from being ass fucked.

Candice considered scolding Trish for beginning to ride her dildo without permission. But to be fair she hadn't made it clear what she wanted, and Candice wasn't really the type of top which looked for any excuse to punish her bitches. Besides, she didn't want to interrupt Trish, especially when the beautiful blonde was bouncing up and down like a good little bitch, her big boobs jiggling so hypnotically Candice felt she could watch that beautiful sight for hours. It felt like she had, however becoming lost in that beautiful sight resulted in her almost missing something genuinely worth punishing Trish for. Almost.

"NO! Bad girl! Don't make yourself cum without permission!" Candice scolded as she smacked Trish's big fat ass over and over again to try and stop her new slut from making herself cum, the cheeky bitch having began slamming her slutty butt up and down so hard it was clear she was trying to make herself cum.

From the looks of it she almost succeeded, Trish desperately continuing to hammer herself up and down despite the blows to her backside, but all it took was a few extra hard spanks and the mighty seven times women's champion was whimpering pathetically, lowering her head and stopping with the entire length of the dildo buried in her butt.

Which of course made Candice grin happily, "Good, now bounce that fat ass on my big dick! Mmmmm yeah, I want to see the mighty Trish Stratus bouncing her big fat ass on my strap on dick! Mmmmmm fuck yeah, you look so hot Trish, you look so hot bouncing that big fat ass of yours on my big thick strap on dick like a submissive little dyke bitch. Ooooooohhhhhhh fuck yeahhhhhhh, ride that dick! RIDE IT! MMMMMMM, still feel like a top Trish? Still feel like a butt busting Alpha female with my big dick up your ass? Does the mighty Trish Stratus feel like a powerful slut tamer while her ass hole is stretched open and bouncing up and down on a nice big cock, my fake prick rearranging her insides into a fuck tunnel and making her big boobs and fat ass jiggle for me?"

Again whimpering pathetically Trish did her best to ignore the brunette while methodically bouncing her ass up and down on Candice's dildo, clearly doing her best to ignore the taunting as she kept herself on the edge of orgasm for several long minutes. The mighty former seven times champion was so close to breaking Candice could practically taste it, and at the very least she could see the desperation in her eyes and on her face, Trish unable to hide it as she clearly had to devote her concentration into not cumming.

Finally taking pity on her Candice ordered, "I'll tell you what Trish, just tell me what I want to hear and then you can cum."

Trish thought about it for a moment, then gulped, then telling herself it was only words whimpered, "I... I want to be your bitch Candice. I want to be your bitch forever. I want to be yours Candice, mmmmmm, I want to be your little ass whore, mmmmmmm, your butt slut, oooooooooh, your anal slave, ooooooooh, I want you to own the little hole I shit from and use it as your personal fuck hole. Oooooooohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, I want you to own my fat ass! Oooooohhhhhhhh Gawwwwwwwd, I want you to tattoo 'Candice's Bitch' onto my right ass cheek and then make me pull down my pants and show the other divas. I want you to show them all, everybody in the WWE, my ass hole after you've used it, mmmmmmm, show how its loose and open, mmmmmmmm, my gaped back hole a sign of your total dominance, mmmmmmm, and of your ownership of me, ooooooooh, because I want you to own me Candice, ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck, I wanna be yours, I wanna be your bitch! I... I want to be your bitch sooooooooo baaaaaaddddddddd, ooooooooohhhhhh God, oh Candice, please make me your bitch. I want to be your bitch! I want to be a good little bitch for you. The perfect submissive bottom, mmmmmmm, because a top of your calibre deserves to have a bottom who's bottom is a big fat slice of heaven. Ooooooooohhhhhhhh shit, oh Candice, please make me a bottom again, please break me and make me your bitch, oooooooohhhhhhh God Candice! Oh Candice! I love you Candice! I love you and I want to be your bitch!"

Candice beamed happily, "Congratulations Trish, you can now slam your fat ass to climax."

The look of relief which crossed Trish's face was stunning. Almost as beautiful as the face she made when she finally came, Trish's cum squirting out of her as she slammed her little ass hole on Candice's cock. At first Candice just enjoyed the sight, particularly focusing on those big beautiful boobs which were jiggling now more than ever, but eventually she grabbed hold of Trish's hips and began thrusting upwards into her new bitch's butt, making the blonde squeal even more hysterically in pleasure.

No longer caring about keeping even a shred of dignity Trish rode Candice's strap on as hard as she could, becoming lost in acting like a submissive bottom. The type of submissive bottom she had promised Candice she would be, and even though Trish had told herself she was just telling the other diva what she wanted to hear she couldn't deny feeling a dick in her ass was pure heaven. Oh how she would love to feel this way all the time, the prospect of being Candice's bitch no longer scary but wonderful, the fact that she was completely incoherent the only thing stopping Trish from declaring her undying love for her new top Candice Michelle.

Just then Candice began thrusting into her butt and Trish came even harder than before, the brunette skilfully timing her thrusts to coincide with the blonde's so that when Trish pushed herself downwards Candice would thrust herself upwards, the two women making sure that dildo hammered the former seven times women's champion's ass hole as hard and as deep as possible. It also made sure that Trish receives the most powerful orgasms her life, the former Alpha female once again feeling herself being broken completely back to her bottom status.

Feeling overwhelmed by the submission she felt and the amazing orgasms Trish started slowing down, but apparently Candice had no intention of letting her get off that easy. No, Candice flipped them so Trish was on her back and her legs were on the other diva's shoulders, the brunette bending her in half and beginning to slam her butt hole with what had to be every ounce of her strength.

This had Trish coming several more times, partly because of the constant grin on Candice's face, partly because no one had ever fucked her this hard before. Not even Beth, who was by far stronger then Candice, the former model clearly empowered by her need to enslave Trish. It was so... hot, Trish's heart fluttering that she was the one to bring this out of Candice. That the other woman was so infatuated with her it would drive her to new heights of dominance. Trish in turn felt herself falling into new heights of submission like she'd never felt before, her ass hole feeling like it would never ever close again which almost felt ok if that made it a better fuck hole for Candice.

Interrupting Trish from her thoughts Candice asked, "Who's my bitch?"

"ME! I'M YOUR BITCH! I AM CANDICE'S BITCH!" Trish screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Are you telling me what I want to hear, or do you mean it?" Candice asked with a grin.


Grinning widely Melina began to loudly clap her hands together, Mickie joining her as they watched Trish once again being completely broken. Given the way that Candice was passionately pounding Trish's fat ass and staring at the blonde Melina was confident that she had made the right choice and that Trish would no longer be a threat to her relationship with Mickie. Especially because Mickie didn't look like she would ever see Trish as a top again, although Melina wanted to reinforce that idea.

So when Candice finally started slowing down Melina tapped her on the shoulder and asked, "Hey Candice, great job at breaking Trish."

"Thanks." Candice beamed, "But Trish was broken a long time ago, I just needed to remind her what an anal whore she really is."

"Whatever you say." Melina shrugged, "But how about we solidify your new ownership of Trish's ass hole by stretching it wide open with two big dildos?"

Seeing what Melina was getting at, partly because she was rubbing lubricant into a strap on around her waist at the time, Candice's eyes lit up, "Ooooooh, a double ass fucking? Mmmmmm, that sounds wonderful. We're definitely up for that, aren't we Trish?"

"Yes, mmmmmm, oh, oh fuck, whatever you want Candice." Trish whimpered nervously.

"Oh don't be so nervous, Melina already told me you took it up the ass for her and Mickie, and came like a total anal whore. Mmmmm, and imagine how much harder you're going to cum now it's two ass pounding tops who are gonna destroy your ass hole instead of just one and a bottom." Candice grinned as she rolled over and then slapped Trish's ass, "Can you Trish? Can you imagine how good it will feel to have me and Melina fucking your ass at the same time?"

"Yesssssss, mmmmm, I bet it's going to feel sooooooooo gooooooooooodddddddddd!" Trish moaned as she began to anally ride Candice's dildo again.

This made Candice giggle, then slapped Trish's ass again, this time even harder than before, "Then get off of me. Mmmmmm, I wanna pound you from behind with Melina so we can really wreck your big fat ass!"

Whimpering deliriously Trish did as she was told, slowly getting off of Candice's strap-on and getting onto all fours with her big ass facing the other woman, thus revealing just how obscenely gaping her ass hole was. It wasn't quite as open as last night after a double fucking, but it was easily wider than when Melina had fucked that slutty hole on her own, which was something Melina was willing to admit as long as it would further humiliate Trish. However before she could say anything her girlfriend beat her to it.

"Wow Candice, you totally gaped that bitch's butt." Mickie grinned wickedly, "Mmmmmm, I'm so jealous of Trish right now. My ass hole isn't gaping half that wide."

"Mmmmmm, maybe me and Melina can fix that after we finish putting your ex-girlfriend in her place." Candice grinned.

"Ohhhhhhh yeah, double fuck my slutty butt right after you double fuck my ex's!" Mickie said gleefully, "Mmmmmm, Trish always acted so tough, I should've known that just meant she was hiding the fact she was a bottom. But I'm so glad she's with you now Candice because you can give her fat ass the love and attention it deserves. Mmmmmm yeah, now you can ass fuck her like you just did all the time and make sure Trish's ass hole is always gaping as wide as Grand Canyon."

"Well, I might need a little help from your current girlfriend." Candice grinned as she turned to Melina, the two of them positioning themselves behind Trish with Melina crouching over the blonde so her deliciously round ass was in her face, "Or maybe my friends. Mmmmm, I'm sure Torrie and Victoria would love to double stuff Trish's ass. And yours. Mmmmm, and maybe even Melina's."

"HEY! Don't get any ideas!" Melina yelled, regretting her choice of position.

"Too late." Candice said, after she licked her lips at the thought of fucking the fat ass in front of her face. Then she switched her concentration to the fat ass she intended to double fuck right now, "But I promise not to try anything while we're reminding Trish she's an ass whore. Speaking of which, Trish spread your big fat ass cheeks. Mmmmm, make it easier for me and Melina two double stuff your ass hole!"

Trish let out another loud whimper, the sound music to Melina's ears. Then Trish spread her big fat ass cheeks, further exposing just how thoroughly Candice had destroyed the multi-time champion's butt hole. It was more than enough to get Melina to concentrate on the task at hand, namely thrusting her strap on cock deep into Trish's bowels, that already thoroughly wrecked rectum welcoming her dildo and briefly becoming the perfect fuck hole for her exclusive pleasure. Then Candice placed her cock against that already well stretched butt hole and slammed forwards, driving a second dildo up Trish's fat ass.

Unsurprisingly this had Trish crying out in mostly pain, the poor blonde desperately trying to relax as her back passage was extremely abused for the second time in 24 hours. Which almost certainly helped, Melina pretty sure that Trish return to whimpering pretty soon after she had been anally skewered by Candice's cock. Even when Candice started slowly pumping inch after inch into the blonde's big booty Trish just mostly whimpered and moaned in pleasure, Melina loving each sound her now former rival made as she was completely broken and humiliated.

Candice was also loving those whimpers and moans, although she was concentrating more on the beautiful sights before her, namely watching her big dildo slide in and out of Trish's obscenely stretched ass hole and Melina's big fat ass almost literally hitting her in the face with every thrust. For a while Candice was distracted by particularly the latter thing, the eye candy diva grinning widely as she imagined herself fucking that big fat ass.

At this point Candice had ass fucked nearly every diva on the roster but sadly Melina wasn't one of them. It was kind of a tragedy given Melina had the type of big booty Candice craved, that big fat ass now practically begging for her to fuck it. But, while Candice had fantasised about it many, many times before sodomising Melina into submission was a bad idea. After all, in the constant battle for dominance which was the WWE divas division it helped to have allies, and this whole situation with Trish could solidify Melina as an ally for years to come. More importantly if she turned Melina into her bitch that means that Mickie would be hers too, and while the idea of having Trish Stratus, Mickie James and Melina Perez as her anal loving bitches seemed like heaven on paper Candice would never be able to give them all the constant fuckings their fat asses so desperately needed. Even if Candice got her friends to help it wouldn't be the same, so better to keep Melina as a dominant ally who would share Mickie's big butt with her.

Despite concluding that was her best course of action Candice couldn't get the idea out of her head of Trish Stratus, Mickie James and Melina Perez wiggling their fat asses at her, spreading their butt cheeks and then begging her to butt fuck them and turn them into her bitches. Then Candice pictured herself going back and forth between each fat ass, pounding those big butts hard and deep until she had each of her fellow divas screaming in pleasure and cumming for her. Oh, and then they would show her their gaping ass holes, but not before she had made sure they had tasted each other's asses on her cock. Then she would make their tongues slide all over her body, make each one of them eat her pussy and ass, make them 69 for her amusement, oh it would be heaven.

That fantasy left Candice virtually mindless, her body taking over and skilfully sodomising Trish in a way which made the blonde's bowels relax and accept the brutal double fucking. Then when Candice was overwhelmed by her fantasy and yet also wanted to redouble her efforts on the heaven that she was actually living through Trish was more than ready to take it hard up the ass. Candice could tell from the way Trish was loudly moaning in pleasure, those moans turning to screams of pure ecstasy as Candice got down to some serious rectum wrecking.

Only too happy to follow suit Melina brutalised the blonde's butt, easily giving Trish the type of amazing climax she'd had last night only these were so much more intense. After all, Mickie laying beneath her and pumping upwards into her pooper was one thing, but now both Candice and Melina were slamming her shit pipe from behind and from that position they could throw every ounce of strength and weight behind those bowel wrecking thrusts to the point that Trish thought that her ass would literally be ruined forever. That there wasn't a surgeon in the world who could fix what Melina and Candice had done to her back passage, Trish convinced she would be loose and gaping back there forever.

It made Trish feel overwhelming humiliation and submission, particularly the humiliation too much to bear, although the worst part was not how much she loved every single second of getting her ass so brutally destroyed or that her cum seemed to endlessly squirt out of her cunt. No, the very worst part of it was that Trish was worried that her ass would become so loose Candice would no longer want her. That she would no longer feel like this again because Candice would toss her aside like a worthless piece of trash instead of keep her as her bitch forever like she promised.

Trish wanted to beg Candice to keep her forever. Tell her that she wanted to be hers, her bitch, her butt slut, her ass whore, her anal slave, whatever title Candice wanted to give her Trish would wear it with pride. She wanted to tattoo Candice's name on her body, have the words Candice's Bitch on her ass cheek, and she wanted to show everyone in the WWE to prove to Candice she was serious about her total submission to her. However Trish was beyond words, the only sounds out of her mouth incoherent screams.

Apparently Candice and Melina were also beyond speaking, ironically leaving it to Mickie of all people to verbally humiliate her, "That's it Trish, cum like a bitch! Cum like a total bitch! Mmmmmm, I'm so sorry for indulging the idea that you were a top when it's so obvious to me now you were always a bottom. But that's ok, Candice is an amazing butt fucker and she's going to take good care of that big fat ass of yours. Mmmmmm, she's going to live inside your ass Trish, butt fuck you and butt fuck you and butt fuck you so you never get any stupid ideas about being a top again. Melina, Torrie and Victoria all helping out to stuff your ass just like this over and over again to make sure Trish Stratus is nothing but a broken bitch who will never ever fuck this big fat ass of mine again."

Trish was vaguely aware of Mickie wiggling her ass in her face and continuing to taunt her about how she would never have it again, how she would forever be an anal loving bottom and Candice's little bitch, etc, but honestly her entire world began to melt until all that was left was two massive dildos hammering in and out of her ass hole and drilling into the deepest part of her rectum. Then there was nothing but blissful pleasure, and finally a horrible emptiness and an incredible aching pain in her ass as Melina and Candice pulled their toys out of her butt, leaving her poor back hole gaping wider than ever before.

"Spread your cheeks bitch!" Melina yelled, smacking Trish's ass half a dozen times to make sure she had the blonde's attention, "Show us that destroyed ass hole of yours."

Candice grinned widely as Trish immediately did what she was told, reaching back and pulling apart her ass cheeks to reveal the red ringed crater which used to be a little ass hole, allowing the brunettes to see deep into the blonde's bowels. It was the most obscenely gaped hole Candice had ever seen, and she'd witnessed Natalya and Beth Phoenix double stuffing plenty of divas so this was really impressive and ego boosting.

Feeling empowered Candice called out, "Good girl, now kiss Mickie's ass goodbye and then get on your knees in front of me and tell me how badly you want to be mine."

Without hesitation the record-breaking seven times women's champion and infamous butt pounding Alpha female Trish Stratus scrambled over to Mickie who helpfully bent over again and stuck out her ass, allowing the blonde to literally kiss the ass she had once owned.

"Goodbye Mickie." Trish whimpered, "We had fun."

"We did." Mickie admitted, "But now you're the ass whore you were always meant to be."

Moaning softly in agreement Trish crawled over to Candice who was now standing at the bed, nervously looked up into her eyes and said, "I want to be yours Candice. I want to be yours so bad. Please let me be your bitch. I swear I'll never complain again, never try to top you or anyone else, I'll just be the perfect little anal whore I was always meant to be. I swear I'll do anything you want, whenever you want, just please, let me be yours. Please let me be your bitch!"

"Mmmm, maybe if you kiss my feet and then clean my cock real good I'll think about it." Candice grinned wickedly.

Again without hesitation Trish lowered her head and submissively started covering Candice's feet in kisses, first starting with the right, then the left, the eye candy diva very helpfully lifting up her feet one at a time so that Trish could kiss the bottoms of each one, thoroughly worshipping her like the thoroughly broken bitch she was.

Meanwhile Melina ordered, "Clean my cock Mickie. It's got the anal juices of your former top all over it, and I want you to taste those juices and think about how she's never going to be a threat to our relationship again."

For a moment Candice watches Mickie gobble up that strap on cock, at first concentrating on the head which had hammered the deepest part of Trish's ass before stuffing the entire length of the dildo down her throat to give it a thorough cleaning. Then Trish slowly kissed her way up Candice's right leg and mirrored Mickie's actions, moaning loudly as she tasted the deepest depths of her fat ass before deep throating the dick which had finally broken her once and for all, Candice stroking Trish's pretty blonde hair throughout the blow job as she savoured the fact that she'd finally got what she wanted, Trish Stratus as her bitch.

"Congratulations Trish, you're mine." Candice beamed happily.

Trish's heart fluttered.

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