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Trish's Quest For A Tag Team Part 1: Too Cool
by Peacealien and Kristi0587

Trish Stratus hasn't been a happy person as of late. Her team of Test and
Albert had been disappointing her. For weeks now she'd be looking for a new
tag team to manage, she narrowed it down to four teams. She walked to Too
Cool's lockerroom and knocked on the door. She was a little nervous because
she didn't know if they would except her offer or not. Trish took a deep
breath as she waited for the door to be opened. She stood wearing a tight
leather skirt and a white top.

The Door Opens and Grand Master Sexay says, "Well Hello Trish what can me
and Ol Scotty boy do for you?"

Trish clears her throat a bit "Oh ummm hi Brian. I was wondering if I could
have a couple seconds with you and Scotty, I wanted to speak with you two
about something.."

Grand Master Replys saying "Sure Trish, Come on in me and Scotty would love
to hear what you have to say."

Trish smiles and walks into Too Cool's lockerroom closing the door behind
her. She looks over at Scotty "Hey Scotty, what's up?"

Scotty Replys "Nothin Much Trish But Damn Girl YOU LOOK HELLA FINE TODAY"

Trish laughs a little "Thanks Scotty...but let me cut to the chase, I have
an offer for you two"

Both Scotty and Grand Master Reply"What is it?"

Trish smiles "Well, you see, to be honest Test and Albert have been
disappointing me...they aren't giving me what I want! So I'm looking for a
new team, and you two have caught my eye. I mean we'd make a great team two
very sexy young me with a very sexy woman. Hell and I have a whole lot to

Scotty replys "Well Trish you sound like you have a point but like what do
you have to offer that could benefit us?"

Trish smirks and laughs a little "Well Scotty, I'm not afraid to anything for
right cause, no matter how dirty it is. I can offer you more then any manager
could do"

Grand Master Replys "Well Trish Show us, What You are willing to offer then."

Trish folds her arms and shrugs "Your wish, is my command" She smirks "You
two know what that means, right?"

Scotty Replys "Ol Hell Yeah Girl Me and The GrandMasta Know What That Means"

Trish laughs "Whatever you want...I'll do"

Trish looks at Scotty and Grand Master somewhat seductive.

Scotty And GrandMaster Pull Down their pants smiling and tell Trish to do
what she's good for and Suck Some Dick. Trish gets down on her knees without
a thought. She scouts close in front of Grand Master, and gently takes his
cock into her mouth. She begins to bob her head back and forth slowly on
Grand Master's semi-hard cock Grand Master moans as Trish sucks his cock and
he tells Scotty "Damn Scotty this chick is off tha hook when it comes to
suckin' dick"

Trish moans softly as she continues to suck Grand Master's cock. She begins
to pick up speed guiding his cock deeper into her mouth. While Trish sucks
Grand Master's cock, she keeps her eyes locked on Scotty, gazing up at him
as she sucks Grand Master's cock at a good pace with her moist, warm mouth.

Scotty says "GodDamnit Trish get your sexy ass over here and stop suckin
GrandMasta's Dick."

Trish slowly picks her head up from Grand Master's cock. She then moves over
towards Scotty. At first, she sticks her tongue out of her mouth and slowly
runs it up and down Scotty's shaft.

Scotty Moans and says "AHHHH Damn Trish Stop teasing me already and just suck
my dick."

Trish smiles a little and winks up at Scotty. She then gently guides Scotty's
long, cock into her mouth. Right away she tightens her grip and starts
sucking slow and hard Scotty Moans loudly as Grand Master Gets Behind Trish
and Pulls down her skirt along with her thong and slowly inserts into Trish.
Trish lets out a loud moan, but it's muffled with Scotty's cock in her mouth.
Trish starts laping her tongue around Scotty's cock and slurps, she start
loosening up, starting to suck a little faster Scotty takes his hands and
pushes her head onto his cock making her gag as Grand Master Sexay Humping
Trish like crazy and makes a little comment "AWWWW Scotty you gotta try this
pussy out DAWG it's Tight as Fuck."

Trish deep throats Scotty's entire cock, with no problem. While she sucking
smooth and swiftly, she bangs her tongue against his shaft while she's
sucking it.

While Trish is Still Sucking Scotty's Cock Grand Master Pulls out of Trish
and tells Scotty to get some of that and then they switch places and Scotty
slowly inserts himself into Trish and Moans at how tight Trish is as Trish
goes back to work on Grand Master's Cock Trish slowly runs her tongue across
Grand Master's balls and then runs her tongue up his shaft and to the head
of his cock, licking in a circular motion Grand Master Moans like Crazy as
Scotty just suddenly pulls out of Trish and Trish Wonders why.

Trish pulls her head away from Grand Master's cock for a second to look back
at Scotty Trish Then asks Scotty why he pulled out of her and he replys
"Cause Trish Baby I Want some of That ASS!"

Trish smiles at Scotty "Hey wait just a second..I have an idea"

Scotty says "What Kind of Idea ya got?"

"Well I love to have many different sex position and I thought of one!"

Scotty: Well What is it?
Trish: "Ok..Brian lay down, then I'll tell you what to do Scotty"

Grand Master Lays Down as Trish said as Scotty is Wondering What Trish has
in mind Trish gets down on the floor with Grand Master and mounts herself
gently onto his cock, taking it deep into her pussy. Grand Master places his
hands on her waist as Trish lets out a moan, "Ohhhhhhhh...ok Scotty, now you
put your cock in my ass."

Scotty Smiles as he takes the intiative and Sticks his Dick into Trish's
Meaty Backside and Moans at How Tight her ass is Trish starts to slowly grind
her pussy against Grand Master's cock, bouncing up and down gently as Scotty
fucks her ass Both Grand Master and Scotty Moan as Trish bounces Harder and
Faster on Grand Master as Scotty Fucks Trish's ass Harder and Faster.

"Ohhhhhhh uhhhhhh ahhhhh" Trish moans as she grinds her pussy harder against
Grand Master cock, as Scotty fucks her ass faster, it makes her bounce on
Grand Master's cock faster as well "Ohhhhh like that pussy Brian?"

Grand Master replys"Oh You know tha GrandMasta LOVES that pussy.

"Ohhhh god damn I love this!" Trish moans, she then asks "Do any of you boys
have a position you want?"

Scotty says "what position this is the only position we want isn't that right
Grand Masta"

Grand Master replys "That's Right Scotty boy now keep boucnin' Trish"

Trish continues to bounce up and down on Grand Master's cock, getting faster
and faster by each impact "Ohhhh are you sure boys?"

Grand Master: Hell Yeah we're sure now shut your mouth and do what you do

Trish then grinds her pussy harder against Grand Master's cock as she begins
to sweat Scotty then tells Trish he is about to cum and asks her what to do.

"Cum in my ass baby!" Trish moans

Scotty Fucks Trish's ASS harder and harder and Cums right up her Ass as he
pulls out of trish's ass and lays down on the floor tired.

Trish looks back at Scotty as she slows down a bit still riding Grand
Master's cock though

"Hey Scotty do you want to me suck your cock again or are you good?"

Scotty Replys"I'm Good Trish I'm Good"

Trish laughs a little "Yeah I know, you're good..real damn good" Trish looks
back down at Grand Master, her hair a little wet from her sweat. She leans
down kissing his chest allowing Grand Master to take control as she's still
on top Grand Master Tell's Trish he's about to Cum and pulls out of Trish and
Starts Stroking his cock.

Trish opens her mouth wide ready to swallow his cum Grand Master strokes his
cock faster and He Shoots his cum all over Trish's Face and her mouth. Trish
swallows the loads of Grand Master's hot, steamy cum. She then takes his cock
into her mouth a sucks on it a little bit to clean the cum off.

Grand Master Then Lays Down Exhausted Breathing Heavily.

Trish smiles and wipes the sweat off of her forward. Trish gets dressed and
walks over to the two as the lay on the floor exhausted.

"So..umm...Boys do we have a deal now?" (remember they turn down her offer)

Scotty and Grand Master: Ummmmmmmm who know Trish U are Great Hell you are
Unbelieveable Babe But me and Scotty can do WAY better by ourselves Sorry

Trish laughs a little "Whoa whoa whoa...what! You're joking right?"

Grand Master: "UMMMMM Nope Sorry now get out!"

Trish glares at them and starts to yell a bit "I did all that for nothing!"

Scotty:"Not Really you see me and Grand Masta needed some fuckin anywayz and
you were just in the Wrong Place at the Right time."

Trish storms out of their lockerroom slamming the door pissed off as she
had to fuck the lowlifes that are Too Cool Trish then goes down the hall
searching for another Tag Team when sees the locker room of D-X.

To Be Continued...

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